Welcome to The Language of Sneezing. As a sneeze fetishist and a devoted grammarian, I hope to fill the large shoes left behind by Serotica, the defunct website that is now archived here at Language.

To say it in their words -- submit your "fiction that combines sneezing and sensuality, but with style and class".

9/28/2005: Chateau Nonny has been a busy, busy place this month! Nonny_Mouse just got HITCHED with Ms. Mouse and Mr. Mouse (yes, that's right, two of 'em...aye, we're a strange bunch here) and the house was full of people!. Since we're now back to (ab)normal, Nonny sat nonnyself down and webbified the stories you nice wonderful sneeze fetishists had sent her way.


Trigeminal Nerve (pt. 1)(M) by A_Nonny_Mouse.
Synopsis: A surprise allergy attack pulls this young scientist out of a biochemistry lecture... with equally surprising results.

A Model Cold(M) by Dusty15.
Synopsis: Alissa meets Todd, a model for her art class, who has the worst cold she’s even seen…

The Revealing Scent(Other.) by Cullen Traynor.
Synopsis: A sizzling hot gender-bender set in an editorial office. Nonny's pick of the update!

John and Lucy(F) by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw.
Synopsis: In a great story for germ fiends, a woman comes down with a cold and shares it with her husband.

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