John and Lucy

by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw

On a cool, rainy autumn day, young Lucy Winters was walking down the street towards the small house that she shared with her husband, John. She had forgotten her coat at home, so the trip to and from the video store had been quite wet and cold. She had a case of the sniffles and was shivering as the icy water slid down the back of her T-shirt.

She shivered as she opened the front door and sneezed wetly, snapping forward at the waist, “Aaaa-TISHOOO! Aaaa-ATCHOOO! Heh-heh-HEHSHOO!”

Lucy sniffed miserably, yet happily; she was coming down with a cold! Colds had always aroused her, and the thought of catching one, then passing it on to her husband was making her feel quite warm.

Lucy grabbed a tissue and blew lightly, almost afraid that she would lose that glorious tickle in her nose, “Hah-CHOO! ATISHOO! Heh-CHEEWW! Hah-CHEEW! Hah-TISHOOOO!”

Lucy blew her nose again, and a little harder, into another tissue. She opened it and glanced at the light yellow mucus. Yes! She was sick!

To get her cold to manifest faster, she turned on the air conditioner and went to go take a shower in lukewarm water. When she got out, it was freezing, and her wet hair felt like icicles down her back.

Her nose, however, was running and streaming like a raging river and was tickling and causing her to sneeze copiously. She grabbed the box of tissues and blew her nose and wiped it, before sneezing again, “Hah-CHOO! Hah-SHEEW! Hah-TISHOOO!”

Lucy sniffed and let her nose run and drip into a tissue, which she balled up and threw away. She turned down the air, but left it going at 60 degrees Fahrenheit since her burgeoning cold was making her feel warm.

Lucy wore a T-shirt and shorts, and then sat down in the sitting room, waiting until it was five o’clock. She had a garbage can at her feet, where she threw away all of her dirty tissues that were filled with her germ-filled mucus.

At five o’clock, she turned on the heater instead and brought the temperature up to a calm 75. She changed into pajamas, but wet her hair again with icy water, and sat on the couch with another two boxes of tissues.

Lucy sneezed and sneezed and sneezed wetly into tissues and wiped her streaming nose until it became rough. She blew her stuffy nose until it blocked up or honked and made her nose bright and red. Her wet hair made her head ache and the sudden heat made her cheeks flush.

Lucy waited in excitement for John to come home so she could share her cold with him. Since both she and her husband had the fetish, whenever one had a cold, they would spread it to the other willingly. However, he would probably evade her and try hard not to get sick. (It was never very successful, but she felt that she had to make sure.)

Lucy had a sudden blast of inspiration and went outside, where she sneezed on the door handle. She then went to the inside door handle and sneezed onto it. She walked around the whole house, and sneezed on every door handle she came across. Then, she went up to their bedroom and sneezed all over his pillow and his sheets. She triumphantly wiped her nose with a wet tissue and went downstairs for a clean one.

She sat down on the couch and emptied her red, sore nose into another tissue. When John opened the door, she felt herself get excited and looked up at him with bright eyes as he walked into the living room.

John saw Lucy sitting there with a red nose, tissues in hand and in the wastepaper basket, looking vulnerable and sick. He felt his member harden and swallowed through the rough spot in his throat.

“Are you feeling okay, Luce?” he asked.

“Do Johd…. HACHOO!… I…I… AAAACHOOO!…. I hab a code…Sniff! Sniff! Huh-CHOO!” Lucy said, sniffling and excited.

John smiled seductively and said, “Well, we’ll just have to take care of you, don’t we….”

It took them ten minutes before they were upstairs, naked, and in bed.

Lucy kept sneezing and sneezing her contagious germs all over the house and the bedroom. John breathed in deeply and kissed her full on the mouth in the middle of one of her sneezing fits. Both were terribly aroused. Lucy felt the wetness between her legs increasing as she thought of John catching her cold, his congestion, his runny and stuffy nose, and his sneezes! Oh, his sneezes!

John’s member grew harder and harder as he kissed Lucy and let her sneeze all over him. It finally became too much and he entered her firmly. Lucy gasped and began to rock with him, muttering his name in her congested voice, all the while.

The two of them came together as Lucy finally exploded into a huge fit of convulsive sneezes. Both soon fell asleep, the contagious germs floating around and inside of them.

The next morning, John woke up with a streaming nose and an itchy nose. He had caught Lucy’s messy, contagious cold.