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Mediatisation (Serotica Vs The World)

It has come to our attention that Serotica has been getting a lot of media attention lately. We kid you not - folks from the internet, radio, newspapers and more have been looking around and discovering the internet fetish world of sneezing. Though some might think this is scary ("Oh no! We've been found out!"), all we can say is... Bloody excellent!

We believe that if more people can come to see sneezing as the exciting and fascinating thing that it is, so much the better. And if people can stop being embarrassed by sneezing, and instead realize that it can be sexy and very attractive, than so much the better. It's not like sneezing is likely to go away any time soon, so we believe it's better to just embrace it. Go with the flow, yes?

Right - for people who might be exploring this for the first time, here's a list of what might be considered FAQ's.

1- Why is sneezing sexy?

The obvious answer, to any sneeze fetishist is: it just plain is. We like the uncontrolled, unrestrained release of energy. The sound, the sight, the facial expression, the pauses and sniffles in between sneezes, we like it all. Nobody can hide who they are when they sneeze; for just that one second, they allow us a glimpse of something they can't hide, something they can't stop. It's beautiful - very sexy.

2- What is it you like, cold or allergies?

This is tricky. Everyone has their own personal preferences. Some like colds because not only do people sneeze, but they are more vulnerable in general. You can take care of people who have colds, and this brings a whole caring/nurturing aspect to the fetish. Some people even find the nose blows and chapped nostrils an extra turn on!

Others, however, don't like germs or sickness, and are even put off by these. Allergies are good, because they come and go, and generally produce lots of sexy sneezes. We just want to pick the allergy sufferers up and hug them - here they are, unknowingly doing something we find so attractive and sexy... They should really know allergies are nothing to be embarrassed about.

3- Do you get off on your own sneezing or other people's?

Both! Most sneeze fetishists prefer to see other people sneeze, but we're aware of a minority who also get turned on by their own sneezes and enjoy inducing them with pepper, rolled-up tissues, or whatever else tickles their fancy. However, several sneeze fetishists actually detest sneezing in public and feel very uncomfortable if they do it around people they know.

4- Should people be wary of sneeze fetishists?

What? No way! Why? Some people like hair colours, accents, builds... You name it, someone's turned on by it. No one is going to be stalked because of the way they sneeze. Most fetishists are actually unfortunately very shy about this uncommon liking, and will be content just quietly observing the person sneezing from afar. People should NOT be embarrassed about sneezing in public - they should rather be flattered that someone out there might think they're fetching when they do it. If a man or woman out there likes your voice, for example, you're not worried... An attractive sneeze is just another nice feature you can now be proud of.

5- Is this a common thing?

No, not really. It's a very rare turn on for us privileged few. With most people, it's a case of "you like it or you don't". Though we'll be cheeky and say those who don't get it don't know what they're missing!

6- So how do you acquire a sneezing fetish?

Erm... You've got us there. If you find out, please let us know?

Most of us (well, all of us, as far as we know) have it since our early childhood. People acknowledged it when reading children's books, watching television shows, or by seeing someone around them - like a family member or a babysitter - sneeze. We can't pinpoint exactly where it all began, we just know it always lurked in the background.

7- Is this a sexual thing?

No denying it: yes. But that's why they call it a fetish, isn't it? A short tour around Serotica should give you a pretty good idea as to the most explicit fantasies out there revolving around sneezing. There are other sites dedicated to this fetish existing on the Internet, but it would seem Serotica's made it's place as being one of the most 18+ sites available to the sneeze fetish community because of the nature of its material. However, we do try and maintain standards. No, honestly. *grin*

8- Should the world be freaked out upon learning about the existence of a fetish for sneezing?

Bloody Hell, yes! Run for the hills while you still can!!!

Just kidding. The real answer is: of course not! You'd have to be a silly rabbit indeed to be freaked out by this. As we've said before, no one will be stalked because of the way they sneeze. We see it as something cute and eclectic, not to mention utterly harmless. Considering all the other 'scarier' fetishes out there - like some getting off on beheading chickens while they [blank] - a fetish for sneezing is, let's face it, pretty tame. Don't be scared.

9- How many people out there have a fetish for sneezing?

No way to officially tell. At the moment, there are around 650 people online who have one, though more people are joining the ranks daily. Then again, not everyone has access to the net, and not everyone will admit to this unusual turn on. The Internet is a fabulous place for discovering and exploring any fetish, and we're thrilled to be able to help people feel comfortable with it.

10- When's the best time of year for sneeze fetishists?

The beautiful thing about sneezing is that it's everywhere. Everyone does it, year 'round. In summer, hay fever abounds. 20% of people are photic sneezers (bright lights can induce sneezes - this is a genetic condition). In winter, colds and flu viruses circulate, making sneezes frequent all year. Though no one here enjoys seeing people suffer, we do find it a turn on when they sneeze. We hope some people find this comforting, and that instead of being embarrassed about the way they sneeze, look etc., they realise that they are actually extra special and appealing for some people.

11- Is this the weirdest fetish ever?

If you even ask this question, it shows you've not been 'round the net enough. Some people get turned on by stomping on electronic equipment, inflatable pool toys or dressing up small animals in party clothes, for God's sake! Nothing wrong with that, mind you - whatever floats your boat - but we think sneezing is pretty vanilla compared to a lot of the stuff out there. A sneezing fetish is different, original, unique, special, whatever, but trust us on this one, it is far from being the 'weirdest fetish ever'. Obviously, we're slightly biased here, but we'd even tend to say that it's one of the coolest fetishes ever! Sneezing is all around us, part of daily life, and we see it as a beautifully sensual thing. Which it is. No honestly, etc.