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Make no mistake - everything here is for a discriminating audience. This site presents fiction that combines sneezing and sensuality, but with style & class. Enjoy!

Your friendly neigborhood Nonny Mouse has taken over this website as a static archive. No longer will new stories be posted here, so if you want to read recent stories or submit your own, visit the new home for quality fetish fiction:

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  Farewell Update    (27/05/05)

(Other) Lady of the House - by Night Owl & Cath UK

(Female) Sure Thing - by Hilsbilly

(Male) The Dreamery - by Skada

(Series) My First Night (2) - by Daphine

(Series) Allergies in the Groove - by Mr Sneezy

(Series) Allergies in the Groove (2) - by Mr Sneezy

(Series) Allergies in the Groove (3) - by Mr Sneezy

(Series) Redemption - Part 3 - by Skada


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(The Farewell Message, left by former editors)

Later Dudes...

To everyone who has contributed a smouldering, sexy story, 
Signed our guestbook,
Sent us a nice warm and fuzzy note,
Wrote us detailed accounts of their visits to "that" specialised fetish dungeon,
Or simply browsed our pages...


You've been wonderful and it's been a treat to work with and for you these past few years.

For anyone worrying about losing access to a treasured favourite story,
We will try to keep the site online as a permanent archive for some of
The greatest fetish fiction available on the web.

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This website was launched in September 2000 and ceased being maintained in May 2005.

When this site was active, it was maintained by Angelis, Not saying girl, Cath UK, Watchman, Squizzle and Shadowscast, at various points in time. Their inspiring and amazing contributions to the sneezing fetish community will be sorely missed.