Kathy and Her Coach

Edward Argraves

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1. Preliminaries

"Heee-yaa!" Kathy cried, as she efficiently chopped her last block of wood, a feat necessary in order for her to obtain her black belt in Karate.

"Good job, Kathy!" John, her coach, congratulated her. Smiling broadly, he handed Kathy the belt she'd been working so hard to earn, and bowed to her. While bowing, he asked her out to dinner that night.

Kathy paused, surprised, and then noncommittally replied, "Oh- I'll think about it."

Kathy smiled as she spoke. She pulled back her long blonde hair, showing off her beautiful face, lit by the smile that brightened her gorgeous green eyes. He knew she was interested, but he waited until the end of class to ask her out again.

Kathy mulled his proposition over. After all, they were both in their early twenties, and she had always thought John was quite attractive. Kathy had cast many interested glances at his toned, muscular body during their Karate classes, and he was stunning- all her friends agreed, but his deep blue eyes and sleek dark brown hair complemented each other in a way which appealed to her especially.

"So what do you think, Kathy?" he turned the full power of his sparkling white smile on her, and she couldn't resist. "Are you sure I can't convince you to have dinner with me?"

"Why the hell not?" she grinned in turn.

"Then I'll pick you up tonight at eight," John replied, pleased.

John was excited all the way home, rejoicing in the fact that he had a date with the cutest member of his class. He'd been working up the courage to ask Kathy out for a while now, and congratulated himself for getting her to agree.

When she got home, Kathy breathlessly called her best friend Ruth to tell her the news.

"Guess what! I'm going out tonight- with John! My sexy coach from my karate class!"

"You don't need to tell me who John is, you lucky bitch, God knows you've been bending my ear about him long enough. You're kidding, right? This isn't just another one of your fantasies, is it?" Ruth replied, not able to believe it herself. And then, realising these questions were perhaps not all that flattering for her friend, Ruth regained her senses and asked, "So when's he going to pick you up?"

"This is so exciting, I can hardly believe it! He's picking me up at eight o'clock. Why d'you ask?" Kathy inquired.

"Cause you have about thirty minutes to get ready, honey," Ruth was almost laughing at the situation, but stopped herself. She knew full well how long her friend usually spent getting ready for a date- at this rate, John would be lucky if they made it to the restaurant before it shut!

Kathy obviously knew it too. "Shit! I've gotta go!"

Kathy promptly hung up, and got ready faster then she had ever done before. Tonight, she knew, would be special, so she didn't think twice before reaching for her favourite man-catching dress. She let out a soft sigh of contentment as she saw herself in the mirror, armoured in her sexy, curve-hugging, harlot-scarlet dress, the dress which encapsulated Kathy's philosophy.

Life was too short for subtlety.

2. Anticipation

John knocked on the door at 7. 58 precisely. When Kathy answered the door, he looked her up and down appreciatively, noting with anticipation-laced pleasure how the red, low-cut dress clung to every curve that she possessed.

And Kathy, somewhat less delighted, nervously eyed what he had in his hands.


Not that there was anything wrong with them- they were a failsafe arrangement, tasteful, not over-extravagant but still expensive enough to impress. The trouble was, she was allergic to the damn things, and there they were, right in her handsome date's eager hands. As he thrust them at her, she felt a tickle grow immediately in her nose, and she stopped and stared at him, blankly, her allergic nose a mass of itches.

"These are for you."

John handed her the flowers, kissing her on the cheek. She hugged him, burying her face in his chest, and took the opportunity to wriggle her nose, her whole beautiful face writhing as she fought back the desire to let loose with a big, satisfying sneeze. It was almost, she reflected, a sexual need- as teasing and urgent as fighting an orgasm.

And about as useless.

Kathy's poor nose was burning with the urge to sneeze, but she thanked him, fighting valiantly to keep her voice steady. She went into the kitchen and got a vase to put them in, trying not to seem ungrateful for his gift, but as she placed the flowers in the vase she took care to turn away from John, to keep her back to him, trying to stop the sneeze with her finger pressed underneath her twitching nose.

It didn't work. Something about the pressure of the finger at her nose intensified the itch unbearably, and before she could stop herself, the tickle exploded and she bent almost double with the force of her trademark one-and-a-half sneeze.

"Ah...Ahh...ah...choo! Choo!"

As she bent, hands over her nose, her long hair, loose and beautifully brushed into a yard of spun gold, swung dramatically as she sneezed and her low-cut top showed off the irresistible way the soft flesh of her breasts shook with the aftershock of the sneezes.

"Bless you, babe," John said, involuntarily feeling the lower half of his body tingle with excitement. Damn, he thought- not now! Why did she have to sneeze so beautifully? He got such a charge out of it! He'd been with this girl for five minutes, and already he was so aroused he could barely think.

"Thank you. Hey, I'm itching to get out of here. You want to go?" Kathy suggested less than subtly, and dragged John out of the house before he had a chance to formulate a reply.

She locked the door to her home, and then climbed into John's car.

"Um, Kathy," John cleared his throat anxiously before continuing, "I had an idea. How would you like to go to my place tonight instead of going to a restaurant?"

John was nervous about what she was going to think, whether or not she'd think him too forward, but he knew that if she sneezed like that one more time he would have to be alone with her. And whether she sneezed any more or not, those two beautiful, feminine  "ah-choos!" back in her kitchen had him so hot that he had no intention of prolonging the agony for a moment longer than necessary. To touch her would be the sweetest relief.

Kathy smiled. Things were moving even faster than she had hoped- she had actually looked forward to either inviting him to her place after the meal or going back to his. An innocent evening on the couch watching TV could lead to so much... Who cared if it precluded dinner?

"Sure. I see nothing wrong with a spontaneous change of plans," she said teasingly, eyeing John up less than subtly as she enjoyed the mingled relief and desire his entire body spoke of.

For a night in front of the TV, she was a tiny bit overdressed- but Kathy suspected that she might not remain so for long.

3. Foreplay

When they got to John's house they sat down on the couch to watch TV, cuddling up together. Kathy knew she was in trouble when she suddenly felt a strong tickle in her nose. At first, she dismissed it, rubbing her nose lightly on its side for a few seconds, but as it slowly built, she became increasingly concerned. She tried distracting herself by listening to John talking about a movie he'd just seen, nodding politely and hoping that he wouldn't notice she was uncharacteristically quiet, knowing that she was really going to sneeze- maybe only once, but sometimes once she started, it was impossible to stop.

Her nose had begun to run, so she wiped it as unobtrusively as he could with the back of her hand, hoping John wouldn't notice.

Her nose was itching so badly that it twitched ever so slightly, once again struggling not to draw any kind of attention to her miserable state.

But then, trying to keep perfectly still became a shade too much to bear. Her nostrils were flaring in and out, evenly, and she began to take fragile, shuddery breaths as her mouth opened slightly, chin trembling.

She scrunched up her face, wondering if the tickles back at her house had really been flower-related- was she starting a cold? Or were there flowers in John's house too, for some reason?

It didn't matter, she told herself sternly. "Not here, please God, and not now!"- even though she knew that she would have to sneeze again- in fact, she needed to quite desperately, as every moment of holding it back built the tickles up. Kathy frowned, doing everything in her power not to disturb the sensitive nerve endings in her nasal passages. The itch began in one side of her nose- she twitched her face to try and dislodge it, but that had just caused it to spread to the other nostril. It was a slight, insistent pinprick, just something small and annoying, but she couldn't get rid of it!

She wiped under her nose with the back of her hand again to stop it, but it only made things worse. The need to sneeze actually increased, and she knew she could hardly talk, even though he was looking down at her at this point, his lovely face soft with concern for her.

"Are you alright?" John asked, hardly daring to hope that Kathy's nose-wiping meant what he thought it might. But as he looked at her, he knew it was- her big green eyes were alight with sharp little tears, and the fragile petals of her nostrils were flaring in a most unladylike way, indicating that she was about to blow.

Still, she made a valiant effort to speak despite the burning need to sneeze, her voice sounding husky and deliciously choked to his ears. She didn't get far.

"I'm fine," Kathy lied stoically. "I just need to..." a pregnant pause, her face freezing, "to... haaah-..." a harsh gasp, her features contorting definitively in that unmistakeable expression John so loved, "hatchoo! atchoo! shew!"

She sneezed dramatically, the force of her sneezes increasing with each one, as John, hardly believing his luck at hearing not one, not two, but three of Kathy's wondrous sneezes, felt his member (which had begun to first stir responsively when he'd first noticed Kathy's increasing discomfort) come to stand at full attention. Kathy's sneezing turned him on so much...

"I need a tissue," she choked out, distracting him momentarily from his absorption in his excitement as he stood up to gallantly fetch her the box from the bookshelf.  She shook her head ruefully, keeping her fingers firmly clamped around her stubborn nose to stop it from even trying to make her sneeze again. "I don't know what that was about. I've never had to sneeze that badly!"

As he raced to get the tissues for her runny nose, encumbered more than a little by his erection, Kathy sneezed again twice, a rogue tickle surprising her into letting go of her reddening nose and worsening matters.

"Ahhh-shew! Choo! Ohhhhh..."

"Here you are." John, trying to act like a man who wasn't sporting the world's most obvious hard-on, solicitously passed her a wad of Kleenex. She wiped and rubbed at her delicate little nose while John sat back and tried to think of sexual turn-offs. He had got quite a way down his mental list of US Presidents when Kathy, whose sneezes had calmed down a little, suddenly flared up with a fit as another sneeze, and then another, took hold of her.

"Choo! Choo! Choo!"

Then she saw the thing she dreaded most- a cat, a big, hairy, obnoxious white angora, rubbing at her feet. Cat fur was too much for Kathy's delicate sinuses, and even looking at the cat brought on another huge sneeze.

"Hachoo! You di...didn't tell me...me- choo-choo! choo!- you had a cat," she said, more than a little bit miserably.

"I'm so sorry. Are you allergic?" He got up, giving an impressively convincing impression of someone who is torn between being apologetic and dismayed, and gathering up the cat in his arms.

She only sneezed one more time, her blond head pitching violently forward, and John took that as a yes.

Then, before he could conceal his problem, her allergy-bleared eyes drifted to the more-than-obvious distortion at the front of his pants.

"You look kind of excited about all this," Kathy said coyly, not quite managing to bat her criminally long eyelashes as she sneezed again. "Oops. Excuse me. Is that the 'problem', honey? All this sneezing?"

"Yeah..." he admitted, setting the cat back down on the floor, hanging his head. The gamely proud erection he was sporting down below provided a curious contrast to his otherwise meek posture. "I know it's a bit different, Kathy. If you want, you can leave now. I'll drive you, if you don't object to being in the same car as me, and..."

"No!" she abruptly cut him off before he could lower himself down further, something for which she saw absolutely no need. "It's OK. I... I... ahchoo!" she sneezed as the urge returned in full force, "I think it's... kinda cute, actually."

"Cute?" John said, wondering how to take that, as she rose from the couch. "You think it's cute?"

She smiled up at him cheekily, laying an experimental hand on his swollen, jutting penis as it tried to poke out through his pants, her touch light as a butterfly as she squeezed him gently. "

"Well, it's certainly an interesting turn-on, anyway. I like a man with a few kinks here and there."

"Really?" John said, amazed, and immensely relieved.

"Yeah I ... do..."

Then she turned away from him, the finger of her free hand under her nose as she let out two explosive yet feminine sneezes. "Choo! Ahhh-choo!"

She grinned at him again, feeling him stir beneath her hand. "My, my, so you do get turned on by my sneezing."

"Yes," he said, holding his hand on top of hers, shutting his eyes for a fleeting moment, savouring the feel of her touch through the fabric of his pants. "Oh God yes."

"Then perhaps it'd be a good idea for you to show me the bedroom, don't you think?" she teased, smiling. "Just like in Karate class- I ought to finish what I've started, don't I?"

"This isn't any sort of class, Kathy. You only do it if you want to," John gasped as Kathy's hand tightened delightfully around his member. "Only if you... want to."

And oh, but Kathy did.

4. Fulfilment

John lay back on the pillows as Kathy undressed, straddling him as she fought off the urge to sneeze for long enough to get her clothes off. She removed her dress in a quick, sinuous movement, denoting a certain expertise, and then there was nothing more to get out of but her red suede shoes, which she kicked onto the floor. It was so much handier not to be wearing underwear in these types of situations... And as she struggled with the buttons of John's clothing, she erupted with yet more powerful sneezes, her bare breasts- roughly, John thought, the size of grapefruits- bobbing and shaking and looking very tasty with each explosion, "Ah..ah..ah..choo! choo!"

He moaned and pulled her down onto him, making sure that she knew how aroused he was. Kathy giggled wickedly as she felt the straining force of his erection, and he let out a long, troubled sigh- half relief, half anticipation- as she thrust down his pants and handled him expertly, rubbing, her hands shaking deliciously as she sneezed again three glorious times in a row, "ahchoo! choo! hatchoo!"

Then she tried a new tactic. Teasing.

Kathy loved nothing better than to tease her sexual partners, and even though it was agony for her, she teased him by rubbing his dick and holding back her sneezes.

"I..." she told him, her voice cracked and brittle, husky and stretched tight, "I think I... I... I may snuh-... snee... sneeze."

He groaned, loving it. "You know you have to, Kathy."

"Oh, I don't have to sneeze," she said, sniffling and feeling the tickle intensify as he writhed beneath her, awaiting his entry. "I just....ahhhh-ahhh-ah!- want to, that's all. I want to so much..."

"It's best not to hold them back," John said, sadly in torment.

He wanted to come, but knew he couldn't just yet.

She laughed at his discomfort, and sneezed twice with the release of the pressure.

"Ah-choo! choo!" Kathy gasped with relief, and exclaimed, "Damn, but that felt good!"

Then she delicately positioned herself on top of him, and whispered in his ear,

"Am I being a tease?"

Then, as if she were giving him a reward, John felt the world slip away as he sank back into the soul-massaging sensation of slipping deeper and deeper inside Kathy. She brought him out of his sexual reverie with a sharp, wet sneeze, which sprayed his chest, and he inhaled sharply as he felt the exquisite, conflicting pleasure-pain of her pussy tightening around his erection as she sneezed.

"Do you let your cat sleep on your bed?" she asked, her voice constricted with the sneezes. "Because something- something's really tickling my nose- I have to- I..." John was on the verge of exploding, he knew it! Only five more sneezes would do him in for sure. Especially if they tightened her sex like that- there was nothing he'd ever done in bed that had felt so good.

That explosion, that constriction- it was perfect.

He was desperate for her to sneeze again, but knew if he did, he would come and they had barely started. She felt his urge to climax and, understanding, placed her finger under her nose as they rocked together in blissful unison, Kathy's heavy breathing mixing with her gasps as the building allergic sneezes edged closer and closer. She was, however, rapidly losing the battle. Her mouth, of its own accord, slowly began to yawn wide as her nose tickled dreadfully, and, realizing that it was doing no good to bite her lip and hold her breath any more, the only other thing she could do was rub her nose.

Raising a loose fist to her mouth, she placed her bent index finger under her nose, pressing up against her nostrils. She closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing in slow, shallow breaths. She began rubbing gently, back and forth at the bottom of her nose and at the tip. The sneeze was growing bigger and bigger, and she closed her eyes, wishing it away with her last bit of hope.

Then it happened.

The cat jumped onto the bed.

Kathy, already feeling the tickles increase, stared at it with bleary green eyes, willing the sneezy feeling to ebb away, last just a moment longer- she was so close to coming, and she could feel John thrusting ever more urgently inside her, desperate to erupt. Poor Kathy scrunched her nose, trying to alleviate the tickling. She exhaled through her nose in a soft snort, but it didn't help, only making the tickle worse and driving John even wilder with excitement.

She tried to think of something else, convince herself that she didn't have to explode, but the tickle was just too persistent and her thoughts always came back to her increasingly pressing need to sneeze. The cat sauntered over and malevolently stroked its long, fluffy tail under Kathy's nose a few times before growing bored with her lack of response and padding away. Little did Fluffy know that Kathy was very much responding- or at the very least, her nose was. The poor girl had never felt so sneezy in her life!

Kathy, staring down at John's face, tried to tell him, "I... I... got gott... gotta... snee... sneeze!"

Kathy's nose was burning with the need to sneeze, and she thought that if she did that it would take total control of her and she just might never stop.

"Please try to hold them back, Kathy." John said, astonished as he felt his member getting even harder, something he hadn't thought was possible. He was more turned on every second this went on, and he never wanted it to end. He watched her struggle, thinking how beautiful she looked in that moment- her eyes were desperately squinting and watering, her nostrils flaring involuntarily into huge circle, mouth open, chin quivering, eyelids fluttering.

"I... I'll try to... to... ah... ah... AHH-"

John put a finger under her nose, slowing down the tickle.

"Tha... thank.... you!" she gasped. "But I... I still feel... feel it coming."

Her eyes half closed in preparation, and her half-grapefruit breasts bobbed up and down with every intake of breath. Then she sneezed with a force and power that rocked her almost painfully hard, causing her sex to tighten around his again. "Ahh... Ahhh... AHHH... CHOO!!!"

The follow-through on the sneeze was so violent that it bent her double, causing allergic tears to stream down her cheeks.

Kathy sniffed heavily. "God, what a relief!" she exclaimed, even though her nose still itched and tickled like crazy.

John could see that, even in his state.

"Five sneezes, that's all I need," John told himself. "That's one- four more to go."

"Choo! Ahhhh-Choo!"

Kathy felt his member pushing reflexively forward inside her in response, and knew what he was going to do if she wasn't more careful- but she still needed to sneeze so badly! She slowed herself down, though she could still feel the sneeze coming on, as inexorably determined as a dog to mud.

"I .... I... I do... don't know ho... how... long I can hold out," Kathy gasped, wanting to sneeze but also wanting to finish her fun.

"If you sneeze, it may all be over," John warned her, stretched taut, chords on his neck beginning to stand out. "I feel like I might come any second now!"

"If... you- you...can hol...ho...hold back, I can try."

Kathy knew it was impossible, and that she would probably sneeze soon.

"As long as you don't sneeze, I can hold out." John said breathing hard, his face betraying how painfully turned on he was, how increasingly desperate his need to reach orgasm.

Kathy gasped, knowing that she urgently had to sneeze. "I... I'm... guhhh... gonn... gonna... sn... sn...  snee... sneeze... so... soo... soon! Aah... ah... ah... ahh... Her... here th... the... they come..."

She began to inhale in halting breaths as the sneeze grew in intensity, breasts shaking alluringly with every breath. Her gasps echoed through the room, each gasp rising in tone, her muscles tightening around him as the pressure behind her nostrils grew and grew, her face enveloped in a relaxed expression of anticipation.

"Ah... Ah... AH... CHOOOOO!"

Kathy felt the tickle overwhelm her, and she embraced it. It grew and grew until she felt it blossom into a full sneeze, an uncontrollable, unstoppable...


John let out a powerful release, groaning ecstatically in pleasure. "I'm sorry, babe."

"Don't be," Kathy said, a mischievous expression coming over her face as she sneezed again. "We've got all night."