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Almost Quiet Evening at Home

Sandra felt bad for ruining Josh's plans for an evening date because of a really bad cold. Little did she know Josh didn't mind one bit... Her copious sneezing and blows were driving him wild!

- Not saying girl

The Evening Speaks

This story is in two parts. In the first, the narrator is enjoying a perfect evening under the stars with her luscious girlfriend Joanna. Joanna's allergies are bothering her and, a bit tipsy, our narrator decides to come out with her fetish.

- Cath UK

Good Intentions

After this, Joanna really has it in for her  - the two enjoy a most intense and sneeze-filled afternoon on the next day in the story's conclusion.

- Cath UK & Not saying girl

Letting It Out

Clara's ex-lover and business partner Charlotte decides to give Clara some TLC, but ends up catching her cold and taking it home to bed with her. The next day, Charlotte and her lover Ruth enjoy one of Charlotte's rare and wonderful sick-days in bed. Tres sexy.

- Angelis

Hex You, Achoo, Bless You, Thank You

When Darlene found out Mary had slept with her boyfriend Ted, she decided to follow Cosmo's advice: "don't get mad, get even!" She thought inflicting a Sexual Sneezing hex on Mary would take care of all her problems; little did she suspect whom Mary was really interested in! This story is not only sneeze-filled and sexy, it has a great undertone of humour as well.

- Shadowscast

Happy Berry

Tasha is thrilled that her gorgeous girlfriend Kat is willing to experiment with her fetish. The two have fun trying to find a way to make Kat's resilient nose give in and sneeze, before indulging in an explosive and passionate lovemaking session.


Work That Pepper

Never tell your friends intimate secrets when drunk. Katy realizes what a huge mistake that can be when she mentions that sneezing a certain number of times can bring her to orgasm. Of course, her friends immediately decide to see if she's telling the truth, using pepper on her right in the middle of a crowded bar.

- Not saying girl

Showing Restraint

C and Helen enjoy a slow, sensual and most definitely carnal dominatrix episode filled with deeper undercurrents... and torturous feather-induced sneezes.

- Angelis


Laura is overjoyed at her boyfriend's return from a business trip. However, she is amazed when he reveals that, like her, he finds sneezing 'interesting'. As a result, she agrees to let him hear her sneeze... And even to let him make her do it. Fans of torturous buildups and stuck sneezes will definitely love this!

- Not saying girl

John and Eve

For Eve, there is something incredibly erotic about the idea of catching a cold and having her boyfriend take care of her sniffles and sneezes... Especially when they end up sharing both the virus and the bed! An interesting undertone of dominance & submission.


The Cliff

For the story's narrator, there is definitely a connection between sneezing and orgasm. As long as one is going to have a sneezing fit at the office, one might as well enjoy it properly!


A Different Train of Thought

A long and tedious train ride is made a lot more pleasant by a stranger's allergy attack.

- Cath UK


Kevin and Kate go way back. Follow this lovable loser's adventures with the allergy-ridden Kate from primary school to this present day. A great undertone of humour and several sexy sneezes permeate this story.

- Not saying girl

Simply Dial 0-909

The phone sex industry has always been full of strange twists and turns... Fiona thought she had heard it all, but Sean's request was something else.

- Not saying girl

Cooking, Italian Style

Written by request, this story revolves around Lee and her gorgeous Italian girlfriend Marie, cooking. Somewhere along the line, a pepper shaker is spilled, lust ensues, and Marie ends up being the main course in this deliciously sexy tale.

- Angelis


When Amber catches a cold from walking home in the cold rain, she's worried about her girlfriend Courtney catching it. As it turns out, Amber is not the only one with a fetish for sneezing, and the two girls make the most of it in a sneezy sexual marathon.

- Bondi

The Great Canadian Outdoors

Memories of summers past are often magical, but this one holds something extra special for the story's narrator. Her girlfriend, working on an industrial expansion project, takes her into into a clearing in the woods and uses her allergies to enhance a fantastic open air love- making session.

- Shadowscast

The Library

Claire has a crush on Michelle, and would love for both of them to get together. Will she find the courage to tell her about both her feelings and her fetish for sneezing?

- Watchman

Waiting for Dessert

Nathan is delighted when his luscious girlfriend Romy catches a cold on Valentine's Day. However, he's even more thrilled when she comes over to his to make good on her promise to treat him to a proper sneeze-filled afternoon of lovemaking.

- Not saying girl

Kathy and her Coach

Karate coach John invites his luscious blonde student Kathy to dinner, .and is thrilled when she accepts. He is even more thrilled when he uncovers that Kathy has numerous allergies, and that she's willing to indulge him by sneezing for him in bed.

Edward Argraves

Better Than the Movies

A short, 5 minute fantasy about a man who sprays perfume on his girlfriend right before going out on a date. As it turns out, she's horribly allergic, and they wind up having an action packed evening at home instead of watching others enjoying themselves onscreen.

- Not saying girl

Love at First Sneeze

Jack gets mugged in a dark alley on his way home from work and sustains a nasty head wound as a result. It's a good thing Lisa - a beautiful woman with spectacular allergies - is there to look after him. This story (which has by now gained a reputation as a 'classic must-read'!) gives new meaning to the phrase "every dark cloud has a silver lining".

- Bondi

The Running Reunion

Jill delves into some action with sexy spandex-sporting Edward in more ways then one when the two of them meet up during a race in Pheonix. Jill's allergies and Edward's libido both go into overdrive, and the result provides some heart-racing action for them both on and off the race track.

- Edward Argraves

Bring On the Homework

Shinney isn't sure why her teacher asked her to bring homework to her sick classmate, the popular and attractive Brenda, but before long the two girls are having fun and becoming friends, while Brenda's very sneezy cold spices things up for Shinney.

- Not saying girl

Naughty Girl

A skillful mistress and her lovely slave inhabit this s/m tale, along with a latex catsuit, a leather riding bat, and sundry other delights.  But will the slave be able to control her sneezes?

- Kitty

The Pool Party

Holly organises a pool party with her friend Heather, and they invite sexy Edward, on whom Holly has a huge crush. Holly's allergies begin to act up, as does Edward's libido, and the two of them get very naughty in Holly's bedroom.

- Edward Argraves

The S-Spot

For most people, coming down with a cold might not be a blessing. Not so for Isabelle, who gets the urge to sneeze on a bus, and decides to thoroughly enjoy it despite the possibility of attracting unwanted attention from onlookers.

- Cath UK

Taking Care of Capria

Accidents will happen, but sometimes it's for the best. Capria suffers an accident whilst riding her horse, lands wounded in the snow, and falls ill as a result. A delightful "damsel in distress" tale, where Capria is rescued by a handsome stranger who cares for her and wins her heart in the process.

- Kitty

The Test Drive

Elaine, a former dressmaker, has made a most revealing waistcoat for her friend Maria, a lovely Latin woman with a very full figure. It's so tight Maria barely has room to sneeze- or does she? Maria and Elaine decide to find out.

- Hillsbilly

All For Love

When Janna finds her seasonal allergies tapering off, she books an appointment at the allergist's to find out just what it is that makes her sneeze. With this precious knowldege, she gives both her allergies and her lovelife a healthy boost.

- Starpollen

The Interview

Ashley is thrilled to be attending an interview in the home of Mr. Jake Hunter, a renowned pianist. However, things go awry when a truly monstrous tickle invades her nose and refuses to leave it. Ashley's allergies force her to sneeze copiously, to her dismay and Jake's delight.

- Starpollen


Helen thought that morning was going to be just like any other, until she learned that her lover and new roommate suffered specular allergies. Jane's sneezing drives her wild, and the two indulge in a passionate, sneeze-filled lovemaking session.

- Starpollen

The Dressing Room

Never has trying on a dress been more of an exciting, racy, sneeze-filled event. Sheila's allergies act up in a store's dressing room, to both our delight and hers.

- Starpollen


Steve's girlfriend Allison has allergies. Absolutely splendid hay fever that has her doubling over with loud, ferociously wet sneezes. Steve comes over while Allison is suffering through her ritual morning sneezes, and the two enjoy a heated morning in bed. Some people have all the luck!

- Starpollen

Lori's Spring Morning and The Office

Lori's hay fever can often get completely out of hand before her anti-histamines take effect, or if she forgets to take them. Find out what happens in each case by reading this well-written and wonderfully sneeze-filled two-part story.

- Starpollen

Snow, Champagne and Sneezes Part1 and Part 2

Getting snowed in might not seem like a lot of fun at first, but when you happen to be 'stuck' with two lovely ladies, a bottle of champagne and very few inhibitions, things get a whole lot better in no time at all.

- Hillsbilly


There are these girls that you remember from highschool. You know the type. Blonde, uppity, the kind you loved to hate. But even the most obnoxious girl in the world sometimes gets the sneezes, and despite your best efforts, she can get you going.

- Lookingup Andin

Silk Sneezes

Did you think door-to-door selling was a dreary job? This steamy vignette will undoubtedly change your mind. Expect the unexpected when the door opens to reveal a sneezy, sexy silk stocking enthusiast.

- Kitty

Pleasure Before Business

How do you escape Lesbian Bed Death? Voyeurism, taking risks and lots of sneezes can all be part of the answer. Whatever the trick is, Alyssa and Terry have certainly found it, resulting in a simply stunning piece that makes everyone wish they could be so lucky.

- Angelis

The Sneeze-Tease Exhibition

What's a girl to do, when hit with a random attack of lust? Why, go out, buy sneeze-inducing candles and seduce the knickers off your live-in lover when she comes home from work, of course!

- Hillsbilly

Behind the Scenes

Tara, a gorgeous young actress, isn't sure whether her hay fever attacks are a blessing or a curse. She enjoys them when she's on her own, but when the sneezes strike as she's trying to get ready to record a scene, things start to get a little bit crazy.

- Azza

Seaside Sneezes

Thanks to her sensitive nose and an encounter with a mysterious, sneeze-loving stranger named Linda, Lucy's seaside vacation turns into the most exciting holiday she's ever had.

- Kit

A Sunny Affair

Kate is desperate for Jess not to hear her as she indulges in a wonderful auto-erotic sneezing session inside a sunbed. Yet when Jess, the lovely tanning salon attendant, comes a-knocking, suddenly, keeping quiet is the least of Kate's concerns.


Out of the Spotlight

Katie, a beautiful young ingénue, is finding the music business a little hard to handle. But when she does get some time to herself- and an intense fit of the sneezes- she discovers a stress reliever that we can all highly recommend!

- Kit

Tease With a Sneeze

Soo-Chan (or Suzi, as she is better known) is always sexy, but never more so than when she is cooking and certain spices get her sensitive nose tickling and twitching. Based on a true incident which the author was lucky enough to enjoy.

- James


Marcy is only too happy to wish her sexy, sassy girlfriend Gemma a warm welcome home after the two have spent some time apart- even more so when Gemma's allergies begin to act up, turning Marcy on to no end.

 - Fever

Heaven Scent

A lone traveler encounters a beautiful, sneezy stranger in a small New Zealand town. Out of desperation, they end up sharing a room and a night in this original, ambient story.

- Watchman

Be My Kleenex

A man and a woman are out hiking when suddenly, she suffers an allergy attack. As they discover, every part of a woman's body drives a man crazy, but the best kept secret is the nose.

Roger R.

Wish Come True

When Oliver helps a stranger on an ominously cloudy day in Liverpool, he's presented with a single wish as payment. Our hero thinks, "Now wouldn't it be amazing if I could make women sneeze at will..." And wouldn't you know it, a year and a half later, he can!

Frankie & Serotica


Try this for something different! An average Joe who's into unusual objects, people and situations has finally met his match when he asks sneezy Odd-ette out. Not her real name of course, but if the shoe fits... This is weird, witty and pretty damned funny- we loved it.

- Squizzle

The Aphrodisiac Jacket

It doesn't take the story's narrator too long to realise that his new leather flying jacket is the best Christmas present he's ever received. From sexy barmaid Theresa to lovely Laura the musician, it would seems the jacket's leather smell coaxes sneezes out of many a lady.

- Hillsbilly

Sasha's Master

Beautiful, cold-stricken servant girl Sasha likes looking after her Master. But, as it turns out, not half as much as he likes looking after her.

- Kitty

Chupacabras in the Rhododendrons

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes. They might be animal or vegetable. And the little suckers crop up in the most unexpected places; even an English country garden. If you were to have a close encounter, what would your reaction be? You never know- it might be an allergic one...

- Squizzle


With work pressures piling up, Stanley hasn't got time for anything- not even for his wife. Things change when Lita comes down with a cold, however. As Stanley finds out, even the world's most persistent workaholic need a break from time to time.

- Not saying girl

Night Swimming

Seeing a girl sneeze at a festival prompts Rosi to realise that she cannot remember the last time she's done it herself. It seems like it's been forever- literally- and from there on, she's on a mission to make it happen. A stunningly sensual ambiance makes this story stand out.

- Watchman

In From the Cold

During the height of the Cold War, a secret agent needed a nose for the truth and a way to thaw even the iciest KGB heart. The beautiful Tania had a mission and a ticklish problem to solve. The handsome Vladimir was heading for a deliciously dangerous encounter with “the spy who loved me”.

- Eternuer

Sexual Psychology

Sinfully sexy doctor in psychology meets blue-jeaned angel boy student. Who needs textbooks when you can get a one-to-one lesson directly from a cold-stricken professor?

- Kitty

Star Ptarmic

Kathia Anirin is a scientist producing an anthro-erotic report on Scathos, a world where women are the prime lovers due to the use of a most intriguing aphrodisiac. It goes without saying that fieldwork is the best part of doing research, and after a bit of hands-on experimentation, Kathia decides that maybe the Scathians are on to something...

- Squizzle

Have You Met My Sister?

Meet Carrie and Cathy, as dissimilar as two twin sisters can be- and then meet Steve, the poor bloke caught in the middle. May the best girl win!

- Eternuer

The Rags Place

For every sneeze heaven there’s a sneeze hell. A long way from the Pleasure Grounds, out in the far reaches of the Monday Zones and on the other side of Bakelite Plains, there’s a little restaurant in Rags Place. Step inside and ask for a table…if you dare.

- Squizzle

Countess Trouble

Lady Rose Fox, the irresistible new Countess of Whitmore, has a reckless nature and a terribly sensitive nose - not always a marriage made in heaven. Fortunately, her caring husband Justin is always there to help her out...

- Wild Rose

The Bus Journey

After 3 years of catching the same bus to work every day, Mike was bound to feel jaded... until a sneezy stranger arrives at the bus stop and changes his life forever.

- Steve UK


Even the cushiest job can get dull after a few years, and masseur Tammy was starting to find his very dull indeed. That is, until a sexy Haiwaiian with bad allergies came to him for special treatment. Very hot!

- Starpollen

The Model Sneezer

She’s the face that pouts at you from the covers of the world’s most fashionable magazines. The lens loves her. She’s this year’s model. And our glamour gal is more fragrant than any flower. But flowers have power, and when she has to pose with a bouquet she’s in for a whole bunch of trouble. Follow the adventures of a sneezy supermodel.

- Eternuer

The First Time

Laura was taken aback when her man first told her about his attraction to sneezes, but upon reflection, she finds the idea intriguing. So much so that one night, she decides to create the perfect setting to give him what his heart desires for the very first time.


Glory Days

In 1977 the Sex Pistols were the hottest young guns around. And kids everywhere were trying to muscle in on the punk rock act. But being part of a guitar band could bring a girl face to face with some “bass” individuals, and even the toughest punk princess could find herself needing a knight in shining safety pins.


The Study Date

Shelly and Kim have been paired for a school assignment and are all set to get to work, but quickly get sidetracked. Kim finds herself attracted to Shelly's sneezing, and Shelly finds herself attracted to Kim. It doesn't take too long for the assignment to be replaced with a grade A pleasure session instead.

- Bella

Anything But Traditional

When Lee brings his girlfriend Emily home, he's worried about whether his parents will accept her. She's not Asian, and even worse, she has hay fever. And with sneezing perceived as a sign of weakness in their culture, will the future of their relationship be compromised? Or will Emily be able to control herself?

- Azza

One Summer Evening

Mike has a choice of two girls in a pub: a shy wall-flower brunette or a bubbly, outgoing blonde. It's a tough decision, but the brunette has something in her favour: allergies that would take any (thus inclined) man's breath away.

- Steve UK

An Angel On Clayton Street

What can you do when the whole world appears to be in love and you're spending Valentine's Day alone? Rent a video and hide away until the day has passed? Most videos are guaranteed to provide a distraction, but the strange old store on Clayton Street has an altogether unusual selection that just might take your breath away.

- Watchman

Smoking In the Dark

Illiana, a dysfunctional dybbuck, has been waiting a hundred years to be human, but Kate and Rachel would rather live without the annoying side-effects of physicality. Can she ever show them how lucky they are? Not only will this story have you possessed, it might remind you that we all have our personal demons - and sometimes, they can really get up your nose.

- Angelis

The Ah-Choo-Choo Express

The days when trains needed their boilers stoked are long past, but that doesn’t mean a rail journey can’t still be a steamy affair. So take a seat in the first class carriage and enjoy this tale of a “brief encounter” as car sales executive Elaine discovers that a sexy fellow passenger is very much in the driving seat when they catch the ah-choo-choo express.

- Hillsbilly

The Mannequin

"There is one woman more beautiful to me than any other. Her beauty is not that of action, movement, word or deed. It is the beauty of stillness. It is the beauty of silence. It is an everlasting beauty, eternal, enduring all and yet enduring nothing at all. It is the beauty of the mannequin."

- Nevyn

Mrs Bromberg's Daughter

Married for so many years, Janet and Sylvie have explored each other countless times. But some attractions never fade, some interests never wane, and whatever it was that fuelled Janet's passion for her, Sylvie is surely not complaining.

- Angelis

Snuff's Enough

When you are dumped and bitter, what do you do? Forget 'through a glass darkly' - this lonely narrator is into the real deal: using exhibitionism to pander to what she calls her "dirty, sneezy moods" in Hillsbilly's raciest story to date.

- Hillsbilly

Rubbed the Right Way

Jill and Karen share a very special bond. A liking for sensuality, sex, and sneezing are only a few of the things that bind them together. Come and watch sparks fly as the girls add a bit of pungent massage oil to their passion potion mix.

- Hilsbilly & Angelis

Completely Unhygienic

Memory Lane doesn't get closed off just because you get married. Sometimes the past comes alive, sparked off by the most mundane things - such as swimming pool sneezes on a hot summer day.

- Cath UK

Midsummer Madness

Once every summer, the Bearer of the Elixir of Life comes among humans to bestow upon one special Chosen a priceless gift so that all might be well with the land for another year. A legendary beauty, she is as mysterious as she is ephemeral. And yet however pleasing to the eye, in making her, Mother Nature has included a small glitch...

- Nevyn

Lavender Love

Talking things over is key in every relationship - but what if communication backfired, and you didn't get the expected results? Joey is heartbroken when her girlfriend Mandy reacts badly to her confession about her unusual fetish. But is it Joey that Mandy is angry at, or herself?

- Mr Sneezy

Anatomy of a Sneeze Fetishist

What makes a sneeze fetishist tick? Good question – and Dianne is more than curious to get the answer to it when her husband admits to a certain “quirk” in his sexual makeup. The result is a spirited dissection of love and lust, and what lies in-between.

- Hilsbilly


All relationships are hard to get over, but six months after Helen left him Steve is still having recurring dreams about his ex-girlfriend. Dreams that revolve around a very special fantasy. Eventually he seeks help with a therapist, only to see reality and dreams collide as his past is gradually unraveled.


The Butler Did It

When you find yourself lost at night in a bad part of town, you have to be careful who you talk to. Some people might be dangerous, some might be interesting, and some might not be what you expect them to be. And then there are those who fit into all three categories - as the narrator of this sexy, sombre tale quickly finds out.

- Hilsbilly


Seminars are as good an excuse as any for sessions of fun in the sun. Jodie sets off for Florida and, while relaxing in a seaside bar, makes a most unusual acquaintance. Sneezes, seduction and sex quickly follow each other, and before you know it, Jodie's career has undergone a complete reorientation.

- Anon

A Bride's Nightmare

Every bride wants her big day to be perfect; and every bride gets stressed thinking about all the hundreds of things that can go wrong. A month before her wedding, Tina had a nightmare that made her dread hearing the words: “God bless the bride!” But a bride’s nightmare might be a dream come true for her groom.

- Jeff B.

Among The Daughters

Butch bad-girl Asha takes her beautiful new girlfriend Rose to Madame Vieille’s special boutique to shop for a special new toy. During a most intimate fitting session, the couple play an intricate game of arousal during which Asha enjoys both showing Rose off and showing off for her. We are certain that, like Madame Vieille, our readers will enjoy the results.

- Angelis


Everyone remembers when they first became conscious of their love for sneezing - for the narrator of this tale school days provide the setting for a very interesting sexual awakening. Sneezing may seem random and involuntary, but just wait until the clock strikes two.

- Jeff B.

Invasion of Privacy

Even in close-knit families, there are some secrets that should never be uncovered. Returning home from university for the weekend, Brian makes just such a discovery when he unearths a videotape with some very perplexing content.

Not saying girl

Watch Your Drink

Raver girl Cara discovers there are advantages to playing knight in shining armour when she rescues a stranger named Chelsea from a pack of ill-intentioned boys in a club. Chelsea never comes right out and thanks Cara for her aid, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.


Daphne's Revenge

There are many ways to torture a secret out of someone. Who knows what they’ll reveal if lust gets the better of them. And if that fails, there are other more ticklish forms of torture to try….


Sure Thing

A company boss arranges for an escort to keep him entertained while he's away on business. It might seem like just another job for Paige, but she soon discovers her client is a little different from the usual 'men in suits' she has to spend time with. Once she extracts the secret of his deepest fantasy the fun really begins.

- Hilsbilly