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Sitting on the cold vinyl of the doctor's exam table made Janna's nose start to run. The box of tissues sat next to her, but her hands were occupied holding the thin gown closed. She sniffled a bit, feeling a little embarrassed and a little nervous. She had never been to an allergist before.

She'd first started experiencing problems a few weeks ago. She would wake up in the morning with her nose completely blocked. She would sit up, rubbing her itchy eyes and sniffling to try and clear her head. She would head into the shower, turn on the water, and climb in, letting the steam open up her passages. Usually soon into the shower, she would begin sneezing. She'd gotten shampoo in her eyes a few times from her head snapping forward with the force of a sneeze, and sometimes the fit would have upwards of fifteen sneezes. Throughout the day, she would rub her itchy, congested nose, occasionally erupting in small bursts of sneezing. Although, lately it had started to taper off...

So, she decided something needed to be done. And that brings her to the chilly exam table.

"So, Ms. Grayson," the doctor entered, consulting her chart. "Having some allergy problems?"

"I dig so." She sniffs, trying to talk properly. "Id..." Sniffs again. "Id sdarded aboud a modth ad a haf ago." She wanted to sneeze. She wanted to blow her nose. She didn't want to do either in front of the doctor, whom she had decided was rather attractive. Despite the fact that he was poking that instrument in her ears.

"Is it worse at certain times of the day?"

"Doh." She snatched a tissue and clamped it over a sneeze. "All the tibe."

"Well, we'll do a scratch test to determine what you're allergic to, then see if we can give you some medication to make it stop, okay?"

"Ub, okay." That wasn't what she came in here for. "Ladely id's sdarded do back off sobe..."

"Well, that must be nice."

Not really, she thought.

"Okay. We'll get a nurse in here for that scratch test." He patted her leg as if she were a child.

The door closed, and she blinked at it for a second. Then, "HaaAASHOO!" She sneezed freely. It felt sooo good. She gave a small smile, and then blew her nose hard, rubbing it with her fingertips through the tissue. That felt good, too. She threw the tissue wad away in the trash bin conveniently by the exam table.

"Well, of course id's righd dhere, dis is ad ALLERGY clidic," she muttered to herself.

Drawing in a long, snuffly breath through her nose, she looked around the exam room, taking in it's dark green walls, white tiled floor, and brown rubber furniture. On the wall was a chart of the human head at a cross-section, showing the nasal passages, the throat, etc. There were pamphlets on the table near the sink about different kinds of allergies. She hopped down and shuffled over to get a closer look, being careful to keep her gown closed against the chilly air. She picked up two: one entitled 'Sneezin Season' and the other 'Hay Fever and You.' The first had a picture of a cartoon woman with a bulbous, red nose, her eyes squelched shut in mid-sneeze and lifted about a foot off the ground. The second had a picture of a man holding a daisy. His eyes were lazy, bloodshot, his nose also huge and red, his mouth open slightly as if he were about to let loose with a sneeze. She took them back to the exam table with her, mostly because she needed another tissue. Just looking at the woman letting loose with a big, wet, juicy sneeze made her...

"Hiih, hih." She rubbed her nose hard and fast. Hopping up on the table as ladylike as she could, she moved her face around, looking at her tickly nose. She looked again at the man holding the daisy, and could almost feel his desire to give one wet, juicy, satisfying... Then, it started.

"Heah... heaheaheah... IISHOO!..." She grabbed a tissue, catching the next "uhhCHOO!..." She blew her nose, but still felt another. "AaahhSHOO!!" OHhhh. It felt sooo gooood... "Hiih-IISHOO! Ah." She sighed, she absolutely loved the feeling just after a good sneeze. She didn't even mind the tickly, stuffy nose. She was worried, though. After her allergies started a few weeks ago, her sex life with Roger had really taken off! She had only been seeing him for about six months, but he was already living with her. He seemed to really enjoy her occasional sneezing fits while they were in bed. But now they were beginning to back off... and so was Roger. Not that they didn't still make love... they did. But it wasn't the same explosive passion as before with her allergies... She didn't want to lose them!

The nurse entered rolling a tray in front of her with various vials and needles. "Well, we're sure sneezin' up a storm in here, aren't we?"

Janna sniffed back her full nose. "You heard."

"Hard not to. These walls aren't supposed to be soundproof or anything. I'm surprised you didn't hear the guy down the hall... talk about canon fire!"

The nurse had pulled up a stool and had started opening various vials and packs of sterilized needles.

"Whad are you goigd do do?"

"Well, I need you to lie down on your stomach, and I'm going to prick you a little bit with each of these needles with some of the stuff from different vials in different spots. If it turns red and puffs up like a little mosquito bite, then you're allergic to it."

"How will you dow which is which?"

"I'll mark them. Now lie still. It won't hurt if you keep still."

Janna felt the gown drawn back, her cheek pressed into the vinyl table, cold air suddenly on her bottom. She gave an involuntary shiver.

"Keep still now."

She was going to have a hard time of that. Her nose was runny, she needed a tissue, and she knew before this was over she was going to have to sneeze... that's just the way these things are. She felt little scratches and tiny pokes on her back, but other than it tickling ever so slightly, she wasn't uncomfortable. Except, of course, her runny nose. She tried to sniff discreetly.

"Hold still."

"Yes, ba'ab."

She stared at the wall, looking at that chart of the nasal passages and such. They looked so big on the wall. And yet hers were chock full, absolutely no air could get through. She noticed on the chart there were also smaller diagrams of pollen grains. She hadn't noticed that before. They were little, yellow, and very spikey. They looked tickly...

She felt tickly. Her nose was getting stuffier, and very itchy. She flared her nostrils and rolled her face around as much as she could without shifting her head. The nurse didn't seem to notice.

"How... how buch logger?"

"Patience. This usually takes about half an hour."

Half an hour. Jesus! It hadn't been more than ten minutes. It felt like ages. She brought her hand slowly up to her face, trying to slide it up so as not to move from the neck down. That's hard to do on vinyl. She finally got it up to her nose. She pinched it closed and pulled down, feeling warm wetness on her thumb and forefinger. That helped a little, but she knew it wasn't going to be long. She was trying not to think about it.

The nurse started to hum. Janna remembered her dentist used to do that. Suddenly, she heard a clink as something hit the floor.

"Ohhh," the nurse said harshly. "Come here, you..."

Janna strained her eyes and she saw a small yellow cloud rise about a foot from the ground right by her face. She heard some sounds, and could only guess that the nurse had gotten on the ground to clean up whatever had spilled. Her nose suddenly seized, and she pinched it shut quickly.


The nurse was still on the floor. "Bless you."

Janna's eyes were tearing up, her nose suddenly on fire. "Caah... can I sid up?... Puh... pleeeaase??" The desperation in her voice was obvious.

"Sure, honey. I just need to clean this up."

The yellow cloud by now had dispersed into the air... and a good portion of it right up Janna's nose. She scrambled to sit up, a sneeze spraying the vinyl table.

"Bless you!" The nurse's voice came muffled from under the exam table.

"Dag... hah... dag yoooOOOSHHOO!!" She grabbed for the tissues. "EEIIISHOO! HAAASHOO! Hah... EHPTCHOO! Heh, HEHPCHOO! EeeehhhhIIISHOO! Hah... ahh... AAASHOOO!"

"Goodness gracious." The nurse pulled her head out and produced a small vial, nearly empty. "I guess we can definitely include ragweed."

"Heah... Whah... AAASHOO! Whad does tha... haaa... EESHOOO! HEHMMPP!" She stifled and pinched her nose closed, trying to talk. "Whad does dad loogk lih.... like?... IHPPCHOO!"

"Oh..." The lady went over to the rack of pamphlets. She returned with one entitled 'Common Allergens' that had cartoon flowers with faces, smiling cats, and bees on the front. She opened it up to the first page and handed it to Janna. "Here you go."

The flower was little and yellow, with spikey leaves. Janna recognized it immediately. Her neighbor's yard had been full of them for a few weeks (coincidentally right when her allergy symptoms started) but he had recently mowed them down and told she and Roger he had sprayed for weeds. But she remembered another place she had seen them...

"Hiih-IISHOO!" She gave a long, burbly blow into the tissue, dropping it into the wastebasket as she reached for another. "IIH-shoo!" The sneezing was starting to back off a little in the HEPA filtered air.

"Well," the nurse said. "That was my last vial of that. Why don't we schedule you to come in next week and we'll finish the scratch test?"

From inside a tissue, "Okay."

* * *

"I'b hobe!"

From the kitchen, "In here, babe."

She followed the voice, entering the kitchen. "Are you coogkig?" Her tall, subtly muscled man stood in front of the stove.

"No," he turned around with a sheepish grin. "I was trying to open this." He held up a jar of peanut butter.

"Ohh..." She took it from him and opened a drawer where the rubber jar-opener was. She popped it right open.

"Boy, don't I feel the man, now."

"Oh, id doesn'd say adytig aboud your masculididy." She turned her head to the side for a quick, "AASHOO!" into her elbow.

His head quirked.

"Id does say sobetig aboud your skills widh tools, dough." She handed the open jar to him, heading for the tissue box next to the microwave.

"I thought you were going to see the allergist today?" He asked as she sounded a gurgly blow.

"I did. Bud," she gave a wet snuffle. "I have doo go bacg negs week for anoder test."

"You took a test today? What was it, multiple choice?"

She smiled wryly at him. "Fuddy. Doh, a scradchd tesd. Dey prigged be wid digs do see if I reagded." She rubbed her nose, feeling another sneeze coming on.

"And did you?" He turned back to his sandwich, trying to hide his growing hard-on.

"Yeh... yessSNISSHOO! Ah." She sniffled. "Do ragweed." She smiled a secret smile.

"Oh," he was trying to sound uninterested. She knew better.

"Bud, durig de tesd de durse drobbed... heh... drobbed a dig of ragweed..." She squeezed a tissue around her nose, rubbing viciously at the tickle. "...Ragweed polled ad I had a HUGE sdeezing attacg righd dere id de office."

"Oh, really?" She could see his back muscles tensing as he spread the bread with jelly.

"Yeah." She sniffled wetly. "Righd dow I'b so sdiffly and sdeezy... I ding I'll jusd go ido de bedroob ad wadch T.V."

"Oh... okay..." She knew he was hooked.

She gave a short pause. "Are you cobig?"

He turned to face her, and saw the look in her eyes. His eyes responded in kind. After a short moment...

"Yeah." His sandwich was left on the counter, forgotten.

She headed first into the bathroom, changing into her negligee. She washed her face in cold water, allowing that to bring down some of the redness and puffiness of her eyes and nose, not that Roger was going to care. Then, after making sure he was in the bedroom changing into his boxers, she stole into the hallway by the door where she had dropped her bag. Opening it, she pulled from inside a small bunch of ragweed flowers. Taking care to hold it away from her nose, she crept back down the hall. She heard the bathroom door close and, knowing Roger was safely gone, she slipped into the bedroom and closed the door.

She first adjusted the lighting, turning off the bright overhead light and on the dim lamp in the corner. She then hid the bunch of flowers under her pillow and climbed into bed, waiting.

Roger emerged in just his boxers, with a shy grin on his face. She didn't remember seeing that expression... at least, not for a long while. She turned and sneezed quickly into her cupped hand. His expression turned more familiar. He came to the edge of the bed and knelt on it, crawling up to her on all-fours, the cat-like look in his eyes.

"It's too bad you're not feeling well."

She returned his look. "Oh, I feel fide." She needed to sneeze, and she used it to her advantage, flipping her hair sexily and letting it take her. Breathy, eyes fluttering, "I... hah... I... haaaSHOO!" She sneezed to the side, tempting him. "I feel jusd fide."

He jumped on top of her, pulling her up so that he held her close to him, kissing her passionately. His hands balled up on her back, pulling her negligee into them, stretching it tight over her full breasts. She moved with him, rocking slightly with the deep kisses, her hands slid down his boxers to rub his thighs. Her nose was runny, but she didn't care. His mouth travelled down her neck, and she pulled a hand out to rub her nose clean. Gently, he lowered her back down to the bed, his hips rocking hers in an ocean of rhythm. His medium-length brown hair dangled on her face as he teased her with his tongue. Using her free hand to reach behind her head, she slipped it under the pillow and massaged the hidden flowers until she was sure her hand was coated with their pollen. When he moved down to remove her panties, she brought the hand out and rubbed her nose with it violently, sniffing as much of it inside her sensitive nostrils as she could. He came back up to kiss her again. She still had one of her hands down his boxers, and she pulled it around until her fingers were strongly stroking his swelled erection. He moaned softly. Her nose starting to react, she rolled him over suddenly and knelt over him, pulling the boxers off and tossing them to the floor. She started to slide her body up his, going for his neck, when she suddenly froze. He stared as her face relaxed, eyes closed, her chin quivering. Her breasts bounced slightly with the shuddering breaths.

"Iih, iih," She paused a moment, her nose itching like crazy, then, HIHIHIIIIISHOOO!!" She sneezed a mighty sneeze that sprayed all over her hot and bothered lover. Roger's boyish face blazed with desire. He pounced on her, plunging his mouth into hers like a hungry cat. She kissed him back, feeling her thighs vibrate with desire for him... at the same time her nose was vibrating with an oncoming sneeze. That ragweed sure was quick!

Roger pushed her back onto the bed, pulling off her negligee as she rubbed her nose furiously. He leaned over her just as she gasped and started sneezing freely onto his bare chest, his hands running all over her body as she shook with each explosion.

"Heah, heah, HEAHSHHOO! Ag... iih IIISHOOO! AAT-CHOO!" She had one hand around his waist, the back of the other pressed to her seizing nose.

"Talk to me, baby," Roger pleaded. He was slipping inside her, still massaging and caressing her body. Her breaths were coming hard and fast.

"Hah... Hai, HUUTCHOO! Hai don'd... agh... GAA-SHHOO! I don'd thig I cah... huh cahhHHIISHOO! Huh, too buch... ssNNIISHHOO! sdeeh... EETCHHOO! deeziGGIISHHOO!" He had started to rock her in a sweet, pleasurable rhythm that made her body sing. Ironically, her sneezes started coming in the same rhythm as the rocking. "Eh... ehhIISSHHOO! ehISSHOO! eh-EHSHOO!"

"Please baby," he begged, his rocking becoming harder and faster. He was shifting her into high gear... and her nose wasn't going to let up. Part of her wanted only to sit and sneeze her sniffly nose clean. The other part was too distracted by the pleasure her lover was giving her. She was rather pleased at having this kind of control over him.

"Hohh... Hai... hah... Hai suboze hai," she fought to hold back a sneeze, hoping to tease him a little bit. "Hai suboze hai cad." However, "Bud ai really... oooh," Her lover was WONDERFUL at this. "Ai deed a... a dissue..." She was so distracted by the lovemaking that she almost forgot she was trying to hold back her sneezes, and a small one escaped. Ohh, she really wanted to sneeze now... just start sneezing and not stop until all the irritation was gone...

In one smooth motion, Roger slid his hand to the nightstand to snatch a few from the box, still managing to caress and rock the inside of her body until she almost couldn't hold out any more... but for him, she tried. It always took longer for him than for her, strangely. He held the tissue to her nose, and she blew hard.

The vibration in her nose made it unbearable! Ooh, she needed to sneeze and, ooh, she felt so hot and tingly and her thighs were singing and Roger was nibbling her neck and causing goose bumps... Her mouth open, her breath quickened as the rhythm rocked faster and faster and faster, and harder and harder... She and Roger alternated moaning softly with the great pleasure. Ooh... she NEEDED to sneeze!!!

"Hah... Rog, uh, Roger... baby, I... hah... I'b goddahaha... god do... sdeeze..."

He was breathing hard, too, the sweat from his golden body glistening in the low light. "Oh, baby... hold... just a few... few more seconds..."

Her voice was rising in desperation, trying to buy him those few seconds he pleaded for. "I... HAH... I dod thigk I... HAHAH...oh... I dod..." She took a big snuffly inhale through her nose, trying to hold it back. "I'b... tryig...HAH... bud...HEHEHE... I...AAHHH... jusd caaaNNNNGGGGSHHHHOOO!!" She sneezed a ferocious sneeze, her body convulsing and squeezing around him, causing them both to orgasm tremendously, fully, achingly sweet. She sneezed again and again, causing a tidal wave of smaller orgasms to pulse through their arched bodies.

"HEEHIISHOO! IISHOOO! IISHOO! Eh... ehhIISSHHOO! ehISSHOO! eh-EHSHOO! EEIIISHOO! HAAASHOO! Hah... EHPTCHOO! Heh, HEHPCHOO! EeeehhhhIIISHOO! Hah... ahh... AAASHOOO!!" Ohhhh. It felt sooo gooood... Hiih-IISHOO! Ah."

Roger's rocking had slowed, becoming deeper, fuller, as he finished them both. They collapsed next to each other, breathing hard and glistening in the dim light with sweat and ecstasy. Janna still fired off sneezes, coming slower and further apart as the ragweed was expelled out through her red and swollen nose. Roger, nearly spent, managed to roll over and grab the tissue box for her, and she blew as if her life depended on it until finally the sneezing stopped. Roger pulled her close, smoothing her sweaty hair from her face and kissing her forehead. They both lay panting together, each exhausted from their love labors, but both thoroughly satisfied.

Just as they drifted off to sleep, Roger whispered, "I love you, Janna."

She smiled, thinking of the ragweed under her pillow. That was the first time he'd ever said it.