Almost Quiet Evening At Home

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Josh had always been one to take things slowly with new girlfriends. He didn't want anything to jeopardize budding relationships, especially ones that showed promise.This was why as he invited Sandra, his new girlfriend of two months, into his appartment, he did no more than kiss her quickly and chastely on the lips.

"You look wonderful!" he said in a pleased tone, admiring her smart slacks and tight-fitting top.

"Thank you sweetie, but I feel just awful..." she replied. "I almost called to cancel our date tonight earlier, but I couldn't get a hold of you. I hope you won't think I'm too much of a bore tonight, but I've got the world's worst cold..."

As if to illustrate the point, she turned her head to one side and sneezed harshly, wetly into her cupped hand: "Hhh... Uh-Cshoo!" Cheeks tinged a shy pink, she apologized and hung her coat onto a nearby hook.

Josh's heart skipped a beat; he had never seen Sandra sneeze before, and seing her like this immediately attracted his interest. He had always had a thing for sneezes, as far back as he could remember. He liked them in any form: overheard or fully visible, singles, doubles or fits, stemming from allergies or colds... They all made his blood boil and his mind begin to wander in lascivious directions. Just seing his girlfriend like this, made so vulnerable by this nasty cold, began to get him hot and bothered.

Bringing him sharply back to reality, Sandra began apologizing for her cold, explaining in a manner he couldn't help but think of as an irresistible combination of sweet and sexy:

"I hate it when I'm sick. I just keep on sneezing for some reason, and it's so embarrassing... Nothing seems to stop it, it's really the worst. So I'm sorry if our evening isn't going to be all that much fun... I just can't help it..."

Just as Josh was thinking "Sandra, if only you knew!", she turned again and sneezed a quick double as if to illustrate the point she had been making "Ah... hah-cshh! Cshoo!".

She sniffed heavily, and immediately asked him for a tissue. Josh willingly went to get some for her. He searched for a box but, finding his to be empty, came back instead with a couple of clean handkerchief which his elderly mother insisted he keep at his place "because they are ever so much more proper, my little Joshy" Lord he hated when she did that! On this occasion, however, they proved most useful. Sandra not only sneezed steadily as the evening progressed, but had a rather stuffy nose as well.

They settled down on the couch with some snacks in front of them to watch a video Josh had rented for the evening. A light romantic comedy, the type Sandra loved. However, Josh had no idea what it was about, as he was spending more time watching Sandra sneeze or struggle not to, then he was staring at the screen. He could tell when it was about to happen; she would stiffen near his body, eyes squinting for a minute, before heaving violently forward after a few seconds of agonizing buildup. He could hear her breath becoming shallow as she breathed in sharply, "huh... hhh... huhh" and then, the tickle visibly intensifying, she would snap and release the sneeze in a violent "Cshoo!" sound.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, he was hard as a rock and was constantly shifting his position to try and alleviate the discomfort and hide his situation. And oblivious to it all, Sandra kept right on sneezing besides him in that delicious way of hers: "Huh... huh-cshoo! Hhh-huh... Hi-hicshoo"!

She made the matter worse by blowing her nose quite hard and, he thought, in a very sexy manner in his strong white handkerchiefs, bringing it up to her nose with both hands and then blowing hard to try and empty it through her blocked passages. She would then wipe it gently clean and then settle against him, until the whole scene was reenacted a few moments later.

They were about halfway through the film, Josh nearly going crazy with desire by this time and feeling like he was going to explode, when by accident Sandra's hand landed on his lap after a particularly violent "hah-CHOO!".

Of course, it did not land just on his lap, but smack onto his painfully erect penis. It was so hard that she couldn't help but notice it, as a man usually does not have sharp bones in his body at that particular place.

"Josh, sweetie... Um..." and then, incredibly, she giggled before asking "what's that all about? We just watched the girl die in the movie and you're getting hard? Is there something I should know about you?".

Squirming in embarrassment, Josh looked away, struggling to explain.

It's not the movie it's... It's you... It's... It's..." and then, at a loss for words, he simply stood up and practically raced for the bathroom with his heart pounding in his chest and blood rushing to his cheeks, tinting them a bright shade of crimson.

Shutting the door behind him, he stroked himself in the hopes of releasing some built-up frustration, replaying thoughts of Sandra's sneezes over and over in his mind. In the state he was in, it took him all of 15 seconds to finish up. He then washed his sticky hands and sweaty face with cold water and returned to the sofa where a very puzzled Sandra was heartily blowing in a handkerchief once more.

"What was that about?" she asked, almost worried, through the handkerchief, interrupting her blowing. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No no, it's me..." said Josh, standing close to her wishing to avoid the subject. At that moment, Sandra's gaze became blank and she quickly said in a breathless voice "Oh God... Huh... I'm going to... to... huh... I really have to sneeze... huh..." and then she closed her eyes, fanning her hand futilely in front of her face as women often do, letting it build and build agonisingly.

"Oh-huh... hhh... Oh, I hate it when... huh... when they're stuck... hhh... hhhh... Hah-CHOO! Hhh-CSHHH! Owwww..." she breathed, opening her lids again.

Josh stood there, transfixed. That had to be one of the most beautifully built-up sneezes he'd ever seen. To his horror, he realized that his member had risen tall and proud once again, though he had satisfied himself less than 5 minutes ago. He was, of course, not the only one who realized this.

Sandra immediately (and, it must be confessed, before she could hold it back) exclaimed "look at you! You're totally excited by this! Is my cold really turning you on or am I dreaming?".

She regretted it as soon as she had spoken the words, of course, since she thought Josh to be very shy about such matters. Which, in truth, he tended to be. However, the state of excitement he was in made him put aside his usual reserve and, with a candid frankness unlike him, he simply said:

"Oh yes" with an unmistakeable look on his face that was compounded by his gleaming eyes and flushed cheeks.

Silently, Sandra turned her head to one side again, visibly about to sneeze. Her breathing was shallow, and Josh could tell she was about to let go any second. His hand darted to her chin and he turned her head gently so that she was facing him. She sneezed a hearty "hhh-CSHOO!" at the same time, spraying his hand lightly. Afterward, she stood and came near him. Though she was not in peak form, seing him thus aroused her tremendously. And though she hadn't actually told him yet, she had fallen in love with Josh quite some time ago.

She took his hands and placed them around her, so that in effect, he had her in a bear hug, his member pressing stiffly up through the fabric of his pants and right into her own nether region. Embracing him again, she felt her nose begin to tickle and this time, without shame, sneezed twice directly onto his shoulder, letting the sneezes rack her slender body as they left her, echoing through the room sharply "hh-Cshh! Hhh-CSHOO!".

Josh couldn't stand it anymore. He knew then and there that he had to have her. He ostensibly swept her off the floor, and "carried her over the threshold" of his bedroom, placing her gently on the bed. She didn't protest as he did, and only fleetingly grabbed a handkerchief off from where it lay on the sofa, thinking ruefully "I'll probably need this soon enough..."

In the bedroom, both were very quiet. Each understood what was going to happen, and neither wanted to object or break the spell. The only sounds to be heard were Sandra's sniffing and occasional sneeze as Josh swifly helped her out of her clothes and she returned the favour. As soon as they were both naked, Sandra took the initiative and pushed him onto the bed, flat on his back. He was still fully erect, hard as steel, his profile shadowed against the wall as the soft light of the moon showed through.

"This is so incredible" thought Sandra, as she mounted on top of him, though not letting him enter her just yet. She felt another sneeze coming, and paused, her face near his chest, waiting. Josh saw her features freeze for a few beautiful seconds, as she waited expectantly for the inevitable. He felt her tremble as she sneezed "Hhh-CSHH! Ha-CHOO!" right on top of him.

Josh quivered, still not quite sure he wasn't dreaming. He felt like he was on fire. She rubbed up and down his shaft for a minute or so, enjoying the feel of it and getting herself ready to enjoy the moment of penetration.

At last, blissfully, she settled herself on top of him. She moved up and down a few times before she stopped, clearly needing to sneeze again.

"Here it comes", thought Josh, trembling in excited anticipation.

He didn't have to wait long; she took in a sharp breath and sneezed, almost without any buildup - "hhh-choo!". An incredible feeling surrounded his member as she did so. The muscles inside her contracted almost spasmodically, squeezing his gorged penis in the most delicious manner. "If she does that again, I don't know how I can possibly hold back..." he thought almost deliriously. She sniffed twice and reached over for a handkerchief. She took it in both hands, still astride him, and sat up. She closed her eyes as if enjoying the blow tremendously and emptied her clogged nasal passages.


Josh was tingling with excitement once again; her vagina was contracting against his sensitive member in an incredible manner.


Again, another contraction sent a surge of pleasure through him.


Josh could barely contain himself with the double pleasure of watching her blow her nose and the incredible tightness it procured down below. All too soon, she was finished and resumed her rythmical movement. Josh was still reeling from the intensity of it, but Sandra was obviously enjoying it too: she kept her eyes shut, her breathing was heavy and her cheeks were red as a twin set of ripe apples.

As he was getting nearer and nearer to the edge, Josh felt Sandra slow again, her eyes opening a fraction in the frozen, trapped look he knew and loved so much. As she stopped, obviously waiting for a sneeze to come, he placed his hands on her hips and made her go on.

"I'm going to... hhh... sn... hhh... to sneeze..." she whispered, making him squirm just at the thought of it. His thighs bucked involuntarily as he whispered back:

"Don't stop Sandy... You wouldn't believe what this is doing to me... Try and hold it back..."

She smiled teasingly, obviously quite close to the edge herself.

"Ok," she whispered. "Huh... But it... Hhh... It just tickles so... so much..."

Her features were contorting from the effort, and Josh murmured "Keep talking... don't stop" as he slowly helped her rub up and down his shaft, so close to the blissful, inevitable explosion.

"I don't... huh-huh... I don't know if I can... Hhh... Hold it back, it... Huh... It's coming... Hhh-hhh... It's going to... Huh... Be a big one..."

"Oh, is it EVER!" thought Josh, deliciously aware of the irony and wondering which one of them was going to explode first.

"Huh... hhh..." Sandra closed her eyes in anticipation. "Hah... Josh, I... huh-... I can't... huh-hold it... ba-... Hhh-huh... Hh..." And then, jerking her body forward, three astoundingly beautiful sneezes rushed out of her. "huh-HUH-CSHHH! ... Hhh-hhh-CHOO! Eh-heh-CHOO! Aaaah!"

The violent motion produced by her sneezes and her tightening around him brought Josh over the edge in a flash. Blissfully, he let himself go and enjoyed one of the most extroardinarily intense orgasms he had ever experienced.

Fortunately for Sandra, the bucking of his hips and the motions he made in his extasy brought her over the edge and she reached orgasm while her last sneeze still echoed through the room. She felt pleasure radiating from between her legs, making her cry out as she shook her head slowly from side to side.

Panting from exhaustion, they lay for a while in silence next to each other, except for Sandra needing to blow her nose. Amazingly, all traces of congestion had departed her (nothing like a great bout of sex to take care of that!). After a restful pause, Sandra turned over on her side and noiselessly drifted off to sleep. As soon as he noticed how regular her breathing had become, he looked over and realized she was out like a rock.

"Hah, and I thought it was the men who did that!" Josh suppressed a laugh, and instead gently brought the covers up to cover Sandra's naked form. He got up off the bed and kissed her warm forehead - though he knew sleep would help her get better, as he walked out and left her alone in the room to rest up, he couldn't help wishing she kept that cold for at least a few more days.