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A crack of thunder boomed ominously from over the grey horizon, and rain began to pour from the sky. Amber Cabot was caught in the middle of this massive torrential downpour, which drenched her hair and clothing, soaking her and chilling her to the bone as it seeped down her back.

The brown paper grocery bag she held in her arms, pressed tightly against her bosom, was now saturated and tearing as easily as wet toilet paper, and the groceries inside it were ready to fall out at any second, to burst right through the bottom of the bag and spill out all over the sidewalk.

Amber wondered dismally, as she walked back to her apartment, shivering convulsively as the cold rain chilled her, how the weather conditions could have possibly changed so radically as it had since she had left her apartment.  The weather had been just fine when she had left - no sign of rain or thunder, so she thought,

"Why don't I just walk to Stop 'n'  Shop?  It's only a half a block from here."

Never one to miss out on a spot of exercise, Amber left her apartment and did just that. It was a nice and pleasant stroll to Stop 'n' Shop, and she enjoyed it immensely. Lazy clouds, looking as soft as cotton puffs, drifted in the blue sky overhead and warm gusts of wind playfully blew through her long honeyed locks.

Things had dramatically altered on the way back, though. Now, it wasn't so nice and pleasant. The storybook cottonball clouds had accumulated and darkened with dazzling speed, and the soft wind felt more like icy gales. Amber had barely set foot out of the Stop 'n' Shop when the storm had violently errupted.

Now, she was completely soaked, freezing, shivering, with sharp, cold winds cutting right through her, exacerbating her suffering. Her teeth chattered as she felt chilling raindrops seeping down her back collar, gathering to form what felt like a small river near the waistband of her jeans. Amber knew that unless she got home soon, she was going to catch a cold.

Indeed, her nose was already running, and she was beginning to think she had a mild case of the sniffles. And yet, perhaps catching a cold wouldn't be so bad, as long as it only made her sneeze. Come to think of it, that would be a good thing; this was a well-kept secret, but Amber got immeasurable pleasure out of sneezing.

Both her own sneezes and the sneezes of others pleased her, although she would never even consider admitting this unusual source of arousal to another soul.  It was a secret she would take with her to the grave, and also the reason why Amber never used medications such as Nyquil, Alkaseltzer, or any other kind of over-the-counter cold remedies.  It would only reduce the sneezing, and when Amber got a cold, it was the last thing she wanted. Why do away with the only positive side effect of being ill?

But still, today was not a day where Amber wanted to get sick. In fact, it was the last thing our heroine wanted to do. Maybe tomorrow, but not today.  Amber had plans for today, and she wanted to remain nice and healthy for those plans.  A few sneezes would be more than welcome, but surely, no more than that!

Amber felt a timely, sharp tickle in her elegant straight nose just then, as if on cue, and felt her face contort into a sneeze.  Her head bent back and then was thrown forward repeatedly as she sneezed thunderously three times, her entire body convulsing with each sneeze and damp locks of hair, which was now looking more like seaweed than spun gold, were thrown in her face.

"ATCHOO!  Ah-CHOO!  Huh-uh-CHOO!"

She sniffed and smiled happily; there was nothing like a good sneeze to get her in a bright mood when she was feeling down, and a walk home in freezing rain was enough to make anyone feel down in the dumps.

Even so, Amber's good spirits were marred once more as a fiery red Saturn zoomed past her, blazing over a massive puddle near the sidewalk she walked upon and splashing her with a small current of muddy, filthy water that swept over her face and body. How could she possible have thought earlier that things couldn't get worse? Quickly looking down at her sodden grocery bags, muddy jeans and filthy coat, she felt like bursting into tears. She could only imagine what her face and hair must be like!

"Thanks a lot, you son of a bitch!" she shouted angrily.

Oblivious, the red Saturn sped onwards, finally dwindling and disappearing from her field of vision altogether. Fumbling with her grocery bags, she managed to flip its driver the bird, mentally cursing him with a severe case of combined impotence, incontinence, and scabies. That would show him! Amber gritted her teeth, swatting at the dirty water running down her face, and started walking again.

After that little incident, she was feeling lousier and colder than ever. She had been sniffling before, but now her nose felt really full! The mucus that had been running down her nose was now seeping onto her lips, but she was only vaguely aware of it. Amber pushed on, willing her feet to keep on plodding forward, determined to get home and finally make it out of the rain.

She still had a mild case of the sniffles when she finally got home, and was sneezing indifferently, but she attached no significance to either symptom. It didn't necessarily have to mean she was catching a cold.  So she had a few sniffles and sneezes at the moment - it happened every now and then.  It didn't absolutely have to mean she was catching a cold, right?  She wasn't going to get sick for tonight, was she?

Amber left the bag of groceries in the kitchen and then headed over to the bathroom to shower, dry off and get out of her wet clothes before she really did become ill. The last thing she needed now was to catch a really nasty cold before tonight.

And yet, she was already starting to feel that persistent tickle in her nose come back to haunt her once again.

The tickle only intensified, growing stronger even after she had gotten out of those drenched clothes, showered, and hopped into some flattering black trousers and a tight black knit top, both of which were comfortably dry. Even as she blow dried her hair, brushing it back into it's former lustrous gold splendour, the tickle persisted, and Amber knew with absolute certainty that she was going to sneeze again, and most probably more than once. 

Her nose twitched and wriggled, her nostrils flaring as she squeezed her eyes shut and made urgent pre-sneeze motions with her small white hands; her lips parted and her head bent backward and was then thrust forward as she let loose with a soft but shrill sneeze:


Amber had thought little of the sneeze, or any of the other sneezes that day either before, during, or after her walk home from Stop 'n' Shop, but now she was seriously beginning to wonder whether she had cause to worry. Everyone had to sneeze at least once in a while, and Amber Cabot was definitely no exception to that rule.  She had never gone so much as a single day without sneezing, and as much as it sort of embarrassed her, she hoped with all her heart that she never would.  She was a frequent sneezer and enjoyed being one very, very much.

If only her luscious girlfriend Courtney could sneeze as frequently as she did. Oh, if Amber could have one wish, just one wish, it would be precisely that! To see gorgeous, seductive, sexy-as-hell Courtney Johnson's features contort as her breath slowed, tensed, and then was expelled in a massive explosion that would make Amber feel faint with pleasure.

As she was lost in this oh-so-pleasant reverie, the tickle returned yet again and Amber immediately sneezed twice more: "Ah-CHOO!  Ah... ahh-CHOO!"

The additional sneezes weren't a big deal either; when Amber sneezed, she always sneezed in twos and threes, always without exception. Sometimes, she even did it more than thrice, though those instances were rare and, consequently, cherished.  Hey, sometimes it just took a few extra sneezes for the nose to successfully purge itself of an irritant - Amber didn't mind in the least because she relished each sneeze - "the more, the merrier" was her philosophy.

This tickle was something special though. It just wouldn't desist and before she knew it, Amber had sneezed twice more. Then, she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, her long blonde hair, her emerald green eyes, her smooth, clear complexion, and small straight nose that was dripping mucus from both reddened nostrils once again, and finally was forced to take notice that something was afoot.

She started chanting quickly under her breath: "I am not catching a cold.  I am not catching a cold.  I am nuhhh... ah... ahhhh... ker-CHOO! KA-CHOO!  Ah-ah-KERCHOO!"

"Oh no, I really am catching a cold," Amber thought glumly, sniffling.  "And Courtney's coming over in an hour.  Oh shit, why did this have to happen now?  Now I'll have to call and cancel our date.  Courtney's gonna be so disappointed, but I sure don't want her catching my cold, do I?"

Her finely arched lips stretched into a pleased grin at that last thought, as her nose tickled her and she sneezed three more times. All this sneezing, not to mention thinking about Courtney catching her cold, was slowly but surely getting her excited. Already, she could feel that her underwear was slightly damp, and she knew it would be soaking at this rate if the tickle in her nose didn't leave her be.

The fact of the matter was that Amber always got excited when she sneezed. She would feel warmth bloom between her thighs in response to the sneeze that overtook her, or whenever some other attractive girl around her age happened to sneeze around her. It was something akin to masturbation for her, this frequent sneezing, which she loved to do and did so sexily - and Amber was certain that her beautiful girlfriend Courtney would do it even better. Amber could think of nothing sexier than seing Courtney sneeze.

A small part of Amber thought it was weird for a feminine sneeze to make her so exuberantly horny, but another bigger part simply wouldn't have it any other way.  She was a sneezing fetishist, both proud and ashamed of that fact, but that was who she was and there was nothing she could do to change it.  Besides, she wasn't hurting anyone, was she? It was her own well kept little secret, and knowing the joy it procured her, Amber wouldn't have done away with her fetish for anything.

She lay on her bed, closed her eyes and imagined Courtney caught in the grip of a massive sneezing fit after having caught Amber's cold, her body convulsing with each totally magnificent sneeze that overtook her. She payed special attention to detail, envisaging the way her nose would be twitching, wiggling, flaring in the few seconds between each sneeze, the way her head would rear back in preparation, the way her entire body would tense and shake during the release. As Amber imagined Courtney thus, she felt her excitement growing even more, and chastised herself for having such naughty thoughts when her girlfriend was due to arrive at her door at any moment.

And still, she couldn't help herself. She wouldn't actually DO anything about it for the moment, but there was no harm in fantasizing about Courtney sneezing. If she was still aroused and passionate by the time her girlfriend arrived, Amber knew Courtney would have no problem at all with helping her remedy the situation. And so, as she kept on fantasizing, the wet spot on Amber's panties grew and grew, soaking through the thin cotton and even moistening the seam of her tight fitting back trousers.

These thoughts and this lush moisture left her in a state of total bliss and indescribable longing. She had been thinking before about waiting for Courtney's arrival, but now the urge to satisfy herself was just too strong. Amber debated for a few seconds, but then decided she just had to touch herself. Her deft fingers undid the clasp of her trousers and slid inside until they reached her warm sex, slick and open with the overwhelming desire she felt. She massaged her wet pussy, sneezing as she did, and that only made the experience much better.

After reaching an explosive and satisfying orgasm, Amber sighed contentedly and flopped down on her bed to wind down. Shutting her eyes and forcing herself to breath evenly, she thought of how she had never once seen Courtney in the actual act of sneezing.  Like now, she had fantasized and dreamed of it many times, and she knew it would be something wonderful and spectacular when it finally happened. And yet, it annoyed her that she had never seen it happen in real life.

Sometimes, Amber wondered if Courtney ever sneezed at all.  Of course she did sneeze; she had to sneeze at least once in a while -  everyone did!  But Amber had never seen it happen, and considering that they'd been going out together for six months now, Amber thought it was a little bit bizarre. Never having been a very patient girl, she thought that no matter how fantastic Courtney's sneezes turned out to be, the wait was much exaggerated.

Amber and Courtney had met in an online chatroom and had learned to know each other over chat and email for about two months before finally seing each other in the flesh. They'd felt quite at ease with each other online, but when they had finally fet in person, there had been an almost audible click. They were in the sixth month of their relationship, and already, Amber knew that she had met her soul mate.  It had been the perfect relationship from the very beginning, and it seemed to Amber that they were the perfect couple. The only problem was that Amber had never seen or heard Courtney sneezing, not even once in those six months, and she felt that the physical side of their relationship would much be improved if that drought could end. If Courtney were to catch Amber's cold, then things would surely change!

The only problem was that Amber had issues about forcing her cold onto Courtney. Her conscience needled her, reminding her that doing so might involve a flagrant disregard for Courtney¹s health... and for what, a few cheap sexual thrills?

Yet another part of Amber's mind scoffed at such ridiculous logic: "Pfff, yeah right, like anyone's ever died from a mild case of the common cold. Besides, Amber, this is your big chance! So she might feel a bit down - think of all the pleasure you'll bring her as soon as you hear her sneeze!"

Yes, Amber decided when that second voice spoke up. Conscience be damned - this was her big chance, wasn't it? When opportunity knocked, Amber tended to open the door, and she decided that this shouldn't be an exception.

For months, Amber had desperately yearned to be there for at least one of Courtney's sneezes. She longed to see it happen, to finally see her girlfriend, her lover, give in and sneeze!  Witnessing Courtney sneeze once would leave Amber feeling quite contented - for the time being. Seeing Courtney caught up in an endless fit of genuine sneezes would leave Amber in a state of pure ecstasy. Endless bliss. Just thinking about it made Amber shiver and feel heat rise to her cheeks all over again.

Amber got up off her bed, grabbed a box of Kleenex from under the sink and went into her living room and sat comfortably on her Lazy Boy recliner. She took a tissue out and blew her nose with it, the thought of Courtney and her sneezing together still fresh in her mind. It was still filling her with deep elation and renewed lust, making her sex tingle wonderfully as moisture began to bloom there anew. She sneezed softly, her nipples hardening, and then giggled mischievously.

"Oh Courtney," thought Amber, "I've sneezed so many of times for you, my dear.  And now, maybe it'll be your turn to sneeze for me."

Amber giggled again like a little girl, and stopped only to sneeze lightly into the air.  She then sat back on her Lazy Boy recliner, blew her nose again, and anxiously awaited Courtney's arrival.

Courtney arrived an hour later, late as usual. She stepped in through the front door of Amber's apartment, a tall, willowy girl of nineteen years of age, the same as Amber, with long auburn hair, big blue eyes, a dainty upturned nose, and ruby red lips.

Oh how Amber so desperately wanted to see that gorgeous girl sneeze.  She wanted that more than anything right now.

By this time, Amber's nose was red from the incessant blowing brought on by her burgeoning illness, and she was having second thoughts about intentionally giving Courtney her cold (unintentionally, she thought fleetingly, wouldn't be quite as bad).  Sure, she desperately wanted to see Courtney sneeze - she had for the longest time wanted that more than anything else - but she had a few moral questions about how she was going to go about this.

"I could just blow a cloud of pepper in her face or something," Amber reflected, but then rejected the idea.  Her intention would be much too obvious.  Plus Courtney might think she was some kind of a freak and would be scared off, and that wouldn't be good at all.

Courtney approached Amber, and before Amber could even think to warn Courtney about her cold, Courtney spontaneously wrapped her arms around Amber's body and kissed her warmly on the mouth.  It was a very long, drawn out kiss, open-mouthed, their tongues twisting and locking around each other, poking and caressing one another as they exchanged warmth, saliva, love... and viruses.

Courtney was now doomed to catch Amber's cold.

Amber greeted this fact with mixed feelings: on the one hand, she felt a stab of guilt deeply cutting into her for making her lover fall ill in this fashion. On the other hand, there was that blissful instance of wetness around her sex that arose at the mere thought of beautiful Courtney sharing her cold.

While the long kiss hello continued, Amber felt a sharp tickle rise unbidden in her nose and knew immediately what it meant.  Yet it came and expanded so swiftly that before she could push Courtney away: "Hmmph-CHOO!" she had sneezed right in her lover's mouth, both embarrassing herself and experiencing a sexual thrill at the same time. Not wanting Courtney to be offended, Amber pulled Courtney in tighter just then, and a second later, through an act of supreme will, pushed her aside on the couch. Suddenly, she felt absolutely mortified over what had just happened - she might have found it arousing... but how exquisitely embarrassing, when the person she was kissing didn't share her love for sneezing!

"Oh my God," she giggled nervously, her face now red with deep ashamedness, as she sneezed three more times in Courtney's general direction, embarrassing herself further.

Attempting to regain her composure, though she was now blushing nearly scarlet, Amber fumbled with her apology.

"Oh my God, Courtney, I... I am so, so sorry... So very sorry..."

Courtney smiled at her, a strange glow in her bright blue eyes, but Amber barely noticed.  "It's okay, really, honey."

"Listen, Courtney, about that... that sneeze..." Amber took a deep breath, deciding to set her girlfriend straight. "Well, it wasn't just any old sneeze that popped out of nowhere.  You see, I was walking home in the rain earlier today, and I...I... ah...ah... HATCHOO!  CHOO! ATCHOO!"

"God bless you," said Courtney, still maintaining that radiantly warm smile of hers, her cheeks becoming redder and redder for some reason. Or was it just Amber's imagination?

"Thank you," Amber replied and sniffed heavily, wishing she could interrupt the moment to reach for a tissue in which to blow her nose.

"So you caught a cold from walking in the rain earlier today, is that what you're trying to tell me?"

Courtney was now grinning eagerly, which Amber thought was very strange.

"That's right," Amber sighed, leaning aside to sneeze again, "Huasshoo!... Sorry. Anyway, now, I'm afraid I just gave it to you.  I'm so sorry, Courtney darling!"

Courtney merely shrugged as her grin widened, acquiring a vaguely feral quality.  "Hey, what's a few shared colds between lovers, right?"

"So you're not mad at me?"

"Actually, I'm positively delighted!" Courtney exclaimed vivaciously, bursting out laughing.

"You are?" Amber was now very confused at her girlfriend's reaction. She'd been expecting her to be angry, sullen, indifferent even, but certainly not delighted!

"Well, yes... You see, this is probably gonna sound weird to you, but I've got this, like, sneezing fetish. I absolutely love to sneeze; I like sneezing around other people and love it when others sneeze around me, especially girls... and especially you.  God, I just love the way you sneeze, Amber; all I've ever wanted these past six months is to finally be able to sneeze in your presence, but I just sneeze so rarely, and it always seems to happen only when you're not around...  I know I must sound like a real freak, but..."

"I don't think you're a freak at all," Amber reassured her, her mind reeling from what she had just heard. Could it really be...? What an amazing coincidence! Amber swallowed dryly, allowing herself to release the breath of air she hadn't realized she'd been holding ever since Courtney had begun her confession. "Honey, you're not going to believe this, but I've been wanting to tell you for so long... Courtney, guess what? I also have a sneezing fetish of my own."

"Really? No way, you're kidding, right?"

"I'm so not kidding, darling, and over the past six months I've really, really, really wanted to see you sneeze. You can't even begin to imagine how much I've been wanting to see you sneeze in front of me!"

Courtney grinned mischievously, her big blue eyes still aglow with excitement as she played with a stray auburn lock of hair.  "Well, looks like tonight's the night we both finally get what we want.

They decided to wait until after having something to eat before experimenting and getting kinky with their sneezes. This was not only in order to have extra energy, but more importantly, to allow the cold to settle in Courtney's system and make her sneeze. The girls kept their fingers crossed in hoping that Courtney would have begun to show a few signs of Amber's sneezy cold by then.

Amber had been sneezing copiously all evening, caught up sneezing fit after sneezing fit in front of Courtney and loving every minute of it. Now that she knew that her girlfriend shared her secret liking, she enjoyed her sneezes with absolutely no shame, guilt or embarrassment attached to the immense pleasure she derived from sneezing. The only thing that would have made the whole experience better whould have been to have Courtney by her side, sneezing right along with her. Amber's particular cold virus seemed so potent and fast acting, though, that she knew it was only a quesiton of time, and she waited anxiously for that moment to finally get there.

Since Amber didn't feel at all like cooking, the girls ordered Domino's Pizza, which was delivered exactly thirty minutes after the order had been placed as advertised. There was still no sign of Amber's cold in Courtney's system, however when it arrived.

And then, it very slowly began to happen, so subtly that the girls hardly noticed anything. By the time they had finished the meal, Courtney had developed a mild case of the sniffles, and had to blow her nose a few times, but that was all and the sniffles quickly dissipated.

They watched TV for a little while, still waiting in eager anticipation for Courtney to finally start coming down with that cold, but the earlier symptoms seemed to have vanished. Was Courtney's immune system that efficient with a nasty cold that had her girlfriend sneezing and blowing her nose every few minutes within mere hours of having caught it? The girls were now beginning to lose hope.

It wasn't until around 8:37 P.M. that the big moment they had both been waiting for all evening had finally arrived. All at once, to their utmost delight, Courtney began to sneeze.

They were both on the couch, still watching TV when it struck. Silence reigned, except for the TV and Amber's frequent sniffles and sneezes.  By this time, they had both lost virtually all hope of Courtney ever catching Amber's cold... at least for the time being.

Thus, they were both surprised when all of a sudden, "Ah... ah... ker-choo!" a powerfully stunning feminine sneeze went off, and this time, it was from Courtney.

"God bless you," Amber said, a bright expression of renewed hope beaming on her face.

"Thanks," Courtney said, sniffling.  She then sneezed three more times and Amber felt a pleasurable jolt of wetness surge around her sex with each strong, sexy sneeze that Courtney graced her with. Her nipples hardened; she sneezed three times herself, and it felt as though she had died and gone to heaven.

The fun had begun.

It took all of five minutes. They were in bed together, fully in the nude and exhibiting gleaming skin and soft curves, fondling and caressing each other passionately as they hungrily kissed again and again, almost painfully turned on by the profuse and vigorous sneezes that gripped them each in turn.

It had been worth the wait - the cold had now well taken hold, and it had both girls' noses tickling wildly, forcing them both to sneeze strong, wet sneezes with increasing force and frequency to their respective and mutual delight. They took pleasure in sneezing, yet sometimes tried to hold them back, only for the pleasure of unleashing them in thunderous sneezing fits all the more forceful for having been suppressed. Needless to say, this aroused both Courtney and Amber to no end and they made passionate love throughout, using soft tongues and eager fingers on each other, driving each other on to ever increasing pleasure and yet always stopping short of orgasm, wanting to stretch out their extraordinary lovemaking session as much as possible.

As time went on and their experimentations continued, their eyes watered and their noses produced a seemingly endless supply of mucous, which was expelled from their increasingly reddening nostrils in thin streamlets with each sneeze. Some, they caught with tissues, but sometimes some excaped and coated the other's skin like a warm, thin film not unlike that which blossomed between their legs.

Amber lost count of the number of times she nearly fainted with pleasure as Courtney indulged her with sneeze after sneeze all over her slender neck, her full breasts, her flat stomach, her lush hips and finally, the dark half-moon between her legs, working magic with her fingers even as she did it. It was the same for Courtney, of course, when Amber returned the favour with her fingers and nose. No matter how many times they had fantasized and dreamed about having beautiful sneezy sex with each other, they had never thought it could be this wonderful.

Finally, Amber begged Courtney to finally allow her release, to finally let her come. Courtney smiled, nodded, and said,

"Babe, you wouldn't believe how good your timing is, because I-... uhhh... uhhhhuhhhh... uh-HA-choo! HA-choo! Uh-huh... HUH-choo!"

Courtney felt Amber's hands on her shoulders as the most violent sneezing fit yet took hold of her, pushing her down. What Amber wanted was obvious, and even through the fit Courtney managed to position herself accordingly. She positioned her contorting, finely featured face between Amber's legs and and sneezed freely on her sex ten times, using her finger to ardently massage Amber's clit. Amber moaned and shrieked as she tossed her blond head from side to side, pleasured beyond belief, and incredibly enough let loose with eight stunningly powerful sneezes of her own as she felt a blissful and mighty orgasm overtake her at long last. It almost felt as if her furiously contracting sex was giving off a series of big wet sneezes as well!

Amber, recovering from her orgasm, had a smile so wide her head looked about ready to split in half. She'd never before felt as fabulously relaxed and exhilerated as she did now. Feeling pleasantly lightheaded though her nose still quite stuffy and tickly because of her fast developing cold, she proceeded to give Courtney the same type of all-encompassing pleasure she had just enjoyed.

Amber kissed Courtney, lovingly played with her breasts and her sex, fondling and carressing as she fought to hold back her sneezes so that they would come out bigger, stronger and, more specifically, in greater numbers. At times, the urge grew so strong that she had to place her rigid index finger firmly beneath her flaring, twitching nostrils as she felt the tickle growing stronger, becoming an irritating burn. She held it in until she couldn't possibly hold the sneeze in any longer, until it felt as though her entire head would explode unless she gave in to the powerful urge that had her practically convulsing.

Positioning herself so that her mouth was against her lover's sex, Amber unleashed a volley of at least twenty powerful sneezes, with only a few seconds between each where she frantically rubbed and tongued lover's oh-so-sensitive flesh, producing a massive orgasm that had Courtney writhing and groaning in extasy even as Amber received the girl's melting warmth on her eager tongue, Courtney orgasm drawing on and on for an eternity as Amber kept right on sneezing on her.

Amber was loving every minute of it, wanting more and more, her sexual thirst seemingly insatiable now that she had at long last had a taste of Courtney's fabulously delightful sneezing.

They kept it up long into the night, sneezing all over each other, on each other's breasts, in the hollows between their necks and shoulders, on the small of their backs, on their buttocks, and almost every other imaginable place. Each girls thrilled as she felt the misty breeze of the other's sneezes expelled from her lover's nose and mouth. Amber and Courtney were both filled withd an infinite amount of pleasure upon the onset of each new heavenly sneeze, both from the joy of giving a sneeze and the erotically thrilling one of receiving it.

By the time their intense lovemaking session had ended, they had both had several orgasms, and both were left limp and breathless from all that relentless activity. It had been absolutely magnificent, however, a truely heavenly experience the likes of which both Courtney and Amber had dreamed and fantasized about but never thought they'd experience.

They were both sitting on Amber's bed when it was over, damply nestled against each other, completely exhausted, both sniffling, sneezing, and blowing their now bright red noses frequently, and both satisfied and sated as they'd never been before.

"Wow!" Amber sighed, "now that was definitely the greatest experience... ah... ah... of my... my... HATCHOO! of my life."

"Oh yeah!" Courtney heartily agreed, running her long fingers through her lover's blond locks.

"We should do this again sometime," Amber smiled dreamily at Courtney before turning away for another sneeze. After so many, it was really hard to get her nose to suddenly stop!  "The sooner... HASHOO!... the better.

How does... ah... ah-CHOO! tomorrow night sound?" Courtney suggested in a hopeful tone that betrayed her impatience and eagerness.

"Perfect," replied Amber with that mischievous grin of hers.

They both sneezed simultaneously, blessed each other, and then giggled over it as they both felt dampness surge between their legs in spite of the conclusion their kinky sexual marathon. They eventually fell asleep under Amber's downy goosefeather quilt, comfortably and warmly nestled in each other's arms, their curves pressed together, and remained in that position for the rest of the night.