Better Than the Movies

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Sebastian and Marie were getting ready for a cinema date. Just for fun, they were both dressed up, Sebastian in a suit with a tie and Marie in a sparkly ultramarine evening dress - it was totally inappropriate but both looked extremely stylish.

In their bedroom, putting on the finishing touches so they would both look perfect, Sebastian picked up the bottle of Man-180 cologne that was innocuously resting on the dresser. He uncapped it and prepared to spray some on.

"Don't you dare!" Marie immediately yelped right next to him. "You know that makes me sneeze like crazy!"

"What, it does?" Sebastian was all innocence.

"You know it does. Don't you dare," she repeated in a warning tone.

"This inoffensive liquid makes you sneeze?" A devilish glint appeared in his eye.

He couldn't resist. His finger pressed down, triggering the blast. A clear spray of cologne immediately burst from the bottle and directly onto Marie's sparkling form.

The reaction, as expected, was immediate.

"Huh-eshhoo-eshoo! Sebastian, you... Essheeew! Bastard, how could y-iesshhew! Essshew! Huh-esshoo!"

Sebastian looked at her an felt a wave of desire rush through him - Marie, all dressed up, beautiful and sneezing her head off became too much for him in all of three seconds. He reached for her even as she continued to sneeze uncontrollably.

"Huh-esshoo! Esshhh! Oh, now look at m-muh-mieesshew! Hi-iissshooo! Look what you've... esshoo!... Heh-ishoo! What have you done? Hah-issshew!"

"Love, I think you ought to be more worried about what I'm GOING to do than what I've already done. Have you any idea how hot you're getting me?"

Even as he spoke, he was pulling down his trousers.

"Heh-ishhew! Huh-Isssh! What? What are you... Hiesshhew! What are you on about?... Heh-isssh! Issheew!"

He didn't give her time to protest (not that she was in any condition to do so anyway) and promptly unzipped the lovely cocktail dress. It fell to the floor along with her underwear in a glittery pile along around her slender legs.

Still enjoying her incredible allergy attack, Sebastian led her over to their plush double bed. He could feel Marie's warm body convulsing under his with sneezes brought on by the strong fragrance. Feeling his desire if not fully understanding it, she lay beneath him, still unable to control her sneezes.

"Huh-essheww!... Essheww! Sebastian, what- heh-choo! What's going... Hi-essshoo! Going on? Esshoo!"

"Please enjoy this as much as I do babe," he replied, all tenderness, entering her gently.

Sebastian let the sweet rhythm of her sneezes rock him as he thrust forth time and time again, wondering which of her explosions would bring on his own. Gentle at first, his rhythm increased in speed until he felt Marie stiffen beneath him even as she continued sneezing helplessly.

"Huh-esshhh... Oh God Seb-... Essheewww! Esshhew! This is... Isshooo!... I... Essh! Oooooohhhhhh..."

This low moan was his cue - the combined effect of her sneezing and orgasm brought him over the edge as spasms of  pleasure shook through his own body.

Contented, he collapsed next to Marie who was now furiously rubbing at her nose while still letting out luscious sneezes. At that moment, looking at her ruined makeup running sketchily across her sex-flushed cheeks, he felt tenderness rise inside him and reached out to stroke her leg.

"Guess we'll skip the movie and head for the shower, right love?"

"You... Usshoo! You planned it this way, didn't you?... Huh-issheww! You evil little... Huh-ESSHEWWW!..."

No tenderness here!

With this last sneeze, Marie jumped up for the bed and raced for the shower. Sebastian stood up leisurely and finished the undressing he had been in too much of a haste to attend to earlier. A wry, satisfied smile stretched his lips as he made his way to follow her in. This had been way better than any movie...