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Shinney couldn't help wondering why Mr Hanson (playfully nicknamed "Mr Handsome" by the girls in the class and "Mr Handgun" by the boys, because he was both good-looking and short-tempered) had singled her out of a class of forty sophomore students to bring Brenda her weekend homework assignments. The two weren't especially close, even though they lived only about fifteen minutes' walk apart... And then, mulling that over, Shinney decided that was probably the reason why he'd done so, after all.

It wasn't that she didn't like Brenda. She did. It was just that the two of them had always belonged to different social echelons at their local high school and, though they were acquainted with each other and talked on occasion in the hallways, they weren't exactly good friends. Shinney tended to find girls like Brenda, the ones who seemed to have everything in terms of looks, popularity and confidence, to be a little bit intimidating.

Brenda was a cheerleader, a pretty, fun-loving party girl with a bright smile and a silky mane of almost-white blond hair. Shinney was also pretty in her own way, with her red hair, freckles and cute button-nose, but she was much quieter and tended to hang out more with the kids who participated in extra-curricular activities, such as the school paper and the amateur photographers' club. Shinney had an eye for beauty and a knack with the camera, and she loved to exercise both.

She plodded along on the pavement, carrying her own armload of books and a few extra pieces of work for Brenda, wondering what the other girl would say when she opened the door to find this girl she barely knew on her doorstep. Or maybe she'd be lucky and could get away with handing out her assignments to Brenda's mom. The whole situation was, well, a bit weird in Shinney's mind. What exactly was wrong with Brenda anyway? She'd missed three days of classes and no one had been informed as to why. What if she'd come down with something really serious?

Finally, she was standing in front of a small bungalow, 35 Oakwood Lane, her finger poised in front of the doorbell. Gritting her teeth, she pressed it, and tried to tell herself this was no big deal. Which it wasn't really - she was just doing Brenda and Mr Hanson a favour. In five minutes, she'd be able to turn heels and walk back to her own home to kick off her sandals and watch The Simpsons on TV.

She heard a loud "ding-dong!" resonate inside the house and waited. After about forty seconds, she heard the sound of feet padding towards the door. And then, they paused. As Shinney strained to hear, she could have sworn she heard the sound of someone sneezing. Light, feminine, generally discreet, but a sneeze nonetheless. The sound made her smile.

Then, the door opened, and there stood Brenda.

For once, the girl looked less than her usual perfect self. Her face was totally devoid of makeup and looked pale and waxy, her normally lustrous blond hair looking rather stringy and her small nose red and raw around the edges. She still looked gorgeous despite all this, but it only took a glance for Shinney to figure out why Brenda hadn't been in school: she'd apparently caught a whopper of a cold!

Before she could even greet the other girl, Brenda turned away and sneezed again, louder this time without the door's muffling effect:


"Bless you," Shinney said in lieu of an introduction.

"Thanks," Brenda replied, using a tissue she was holding to wipe her nose. "Shinney, how nice to see you!"

"Yeah," Shinney replied, suddenly shy again. "Sorry for dropping in on you like this. Obviously you weren't expecting me so I'm not going to bother you long, but Mr Hanson asked me to come by and drop these off for you," she said, nodding towards the stack of papers she held under her arm.

"Oh," Brenda said, obviously taken aback. "That's really nice of you. Well, um, you want to come in for a minute?"

Shinney nodded, feeling that it would be rather impolite to refuse, and came inside.

"I was just making myself some cocoa - you want some?" Brenda asked.

"Okay, sure!"

"Just make yourself at home Shin, I'll be back in a minute," Brenda replied as she directed Shinney to the sitting room and made her own way into the kitchen.

As soon as she'd crossed over to the other room, Shinney's ears picked up the sound of two more sneezes, one which Brenda let fly freely, the second partially stifled so that it came out sounding like "hatchmph!"

Smiling again, Shinney slowly walked into the living room and took in the flowery-papered walls, the grand wooden furniture and the comfy looking cream oversized couch. The latter looked immensely appealing - despite a few obviously used tissues that were spread on its surface - so she made her way to it and sat down to wait for Brenda's return.

True to her word, a minute later, Brenda walked in with two mugs of steaming cocoa and set them down on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"I'm really glad you dropped by, actually; my parents have just left for the weekend and I'm all alone in the house, which kinda sucks. I hate being all by myself and I'm having the worst cold, but it's starting to get better. I'm just sneezing a whole lot and my nose is stuffy. My mom gave me some decongestant and it's working really well, but it's making me sneeze more for some weird reason! ... Huh... Hatchoo! *sniff*  See?"

At that, Brenda stuck her tongue out and made a face, and both she and Shinney giggled. If Brenda's laughter was completely innocent, it must be confessed that Shinney's wasn't. The latter had always had an unusual interest in hearing and seeing people sneeze, whether boys or girls, and sneezes always made rather strange feelings and impulses arise. Specifically, they tended to get her rather sexually excited... and though Shinney couldn't quite keep the feelings down (nor did she usually want to), she couldn't help but think that what Brenda had just told her was rather horny.

"Don't worry about it; it probably means you're getting better. It's your body ridding itself of all the extra dead germs or whatever," Shinney told her.

"I hope so! I'm sick of being sick!"

The girls laughed again, and then there was an awkward pause. Brenda took charge and asked Shinney to explain what the homework she'd brought was all about.

Shinney did, and the girls sipped at their cocoa, enjoying the warm creamy feel of it as it slid down their throats. The talked and joked, the conversation veering off the assignments and then back again as the two became more comfortable with each other. Intermittently, Brenda would sneeze and blow her nose, to Shinney's delight, and Shinney was almost sorry when the two mugs were drained and Brenda had completely grasped what she was supposed to do over the weekend. She was trying to think up a polite way of saying, "gotta go!" when Brenda looked at her and asked,

"Hey, since I'm all by myself here and feeling kinda lonely, you want to stay over for a bit and watch a video or something? My dad's got a good collection, and if you're hungry too, we could fix ourselves something to eat. Don't know about you, but I'm... huh... hatchoo!  Ugh. But I'll be hungry later."

Shinney laughed and agreed, thinking that she wouldn't mind spending a few extra hours in Brenda's company. It was a shame the two of them didn't interact more at school; she really was a nice girl, when you got to talk to her for more than two minutes at a time.

"Sure," Shinney said, "I'd love to. D'you mind if I just take a second to call my parents? They'll probably be expecting me around now for supper, so I ought to tell them I'll be staying here for a bit."

"Sure, just you... you... gah-hahshiooo!... Go ahead," Brenda replied, as she fished another tissue out of a nearby box to blow her nose for about the tenth time since Shinney's arrival. "Phone's in the kitchen, right there to your left."

And so Shinney talked to her mother, telling her that she was helping a friend with some homework and wouldn't be back until later. Her mother spoke to her for a while, telling her some news about her younger brother's exploits on the football field where he'd gotten into trouble for flipping the bird to the coach and how such behaviour was totally unacceptable, didn't Shinney agree, what were they going to do with the little monster, etc. But Shinney really wasn't listening and only interjected a random "hmmm" and "uh-huh" here and there. Her attention was, in fact, fully focused towards the living room, where Brenda sat, apparently in the throes of a small sneezing fit. Her mother might as well have been talking about the discovery of a new breed of albino lizards in South America for all Shinney cared at that moment, as she heard Brenda in the next room going:

"Hah... Hatchioo!... Huh-huh-huh... Hashoo!... Hatschioo! *sniff-sniff*... Huh... Atchoo! ... Huh-mmph! Hah-mmph!..."

As the fit tapered off, followed by copious and loud nose blowing, Shinney began to pay attention to her mother again, who was now winding down and wishing her daughter a good evening, asking her not to get home after dark. That meant she had a few more hours to spend with Brenda, seeing as daylight savings time made light hours stretch out seemingly forever. Shinney thanked her mother and bade her goodbye, rushing back to the living room.

"Sorry 'bout that, my mom was just going on forever about my brother getting into trouble on the football field again."

"Don't worry, I was..." Brenda began, obviously meaning to add something else, but then an extremely sneezy expression stole over her features and she paused, bringing a hand to her nose to stifle another sharp "HAH-gnnk!" before continuing, "God, sorry. I was saying you didn't miss anything much; I just got the worst case of the tickles and was sat here sneezing my head off. You probably heard me too - I was being really noisy. Sorry 'bout that; your mom probably thinks I'm a freak!"

"No way, don't worry. Didn't hear a thing." This was a lie, but Shinney felt that to say anything different would probably appear a bit strange, or rude at the very least, so she held her tongue.

The girls then picked out a cheesy teen horror flick from Brenda's dad's video collection and settled on the couch to watch it companionably together. It was quite well done, and the girls found themselves getting gradually more jittery, scared, and then giggly. It got to the point where they were huddled together on the couch, holding each other tightly as they watched a masked psycho stalking young, scantily-clad high school girls and horribly butchering them. And throughout the movie, Brenda sneezed and blew, asking Shinney to pass her tissues whenever she needed one.

Shinney could always feel the sneeze coming before it exploded out of Brenda. There would be a subtle change in the way the other girl held herself, her body stiffening slightly, her face going blank. She'd blink a few times expectantly before the tickle reached its apex and the sneeze took hold, forcing her forward with its raw, explosive power. Sometimes she'd let go of Shinney and pull back in the nick of time, but every so often she wouldn't disengage, keeping her hold on the other as she sneezed, making Shinney's body vibrate with Brenda's release of energy.

Shinney found it odd that Brenda never apologized, but she really didn't mind. After the first few sneezes earlier, she'd stopped blessing Brenda, as it seemed a bit of an awkward thing to keep repeating "bless you" and  "ghesundeit" over and over until she sounded like an overly concerned and obsessive broken record. Also, the more Brenda sneezed, the more turned on Shinney became, and she was starting to get scared it would show in her voice.

Towards the middle of the movie, Shinney's cheeks were flushed bright red - though she could have said it was only because of the emotions brought on by the gruesome movie - and she was incredibly aroused. Brenda was sneezing often, and she was increasingly not letting go of Shinney's embrace as the intensity of the mood brought on by the movie grew. Consequently, she was actually sneezing on Shinney quite a bit, and that turned the other girl on to no end.

Shinney was focussing less and less on the movie and more and more on Brenda. The latter was, in her opinion, far more entertaining. She jumped when Brenda jumped, squealed when she squealed, giggled when the other did, but in truth she'd stopped trying to follow the plot. She'd sneak less-than-subtle peeks at Brenda's face, staring at the screen, only inches from her own, and enjoy her frequent sneezes.

Brenda, laughing at a funny line until a tickle came to plague her and she'd stop before sneezing into the air in front of her:


Brenda, looking scared as the killer appeared behind an unsuspecting buxom young woman wielding his knife, before her eyes went blank and she gave a few pre-sneeze gasps:

"Huh-huh... Huh!... Hatchoo!... Atchoo!"

Brenda, absorbed in a conversation where the bimbos tried to work out who the killer was. Suddenly, she'd get that blank look, her red nose twitching and her eyes shutting as her head snapped forward onto Shinney's shoulder, sneezing practically right on her breast.

"Hah... Hatchoo!... Haaishoo!"

If Brenda's dominant emotion was fear, then Shinney's was most definitely arousal. The more Brenda sneezed, the less Shinney was able to pay attention to anything else. She felt herself becoming completely hot, and having Brenda's curvaceous body pressed against hers as she sneezed repeatedly only made things worse. She felt her sex becoming wetter and wetter underneath her jeans, her clitoris growing engorged and her labia distended. As time wore on, the throbbing warmth down there only grew, making Shinney ache to touch herself.

As subtly as she could, Shinney manoeuvred so that the thick seam of her jeans pressed directly into her crotch. The faintest movement - of which they were many, as she and Brenda jumped, giggled and started 'because of the movie' and because of Brenda's frequent sneezes - was sufficient to make the fabric rub against her and provide some sort of satisfaction. And yet, this token friction was only increasing Shinney's frustration, making her want more. The more Brenda moved against her, the more she sneezed, the more Shinney's desire grew, until she felt like she was going to explode, she was so on edge. Had she been able to do so without Brenda noticing, her hand would have been down her pants in a flash and it would have taken her all of five seconds to bring herself to orgasm in the state she was in.

And that's when it happened. She noticed Brenda's body beginning to stiffen in that same "I'm about to sneeze" way as before, only this time, it was more pronounced. For the first time, Brenda's eyes truly left the screen as she spoke:

"Oh shit, Shin, gimme a tissue- muh-... my nose is really tickling, and I'm really... really gonna start sneezing! Huh-huh..." Brenda's features were contorting desperately from what must have been a truly monstrous tickle.

Even if she had been paying attention to nothing except Brenda's sneezes for the past hour or so, this announcement caught Shinney completely off-guard and she started, squeaking out, "What?"

Brenda was really looking desperate, her eyes fluttering in alarm as she held her very red nose. "Tissue!" She gasped. "Quick!"

As if in a dream, Shinney watched the first sneeze escape the helpless Brenda's nose before she had a chance to react.

"Huh... Hah-huh... Hasshoo!"

If Shinney had been feeling hot before, it suddenly seemed as if the temperature in the room had gone up a million degrees. She felt her sex contract slowly, deliciously, a definite pre-orgasmic clench that made her feel at once hot and faint. Without thinking about it, she shifted her hips so that the seam of her jeans dug sharply into her sex, pressing hard against her clit and her labia.

There wasn't even a second's pause before Brenda lurched forward to sneeze again, more harshly than before. "Haashhiooo!"

Another shift from Shinney, who asides from this was frozen on the spot as she stared at Brenda, her cheeks crimson and as she struggled to keep her face completely blank.

She needn't have bothered; Brenda wasn't noticing Shinney in the least, busy as she was with helplessly submitting to the sudden monstrous tickle in her nose. She'd brought her cupped hands to cover her mouth and her seizing nose, the latter seeming to have taken her over completely.

"Huh... Hatchoo!... Hatchoo!... Huh-uh... Hasshioo!"

Shinney couldn't help it- after all those sneezes, the ones that had brought her excitement up to its current level, this was like the icing on the cake. The whole experience was so unbelievably erotic that she brought a fist to her crotch and rubbed herself through her jeans, the rough fabric only serving to enhance the friction and increase her pleasure. Brenda, meanwhile, was still too absorbed in her sneezing to notice anything.

"Hutchioo!... Huh-hah-Hatchoo!... Asshooo!... Hatchioo!..."

And then, as Shinney continued to massage her sensitive cunt, feeling like she was about to explode, Brenda's head was thrown back, her expression slack-jawed and looking rather tortured, as she began one of the most spectacular build-ups Shinney had ever heard.

"Uhhh... huuh... haaaaah... aaaaahhhh... HAAAAHHH...."

Faster and harder, Shinney's fingers massaged her soaked pussy through her jeans, as she devoured the incredibly helpless sneezy expression on Brenda's face, her lip curled, her hands held in preparation in front of her twitching nose, her eyes squeezed shut in a powerful grimace. And then, out it came, a long, almost yelled, drawn out,


Shinney climaxed just as this monstrous sneeze escaped from Brenda's nose, waves of pleasure radiating outwards from her furiously contracting sex. She felt her heartbeat racing as pleasurable spasms rushed through her, on and on, until slowly they began to fade, leaving her breathless and shaken from the intensity of this unexpected experience.

Quickly regaining control even though her cheeks were flushed bright red and her eyes held that unmistakeable post-coital sparkle, Shinney whipped around and ripped a handful of tissues out of the box next to her.

Brenda, incredibly enough, was still sitting hunched next to her with her eyes tightly shut, now pinching her nose and stifling yet more sneezes, "huh-mmphh!... Hah-nnnggk!... Heh-mmmpt!"

Shinney leaned in close and gave the tissues to Brenda, pressing them between her hands so the other girl could blow her nose.

And blow she did, again and again, sneezing between blows as she pushed to expel every last trace of mucus and irritants. It was a good minute and a half before she was done, and when Brenda was finished, she looked more than a little bit embarrassed.

"Oh God Shin, I'm so sorry. That was just awful, my nose just went completely crazy on me," she said, mortified.

Shinney kept quiet, not sure what to say. On the television in front of them, the credits had started rolling. If Brenda later asked her about the movie, Shinney would be very hard-pressed to recall anything except the first twenty minutes.

"God I hate this stupid cold!" Brenda cried, nearly in tears both because of the embarrassment she felt at making a complete fool of herself in front of Shinney and because she was starting to run a bit of a fever once again.

"Hey, it's okay," Shinney managed, also very embarrassed because of what had happened but also secretly delighted. That had been one fabulous orgasm!

"I'm just feeling really rotten and I just get these times like now where I can't stop sneezing. Anyway, I'm really sorry, you must think I'm a real freak," Brenda continued.

"Brenda, I said it's okay. We all get sick, it's not your fault. But you're not looking too well," Shinney added, and it was true. Her friend was looking quite flushed and generally unwell. "Maybe we'd better get you into bed so you can rest up?"

"That's probably a good idea," Brenda replied. "I'm not feeling so hot. God I wish I wasn't alone here..."

Shinney felt distinctly ill at ease. It really was pretty irresponsible for Brenda's parents to have left their daughter alone for the weekend when she was obviously ill, even if she was sixteen and quite grown up. Shinney couldn't just abandon her newfound friend like that; she'd spend all weekend worrying about her!

And then, she had a thought.

"Brenda... Look, I hope you won't think I'm being weird or anything, but since you're not feeling well and it's probably not a good idea for you to stay alone here... Do you want to come spend the night at my place? You can stay for the whole weekend if you want to; I just don't think it'd be right to leave you on your own when you're really sick. My mom won't mind and," her eyes darted around the room, trying to find other arguments to convince the cold-stricken Brenda to stay over at hers, "and I can help you with that homework whenever you're feeling up to it!"

Brenda's eyes shone as she looked at Shinney, and not just because of the fever.



"Oh wow - I'd love to! That would be so great. If you think your mom wouldn't mind, that is."

"I'll give her a call right now," Shinney smiled, and turned to go into the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, Shinney's mom pulled into the driveway to Brenda's house and rang the bell. The girls were waiting for her in the living room with a small overnight bag Shinney had helped Brenda to pack.

"You girls all right?" Shinney's mother asked, looking at Brenda with concern.

"Yeah mom," Shinney replied, smiling at her newfound friend. "Let's go!"

And with that, the three of them hopped into the car towards Shinney's home, where hopefully Brenda would get better... And Shinney could enjoy her friend's fantastic sneezes some more in the meantime.