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Some days are better than others. 

Although most people would think I've got the cushiest job in town, life can get pretty monotonous for me. All I do day in and day out is work with my hands. It gets to the point sometimes when my brain will have been on auto pilot for hours while my hands do their work. And it gets to the end of the day, I sit down (finally!), feeling my legs ache and protest the long hours I've spent standing, and just blink at the wall, waiting for my mind to reboot. 

I work at Bulova. For those of you who don't live in Sydney, that's the best massage parlor in all of Australia. I've worked here for nearly 3 years, and have created quite a nice client base for myself. At first, it was a huge thrill to have people ask for me by name, but after a while, as my schedule kept getting overbooked and I started spending more and more hours at the table... I just got burned out. 


It was a typical day for me, which meant back-to-back appointments. I'd just sent this fat businessman from Cleveland on his way and was working the kinks out of my hands when our receptionist poked her head through the door. 

"Your 2:00 just cancelled, but I have a new client waiting to take the slot."

I rolled my eyes. Things like this happen all the time. "Okay," I sighed. "What's the name?"


"Right." I dropped a towel in our hamper and started laying out fresh towels and oils. "Give me a couple of minutes, okay?"

"Sure thing. I'll have her register and then send her to disrobe." 


I took the precious time to pull up a chair and have a seat. My day was only half over, and I was already exhausted. As if the monotony of my job hadn't done enough to strip me of energy, I hadn't slept well. Actually, it had been quite a while since I'd gotten a full night's sleep. I'd started having the strangest dreams... sexual dreams. I would wake up completely turned on and not have a fucking clue as to what I'd dreamed about. I would spend the next hour or so masturbating, and then falling back into a restless sleep for a couple of hours before waking up to do it all over again. It was really starting to get to me. 

Running my hands over my haggard face, I tried to rouse myself for my next client. Suddenly, my ears heard from behind the door to the disrobing area a muffled sound... a small, quiet "chss!" I turned my head just as the most beautiful creature I've ever seen floated into the room.

She was wearing nothing but one of our standard issue terry cloth towels, and against her bronze skin it looked like the most billowy of white gowns. Her dark hair fell in silk waves around her shoulders, long enough that it brushed the top of the towel where it rested against her shoulder blades. Her eyes were brilliant blue, and her smile was that of an angel. 

Those eyes looked at little confused. "I'm sorry... I must have the wrong room... I'm looking for Tammy."

"That's me," I said, flashing a big smile and trying to use charm to cover up the fact that I was totally entranced. "My parents named me Taman, after my grandfather, but everbody calls me Tammy."

"Oh," she grinned, looking slightly embarrased. She sniffled softly, and brought a hand up to rub her nose. "I was expecting..."

"A girl. I know. I get it all the time." I smiled wider, trying to set her at ease. "Well, hop on up here and we'll get started Miss LeClair."

"Ah, no." She smiled at me. "My name is Lei. Like the flowered necklaces in Hawaii? That's where I'm from actually." She swung up on the table gracefully, still holding the towel. "Lei Claire. People always confuse it when I call to make reservations. But I don't mind."

"Huh. I guess both our parents went a little overboard with their imaginations." I gingerly touched her shoulder, struck at once by a bolt of electricity as my fingers encountered her rose-petal skin. "Here, lie on your stomach. Have you ever had a massage before?"

"No," she replied, lowering herself down. "I've always meant to, and since I was in Sydney, and I just closed a big account, I thought I'd splurge and indulge myself."

I laughed politely. "Then we come together in celebration. Congratulations." I gently pulled the towel back, and had to stop myself from gasping in appreciation. She was exquisite. Her soft shoulders flowed smoothly into the beautiful plane of her back, which tapered down to a narrow waist, curved hips, and a round, firm bottom. "So, what's on the agenda today?"

"Excuse me?" she said, and my ears picked up another quiet sniffle. 

"I mean, what package did you order?"

"Oh," as if she couldn't help it, her hand travelled up to her shoulder, and she turned her head to meet it, pushing her nose against it as she rubbed again. "I *sniff* I ordered the 'Walkabout."


I couldn't help but be a little excited. From the moment she walked in I had started fantasizing about what was underneath that towel. The Walkabout was ourmost intensive massage, full-body, with oil and sauna treatment. And when they say 'full-body'... they mean it. Only those who are not shy about having strangers hands in the most intimate of places order a 'Walkabout.'

"What IS a Walkabout anyway?"

"You mean, what does the massage entail?" I asked, opening up a jar to rub some scented oil on my hands.

"Um..." she sniffed again, more pronounced this time, and her hand once again gave a frantic rub at her nose. "No. I already asked the receptionist that. I mean... uh..." She kept sniffling, her finger sawing back and forth under her nose. 

"Are you all right?"

With a final rub and vigorous sniffle, she nodded. "Yeah. I've been sneezing like crazy since I first stepped off the plane. There must be something in Australia that my nose doesn't like." As if to illustrate her point, she gave a sudden inhale, and sneezed wetly into her cupped palm. "Heh... CHHSS!"

"Blessings," I murmured, beginning to work the oil into her shoulder blades. 

"Sorry," she mumbled, sniffling again and pinching her nose closed with her finger and thumb as she stifled another sneeze. "Heh-MMMP!" 

"It's all right. You're here to relax. Do whatever you need to do."

Releasing her nose, she rubbed it again very hard. "That's good, 'cause I... haaahh..." Her voice was breathy, and she gave another thick snuffle, her nose sounding more congested. "Hai need to... haah... aah ahh... to sdeeh... sdeeze agaid..." 

I stepped back, a little concerned because I suddenly noticed that I was getting hard. "Here," I tried to keep my voice steady. "Why don't you sit up?"

"Hhhiiih... hoh... hohkay..." Shuddery, hitching breaths issued forth from her quivering lips, and my 'getting hard' quickly became 'painfully stiff.' Showing no embarrassment or shame, I watched transfixed as this beautiful vixen sat up completely nude, and turned to face me. 
Her round, full breasts quivered and bounced with each shaky breath, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her palm pressed to her flaring nostrils as she scrubbed, trying desperately to get at the tickle buried deep within her sinuses. Suddenly, she began gulping great breaths of air as her buildup reached its climax.

"Heeh, eeah, heah HEAH... EEHH HAAH HAAAAH..." And all at once, she let loose with a violent 'HHAAAARRSSCCH!" Her head snapped forward, her nose flying helplessly into her cupped hand as she tried valiantly to catch the copious spray that issued forth. 

"Bless you!" I gasped in surprise, feeling myself straining against my pants, pulsing with the need to relieve it. It was exactly the same way I had awoken every night from my mysterious dreams, and I realized that I was starting to remember more what they were about.

"Thags." She sniffled thickly, swiping her palm in an upward rub of her nose. "I dod subbose you have a tissue?" Her watery eyes looked at me over her still tickly-looking nose, which had quickly taken on a pinkish tinge. She looked adorable, amazingly sexy, and I almost couldn't contain the urge to press her down to the table and make love to her right there. 

"Um... sure. Hang on." I whipped around and snatched the box from the shelf behind me. "Here you go," I said as I held it right under her nose.

Immediately, her eyes squelched shut and she snapped forward with another violent "KEEHCCCHHSS!" 

"Bless you again," I said as she pulled out a tissue and gave a wet, gurgling blow into it. 

"Oh, by god," she breathed as she pulled another tissue and quickly filled it. "I cad't ibagide what's doig this to be..." She gave another hard blow and wiped her nose with the now-sodden tissue. "It cabe od so suddedly... jusd as sood as you... haah... Hoh... opeded thad... hehheh... thad... hah, hah HHEEEHAACCSSH!... hoh god... HAHH...CCHSSH! EEHSCCHH! HIIISSCHH!" She waved her hand frantically at the open jar of oil I'd spread all over her back, unable to speak as she continued to sneeze helplessly into the wet mulch that her tissue had been reduced to.

"Oh god!" I jumped for the jar, clamping the stopper firmly down and grabbing a towel to rub the excess off my hands. I'd grown so used to it over the years that I had to concentrate to notice the smell that had suddenly permeated the room. "I'm sorry!"

"Id's... HEECCSHSH! AAHSCHCH! id's hokay... CCHHSSH!" She snatched two tissues from the box, taking a huge breath and sneezing a great "HAAH-CCSHSSHOO!" into them, followed by the longest, wettest blow I'd ever heard in my life. My groin pulsed painfully, and I knew I needed to somehow excuse myself before I lost control completely. 

Unbelievably, she turned her watery gaze on me, her nose pink and runny, and smiled. "You dow," she sniffed thickly and rubbed her nose vigorously with her fist. "Dis is a liddle ebarrassing, bud," she sniffed again, her clogged nostrils flaring just a little. "I wadt to tell you thad dhis is the best bassage I've ever had." 

My eyebrows quirked. "Excuse me?" We hadn't even started yet. 

Her eyes snapped shut, her shoulders bouncing as her breasts heaved twice before she sneezed harshly into her cupped hand. "Heh... eh-EHSHHOO!!" Sniffling and extremely congested, she sighed and continued, "I dow it souds weird, bud I love to sdeeze. And thiih... hhiiihhhhhHIIISSSHOOO!!" She grabbed another tissue and gave a resounding blow. "Dhis is abazig!" Suddenly, her crystal blue eyes found the bulge in my khakis. "Oh by... did I do dhat?"

All I could do was gulp and nod, transfixed as her nose seized again with a double, wet and spraying everywhere. "HAASSSCCHH! EHIIISSHHEEEWWW!" Her hands hooked around my belt, and she pulled me toward her. I have to admit that I was dumbstruck, and could only stand there frozen as she undid my pants. My eyes travelled down her amazing body, noticing that, indeed, her dark nipples were hard, pushing against my chest as she tried to catch her breath. "Well, thed... I thigk we both could use a..." She turned to the side, spraying another "haha... AASSCHCCCHHH!! Excuse be! We both could... EHSSSCHHCH! EHHSSCCCHCH!! God, deese are geddig... HAAASSCCHHHEEW! deh... HEAH EAHH... hoh... HEESSTTCH!!" She giggled, and if I had thought I couldn't get any more mesmerized, I was wrong. Her watery smile was radiant. 

My dark angel's hands slid my khakis and boxers down to my knees, and from there let them fall to pool around my feet. She then unbuttoned my shirt, pushing it back over my tanned shoulders, revealing the muscled chest I'd been working on at the gym. Blushing suddenly, I managed to find my tongue long enough to mumble, "Wait just a minute." Furtively locking both doors to the massage booth, I returned to where she lay like a goddess on the table. As she gazed at me, her visage filled with desire, her quivering nose flared with another magical "HeggGGSSHCCH-OOUUh!" The sneeze was deep, throaty, and to my ears just as sensual as her beautiful voice. "Hoh!" she exclaimed softly. "Excuse be." 

I was rock hard, throbbing to be inside her wet folds. I mounted the table, stradling her, and captured her rose-petal lips with a lusty kiss. She returned it, slipping her tongue into my mouth as she started rocking her hips against my tender erection. I gasped, and kissed her again, and in the middle of this kiss she started pulling in those hitching, gasping breaths that heralded another sneeze. Her breasts pushed against me with each intake, causing me shiver with anticipation. 

"AHG-SSCCHHSS!" The cool spray landed on my skin, causing me to burn even hotter. She pulled one hand from my waist, and rubbed childishly at her sniffly nose, which I could see was still tickling madly. "Hiih... IIH IIH IIH-SSCHHSS-OO!" She sprayed like a geyser. The tissue box was still at her shoulder, and I pulled two out, offering them to her with shy wonder.

She took them, smiling her thanks around another impending sneeze, and wrapped her nose in them as it burst forth, "EHHTCCHSSS!" followed by a long, gurgling blow. Her cheeks turned a little pink with the force of it, and glistening allergic tears squeezed from her eyes and trailed down her face. She finished, gave her nose and eyes gentle dabs, and then smiled radiantly. 

"Um..." I have to swallow to get my tongue to work right. "Are... are you sure you don't want me to, um, wipe all that oil off you? Or would you... ah..." She'd started massaging my swollen member with her sneeze-wet hand, which felt EXTREMELY good. "Would you... mmm... shower maybe?" 

"I thigk," her voice sounded amazingly sexy. She tried to sniff through her blocked nostrils, making this wonderful *snggk* sound that caused my hard shaft to jump in her hands. Her nostrils flaring, I could see her face struggling with an impending sneeze, her mouth fighting to keep from going slack, her body tensed against the urge to draw in a huge breath and let loose with the juicy explosion. "I thigk I wad to sday here ad... *snnggkgk* ad... huhh... Hoh! I wad... ehh... hag od... I'b godda hahhh... sdeeze... hah ahhh... ahh eh-ehhSSCCHHSS!! SSCCHOO!"

I couldn't help it. Ripping her towel away, I plunged myself into her and started pumping wildly. She arched back, her hands gripping my sides and wrapping her legs around me. Her nose began to run over, and she sniffled softly to hold it back, but that sent her into those convulsive breaths, winding up for another attack. Her flushed lips parted, those hot breaths shuddering on my neck and her helpless whimpering noises in my ear as she succumbed to the fit drove me wilder than I've ever been. I dipped down to passionately kiss her trembling mouth. She didn't pull away, though. Her naked body trembled frantically with the tickle as her nose overtook her. 

I knew what I wanted. Pulling away, I whispered urgently around our frenzied lovemaking, "Talk to me... please... I need... you to try to talk." 

But she was already so close. I could feel those hitching breaths getting more desperate, more out of control. She tried though. For me, she tried.

Bringing a hand up to her face, she pressed her palm to her seizing nostrils, already unbelievably distended with the urge building inside them. Rubbing in a fast circle, she started speaking. She knew exactly what to say... almost as if she'd done this before...

"By doze is completely blogged, so buch thad I cad't sdiff. Bud every tibe I... sdiff... haahhh... id... iihh iihh... id ticgles by doze... id feels like... hhhh... hah ahh HAAH AAHHH...." Pinching her nose, she started pulling her hand up and down frantically, trying to rub the inside of her nose to stave off the sneeze. I could hear the squishy noises her full nostrils made as she squeezed and pulled them roughly. "Hohh... thoughd I was goig to... sdheeze... hahh... hagid... god id idches! I deed to... hahh... god, I... iih iihh... hai wadt to sdeeze... soh... badly..." 

Pumping in and out of her as fast as I could, watching as her eyes slid closed, her face a mask of serenity as she gave into the urge, I knew I was close. So was she. 

"Puhleeze... hah hah... led be... hahhh... sdheeze..." She had one finger pressed to her flaring nostrils, trying to hold back for me. Eyes watering, she gave the perfect picture of someone in the midst of a sneezy allergic reaction. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Moving in and out of her hot, wet sex with a frenzy any jungle animal would envy, I whispered, "Do it."

Almost immediately, she gasped, and let loose with a barrage of sneezes that sprayed all over our sweaty bodies. "SSCCHHSS!! SSCCHOO! EESCHHOO! CHSCCHOO! ETCCH-SCHHOO!" That did it for me. I came inside of her, my eyes rolling back in my head and every nerve in my body exploding with pleasure. She was right behind me, arching her back and surrendering one massive, "HEGGHH-SSCCHHOOOOO!!" to the air. We both collapsed onto the table, struggling to catch our breaths after that incredible performance.

After a few moments, she took a few tissues and blew her nose several times. Then she slid off the table, wrapped her towel around her glistening body, and smiled gloriously at me. 

"Tabby," she was still a little congested. "That was the BEST fucgig bassage I've ever godded." Leaning down, she kissed me sweetly on the lips. "Thag you."

After she'd gone, I just lay there for a few moments savoring the smell of sex in the air. I knew I'd have to get up and erase all evidence of our encounter before my next appointment, but Lei had done something for me I never thought possible. Not only had she restored my love for my job, but I was sure that I wouldn't have trouble sleeping for a long, long time.