The Bus Journey

Steve UK

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It started out as just another day for Mike – a typical autumn morning, perhaps slightly colder than normal, but otherwise with nothing to distinguish it from any previous morning. He left home and made his daily trek to the bus stop at an even pace, barely registering anything amongst the familiar faces in the queue. It scared him to think he’d been making this same journey for almost three years. Always following the same route. Always arriving five minutes early to ensure he got a seat on the bus.

He took up his usual spot and prepared for the wait. He didn’t even have a paper to read. Time dragged. He studied his watch for a while and then he was distracted by the sound of someone sneezing – or to be more precise the half-sound – as the sneeze had been quickly stifled. It was different to the sounds he usually heard. In three years, Mike had come to recognise the sneezes of all his fellow travellers. You could say he was something of an expert when it came to this. In fact, you could even say that ‘sneezing’ was Mike’s specialist subject.

Mike felt a hot flush of excitement. He knew the sneeze was a young woman’s, and he desperately wanted to turn around to observe the lady in question. He refrained from doing so, but then a second sneeze sounded.


This time, the woman was obviously unable to stifle the sneeze before it had escaped. Curiosity got the better of him, and he glanced around to see a young brunette woman with glasses rummaging through her handbag.

”Hehh-shooo!” She sneezed again, and Mike realised that she must be searching for a Kleenex .

How he longed to see her blowing her nose, but he had to turn back around before he raised her suspicions. He waited in anticipation, and within seconds he was rewarded with the beautiful sound of her nose venting its fury into what he hoped was a soft white Kleenex. There were three long, drawn out blows, followed by a delicious wet sneeze full into her tissue. He could feel the stirring in his manhood as the excitement of the moment flooded through him.

He looked around sheepishly. In the distance he could see that the bus was approaching. Thank god, he thought to himself. Any moment now it would’ve been obvious to everyone around him that something was ‘up’!

He gratefully got on to the bus, hurrying towards the back and taking his customary seat by the window. The mysterious brunette was the last person to climb on board. She leant across to pay her fare, and then Mike was finally able to view her face on. She must’ve been about 5’ 6” tall, slight to medium in build. She was not perhaps classically attractive, but neatly dressed to accentuate the pleasing shape of her body. Mike drew a sharp intake of breath as she stopped to unravel her now dampened tissue in an attempt to muffle another sneeze. Almost in the same motion, she unloaded a long blow deep into the Kleenex, which provided an interesting (one could almost have said ‘virginal’) contrast to her lightly tanned skin.

She was now nearing the back of the bus, and it occurred to him that this sexy brunette might take the seat next to his. Did he want her to? The thought sent a shiver up his spine. He looked around him, and realised as he did so that there were no other free seats. He could barely believe his luck.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the young woman took her seat, pushing against him to fit into the tight space. He felt his body becoming hotter from the contact of her leg against his. He desperately placed his hands across his lap. Beside him, he could hear her taking in short, sharp breaths, building towards another sneeze. She didn’t disappoint, sneezing whole-heartedly into her sodden tissue. He prayed she wouldn’t look down in his direction – he was now having distinct trouble hiding his manhood.

The poor girl was obviously suffering an allergy to something. She proceeded to place her now spent Kleenex into her left hand coat pocket. As she reached down to her handbag, he assumed she was searching for a fresh tissue.

Mike felt a new rush of excitement. All he could see in front of him now was her pocket, wide open and exposing the wet tissue that had been the target for her many sneezes and blows. Without a moment’s hesitation, he knew he had to have that tissue. With his heart in his mouth, he placed his hand in her pocket, gently removing the Kleenex. He clutched it, astonished at what he’d done. It was still warm and damp and sticky. He placed it in his pocket with the intention of gratifying himself with it later.

Unfortunately for him, the young lady produced a mobile phone from her bag instead of a tissue. She checked to see if she had received any messages, then assumed a disappointed expression before hastily putting her phone away. It was obvious she was about to sneeze again, and Mike watched in horror as she reached into her left hand pocket for her trusty Kleenex, only to find it missing. She looked around with a mixture of irritation and disbelief.

Where was the damn thing?

Mike tried desperately to remain calm. He stared out the window, pretending to be unaware of anything going on around him. It wasn’t easy. He could sense the woman’s eyes on him, as though she were weighing up the absurd possibility that he might have taken it. He wanted to melt into his seat, but that wasn’t possible. He just sat there, barely even breathing, until thankfully, at last, the woman stood up to ring the bell and climb off the bus.

He gave a huge sigh of relief, grateful that she hadn’t made a fuss. His heart rate returned to something approaching normality. Then he smiled. From his pocket he produced the tissue and raised it to his nose, revelling in the lovely, fresh smell of perfume that enveloped him.

It seemed like the perfect start to his day.


Maggie returned home, tired from another day’s hard work. She felt washed out. And with all her allergies acting up, it just made the day seem that much longer. Then she remembered the incident on the bus and frowned. That had been bugging her all day. Could the cute stranger sitting next to her really have pinched her tissue? Why would anyone do a thing like that? It was so absurd she almost had to stop herself from laughing.

Then, a thought occurred to her.

She switched on her computer and waited for it to boot up. The Internet might provide an answer. It was supposed to be the ultimate resource for explaining all kinds of weird things. She sat down in front of the screen, called up a search engine, and began typing. She felt distinctly foolish at first, but in an instant her search had brought her results. Not just one, but several. It seemed there really was such a thing as a sneeze fetish – how bizarre! So, had she been sat beside a guy who had one earlier?

She found the idea rather disquieting, but kept on reading nonetheless, her lovely eyes growing rounder and rounder as her surprise grew. There were forums, pictures, stories – whole websites full of material devoted to this strange fetish. And then, suddenly something new dawned on her:

For a sneeze fetishist, she possessed an appeal of almost magical proportion. Maybe her damned allergies could be used to seduce a man! In fact – who knew – maybe it could even be used to control one completely! She was tempted to laugh again at such a ludicrous idea, but then doubt began to filter through in earnest, and she thought, ‘Why not?’

She smiled to herself. This could turn out to be fun.


The next day, Maggie made her way towards the bus stop. She was her usual allergic self, sneezing on and off at regular intervals, but refraining from blowing her nose. She wanted to hold back until she reached the bus stop. However, it was becoming more and more difficult to concentrate and her sneezes were becoming more and more intense.

What if the guy wasn’t even there, she wondered.

As she turned the corner, she saw the bus pulling away from the stop.

‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘I’m too late!’

Then, the irritation in her nose got the better of her again and she released two explosive sneezes. “Ahhshooo! Hasshewww!”

The bus stop appeared to totally deserted. She sniffed wetly and reached in her bag to get a Kleenex. She was so desperate to clear her sinuses that she didn’t notice that there was someone behind her. She gave her nose a good blow, taking what must have been a full minute to clear it completely, one nostril after the other. Far from making her feel better, this just seemed to increase the irritation.


She sneezed desperately into her tissue and proceeded to give her nose another venomous clearance, much to the delight of her anonymous admirer. He was standing quietly behind her, enjoying a beautiful solo performance that had him in a state of extreme rigidity.

It was only as she placed her Kleenex into her pocket that Maggie became aware she was no longer alone. She turned around and saw that it was the man who’d been sat on the bus with her the yesterday. The look on his face suggested that all her suspicions were true. He looked both exited and flustered, and she suddenly felt a little uneasy as she thought of what she was about to do.

As the wind picked up slightly, she gave a little shudder. It wasn’t particularly warm and she could now feel her nose beginning to run. Thankfully, within a couple of minutes, the next bus arrived and she hurried to get onboard. By this time the buses were less full, and she took a seat as near to the back as she could find. She was now in need of another blow, and was curious to see what reaction she would get from the young man. As he walked down the aisle towards her, she produced a fresh white tissue, positioning it against her now very stuffy nose.  There were plenty of available seats, but she already knew he’d have to take the one next to her – how could he resist?

As she brought up her tissue to her face, she sneezed again, pausing and then giving a loud blow. She angled her head and silently observed him watching her out of the corner of his eye. He had his hands in his lap, in a vain but unsuccessful attempt to hide a massive erection.

She laughed to herself. ‘I really can do this,’ she thought. ‘It’s like I have this guy completely under my command.’ She looked up again. Yes, he really was pretty good looking, she decided; well built, not exactly athletic, but with a nice firm shape to his body. Not bad at all.

And right now, he was all hers.


Mike could not believe his good fortune. At first he thought he must be dreaming, but hard as he pinched himself, he didn’t wake up. So it had to be for real. Here was this goddess, with such a sexy red nose, and he was sat next to her on the bus.

Maybe it was just a lucky coincidence? Somehow, he sensed there was more to it than that.

After clearing her nose she sat there, occasionally sniffing, with her now sodden tissue clasped at her side. He wanted to reach out and touch it, be he didn’t dare try pulling that stunt again. It was agony to be sat so close. His body felt like it would melt away with the intensity of what he was feeling. Then something amazing occurred. With her Kleenex half exposed in her hand, she placed it next to his on the seat. He felt the lovely soft and dampened tissue brushing his skin.

Could really this be happening?

He clasped hold of her hand with its beautiful content and she turned to him and smiled. Wow. Something amazing really was unfolding right in front of his eyes. He moved closer in an attempt to kiss her, but she pulled back. For a moment he thought he’d blown it, but as her facial expression changed and she readied her hands, he knew what was about to happen. Instinctively, he grabbed her wrists to stop her muffling the sneeze with her Kleenex.

“Hashhooo!” She sneezed, almost doubling over as the first sneeze was followed rapidly by a second. “Hah-shhheww!”

“Bless you.”

His voice was barely audible, drifting in pitch with his excitement. He realised he was almost at the point of orgasm. This close-up display was driving him wild, and he didn’t dare watch any more, for fear of having an embarrassing accident.

There seemed to be only one thing he could do. He got up and made his way towards the front of the bus, taking a seat as near to the driver as possible. When he turned back, he could see that she was still watching him. There was a look of disappointment on her face. It seemed like that might be the end of it, but something told him she would not give up that easily.

And indeed, the next moment she made her move. He could barely believe it, but she coolly got up and followed him to where he was sitting. He was overcome with lust. She surely couldn’t realise the full extent of the impact her actions were having on him… could she? This wasn’t foreplay to him; it was the whole package.

He lifted his hand to touch her face and, leaning towards her, he whispered quietly into her ear,  “I want you so badly my balls are hurting.”

She smiled, thought about that for a moment, and then whispered back, “Well in that case, maybe it’s time we got off this bus.” And with that she took his hand in hers and rang the bell, eager to disembark from the bus and escape any prying eyes. Alone, they could fulfil their needs.

When the bus stopped, they climbed off, hand in hand. It was like a dream come true for him. He thought he could get no luckier than he had yesterday, but now he was being courted by a beautiful young lady with allergies who seemed only too aware that this turned him on.

As they walked along the street, they were both quiet for a while. Mike looked at the stranger at his side. He felt a desperate urge to kiss her, and decided to go for it. When he moved his lips towards her, she didn’t resist. For a moment they were locked together in a passionate embrace. Then she pulled away, obviously about to sneeze.

“No. Wait!” he gasped.

And even as her breathing became more rapid, he drew her back towards him. He wanted her to sneeze all over him, to be able to hear and see every detail at close quarters. And as she did so, he pressed himself against her, his penis rapidly becoming erect.

When she was done, he couldn’t resist kissing her full on the mouth again. He did it with even more urgency than before, and it lasted for a solid sixty seconds. When he was done, she breathlessly said,

“This is incredible. I’ve never done anything like this. I mean, this is crazy! I don’t even know your name!”

“My name’s Mike,” he replied.  “What’s yours?”


Even though Mike had been brought up never to accept candy from strangers, he reckoned that he and Maggie had now been officially introduced. He decided to go for broke: “Well, Maggie would you like to go back to my place? I need you right now!”

He half expected her to hesitate or refuse, but she looked him straight in the eye and gave him the answer he was so desperate to hear: “Yes.”

As if to seal this special moment in style, she drew her white full-size Kleenex almost eagerly to her awaiting nostrils and gave her nose a superb, long, drawn out blow. As he watched her, spellbound, he wanted to take her right there and then. All his life, it had always been Mike’s greatest fantasy to make love to a woman while she sneezed and blew her nose into a fresh tissue.

Even as Maggie was rubbing at her nose with the tissue, pausing before each gurgling blow to find a dry spot on its increasingly sodden surface, Mike was imagining what it would be like to have her do exactly that as she was perched atop him, naked. She undressed her with his eyes, imagining the way her breasts would bobble as her shoulders contracted and tensed with the force of the blow. Would the muscles inside her contract just as hard? Would he feel her warmth squeezing his penis in time with each blow, coaxing him into a fabulously exciting orgasm? Just the thought of this was getting him uncomfortably close to a stage of no return.

Unsurprisingly, he was breathless as she finished her angelic performance. When she raised both her hands to embrace his face and plant a kiss full on his lips, he couldn’t help a shudder of delight. She still clutched the tissue between her fingers, brushing it delicately against his cheek. Feeling it’s rich moisture brushing against his skin made him shudder again, a tingling spasm coursing down his spine, and he gasped.

He couldn’t hold on any more.

‘My God!’ Mike thought. This was immediately followed by, ‘Oh, bugger!’

He had never suffered premature ejaculation in his life… and yet this young lady, exciting beyond belief with her beautiful red nose and dampened Kleenex, had brought him off. Fully clothed, in a public place, without so much as touching his dick once.

Suddenly embarrassed, Mike hailed the first cab he saw, hoping no one would notice the stain that was slowly spreading along the front of his trousers.


The cab ride seemed to pass in a flash. Maggie felt a strange mixture of emotions, mostly revolving around elation and fear. Even now, she could see the anticipation in Mike’s eyes as she quietly stifled another sneeze and slowly removed a fresh tissue from her coat pocket. The way that her new conquests eyes followed the minutia of her every move was not lost on her.

She seemed to have so much power over him. It was frightening. But also, she had to admit, kind of cool. She was used to men being turned off by her allergies, rolling their eyes at her constant sneezing fits and curling their upper lips at the display she made of herself when blowing her runny nose.

Why shouldn’t I have a go at someone who fancies this part of me? she thought to herself. Surely she deserved it.

When the cab ride was over and Mike led her into his house, Maggie took an immediate liking to the place.

It was small, but neatly arranged, black and white aerial photographs of various big American cities lining the walls. Mike also seemed to fancy himself a bit of a horticulturist; there were plants everywhere. Tall potted plants were stood in the corners, whilst leafy vine-type greenery crawled along the bookcases and the windows. The pictures, peering out from amidst the leaves, provided a stark and interesting contrast, giving the place an urbane yet refreshing look.

If only it weren’t for that plant stood right near the door, with it’s open white blossoms, seemingly bursting with pollen. Maggie could practically see the nasty little grains radiating towards her, making her want to… want to…

Silently, she stifled a sneeze, and then took a seat in the living room. Then, she accepted the offer of a drink while Mike took a quick shower to clean himself up after the ‘accident’ on the pavement earlier on. The wait seemed like an eternity for her, as she sat on Mike’s settee, balefully eyeing the flowering plant stood near the entrance. She sneezed several times, grabbing a handful of tissues from a box on the table beside her.

Damn, there seemed to be no way to stop the tickle in her nose. She couldn’t help herself. She felt another violent sneeze emerging:  “Hashoooo!”

She buried her face deep into the tissues, breathing through them, hoping to filter out some of the pollen that was quickly threatening to overwhelm her. It seemed to work, and when she looked up again, a shower-fresh Mike was stood opposite her. His body glistened and, apart from a small towel around his midriff, he was completely naked.

Maggie felt her heart lurch. He was stunning. Before she could stop herself, she’d rapidly licked her lips in anticipation. Suddenly, she couldn’t believe any of this was happening to her. It had to be a mistake, a cruel hoax of some kind. Good things like this didn’t just ‘happen’… did they?

She got to her feet, convinced she should leave. The tissues fell to the floor and she bent down in embarrassment to retrieve them.

“What’s wrong?” Mike was beside her, gently taking her hand in his.

“I just … just can’t believe this was really happening.”

Mike grinned and leant in and kissed her. “Me neither,” he whispered.

And Maggie grew warm inside as she realised everything was going to be okay. Mike put an arm around her and they began kissing more intensely.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Mike suggested.


Now there was no hesitation from either of them. In seconds they found themselves between the sheets. Maggie felt another sneeze, building irresistibly at the back of her nose. She tried to stop herself and then smiled, remembering that she didn’t have to. For once, she’d found a man that was incredibly turned on by what usually shut other men down completely.


It rocketed out of her like a messy firework, a fine spray landing over Mike’s naked body. His erect penis gave a little twitch of excited recognition. Maggie smiled when she saw it, and reached out to stroke it, as though to reward it for it’s enthusiastic display.

“Here, take these…” He passed a box of tissues from the bedside table into her hands. She duly obliged, blowing hard to clear away the irritation.

“Is that good?” She rubbed the damp tissue over his exposed flesh.

“Ohhh…” That one moan conveyed more than words ever could.

She smiled, pleased, as she saw his eyes filling with desire. “I want you,” she whispered.

Mike needed no further invitation. He gently pushed her back until her head pressed against a pillow and ran his hands all over her body. Her breasts were warm and firm under his hands and his erection stirred as he felt her nipples hardening against his fingers.

“Mm, that feels nice,” she said. Then, she paused and made an irritated face.

Mike knew immediately what was about to happen. He leaned forward just in time for Maggie’s sneeze to explode against his chest.

“Haashhieeww!” Her eyes flew open, then shut again. “Huh… hah… HASSHHoooh!"

Mike couldn’t hold back any longer. His penis was rock hard, begging to be inside her. Parting her thighs, he placed a knee between them, and then he was on top of her, inside her, and the smile he gave her as he gave his first thrust was absolutely beautiful. He could smell her skin, and it smelt good. She was warm, very wet, her excitement having built up in time with his. The slow smile she gave him in return showed him that she was enjoying having him fill her as much as he did doing it.

They rocked together for a few minutes, silent except for their hot, heavy breathing. Maggie was running her hands across his arse, digging her fingers into his flesh in a way he couldn’t help but find erotic, as he nuzzled her shoulder in return. Everything seemed to happen so quickly; Mike was loving every second of their lovemaking. It was perfect.

No, almost perfect. The only thing missing was…

And then, as if someone up above had heard him, from out of nowhere came another sneeze. It was unstoppable and irresistible, forcing Maggie to let go of his buttocks in order to pluck a tissue from the box that was lying nearby, almost forgotten.

She urged Mike to hold the tissue while she sneezed into it. He saw her breasts rise and fall as she gasped in the air needed to fuel a massive, “HASSHIIEEEW!” that was so powerful as to reduce the tissue he was holding to mulch. He quickly grabbed a new one and held it to her nose as she blew, filling his palm with hot, sticky nectar not unlike the one that was coating his manhood.

The sight and sound of her blowing was too much for him. The way her breasts shuddered and shook was unbelievably erotic, as was the red tinge her nose had acquired. He started to rock inside her again just as she let out another startled sneeze – “hat-choo!” – and knew that it would only take a few more thrust to take him over the edge.

Fortunately, Maggie was also on the verge of reaching her climax. She felt him moving quickly in and out, pushing harder and harder against her until at last the sensation built to a crescendo. Waves of rhythmic pleasure flowed through her, making her slowly shake her head from side to side as she moaned. Then there was no time to think of anything. Her body turned soft as Mike came inside her.

Afterwards, they lay tired and spent on the bed, their limbs intertwined as they slowly got their breath back. Wordlessly, they looked across at each other and smiled.

Both of them were thinking the exact same thing: “They say that first times are never the best.”

If that was truly the case, then both Mike and Maggie couldn’t wait to find out just how good it was going to get between them.