Cooking, Italian Style


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"Food matters," Marie Moltisanti lectured, gesturing dramatically with a well-worn wooden spatula, and threatening to splash Lee's pristine pale-green T-shirt with the rich ruby-darkness of pasta sauce, as her girlfriend grinned up at her from the table, obviously fighting back the desire to laugh. "Don't make fun of me, girl! It's obvious that you haven't had a decent meal since you got here, and I don't want you to die of scurvy."

Lee Deaney, who was sitting at the thick-slabbed blondwood table, rolled her eyes, her finely boned face alight with a child's simple but slightly malevolent mischief. "All right, Marie! But I'm perfectly happy living on The Travelling Gourmet's cheesy chips, you know. You didn't have to do this just for me."

"I'm just cooking," Marie muttered, closing her immense dark poster-child eyes and shrugging instinctively upward in the manner of her Milanese grandmother. "People do, you know!"

Marie's Italian roots had always dictated that cooking was at once therapy and drama, a way of sustaining and loving the people that mattered to her. Even two years after escaping the contained anarchy of her mother's kitchen, she was still capable of grinding away her frustration by annihilating garlic and sizzling onion slices, emerging calm and focused by the time she actually had a steaming plate of something in her hands.

Lee, whose culinary talents ran to opening tins, making toast and setting fire to kitchens, watched Marie with the unblinking gaze of an inquisitive child, craning her head in fascination every time some new spice was produced, making supposedly knowledgeable noises as Marie muttered to herself in a litany as worn as the sturdy spoon in her hand about whether or not it was time to put the linguine in yet.

The kitchen's homely sights and smells intoxicated Lee, especially as they seemed to reveal and amplify everything she found miraculous and wonderful about her Marie- it was as if she had been rolled up inside Marie's hot body, a child in the womb. Lee, usually a restless and fidgety young woman, felt entirely at peace.

She had been in Marie's kitchen for an hour, which was the longest time she'd been in her new girlfriend's company without having incredible sex with her.

Lee pushed back her long, freshly washed blonde hair and reached for her wineglass, a huge Art Deco creation with a stem of golden barley-sugar balls, huge and comforting in her slender fingers, and took a generous gulp of the wine she'd brought with her.

The too-expensive Chilean red and the lushpetalled explosion of suggestive lilies, pink tongues invitingly open as they lolled, longstemmed and sensual, in the slim second-hand decanter on the table next to Delia's masterpiece, had been Lee's way of confirming this as a romantic engagement.

So far, Lee and Marie had gone through the extremely satisfying motions of discovery, but never in a situation so domestic. They usually ended up removing each other's Friday-night finery in the toilets of bars, or flinging themselves feverishly on couches that they were never able to look at the same way again. The closest they'd got to sharing anything that could be remotely related to sustenance would have been a few sips of fortifying wine and a cigarette, before deciding to tear each other's clothes off again.

So, something about waiting for it- for a change- excited Lee immensely. Something about the legitimacy of the warm and wonderful scents of garlic and tomatoes that filled the sauna-like kitchen, the nodded acquiescence of the gleaming flowers on the table, intensified the pleasure of waiting- the feeling that she was being loved and looked after, without Marie even touching her.

She looked beautiful, Lee thought, not for the first time since she'd sat down at Marie's table. Bathed in the early evening light, in a plain snowy-white vest and baggy indigo jeans, their cool silver rivets catching the brilliance of the slowly mellowing sun, along with the silver ornamented ring glistening against Marie's gently rounded, olive-dark belly. Marie was a slim girl, so much so that the resilient skin of her abdomen stretched right over her clearly marked hipbones, even though the slightest suggestion of a delicate, egg-smooth little potbelly bore evidence of the girl's sheer passion for good food. Marie had a few other such generous handfuls on her otherwise trim, tightly muscled frame- her breasts, unsupported and shown off to their best advantage by the tight athletic vest, were excessively full for her diminutive weight and height, with dark peasant nipples that clearly showed through the thinly knit white cotton, and her firm, full, high bubble of a butt was so insolently round and pert that Lee had difficulty keeping her hands off it.

Marie's hair wasn't exactly what Lee would have called black- it was a strange but lovely shade, too original even to be dyed, exactly the colour of the deep red wine in her glass, shining richly in the light from the high windows. Her Biblical abundance of this glorious hair had been pinned up with an attractive but not exactly practical clasp of silver and skewered in place with a fragile silver pin, which it was resisting strongly, tumbling down to the base of her long olive neck and kinking into disobedient little ringlets in the intense steam.

Marie had the face of a statue- the perfect Roman nose, almost but not quite too big for her face, high cheekbones, and full lips stained even redder with constantly tasted sauce and the dark kiss of Lee's wine. As her arms, tanned, slender and lightly muscled, stirred the rich sauce, which she stared into as though trying to read her fortune in the bottom of the history-marked pot, she sang something soft in the language of her family- of the bubbling pots of spaghetti, of unbroken blue sky. Lee loved this about Marie, loved that she cursed in Italian, sang in Italian, swung down the streets with an Italian woman's confidence in her sexuality.

"Can I help?" Lee asked, rising to plant her lips on the back of Marie's neck, where the warm, fragrant sweat of the quietly singing pots seemed to have pooled. She applied her pointed, rough little cat's tongue to Marie's soft, downy skin, licking in a way which brought Marie out of her calm cooking-reverie, waking her up to the delicious sensations that Lee's licking awoke in her cunt, as though it too- independent of her usual iron control- had a yearning to be licked.

And it did. Although she didn't show it, the honeymoon period of their relationship had Marie in a constantly horny mood, and the heaviness and heat that she felt growing in her refused to be controlled. In an effort to find an outlet for her sensual passion,  Marie turned from her meditation on peppers and tomatoes and kissed Lee, long and sweet, but this kiss only turned them both on even more. Marie's welcoming mouth tasted of dripping thick slices of bread and tomatoes, spice which never left her red-pepper lips, an alcohol brewed the Italian way.

Then Marie pulled back and grinned again, shaking her head in a 'you'd better not distract me' way.

"I'm doing fine, darling. Almost done. But do you want to put some things on the table? It'd really help."

She gestured to the cupboards, and Lee happily complied, although it was all she could do not to clasp her arms around the curved vase of Marie's hips, in all their fifties Mediterranean movie-star glory, hips which were presently shaking invitingly to the music on the CD player, The Alabama Three's 'Mansion on the Hill.'

Lee longed to gently run her white little fingers down the central seam of Marie's jeans, slowly and delicately teasing her infinitely responsive cunt. The shattering, operatic intensity of her new lover's orgasms drove Lee crazy, tempting her to take Marie in her mouth and fingers and rock her until every last explosion of pleasure she had in her had left her drained and giggling crazily on the rumpled, stained sheets. If making this beautiful woman come was the sole reason for Lee's existence, she was just fine with that.

And Marie could fuck like the Emperor's favourite slave-girl. She made love to Lee in Italian, sang up and down her curved body, loving Lee with the language that had been natural to her since she was a baby. Everything the girl did was achingly erotic- she made Lee's eyes focus on her fingers whenever she loosened a button of her shirt, and she swung her hips sexily when she walked. She'd only have to lick her lips, staring at Lee from under her dark eyelashes, to make Lee so frustrated that she found her fingernails in her mouth and her eyes close to brimming with tears. As far as sex was concerned, Marie was the powerful one of the two, and now- when red wine and closeness to her lover was making Lee think that she couldn't hold on until the end of dinner to have Marie's warm fingers cupping her cunt, at once soothing and provoking, teasing and withholding until Lee was biting her shoulder, making her exhale sharply and drive her fingers deeper into Lee- Marie was, as usual, holding back. It was the one mildly sadistic thing about her, that restraining herself turned her on unbelievably, and watching the desperation in Lee's clear green eyes- but who doesn't enjoy being desired?


She held out the soft, garlic-tasting wood of her old wooden spoon to Lee, who walked up to her and obediently took the offering. The sauce was like nothing she'd ever tasted- thick, heavy and lightly spicy, tasting as though the thick, juicy, scarlet flesh of all the tomatoes in the world had been concentrated and packed in there. She licked the spoon clean, milking the most erotic potential out of this action as she could, and grinned up at Marie.


Marie dipped the spoon's bowl back in the sauce and tasted it herself. She shook her head with her customary vehemence. "I don't think there's enough spices in this, but I didn't want to overface you. You think you can handle some more pepper?"

Lee smiled. "Not all English people are wusses when it comes to spices, you know. Bring it on." She put her arms around Marie's waist, softly running warm fingers down her girlfriend's rounded tummy as she dipped her sinfully hot mouth to the taut, stretched curve of Marie's neck again.

Marie wriggled, the substantial curve of her ass pressing up against Lee's cunt for a moment so intense and powerful that Lee felt dizzy.

"Behave!" she scolded, a ribbon of laughter rising in her usually low, throaty, pillow-talk voice. "You know how I hate being tickled..."

"That's why I do it, sweetheart."

Lee ran her hands down Marie's buttocks, cupping them in her hands as Marie reached in an overhead cupboard for a relatively new-looking glass canister- bought, Lee supposed, during the same Art Deco vogue which had inspired the ball-stemmed wine glasses. The canister was shaped like a strangely curved diamond, its many facets throwing out streams of pure light in the mellow cube of the kitchen, the light shielding its dark contents- a soft, dust-fragile mound of freshly milled black pepper.

Just as she gripped it, holding it aloft to take it from the cupboard, Lee's mischievous little fingers did what they'd been itching to do for ten minutes, sliding along the thick ribbed seam of Marie's jeans. She had only meant to tease, but Marie- not expecting the contact- shivered, jerking back against Lee so suddenly that Lee's fingers found themselves pressing hard against her lover's most sensitive spot.

Forgetting everything, Marie convulsed lightly in pure pleasure and dropped the canister, where it shattered on the chilly black and white tiles of the floor.

"Damn!" she exclaimed, furious at being jerked from her suspended, pleasure-filled warmth more than anything else.

Lee had already jumped back, fingers in her mouth like a naughty child.  Suddenly, a gentle, self-mocking smile bathed Marie's petulant expression like a warm ray. Pursing her rich red lips, she clicked her tongue and pushed back her thick hair which, apart from a few strands, had come entirely loose and was trickling down her back. Marie shook her head, pantomiming disapproval and then giving Lee a no-hard-feelings grin.

"You see what you made me do, naughty girl?" she scolded lightly. "Get over there and don't cause any more trouble!"

"You don't want help cleaning that up?" Lee offered meekly.

Marie shook her head, turning the heat down under the sauce. "You're the guest. I'll have this cleaned up in a minute."

She grabbed a dustpan and brush and got down on her knees on the kitchen floor. The pepper had mainly spilled in one place, around the shattered remains of the glass canister, but Marie had underestimated the difficulty of cleaning it up.

Once she had safely cleaned up all the broken glass, she registered a slight burning sensation in the very back of her expressive, high-arched nose, and realised exactly what she was doing- she was crouched on the floor breathing almost pure pepper, when her nose had always been as responsive as the rest of her, and the slightest hint of dust in a room was likely to tickle her into a sneeze.

As she felt a sudden, convulsive hitch come into her breath, even more of the irritating pepper got up her sensitive nose and tickled, making her want to sneeze. Actually, 'want' was a word which didn't even describe her desire to explode with one of her tremendous sneezes, a desire as insistent and teasing as Lee's temptation to get down on the floor with her, but if there was one thing Marie was really shy about, it was the way she sneezed- great, violent, conversation-stopping "HahhhISSSHHHIEOOO!"s which shook her from head to toe. Lee had never heard her sneeze, and she knew it would put her right off seeing her, poised and perfect Marie, do something so involuntary and unattractive- so she ignored the growing tickles that plagued her nose, hoping that the urge which flared her wide, curved nostrils would pass without incident.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" asked Lee, who had been fidgeting guiltily.

Marie looked up at her lover, her eyes already enlarged by brimming crescents of irritated tears, and nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She desperately needed a tissue to muffle her nose in, something to help her blow out the pepper that was lodged there. The tickle was just as persistently there- it had taken up root in the very back of her nose, irritating her nasal passages, starting a slow-burning itch which made her gulp suddenly as she fought the sneeze back.

"Are you OK?" Lee asked, her voice dry and husky, unable to believe that her powerful, dominating lover could look quite so vulnerable.

Marie nodded again, motioning for Lee to get up- the last thing she wanted was for Lee to start sneezing too. The one thing which she couldn't stand to see when her nose was feeling tickly was somebody else erupting with a great, satisfying sneeze. It just looked so tempting that she could never control herself enough to refrain from doing the same.

But even as Lee straightened up, the damage was done. Suddenly troubled by a tickly feeling, Lee rubbed her nose once quickly with the back of her hand and sniffed, but it didn't seem to do any good- in fact, just the opposite, intensifying the itch.

Lee was much less self-conscious about her sneezes than Marie, and took a deep breath, her face open, flowerlike, receptive as she looked up at the window, waiting for the juddering breaths to take over her slim frame and give her a little relief. 

If the two women could have seen each other at that point, they would have noticed that they were both having the same problem, but instead they were both avoiding each other's eyes- Lee squinting into the high window-light to bring the annoying, ticklish sneeze on, and Marie, her nose burning, staring down and scrubbing furiously at the floor, rubbing at the pepper as though she was trying to rub her own desire to sneeze into non-existence. She didn't dare to sweep up any more of it, knowing that would send it up in clouds and fill her nose with even more of the hot, tickly spice.

Then she made the mistake of looking up at Lee, whose attempts to bring the tickle in her nose to its usual explosive fruition seemed to be finally paying off. Marie tried to avert her gaze but couldn't drag her eyes away- she had never seen her lover sneeze either, and was fascinated, even though she knew exactly what was going to happen to her own twitching, seizing nose.

As she watched Lee's beautiful English-rose features contorting, Marie's strong fingers tightly pinched her nostrils as the tickle in her own nose took control of her with a vengeance. Marie never could see or hear anyone sneeze without sneezing herself, even when she wasn't already suffering from a tickly nose, and watching Lee struggle to bring her sneeze on sent her quivering nostrils into overtime.

Lee's eyes were closed, mouth half-open, nostrils flaring slowly, a beautiful picture framed by the shaft of sun that surrounded her as her mouth fell fully open. Marie noticed that Lee's hands were incongruously clasped in concentration, and as her lover's head reared back, she couldn't help but visualise Lee as a Christmas-card angel, although as far as Marie knew, no one had ever seen an angel sneeze.

Lee took a deep, hitching breath, reared back her head and... nothing.

Marie let out a soft sigh of relief as the itch in her nose died down a little. Perhaps she could control this after all-

Then Lee's dark green eyes opened wide, her hands unclasping and covering her nose. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut and she drew in another breath, this time successful.

"Ehhh...tschoo!" Lee sneezed, her head ducking sharply down like a cat's as she lightly sprayed the air around her. Her sneezes, which always came in round triples, were far more delicate than Marie's.

"Ehh-tishooo!" Lee, who adored the spectacle and sound of a woman sneezing, had often wondered if there was any correlation between what a woman looked like or behaved, and the way her sneezes sounded, but so far she'd never come up with a unifying theory. Lee, a feminine-looking but butch-dressing young dyke, had always sneezed with the delicate and slightly ashamed tone of a white-gloved society matron at a tea party, and Marie, an old-fashioned and ridiculously feminine Renaissance beauty, sneezed like a six-foot-tall docker with a terrible cold.

As she discharged her last, satisfying, "Ehhtishooo!" the ending, to her chagrin, scraping at the squeakiest upper registers of her voice, Lee's eyes sprang open eagerly to watch Marie struggling.

But Marie had given up.

Her lips had helplessly dropped open, her eyes were half-closed and watering as her nostrils flared widely, quivered and trembled, eyes narrowed in concentration, her head going forward a little as she tried to urge the sneeze out. Her upper lip almost reached her twitching nostrils and her eyebrows were joined in the centre of her forehead, arching upwards. Her head moved up a little, and then jerked forward as she let out an enormous, "HA-ISSSSHEEEOOOO!" A thick, wet spray, visible in the unforgiving light of the window, jetted sharply from her nose and mouth.

The two women, feeling some tenuous, momentary but welcome relief, gave each other matching watery smiles.

They were both more than a little turned on.

"Bless you," Lee said, her voice tender with concern, as she squatted down next to Marie again, a wad of paper kitchen towel in her hand. Marie motioned her quickly away from the mounds of pepper on the floor, but took the soft paper towel thankfully and blew heavily into it.

"Salute," she replied, looking a little better, then she stared down at the pepper, the soggy paper still clamped to her nose. "This isn't going to work," she said, abandoning the paper towel reluctantly as she took hold of the dustpan and brush. "I need both hands to clear this up!"

"Then I'll hold the dustpan."

"No you won't, that way we'll both be sneezing!" Marie smiled at her lover. "Besides, I need you to keep an eye on the bread."

Lee looked at the fresh ciabatta cooking slowly in the oven. It looked divine, but it wasn't as much of a temptation as the idea of further sneezes from Marie. Lee looked forward eagerly to watching the entire process of Marie's next sneeze, now that she knew she wouldn't be hampered by her nose's own tickliness.

Marie hoped that seeing her explode with such a huge, wet sneeze hadn't turned Lee off. She seemed a little more subdued, and Marie was still horny, feeling hot and swollen- something about high summer made her feel even lusher than usual. Her body sang a teasing blues as she crouched back down on the floor, rubbing her nose on the soft dark inner flesh of her arm to prevent any further tickles, even though she knew that her first sneeze, big though it was, hadn't been quite enough to blow all of the pepper out of her nostrils.

The runniness of her nose didn't help either- every time she sniffled, yet more pepper was blown up into the furthest, most sensitive passages of her nose, so near the core- the magic spot in her nose that unfailingly caused Marie to start blasting sneezes at the slightest irritation- that she didn't even want to think about it. Even if it didn't quite reach there, it still tickled, and watching the pepper puff and rise drove her crazy, knowing that the tiniest grains were flying up and becoming lodged in the welcoming caverns of her nostrils, causing the soft damp skin inside them to seize and twinge, recoil from their burden of irritating invaders, send messages to the rest of her body telling it to sneeze the pepper out, no matter what Marie herself happened to want to do.

"You all right, honey?" Lee asked.

Marie nodded, her nostrils quivering as she concentrated harder and harder on holding back the sneeze that was threatening to come out. She gave a sniff that was unexpectedly much wetter than the others had been, and Lee looked at her with sudden concern in her usually glacial eyes.

The pepper in front of her eyes blurred into a dark shadow as her eyes filled up again, and her nose ran freely, threatening so urgently to drip that she frantically snatched up her paper towel from the floor again and wiped her nose, looking for a moment as vulnerable as a little girl with the sniffles.

Lee was entranced, optimistically reaching for some more towels for Marie's nose, which was growing itchier by the moment- she was sure that a sneeze was developing, despite her best efforts to hold it in. This was going to be bad. Her head jerked up with the need to inhale and sneeze, and her eyes began to stream. The burning itch spread into the top of her throat, filling her lungs, and she finally felt the itch seize the very core of her nose, causing a tremendous pre-sneeze spasm to rush orgasmically through her body as she took in a deep, involuntary gasp.

She groaned softly and whispered to her lover, "Oh God- here it comes."

For one moment she froze, nostrils flaring, eyes tearing, before she let out a full, wet sneeze.

"Huh!... Huuuh-ASSHHHOOOOO!"

Marie's cheeks instinctively flushed scarlet, as yet more of her dark hair shook down and cascaded down to her shoulder blades. Still, too late to stop now. Once she started sneezing, stopping was damn near impossible- her eyes ran and her head throbbed as she sneezed again and again.

"Huh...haISSSH! Huh...ha-ISSHHH! Ha-hah-ISSHHHOOO!"

Lee knelt down next to her and mutely handed her the towels, forgetting in her excitement the need to cover her own nose and shield it from the onslaught of the pepper. Marie stared up at her, eyes streaming, as she took the towels and smothered her nose in them.

"Grahhh- ha-ISHooo! - grazie. Huh...huh-ISHooo! ISHOOO! Uhhh...I have got to stop sneezing!" she exclaimed, then her head reared back and snapped forward dramatically as she let fly a final "HaaaaaAAAAISSHHOOO!"

Light, not unpleasant spray landed on Lee's upturned face, a strange, chaste sort of kiss. Marie's cheeks flushed even deeper in embarrassment, and to comfort her, Lee kissed her again. It had meant to be a reassuring, comforting kiss, but the taste of Marie's mouth excited her so that she eagerly slipped her tongue against Marie's before she knew what she was doing.

Marie passionately responded, her tongue flickering pleasantly against her lover's until she felt another sneeze coming on. Groaning, she tried to hold it back. She squinted her way through a haze of dust and light, the summer evening air making it harder to control the tickle which had suddenly spread to both nostrils, filled her mouth, her throat, her chest, but with Lee's fingers slipping slowly down her collarbone to her breasts any control she'd had over herself snapped.

"HA-ISHOOOO!" she exploded right into Lee's face, her body arching against Lee's hands as it did during climax.

"Are you all right?" Lee asked, genuinely concerned.

Marie nodded, although her lips had parted slightly, and she was breathing deeply and a little irregularly.

Lee felt Marie's nipples harden beneath the palms of her hands, drawing up tight like delicate brown walnuts, as she sneezed uncontrollably. "Ha-hah-ISSHHHEEEOOO!"

Marie made a little gulping sound as the tickle attacked with a vengeance. Her eyes were watering with the burning pressure of another sneeze- she was fighting it, scrunching her nose and pinching her nostrils, rubbing, trying to get at the tickle, but it got the better of her.

"HahhhhCSHOOO!" Miserably, Marie rubbed her itchy nose.

"Bless you," Lee whispered, her voice husky and cracked as she slipped Marie's vest straps from her brown shoulders, scooping the paradise of her breasts from their cotton confines. "You've really got the sneezes, honey... are you sure you don't want to get up? The floor's still covered in pepper. Maybe we should move to the couch?"

"No... I like it where I am." Marie grinned wickedly, looking at the oven. "Besides, this way I can keep an eye on the bread."

Lee sighed. "Why the hell am I dating an Italian girl?"

Marie gave Lee her sexiest under-the-lashes stare. "Because of this."

Hotmouthed, Marie tongued Lee's neck.  There was something so ecstatic, such voluptuous relief that came from letting go, that she felt hornier than ever.

Lee, her own mouth dry with desire, felt hot warmth flush the tender place between her legs, knowing that she was getting seriously wet.

Lee gently flicked the nipple of her right breast with a light, teasing little touch, which quickly made Marie even wetter than she was. She felt a damp, muffled pulse of blood beating right in the very centre of herself every time Lee's soft fingers touched her skin.

The heavy feeling in Lee's swollen, distended lips of her cunt became pure liquid, softly coating her clit, which had eased its way out from under the sheath of its hood and was aching intensely for Maria's skilled fingers.

Then she cursed her own stupidity for breathing in the pepper as she felt a sudden tickle, which quickly developed into an insurmountable urge to sneeze. Lee made a face, scrunching and wriggling her nose like a child. This stubborn little tickle was driving her crazy! Usually, she could stave off her tickles quite effectively, but her nose was itching more and more insistently. She swallowed hard, and tried sniffing as quietly as she could to stop the itch, but Lee's willpower always was a bit dodgy, and she quickly surrendered to the growing discomfort, informing Marie in a choked, stretched-tight voice,

"I... hi think... I'm gonnaaahh... ahTCHOO!"

It was a louder, more violent sneeze than Lee was used to- the pepper was really irritating her.


Marie knew she was going to echo Lee, as her lover's tortured sneezes kicked in that age-old reflex. Hr face contorted as she tried to hold back the powerful sneeze building up, her strong dark eyebrows arched dramatically up her forehead as she took in a deep breath. Without thinking, Marie automatically sniffed, which multiplied the intensity of the tickle by about a thousand. She moaned softly in exasperation- her poor nose was on fire- and gave it up. "HAISSSHHHOOO!"

"Bless you."

"Thanks. You too." Marie kissed Lee on the reddened tip of her nose. "Didn't I tell you to get up and be a good girl?"

Lee responded with a full, intense kiss on the lips. "What if I don't want to?"

"Cute, Lee." Marie rolled her dark, watery eyes, even as she was rubbing her nose with her thumb, trying to get at the slowly growing itch inside. The itch just kept getting worse, but the sneeze wouldn't come. Marie stared into the bright light, but she realised that the problem wasn't that the sneeze was too small. It was too big.

"Haahh...  ahh... ah..."

Her nostrils flared, her mouth opened as her head tilted back, her hand in front of her mouth. The tickly, insistent feeling kept building. And building.

Then she noticed Lee, who was holding a finger under her nose, a look of concentration on her face.

"Ahh... hhaah... AAAAHH..." 

Marie gasped, watching her lover's face, but all it did was scrunch up a little more- Lee didn't let loose, and she felt the sneezy feeling back away.  Her mouth closed, her eyes opened, and her face took on a look of deep concentration and frustration. This was torture!

Lee's hand hovered a few inches in front of her face, she inhaled unsteadily, her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth opened, and she sneezed convulsively with a wet, congested sound and a fine spray from her nose and mouth, jerking her head down with each sneeze.

"Ehhtshoo! EhTISHHHoo! EHTISHOOO!"

Marie smiled with relief as she felt her own urge to sneeze kick right in. Lee quickly got a tissue to Marie's nose just as her lover inhaled uncontrollably, immediately feeling the force of the wet sneeze through the thin paper.


Marie went forward, head following through on the sneeze and her body nearly doubling over. It was a huge, uncontrollable, roaring sneeze, all the more violent for having built for so long, which jolted her head forward into Lee's readily cupped hand, soaking the tissue and Lee's palm, streamers of dark hair flying dramatically out behind her.

"Bless you!" Lee shook her head, smiling affectionately and sympathetically at her lover.

Marie stroked Lee's cheek tenderly. "Bless you three times, sweetheart."

"You too." Lee kissed her. "That sneeze was easily three times as big as any of mine."

Marie nodded, sniffing. "Yeah, sorry...I just can't help it. I've got so much pepper up my nose, and it's tickling like crazy!"

Lee kissed Marie full on the lips, feeling Marie struggle hard not to sniff even though she responded eagerly. Lee didn't want her to be miserable, so she covered Marie's running nose in a paper towel. "There..." she said, tenderly wiping Marie's nose for her.

Marie didn't know how to feel- angry and indignant at her own weakness, or pleased, as she loved it when Lee served and pleasured her, even though some might have considered that particular action a little extreme.

Lee held the towels against Marie's seizing nose.


Marie looked dubious, but her face was already contorting in irritation, and Lee saw it.

"Come on," Lee coaxed. "Blow all that pepper out. Otherwise you'll be sneezing all night."

Marie obeyed, giving her nose a harsh, wet blow which wet Lee's fingers, and made the lining of her nose vibrate, hurrying the tickle in her nose into a sneeze so quickly that she had no time to move, or warn Lee, and something about the pure submissiveness of sneezing unrestrainedly into her lover's outstretched hand urged her to go ahead. Her tearing eyes squeezed tightly shut, she breathed in deeply and then managed to stifle half a sneeze against the paper towel, although Marie's sneezes were never that easily suppressed, and the follow-through was especially explosive-


It was all Lee could do to keep from groaning as she felt Marie's sneeze explode wetly against her fingers. She stroked the back of Marie's neck with her free hand as she reached for a fresh towel.

"That pepper really is giving you the tickles, isn't it, honey?" Lee asked softly. "Have a really good blow this time."

Marie, wondering why she felt quite so turned on, blew heavily again. This particular blow gave Marie greater relief than any of her sneezes so far, and she felt some of the irritating mass of pepper leave her nose, although the stubbornest grains tenaciously clung to the insides of her nostrils. She even felt the desire to sneeze ebb a little, as she looked into her lover's face. The irritation was still there, deepening in intensity just a fraction every time she inhaled, but she knew it would take a few minutes to blossom into a sneeze.

Marie was aroused by Lee's supplicant posture on the floor, the pleading look in her eyes, the flush of heat licking up Lee's neck to her cheeks.

The two women kissed violently, tongues lashing against each other, Marie's hands sliding beneath Lee's pale green cotton T-shirt and finding the welcome solidity and warmth of her breasts. In the kitchen's steam and heat, the two of them were running wetness, and as Marie pulled off Lee's shirt, Lee sighed with relief, straddling Marie and shaking herself as she felt the welcome sun, now in its going-down blaze, on her skin from the window's hot glass. This beautiful sight, on top of her long-sustained heat and horniness, was too much for her lover. Overcome, Marie lay back on the warm black and white tiles with a long sigh, as she whispered her demand, her acquiescence, into Lee's ear.

"Fuck me."

Lee pulled apart the fly of Marie's jeans, running her fingers down her lover's lower belly and spreading apart her cunt, slipping a finger into her labia. "Oh my God," she said, slow and throaty. "You are so wet."

Marie shuddered as Lee's fingers plunged into her hot, slimy wetness and then groaned, as Lee's thumb brushed, with a hard, practised expertise, her clit.

"Why are you so wet?"

Marie smiled at her. "Because..." she admitted, "sometimes I like to lose it."

Lee slipped another finger into Marie's cunt, feeling the shivers run up and down her lover's body.

"Lose it all."

Marie pressed her knuckles to her lips, knowing that if she opened her mouth, she would beg Lee to put her mouth there. Her hips rose up into Lee's hands, and she let out a long moan of satisfaction as Lee's mouth found her cunt and began to lick, at first gently and delicately and then more insistently, as the waves of pleasure ripping through Marie grew more powerful, encompassing her with each flush of desire, each contraction of her muscles, that Lee could make her feel.

But things weren't perfect for long. Marie had known that she couldn't have got rid of all of that pepper in one single blow, but she couldn't believe she had another sneeze coming. Her eyes half-closed again, she took in another deep breath, and struggled with all her might not to sneeze, even though her body, riding and rocking against Lee's tongue, was desperate to just relax, let everything out, collapse around the meltdown of pure pleasure that Lee was giving her.

"Lee, I... Ihhh..."

The tickling in her nose had grown more urgent. Her refined, lightly accented voice had thickened and she was hitching in breath, hurrying her words in an attempt to finish her sentence before the sneeze came.

Lee licked on, but her green eyes looked up questioningly at Marie. Her lover looked so beautiful that she paused for a moment, the heavy, wet-running flesh of Marie's cunt cupped in her mouth like a delicate fruit, and looked at her, framed in the strong light, one finger held under her nose, heavy, smooth breasts shaking with every desperate inhalation.

"Ahhh... haaAHHHH..."

She cursed the pepper as she felt Lee's tongue exploring her, kissing her labia, reaching in, deeper, to where her erect clit had burst out of its hood and was twitching, aching to be licked.  She felt the sensation leave for a moment and smiled triumphantly, just as Lee finally took her clit in her mouth and began to lick with the rough, pointed tongue that suited the hungry little cat she was. Marie gasped and rocked forward, the urge coming over her.

But in that brief moment, the sneeze returned.

Instinctively she took a breath in, trying to hold back still, which was near to impossible - her nostrils were flaring in and out, taking in deep, harsh breaths which made the urge in her nose grow and grow unbearably. 


Marie sighed, sounding as if she were almost breathing deeply out of desperation, trying to force the fiercely-tickling sneeze out finally, but the pleasure was so great that she couldn't bring herself to hold back. She just wanted to melt all over Lee's tongue.

"Lee-" she managed, sounding stuffed and choked, holding the wad of paper towels to her nose. "I- I think I'm-uhhhhh-haaah-gonna- sneeze- haaahhh....hahSHHOOOOO!" 

The relief of letting the sneeze out combined with a long, sweet orgasm- a beginning to the night's session, the kind of pleasure that just makes your throat dry out and your mind focus about one thing until you get more. As she spasmed against Lee's tongue, Lee licking up her wetness like she was dying of thirst, Marie could only think of Lee's flesh and hers, joined together.

Lee grinned down at her, wiping her mouth. "Bless you."

Marie smiled back and began to undo Lee's trousers. Her lover didn't make a show of resistance, but arched her back like a cat as Marie, gently experimenting, slid a finger between her plumped, engorged lips, finding Lee so slick that she could scarcely feel her until she let her touch grow harder, which made Lee shudder with pleasure, biting her lip.

"Why are you so wet?" she teased.

Lee, thinking only about Marie's fingers as a second, then a third, went into her, said honestly, "Because I love it when you sneeze."

Marie was surprised for a moment, but then a wicked smile spread over her face. What she'd been viewing as an absolute loss of control was actually her lover's particular sexual weak spot.

She loved it.

Lee licked her finger, tasting the sharp richness of Marie's juices on it, and then dipped it into the last coating of pepper on the floor. Tentatively, her eyes wide and questioning, she held her pepper-loaded beneath Marie's wide Roman nostrils, waiting to see what would happen.

Marie, still playing teasingly with Lee's labia, regarded her with fixed dark eyes for a moment, and then inhaled. Although she felt the tickle starting immediately, she inhaled again and again, shortly and sharply, to hurry up the sneeze. She had never been dominated, but then again she'd never come across a woman who had the courage to try it.

"Lee," she said, her fingers sliding into her lover as deeply as they could, "Ihh...I think I need to sneeze..."

"I think you do, too," Lee said softly, staring down at Marie's delicately scrunching face. "That pepper really gets to you, doesn't it?"

Marie nodded as her thumb gently touched Lee's clit, feeling the pepper prickling and tickling, its sharpness tweaking her nostrils, making her want desperately to sneeze. Her eyes began to water, her nostrils beginning to flare involuntarily into huge circles. Her mouth was open, her chin quivering, eyelids fluttering. She rolled her upper lip over her top teeth in response to the maddening tickle.

"It... it tickles..." she whispered huskily, "I...I...have to-have to- sneeze-aaAAHH-"

Lee's finger gently pressed up against her nostrils, at once stemming the tide of the sneeze and, as Marie reflexively breathed in, teasing her nose with yet more pepper. Marie, eyes streaming, stared helplessly up at Lee, even though the assured stroking, pleasuring movements her fingers made in Lee's cunt left her lover in no doubt that she was still in control.

Lee, eyes darkening with intensity as she neared her orgasm, took her fingers from Marie's nose.

"Lose it," she said quietly.

Marie needed no further encouragement.


Lee convulsed against her fingers, hips shaking violently as she shivered, collapsing entirely on Marie, her weight involuntarily coming to rest on her lover's body.

The two of them lay there for a while, silent, listening to the sauce simmering above them.

"You know," Marie said after a while, "the whole point of this was to see if we could actually wait an hour before having sex."

Lee smiled sleepily. "I couldn't help it, girl. You have no idea how much you turn me on."

"I thought I did," Marie replied. "But this little peccadillo of yours is a new one on me."

Lee flushed. "I's not exactly all that common, I don't think..."

Marie smiled beautifully, stroking Lee's cheek. "And I'm not easily shocked. Besides, I have nothing against instant turn-ons."

Lee sat up and smiled at her, pulling her T-shirt back on. "You're the best, Marie."

"And I can cook too."

Marie slipped back into her vest, and finished sweeping up the pepper. Then she took the handful of soft black pepper-dust in her hand, reached for a small glass dessert bowl in one of the cupboards, and- holding her other hand over her sensitive nose- decanted the pepper into it. She turned around and grinned at Lee.

"My grandmother always told me to save something for later."