Daphne's Revenge


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Sonya watched nervously as Daphne approached her.  She was so helpless, hanging from the ceiling. Her wrists were shackled by heavy chains, which were bolted to the roof. Her feet were tied with heavy rope to a ring on the cement floor.

“Now, there are two things I recommend you do,” Daphne said.  “One is to keep as quiet as possible. You don’t want any of my male colleagues to know we are in here – they aren’t as nice as I am.” She chuckled.  “And secondly, you must tell me were I can find the missile key.”

Sonya glared, and hissed: “I’ll tell you nothing”

Daphne just smiled back. “You know, you’re not the only one around here who has been trained in torture.”

The word made Sonya’s spine stiffen. She could feel a film of sweat beginning to form on her back.

Daphne walked over to a table and began to arrange a variety of different tools suitable for the job.  Sonya cringed most when she saw Daphne pick up a long gray feather, with which she stroked the palm of her hand. Daphne placed the feather down and went to the corner of the room, where a large trunk rested.

Sonya watched as Daphne bent at the waist to search through the trunk’s contents. She couldn’t help but notice Daphne’s firm behind and thighs. As she ogled, a warm tingle began between her legs. 

Daphne – still bent over – looked up and saw Sonya reflected in the mirror on the wall. She followed Sonya’s stare. “She couldn’t be checking out my ass, could she?” Daphne thought. To verify, she started to rock her hips from side to side while all along she kept watch on Sonya’s expression in the mirror. Daphne observed as Sonya’s eyes went back and forth, following the swaying of her butt. Satisfied, Daphne stood up and smiled at Sonya, swiping one index finger across the top of the other one.

“Naughty, naughty,” Daphne whispered as she walked back across the room towards Sonya.

Sonya could feel her face grow warm and flushed; she knew Daphne had caught her looking. 

Daphne walked up to her and turned around and backed herself into Sonya’s crotch and began to gyrate her hips.  She turned her head and whispered over her shoulder, “Is this what you want?” 

Sonya just kept trying to look away but somehow her eyes always came back to Daphne’s mockingly seductive gaze.  She could feel her crotch tingling and aching every time Daphne’s firm rear brushed up against her.

“You want to tell me where the missile key is, now?”  Daphne asked as she ground her butt a little harder into Sonya’s privates.   

Sonya’s eyes closed as she almost let the feeling rush over her.  Daphne sensed Sonya’s resistance was beginning to fail her so she slowly undid her pants and let them fall to her ankles revealing the pink thong she had on beneath.  

Sonya let out a low moan.  Daphne knew she was getting close to getting the information she needed.  She reached around with both hands and found the button to Sonya’s shorts.  She slid the index fingers along the waistband as she gently let the back of her fingers brush against the bare skin of her stomach.  She could feel the woman's muscles quiver and contract as she slowly undid the button to her shorts allowing them to slide down to her knees.  

Daphne ran her fingers across the ridge of Sonya's hips and then slowly slid them back down to her pubic region.  Sonya was shaking uncontrollably but that's when she heard Daphne again: 

“Come on tell me!”

Sonya realised she had almost given up her secret.  She gritted her teeth for a minute to regain her composure and said: “Never!” 

The volume of Sonya’s outcry surprised both women.  Daphne smiled as a wave of fear washed over Sonya. She only hoped that none of her male colleagues had heard the shout.

“Not so loud,” Daphne whispered. “I want to keep you all to myself.” She gave a fiendish smile as she added: “Unless you really want me to invite the others in? What do you think?”

Sonya shook her head ‘no’ and whispered: “Please don’t.”

Daphne crossed the room to the table.  She picked up the long gray feather and began to return toward her captive. 

“What… what are you going to do with that?” Sonya asked. The fear returned.  She was extremely ticklish and she was horrified by the thought of all the different places on which Daphne could use her weapon.  But Daphne just walked up to her and said,

“Let’s just see how quiet you want to be when I start in on you.”

She looked Sonya up and down but her eyes finally settled on her face. She gently began to stroke the feather back and forth across the underside of Sonya’s nose.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle…” Daphne whispered.

Sonya could feel feather particles and dust slowly fill her nostrils. She thought to herself: “What is she do– ” And that’s when it hit her: “Oh no not a sneeze!”  Sonya looked down crossed-eyed. She could see Daphne now taking the tip of the feather and tracing it around the edge of her right nostril.  Sonya could feel her eyes beginning to tear up as her nostrils flared.

Daphne slipped the feather deeper up inside Sonya’s nose as a single tear ran down her victim’s cheek.  “Tickles, doesn’t it?” Daphne teased.  “I wouldn’t recommend sneezing right now, though. Not unless you want my friends to hear you.”

Sonya could feel the feather’s ticklish barbs brush against the soft walls of her nostril.  Her heart began to pound in her chest. She could feel her nose growing runny.  “Please da- don’t,” she pleaded.

“Don’t what?” Daphne asked. “Make you sneeze? Well, that’s up to you.”

“Up to… huh…” Sonya sniffed, blinking rapidly. “Up to me?”

“You don’t have to sneeze, not if you really, really don’t want to,” Daphne whispered.  She gently rotated the feather around in Sonya’s nostril, trying to find that special sneezy spot that she knew all noses had.

Sonya could feel the tickle in the back of her nose begin to gain momentum as the feather found the spot it sought. Suddenly, Sonya’s eyes opened wide as she took in a sharp breath.

The smile returned to Daphne’s face. “There it is,”  she whispered.  “Now lets see what I can do with it.” She began to wiggle the feather around the oh-so-sensitive spot as she watched Sonya’s response.

“Ahhh… Aahhh…” Sonya thought to herself: “No not now, the others will hear! not a snee- sneeze!”  The thought of sneezing spread a wave of fear over her.  She could feel her jaw going slack as her chest expanded, taking in more and more air.  “Hhaaaww… Aahhhh...” She could feel her nostrils flaring open, round and wide. 

“Here it comes,” Daphne commented, “and with it, so will my friends.” She began to wiggle the feather faster up Sonya’s nose. “Last chance: do you want to tell me were the key is?”

Sonya wanted to tell her, to finally reveal her secret, but ironically by this point she could no longer talk. All she could do was remain frozen, waiting for the sneeze to come: “AAAhhh… AAGHh… HHAAA… HHHAAA… HHHHHAAAAA…! HAAACHOOOWWWW!”

With the sneeze came an amazing feeling of relief.  But it was short lived. She could hear the sound of heavy footsteps racing down the hall towards them. “The key, the key is in the bottom of my back pack”.  Sonya said breathlessly. 

Daphne smiled back at her and reached over and locked the door.