The First Time


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I sit in front of the mirror getting ready. I have prepared candles, flowers, and perfume. I brush my long, wavy, reddish-brown hair again; I want to be sure that everything is perfect. There is a definite gleam in my hazel eyes as I think about you and what I am going to do to you. My heart beats in eager anticipation.

I hear you knocking at the door. I rush to greet you. I see you looking me over appreciatively. 

"Looking very good. Is it my lucky day?" you grin and chuckle. 

More than you know, I think to myself. 

My black satin robe hides a gorgeous black lace teddy. I pull you close to me and whisper in your ear, "I've got a surprise for you." 

I look to see your reaction. 

You grin, and with a gleam in your eyes you ask, "Do I have to close my eyes?" 


I lead you into the bedroom. I lay you down on the bed, and I start taking off your shirt.

"I can tell that you are taking off my shirt; can I look now?"

"All right," I whisper.

You slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings. Your gaze comes to rest on the table I have prepared with the flowers and perfume. 

"Are you sure?" you ask hesitantly. 

Your cheeks are adorably flushed with a combination of embarrassment and excitement. I giggle nervously. "Of course I am. I wouldn't have set this up if I didn't want to." However, my hands are shaking with anticipation and trepidation. I have never done this before, and I'm hoping that everything will go smoothly.

I remember when you first told me of your desires. You were flushed like you are now. I had a cold, and had been sneezing a lot. You'd come over to take care of me. I hadn't wanted you to see me; I'd looked like a mess. You said you didn't mind. You took really great care of me; you were so kind and helpful. 

And yet sometimes I'd caught you looking at me after I had sneezed, and you had an odd expression on your face. I'd felt really embarrassed, certain that you found me repulsing. I couldn't have been more wrong, I recall now, and I can't help smiling at the thought. You'd realized that I was taking your "looks" the wrong way. You said, 

"Laura, trust me, I don't have a problem with you sneezing. I'm not repulsed. It's fine." 

I thought that you were just trying to be gallant. I told you that I was sure that I looked like a disaster area. 

You said, "You do not. You look beautiful. Really. Come here."

You drew me close to you, and before I could push you away I had sneezed on you. It wasn't anything more than a light spray, but I was absolutely mortified. I started to cry. I wanted to run away and hide. That's when you decided to tell me.

I remember feeling baffled. I didn't know what to say or do. I had not even thought that such a thing existed. I had always been embarrassed and slightly annoyed at myself whenever I sneezed. It seemed odd to me that my sneezes could turn you on. I could tell that you had really struggled to get up the courage to tell me this about yourself, and I admired and respected you for your honesty and courage.

Unfortunately, what you told me took me completely by surprise and I didn't know what to say. I wanted to give your statement an appropriate response, and not dismiss it with some flippant remark. Imagine my chagrin when I realised that you took my silence as disgust, and quickly left. 

The next time that I saw you, you made no mention of the conversation, and I didn't know how to bring up the subject. But I kept thinking about it. I must admit, it definitely changed the way I viewed my sneezes. And it made me feel warm inside to realize the effect that my sneezes had on you. The idea of being able to drive you wild with desire was intoxicating and erotic. 

I decided that I wanted fulfil your desires. 

A sneeze filled night of passion. 

And this is what tonight is all about.

My thoughts turn back to the evening at hand. I take the perfume bottle off the nightstand and kneel at the bottom of the bed. I take off my black satin robe and am left wearing a short black teddy that is really nothing more than a layer of black lace. 

It's time. I'm ready. 

I spray the perfume liberally in the air in front of me. Then, I put my head forward and breathe in through my nose. "Hitchoo! Huh-itchoo!" 

Wait a minute. This is all wrong. This is supposed to start out slowly; I was supposed to be able to tease you a bit first. And now, I can't stop sneezing! I'm messing everything up!

Through ragged breaths, I struggle to speak. "Hitchoo! I'm- I'm sorry… huhchoo! Itchoo! I'm… eichoo! … messing th-th .. eishoo! … this up." 

You get up from where you have been laying on the bed and come over to me and put your arms around me and hold me as I keep sneezing. 

"You're doing just fine," you say with an amused little chuckle. 

I look at you and through a film of allergic tears; I can see that your eyes are glowing. Then, I look at your jeans and notice that you are probably starting to get uncomfortable.

"Hitchoo! Thanks. I be- heachoo! … better … eichoo! Choo! … make you more

I go for the zipper of your jeans. Then, I pause. I need to sneeze again. The perfume is still lingering at the back of my nose, teasing me. I hold up a finger, then cup my hands in front of my face. 

"I really, ha... ha- huh … have to…" My voice is hitching. It will be any time now. Then, suddenly, the urge is gone. You are still looking at me expectantly. "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened."

So I go back to the task of freeing you from your jeans. I'm pulling them down over your legs when the tickle comes back, with a vengence. I don't even have time to warn you. 

"Hitchoo! Hupchoo! Huh - huh - ishoo! Ishoo! Ahh … hitchoo!" 

There. I have never sneezed over a guy in that area before. I am being really bold; my cheeks are flaming.

You bring me to you and start kissing me. You start at my neck and work your way down to my breasts and kiss the tops of them. I run my fingers through your hair and then reach over for the flowers. My nose is already tickly from both the after-effects of the perfume and the faint whiffs of the flowers heighten that effect. 

I bury my face deep the blooms. I feel the soft, silky feel of the petals caressing my skin, the heady fragrance of the lilies overwhelming me. With trembling limbs, I put the lilies down on the nightstand. My breathing is shaky. 

"Oh do!" I say in mock horror, "I huh- have to sne... snee- EISHOO! Hitchoo! Huhchoo!" 

I manoeuvre myself on top of you. I wrap my legs around your muscular torso. Through watery eyes I watch you staring at me. The possessiveness and lust that I see in your eyes is unmistakable. 

You want me. Badly. 

I feel a warmth that spreads through my tingling breasts and further down. I want you. Not only that, but I want you to want me like you never have before. I feel myself opening to you and I take you inside of me. I shiver with the sensation. I peel my lace teddy off and throw it on the bed. Then, suddenly, I am overcome with another more pressing sensation. I throw my head back and succumb to the worst sneezing fit that I have ever had. 

"Hitchoo! Huhchoo! Huchoo! Eishoo! Hitchoo!" Over and over. 

My naked breasts bounce up and down. You try to catch them in your mouth. I keep sneezing and riding, sneezing and riding.

"Do you want me … Eichoo!… to tell you…" I whisper breathlessly. "Do you wan..." I rub my itching nose, "want me to tell you what it feels like?" 

You don't answer, you just nod, and look like the cat who's about to dine on an extremely large canary.

I bring the flowers over to my face again. "It fee… eeHitchoo! Heachoo! ... feels like a tiny little feath ... eth … Ishoo! Itchoo! ... feather is tickling all the wa ... way inside. It's kind of like … Eichoo! Hitchoo! Ishoo! ... the way I fee ... Eishoo! ... feel inside when you tee ... tee- eishoo! Itschoo! ... tease me before you finally enter…" 

I look down at you. Your hands are clenching my bottom and pulling me toward you. You are almost ready to explode. I grin widely. I have you right where I want you. 

"Did you like that?" I ask as my voice starts to hitch again. 

You are beyond words, you just nod and draw me close to you for a deep passionate kiss. The tickle is growing. I push myself away. My chest starts to heave and suddenly I'm in the throws of another fit. 

"Eischoo! Eischoo! Hitschoo! Itchoo! Huh … huh … huhchoo! Ischoo!" 

There's one more. I know it's there. It's driving me nuts. I decide to try and ignore it. The tickle builds, and builds… and at last bursts out. 


My head is thrown forward. My legs and nose are sore. I look down at you lovingly. You have reached your climax and are gazing up at me adoringly. It has definitely been worth it. 

You put away the flowers and take me in your arms and tenderly kiss my sore red nose and hold me close. The night is young and I know that even more pleasures await.