Good Intentions

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I still can't believe I told Joanna about this fetish. Of course, I blame it on the wine... It's hard to rely on my good intentions when my head's so full of things that I can't mention. However, one of the reasons why I love her is that most things seem to flow so naturally between us, from fun girl-talk to delicious lovemaking. It seems that I usually get things right when it comes to her, but I still can't understand what I did last night. This has always been such a secret part of me, buried deep like a private treasure, that it's exhilarating to think she is actually in on this now.

I've been thinking about her all day, a private smile crossing my lips at the recollection of yesterday's avowal and it's ready reception. It was an evening of pure sweetness and bliss. Now that she's finally here with me, I can feel things are different between us. It's a small thing, barely noticeable, but I can feel that she is excited to see me. More so than usual.

It's hard to rely on my own good senses when I have thoughts of her and her sneezes whirling away in my brain. We both know what her visit will turn into... Joanna made that clear when she called earlier, her voice low and sexy on the telephone. She was delighted to tell me that her allergies were acting up today and that she would be sure to come to my flat "to say hello". The little vixen, she even sneezed thrice while we were talking, not bothering to cover the mouthpiece. I closed my eyes and saw her in my mind's eye as I heard them, standing still, nose scrunching up in that adorable way of hers. The shuddery breaths she drew just before sneezing sent tingles down my spine, which intensified when I actually heard her doing it; "hhh... hhh-cshh!... huh-cshh!... hhh-cshoo!"

She loves doing things to turn me on, my beautiful Jo, and now that she has discovered this added facet to my sexuality, I know she will revel in making the most of it.

A proper hostess, I invite her to sit down on my living room couch. She crosses the room with swift, bold strides and settles herself down on it, curling her long brown legs underneath her long flowery skirt. She reaches over and takes off her leather mules so that she is barefoot. A single toe ring sends flashes of sunlight my way; I have always loved her creative use of jewellery. Her feet are as beautiful as the rest of her, the toes long and slender. At the same time soft and rough, they remind me of the cushions under a cat's paw. I can feel a smile curving my full lips as I see her hand smoothly caressing her toes. Her eyes catch mine and we both burst out laughing.

I have to laugh at myself sometimes for being so obvious in the way that I stare at her. Of course, she can see that I'm not blind; Joanna is an exotic beauty and she knows it. To try and save a little bit of face, I offer her a drink.

"Tia Maria and Coke for me," she says. I knew she would; it's our favourite. I smile at her and drift into the kitchen.

As I begin to pour, a generous amount of liquor splashing against the bottom of each glass, I hear Joanna start to laugh in the next room.

"What?" I ask, loud enough to be heard.

"I need to sneeze!" she calls back gleefully. "I can feel my nose tickling really bad!" I roll my eyes, unsure whether I should drop the bottle and rush back or tell her to quit messing with me.

"It tickles so much," Joanna cries, still laughing. Now I know she must be kidding; she can't have gone from being embarrassed about her allergies to enjoying them over night, can she?

"Quit it babe!" I call back.

The only answer I get is Joanna punctuating her laughter with "Ah..." sounds.

I miss so much that requires attention.

I reach for the icebox when all of a sudden, I hear her. The sneezes explode in the living room and she makes them loud on purpose so I can hear them.

"Ah... Ha-ah... Ah... ACK-SHOO! HEH-CHOO! HAH-CSHOO!"

There's little relief in knowing she wasn't faking. I wonder if she'll ever grant me reprieve now that she's in on my fetish.

"Bless you love!" I call back. Now I'm laughing too. I drop two ice cubes in each glass and head back to the couch where she is sitting. I noticed she has gotten a hold of my tissue box and is now blowing her straight nose. She does so rather softly; I know she's been brought up to think ladies don't make noise when they blow. She rubs at her nose, screws up the tissue and aims it at a bin in the corner of the room. Years of playing basketball pay off: the wad of tissue lands squarely in the middle of it. I look closely at her and notcie that her nostrils look a little bit red. She must really have been sneezing and blowing a lot today!

I take a deep gulp out of my drink to cool down. I'm not afraid things won't get better; she smiles widely at me and extends her hand to take the glass I am handing her. Joanna takes a couple of sips from the glass and sets it on the table next to her.

"So what have you been doing today?" she asks, tossing her hair.

"Obsessing about you," I reply in a conversational tone that matches hers, keeping a straight face and sitting down besides her.

"What a coincidence, so have I" she replies, just as calmly.

She is sitting very still and looking me straight in the eye. An image of a tigress waiting to pounce flashes through my mind and rightly so. I set my glass down not a second too soon. Joanna is on me, nuzzling my neck and purring in my ear:

"So tell me more about what my sneezing does to you," she demands, nibbling my earlobe. Joanna has this thing about biting; I've never understood it, but I go along with it. She thinks it is very much a turn on. "Love bites" she calls them, relishing every one I give her when we are getting hot and bothered.

I'm torn between rolling my eyes and laughing. Joanna is notoriously determined when it comes to things like this. Her golden arms slither around my waist and she withdraws her mouth, looking at me expectantly with wide amber eyes. I decide to play along; unless I tell her about it, this could go on forever.

"Well," I begin, and my throat goes dry. I can feel my cheeks turning red again, because I have never put these feelings into words before. I'm not sure I could do so without embarrassing myself to death. It's hard to rely on my good intentions when my head is full of things that I can't mention.

"Well, tell me!" she exclaims. "I can't be hard on you, 'cause I love you and besides, you know I've been there too. I told you about the biting thing, and you said it was cool. I want to learn a lot of things from you, and this is definitely one of them. Come on, out with it!"

It seems I usually get things right, but will it be the case this time?

"I still can't understand why I told you last night. I mean, I'm glad I did, but I'm not sure how to explain it. It's just one of those things that really, totally turns me on, like magic. I look at a person who needs to sneeze, that expression they get just before and then when they actually do it, and my mind just starts drifting. Like when you..."

What was I thinking before about her giving me little reprieve? I pause and look at her. She's getting that look I just described and is pulling back from me, sitting back as her beautiful straight nose twitches. She brings both of her hands up to her mouth and sits expectantly, waiting for the sneezes to come. She is beautiful as she sits there, trapped, liquid amber eyes beginning to squeeze shut as she pulls her shoulders in. I swallow dryly, completely on edge, completely alive as I wait for the inevitable.

Joanna is, of course, making a production of it for my benefit. It is working; she definitely has my attention. After a couple of shallow breaths, the type I love and which never fail to get me going, she leans forward definitively and sneezes, her customary three: "Hhh... Huh-cshh!... Heh-cshh!... Hhh...Hhh-cshoo!..."

She opens watery eyes, lowering her hands and then realizes there's little relief. She brings them back up, eyes squeezing shut anew, and lets out another, louder sneeze:  "Heh-CHOO!"

She sniffs lightly and then smiles cheekily at me, adding; "I guess there was an extra one in there for you!"

"You're such a tease," I tell her. In truth, I'm not sure what to say; this little display of hers combined with the thoughts that have been coursing through my mind all day has gotten me extremely aroused.

"Why thank you querida. I know," she says with a satisfied smirk.

I know I am looking at her hungrily and, not being blind, she can easily tell what I'm thinking. 

"Well, tell you what," she adds in a conspiratorial tone, eyeing me slyly. "Since you seem to have so much trouble explaining what it is you like about sneezing, how about you show me the results instead?" She says this like it is  an idea that just occurred to her. I know better.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" I ask, smiling in turn. I love the predatory look she is giving me and can actually feel warmth spreading between my legs.

"Actually, yes, I would. I admit I don't understand it, but I'm willing to experiment," she says in a light voice, suddenly all innocence. I am amazed at how she can switch so casually from intense seduction to disarming naivete.

"Hmmm..." I pick up my glass and swallow some Tia Maria & Coke, pretending to mull the idea over.

"Will I really need to use my marvellous persuasion skills?" she asks coyly, eyes still wide and tipped confidently towards mine. She pulls another tissue out of the box and blows into it, almost silently, eyeing me the whole time. I am still sipping at my drink, pretending to debate whether to be taken in by this obvious ploy.

"I can, you know," she says in a serious tone, twisting the tissue and aiming successfully at the bin once more. "I'm extremely good at persuading people," she continues confidently."In fact, I would persuade you right now if I didn't feel my nose tickling, and I mean rrrreally badly, as if I needed to sneeze again," she finishes, rolling the 'r' that sexy Hispanic way of hers, barely managing to keep the secret smile on her dark lips from blossoming into another teasing grin.

My drink goes back onto the table. Before she can move, I am on her. I tend to be the shyer of the two, but that double dose of Tia Maria is helping me get over my so-called inhibitions.

Alcohol is a wonderful social lubricant. Even as her nose is twitching, I am pinning her to the sofa, kissing her deeply. I love the fact that she is having trouble concentrating on the kiss because of the tickling in her nose. Her lips are a bit tight and as I try to engage her reticent tongue in a moist slow dance, I can feel her chest rising and falling close to mine.

"I need to..." she breathes, but I don't let her finish.

"Hold it back Jo," I murmur, taking my lips away from hers for a second. I love the anticipation, knowing the sneezes will come and that she is fighting them as we kiss. I love the way her body is torn between melting into mine and the rigid demands of her allergies.Her breath is hitching, but it gives little relief. I clench my fists and close my eyes, kissing her even more deeply. "I really need to sn... Ah... " she tries again. Her eyes are actually tearing when she opens them.

I don't know what it is about this peculiar mixture of vulnerability and desire, but seeing her like this, aroused yet so on the verge of letting the sneezes take over, puts fire in my blood. I take one hand and push the fabric of her skirt up, sliding my fingers underneath it. They make their way to her crotch, feeling her smooth warm thighs spread obligingly. Joanna sniffs, heavily this time, still courageously trying to hold back the impending sneezes.

"My nose... Ah... " she groans as my inquisitive touch settles on silky fabric of her underwear.

One feel is all it takes to realize the effect my own arousal has had on her; I can feel her sex, already moist and warm, through a thin barrier of delicate fabric. I take my other hand and place it across one soft breast, splaying my fingers to get a better hold as I begin to fondle it. I love the combined feeling of her irregular breathing and the hardening of her mocha nipple under my fingers. Joanna is practically shaking with the effort to hold back the sneezes and enjoy my touch at the same time.

"I... Hah-ah... Need to... Ah... " she whispers between kisses.

I feel vaguely guilty for torturing her this way, but I know she likes what it's  doing to me. This is getting me so bothered; I don't think I can take much more without exploding. Come to think of it, neither can she, from the look of it!

My fingers slip beneath her underwear and I find her already slick and wet. She raises her hips in response to the tentative touch of my fingers against her soft folds, pressing herself hard against them. She is still desperately fighting off the impending sneeze attack as I shift my hand and begin to rub my fingers, firmly yet slowly, around her already gorged clitoris. My fingers move easily; there is little in the way and she is opening up for me in a spectacular manner. As I slip one finger slowly into the hot darkness of her sex, Joanna is breathing shallowly, almost whimpering, her eyes nearly shut. Her nostrils are flaring and her cheeks are flushed from the intensity of the experience. I know it won't take long to get her off this time, unlike others where we can spend ages in bed, teasing each other onto extraordinary climaxes.

"Ah... More... Oh... *sniff*... Ah..."  breathes.

I'm not sure which of these moans are in response to the pleasure I am giving her and which are part of the build-up to the impending sneezes. However, I have no qualms in speeding up the motions of my fingers. I'm imagining what the experience is like for her, waves of pleasure spreading through her nether regions even as the pressure in her nose is building to an intolerable pitch, and the thought makes me even hotter. There is an eager thrumming between my thighs now and incredibly enough, I can feel the wetness spreading down through to my loose jeans.

It's my turn to breathe sharply and break off our kissing as I feel Joanna frantically fumbling with the buttons of my fly. What is she doing? She practically rips it open, sliding her long brown fingers in and then swiftly down to my own velvet opening. She is so taken in by her own imminent climax and efforts not to lose control of her seizing nose that her fingers move in a trembling, jerky manner as she parts the soft folds of my sex and runs her smooth index finger up and down my labia. I find the irregularity of her movements a turn-on in itself, each spasm of her fingers sending tingles of pleasure up my spine. I open my eyes and look down at her; she's trying to smile, her full upper lip drawn up into an obvious pre-sneeze look.

"I... Ah... Sure... huh... H-hope you...You like this... Huh... Querida..."

I'm not blind and the look she is giving me is unmistakeable. An explosive orgasm is coming, as unstoppable as a tidal wave, and with it Joanna knows she won't be able to hold back the impending fit. Her fingers have found their way to my own clitoris, which was already tingling even before she touched it. I can feel my pleasure increase tenfold as she begins to brush it directly with her fingers, movements made irregular because of the intensity of what she is feeling. Even as I am rubbing her with strong vertical strokes, I can feel her muscles begin to spasm and her thighs clenching as she tilts her head back and cries out in release.

I look her straight in the eye and tell her: "Don't hold back babe."

Not a second too soon, she traps my hand with her clenched thighs, enjoying her climax to the fullest as she finally allows the sneezes to come out of her, all the more powerful and numerous for having been held in so long.

"Hah.... Hah-CSHOO!"

Her thumb, which had been rubbing against me energetically, suddenly presses hard against my clitoris, sending a powerful wave of pleasure through me.


Another jerky movement of her hand makes me arch my back as I can feel my pleasure increasing. My eyes are wide open and I am taking it all in, Joanna's sex-flushed cheeks and closed eyes, her scrunched up nose and intense expression as she sneezes helplessly again and again.

"Hah... Ha-CSHOO! CSHOO! Ih... hih... SHOO! Oh God..."

Each time she sneezes, her hand involuntarily jerks upwards, applying delicious pressure on me. I feel like this has gone on forever; my head is full of things that I can't mention. This time, I am missing nothing that requires attention.

I am so close. Her eyes are still shut, her nostrils still flaring; she is exquisite. I know one more sneeze is all it will take to send me over the edge. My legs are trembling and I am on the verge of an incredible explosion. I can't help thinking again how beautiful she is even as her head snaps forward again.


This time, the spasm of her hand makes my world come to a stop. I can feel familiar rhythmic spasms beginning. "Ah... AH-CSHOO!"

My back arches more than ever as my orgasm comes through in full. I am rising, I am soaring, I am flying. My whole body stiffens against her hand and I can feel even my toes are curling with the intensity of the pleasure I am feeling.


One last sneeze helps me to slowly come down from the soaring heights I have just reached. I feel my muscles relax as my pleasure slowly fades. Joanna finally releases my hand and pulls back her own. She sniffs heavily and reaches for a tissue, even as I flop back on the couch next to her.

She blows her nose for seemingly hours as I sit, almost in a daze, eyes half closed. It's hard to rely on my good intentions when my head's full of things that I can't mention. I have never experienced anything like this, even in my fantasies. Joanna turns to me, still flushed, her beautiful nose red.

"Even if that almost killed me, I have to say it was incredible," she whispers. She puts her arms around me and snuggles close, an affectionate kitten who is suddenly tired.

I hug her tight and close my eyes.