The Great Canadian Outdoors


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We only did it a couple of times, Marika and I, but the memory is so vibrant that when I think of that summer, I think of this:

We take the city bus right out of town.  Route 204 terminates at the far end of a new subdivision.  Around the edges, there are empty lots, just recently cleared of trees, but the cutting crews are off today, since it's Sunday.  That includes Marika - she's working this summer cutting down trees and clearing brush so that the suburbs can expand.  I disapprove on principal, but it's the developers I protest against, not the workers.  And she's so goddamn sexy I'd abandon my principals for her, anyway.

The high summer sun beats down on us as we cross the cleared area, and then we're in the cool, dappled shadows of the woods.  We're holding hands.  I love the rough, strong feel of Marika's hand in mine.  She's taking me to a place she found while working around here: a small, natural clearing.  There's a jagged outcropping of granite in the middle, and bright wildflowers growing in the cracks.  Better yet, the total lack of empties and cigarette butts tells us that the local kids haven't found this spot yet.

I hear Marika sniffle just as we break out of the trees into the clearing.  I grin lustfully at her, and she winks.  "I'm saving up for you babe," she says, wrinkling her nose suggestively.  She knows my kinks, and I know hers.  And this clearing is a wonderful place for us to mutually indulge.  She's incredibly turned on by sex outdoors, but I'm much, much too timid to try anything where there's any reasonable chance of discovery.  The apparent isolation of this place makes me feel safe enough to take off my clothes and get dirty with her.  The late-summer forest is also full of things that make Marika sneeze.  During the work week she takes antihistamines and doesn't have a problem.  But she hasn't taken any today; Marika's sneezing drives me crazy in a very pleasant way, and she knows exactly what it does to me.

Close to the centre of the clearing, Marika grabs me and kisses me, hard, on the lips.  I return the kiss, pushing my tongue between her teeth and tasting her.  Mmmmm.  The long bus ride gave us time to become very horny in anticipation.  For that matter, the rough vibrations of the old bus seemed sort of erotic on the way here.  Just my dirty mind?  But in any case, I am so ready.  So ready.  Marika is already pulling my tank top off.  I raise my arms, and she pulls it over my head and tosses it away without looking.  After, we will have fun looking for our clothes.  I'm kicking my sandals off, even as she does this; I do like the prickly feel of the pine needles under my bare feet.  I've heard that there are connections from your feet to every other part of the body - yes, even that one.  Kissing her neck, I begin to unbutton Marika's denim shirt, starting at the bottom.  "Aren't you hot in this?" I whisper when I'm halfway done.  I crouch down to tease her smooth belly with my tongue, down towards the top of her jean cutoffs. 

"Much too hot," Markia says, "so you'd better take it off." 

I continue unbuttoning upwards.  Marika's breasts are small and firm, and she is not wearing a bra.  I kiss a hard brown nipple, and hear her sniffle again. 

"How do you feel, my love?" I ask. 

She laughs.  "I feel like throwing you to the ground and taking you now!"  I undo the last button, and she flings the shirt away.  "But I think you want to know how much my nose is tickling.  It's not too bad yet, but when I look at those flowers... each blossom looks like a tiny little explosion, I think.  I think each one will make me sneeze."   I moan, and she laughs again, low in her throat.  She likes playing with me like this.  I love it when she does.  I play with her, too.  She unties the drawstring of my long, Indian-cotton skirt, and gives me a shocked and amused glance when she sees that I'm not wearing anything underneath.  "If I'd known this on the bus...." she trails off suggestively.  I grin and unbutton her cutoffs, and push them down.  She's wearing grey bikini-cut panties, which I pull down with my teeth as she unsnaps my bra and takes it away.  We push the last of the clothing to the side, and there we are, standing naked in the forest.  Not quite like nymphs, but almost, maybe.  I know my long, curly hair is golden in the sunlight.  Hers is blue and short, like a pixie's.  A muscular, blue-haired pixie with café-au-lait skin, dark on her arms and face from working in the sun all day, but paler on her belly and breasts.

"I see you still aren't working topless like the guys," I say, teasing a bit.

"I thought you'd be jealous if I did," she smiles.  "Besides, it's better to have a shirt on - the brush is so scratchy."

"The ground here looks soft enough," I say.

"Mmm hmmm," she agrees, and gently pushes me down.  I yield.  She has me on my back, and she kneels over me, a knee to each side of my hips, sucking on one of my nipples, then the other. She is so open to me, but she has my arms pinned at my sides and I am helpless to do anything but look at her, and feel.  The loam, with its top layer of pine needles, is a bit prickly under my shoulderblades and bare buttocks, but I don't mind - I like it.  I drink in all the sensations, and the rich smell of pine needles and forest earth, and the sharp grip of teeth on my nipples before she sits up suddenly, and pulls me with her.  We sit now, facing each other, legs entwined.  She hands me a long blade of meadow grass.  "My nose is so tickly," she whispers, "but I can't sneeze yet.  Will you help me?"

"Anything for you, Rika," I reply, although I know this part is for me.  For her, we are out here in the open with the sun and the gentle breeze caressing our nakedness.

Now that my arms are free, I can finally reach her warm sex, and I do with my left hand, feeling her hot, silken wetness.  I shiver a little as her fingers lightly brush my own labia.  In my right hand, I have the meadow grass.  I slide its slender tip up her left nostril, and watch her brown eyes grow unfocussed and tear up a bit as I twirl the grass between my fingers.  I have tried this on myself before, alone, so that I know what to do, and so that I can better imagine what she is feeling.  She is feeling a familiar and yet strange tingle in her nose.  I know these induced sneezes feel so much more elusive than the normal kind; if I stop moving the grass at any moment, the urge to sneeze will die away and leave her, and me, unsatisfied.  And yet, she can't know just when the growing need to sneeze will suddenly take her over the edge.  I think she's close, though... her nostrils are flaring, and her eyes are half closed, and she's inhaling lightly, "haa...haa..." and to tease both of us, I take the grass out of her nose.  Her eyes pop open.  "Bitch!  I was so close!  Oh god, that's annoying!"  I know she's not really angry; this is part of our normal love-play, too.  She grabs my wrist, and then she's guiding my hand and forcing me to bring back the lost sneeze.  Our combined efforts are rougher than were mine alone, and quickly she's brought back to the edge and over, with a sharp "he!HatSHOO!"  She sniffs, and I smile at her, letting the grass drop to the ground, but she's not paying attention to me yet - her eyes still have a vacant, sneezy expression.  Her hand rises to hover in front of her face, waiting for another sneeze, and since her attentions are away from me at the moment, I begin lightly rubbing my own clit.  I am so, so wet, and she's only sneezed once so far.  She's rigid, waiting for another one.  Finally it comes, not one but a double.  "ahCHOO!ahCHOO!"  She shakes herself then like a dog coming out of the ocean, and rubs her nose with the back of her hand like a little girl.  She grabs me and kisses me, hard and deep on the lips, and we are trying to consume each other.  Now we lie on the ground again, kissing on the mouth, the neck, the breast, and our legs are entwined, our fingers between eachother's legs.  I am the vocal one, moaning and whimpering with pleasure and losing my identity entirely, one with the loamy earth and the blue sky and the rocks and the trees and her fingers, her fingers inside of me, and I feel myself tightening around her and electric shocks passing through me, and through all this I'm aware that her allergies are finally catching up to her, because I can hear her sneezing and feel it, too, and oh god, oh god, oh god....

And then I'm catching my breath.  Lying like putty, spread out naked on a bed of pine needles, under the sky.

"You're not finished, are you?" Marika asks.  "If you'd like a break, I can take some time to smell the flowers...."  I have no words yet, so I just turn my head to smile and watch as she finds a patch of white flowers, I don't even know what they are, and picks a couple.  She returns to me, smiling, holding the small bouquet under her nose.  "Aren't they nice?" she says.  "I think they'd look lovely all twined in your hair."

I sit up, to give her access to my head.  I love it anyway when she plays with my hair, and this adds an intriguing dimension.  I know she's allergic to those flowers.  Even as she braids one into my hair, I see her pause, nose twitching.  "What's wrong?" I ask.  I love it when she tries to talk, holding back a sneeze.  She knows I love it.  Even if I hadn't told her, the flush of my cheeks would reveal my secret.

"Nothing - eh, ah, ah *sniff* noth-haCHOO!"  She turns away when she sneezes, instinctively.  Her sneezes are sort of conversational-tone, and vocal.  "ahSHOO!  God, those flowah -ah -ahCHOO!hiTCHOO! *sniff*  Oh, babe, I am really allergic to those little fuckers."  I can see she's struggling to hold another sneeze back.  I think it's time for me to give her a little attention.

"Maybe it would help if you had something to keep your mind off it," I say primly, and then quickly push her to the ground and go down on her.  I barely touch her swollen clit with my tongue, and I can feel her shiver.  I lightly circle it with the very tip of my tongue, enjoying the taste of her.  With my hands, I'm holding her legs open; I love the muscular feel of her thighs.  Her whole body jerks suddenly with another couple sneezes, "haSHOO! ... ah ahh CHOO!"  I'm a little rougher with my tongue now, and I can feel her bucking under me.  She doesn't cry out as she comes, but when she stops moving she grabs my by the hair and pulls me roughly up to her face, and kisses me hard, biting my lip, before saying in a low voice, "You are a demon disguised as an angel.  Oh god."  And she holds me tight in her arms.  I can hear her heart beating.  I am here, in this beautiful moment, and saving it forever.