Happy Berry


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"So, do you want to try?" Kat asked with a grin.

Tasha could hardly believe it.  After all these years of hiding her fetish - from a vague shame in childhood, to full realization and suppression of her feelings in adolescence, to just trying to forget about it as an adult - now that she had finally told her lover, far from the feared shock or horror, Kat was actually encouraging her.  Wow.

"Wow," Tasha said.  She knew her face was still flushed from embarrasment, but it was fading already.  "That was so much easier than I thought."  She grabbed Kat and kissed her quickly, a peck on the lips.  "I feel silly for being so nervous!"

"Yeah, well, I was kind of nervous, too," Kat admitted, lauging.  "I mean, last week when I confessed to you that I'd like to try hardcore leather bondage, and you still refused to tell me what your fetish was, I was starting imagine, I dunno, cannibalism or something!  This is ... this is cute, Tasha!"

"Mm, thanks, I think."

"So?  Do you want to try?"

Tasha was just about giddy with relief, and now with Kat doing her best smouldering sexy look, she was starting to get excited, too.  "You're sure?"

"'Course I'm sure.  We'll need, what, pepper or something?"

"I don't know," Tasha admitted.  "I've never come to this point before.  It's all been fantasy.  What makes you sneeze?"

"I don't know.  Hardly anything.  I almost never sneeze," Kat said with a shrug.

"Yeah, I've noticed!" Tasha said with such an expression of despair that Kat laughed and hugged her, and Tasha nuzzled her neck and bumped noses with a giggle.  "Seriously, I've never seen you sneeze.  Not once, in four months.  I would have remembered."

"OK.  We have a project for today, then," Kat said.  Tasha felt a little tingle of excitement at the small of her back.  Meanwhile, Kat was looking purposefully around Tasha's tiny bachelor apartment.  It was closet-sized but nice, with lots of light from two big picture windows, and most importantly for Tasha, a philosophy grad student, it was cheap.  Kat stepped over to the kitchen corner, and took the pepper shaker from the top of the stove.  It was a little clear plastic one, with a silver-coloured top.  Then she went over to the love-seat and sat down.  Tasha joined her.

Now Tasha watched as Kat shook a little pepper onto the palm of her hand, and sniffed at it.  Tasha could already feel herself becoming aroused, just imagining the desired effect of the pepper.  Kat wrinkled her nose a bit.  Kat's nose was straight and strong-looking, to match her angular face and lanky, yet muscular limbs.  Kat and Tasha joked sometimes about being butch/femme, but in their case that sort of tired stereotype was pretty much true.  Kat, a journeyman carpenter, wore her blond hair short, wore men's style clothing, and worked out three times a week at the gym.  Tasha was rounder and softer in every way.

"Hmm, it's not working," Kat announced after a moment.  "Sort of a tingly burning feeling, but I don't need to sneeze."  She clapped her hands, sending the rest of the pepper into the air.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to try something else - ha-CHOO!"  Tasha sneezed suddenly, taking herself completely by surprise.  Her nose was still tickling.  "Ha-CHOO! aaah-CHOO!!  'Scuse me," she finished ruefully.  "Well, that didn't work quite as planned."

"Shit," Kat agreed.  She rubbed her nose.  "It's still tingling.  I almost feel like I could just sort of relax and let a sneeze sneak up on me..."  She paused.  Tasha watched, fascinated, as Kat's nose wrinkled and relaxed.  Suddenly Kat took one of those sharp little pre-sneeze breaths "aaa..." and another "aaa..." And then Kat didn't breath at all for a moment, and neither did Tasha, watching her, the whole scene completely frozen in anticipation.  And then Kat exhaled normally, shaking her head.  "Sorry."

"Well, ok, let's try something else," Tasha said.  "How about a feather?  That always works in cartoons."

"And we all trust cartoons," Kat agreed, nodding solomnly.  "OK, let's try.  Got any feathers?"

"I have a feather pillow that's always losing one or two."  Tasha found the pillow, and extracted a downy brown feather, about five centimeters long, that had been poking through the material.  "Ready?"  She wasn't sure quite what to do, now.  She curled up beside Kat on the sofa, and tried running the feather gently around the outside of Kat's nostrils.  "Feel anything?"

"Nope," Kat replied. "I mean, it sort of tickles, but in a laughing kind of way, not a sneezing kind of way.  Try tickling the inside."

"OK," Tasha agreed.  Gently she slid the tip of the feather into Kat's right nostril, and kept making tiny circling motions.  Tasha's own nose was getting itchy just thinking about this, but Kat's expression remained calm - not a twitch.  She slid the feather further in.

"Oh, hey, I feel something," Kat said.  "Right in the back...yes, it sort of feels like I need to sneeze."  There was no pre-sneezy sound to her voice, though, and her face was still calm.  Tasha kept doing the same thing, and after a minute Kat sighed.  "It's not going anywhere.  It's just enough of an almost-sneeze feeling to annoy me, but it's not going to make me sneeze."  She pulled away and reached for the pillow, extracting another fuzzy feather.  "Let me try you."

Kat started the same way Tasha had, just tickling round the bottom of Tasha's nostrils.  Almost immediately upon feeling the light touch of the feather, Tasha had an urge to sneeze, but she tried to hold it back, determined not to be that easy.  She could feel her nostrils flaring, and a tightening at the back of her throat, but she tried to relax and ignore it, but she couldn't help "aaah...aaah," couldn't help inhaling, and she could see Kat's expression, the half-smile while biting her lower lip that she always made when she was concentrating on doing something, and then Kat started to slide the feather into Tasha's nose and "ah-CHOO! Ha-CHOO!"  The first time Tasha sneezed her head bobbed and Kat lost her hold of the feather, which unfortunatedly stayed lodged in Tasha's nose, tickling more every time she inhaled after a sneeze.  "Hi-CHOO!  Aaaah-ha-KACHOOO!!! Heeheeaahh-CHOOOOO!!!"  Finally, the last sneeze dislodged the feather.  Tasha rubbed her nose and smiled wanefully at Kat.  "I need a tissue."

Kat grabbed one and handed it to her.  "God you're easy.  How 'bout if I just make you sneeze?

Tasha shook her head sadly.  "It's not the same.  I get aroused just thinking about you sneezing.  Me sneezing doesn't do much of anything for me."

"It's amusing for me, though."  Kat hugged Tasha, and kissed her, and started caressing her belly and then suddenly slipped one of her hands down the top of Tasha's skirt and under her panties to caress her there.  "Hey wow, you are aroused.  I think this is worth pursuing.  Do you think that novelty shop at Central Mall carries sneezing powder?"  Tasha just moaned and nuzzled Kat's neck.

The shop was full of all sorts of brightly coloured silly and stupid things, like shirts with offensive limericks about old men and, in the back, coffee mugs shaped like various body parts.  Also funny things, such as battery-powered plush pigs that oinked and turned summersaults.  Tasha and Kat went right for the little twirly rack of practical-joke aides.  Sadly, though, amidst the packages of pepper gum, soap that would turn your hands black, itching powder, and plastic flies, there was no sneezing powder.  "Shit," Kat sighed.  "All the way out here for nothing."

"Maybe there's some hidden in the back?" Tasha suggested.  "Not all of these are filed right..."  She started to look behind the front packages.  Kat wandered off to see what else was in the store.

A minute later, Tasha heard Kat calling her.  She joined Kat at the other side of the store.  Unbelievably, Kat was rubbing her nose and blinking, with a very sneezy expression on her face.

"Something there," Kat said, pointing at a bright array of scented candles.  "Something over there is making me really want to sneeze.  Oh wow."

"Which one?" Tasha asked, her heart suddenly racing.

"Dunno.  We'll have to test," Kat said with a grin.

Tasha took one from the box on the far left, a long, slender pink taper.  It felt cool and smooth.  "This one's rose-scented," she said, and handed it to Kat.

Kat sniffed it.  "Hm, nice.  But not the one."

Tasha returned that one, and gave her the next, a white one.  "Vanilla?"

Kat sniffed again.  "Hey, this one's really yummy smelling.  Not making me sneeze, though."  As she handed the candle to Tasha, suddenly she inhaled convulsively and froze for a moment, nostrils flared, eyes half closed, and Tasha was sure Kat had to sneeze, but Kat quickly rubbed her nose, and her expression went back to normal.

"Why did you stop yourself?"  Tasha whispered.

"The expression on your face, I was afraid you'd have an orgasm right here in the store if I sneezed," Kat countered with a sly grin.  "There are children here."

"Was it the vanilla candle?"

"No, I don't think so.  I've been on the edge of sneezing ever since I came over here, but it didn't feel much worse just then."

"OK.  Try cranberry," Tasha said, handing her the next one.

In minute they'd reached the end of the candles, Kat shaking her head to every one.  "I just don't know," she said with a shrug, backing away from the candles in defeat.  "None of them particula - aahh  aaaahhhaaaa oh god aaahh haa,"  rubbing her nose furiously she stepped back towards the candles.  "Haaa-aaaah *sniff*  God, what was that?"

"When you backed away from the candles, you went right up against this display," Tasha pointed out.  It was a cardboard display stand, advertising 'BRAND NEW!  HAPPY-BERRY SCENTED MOISTURIZING SOAP!'

"Here," Tasha said, grabbing a red cake of soap, "Smell this."

Kat sniffed, and immediately backed away, rubbing her nose again and grinning.  "Thad's id all righd.  Buy id.  I'll wait oudside."  And Kat fled the store.

Tasha looked with admiration at the cake of soap that had had such a dramatic effect on her never-sneezing lover.  It was transluscent red, in a rounded oval shape.  What was a 'happy-berry' anyway?  She sniffed it.  It had a generic fruity/soapy scent, nothing special.  Feeling slightly greedy, she grabbed another two bars and took them to the cash.

With the soap safely contained in a thick paper bag, Tasha and Kat headed for home.  A half-empty bus pulled up to the stop outside the mall just as they got there, and soon they were inside, sneaking lustful smiles at each other as they found a seat.

When they'd been on the bus for a few blocks, they heard a man somewhere behind them sneeze once, a low, growly "ha-Choo!"  Kat looked sideways at Tasha.  "Should I be jealous?"

"Of course not!" Tasha insisted, worried for a moment until she caught Kat's expression and knew that her lover was having her on.  "Well..." she hedged, deciding to tease a little herself, "it was a good sneeze..."

"I think I know how to drive all such adulterous thoughts out of your head," Kat whispered, grabbing the paper bag from Tasha.  Tasha watched, spellbound, as Kat opened the paper bag, held the opening up to her nose, and sniffed.

Kat's eyes half-closed, her nostils flared, and her lips parted a crack.  She was obviously in total pre-sneeze limbo.  She didn't close the bag, but did move it farther from her face.  "Haaa" she inhaled suddenly,  "haaa"  *sniff* .   She blinked rapidly.  "There's this sort of fiery tickle at the back of my nose," she whispered, and rubbed her nose again.  "I keep - haaa - having to - haaa - breath in, like the first part of a sn - haaa haaa - sneeze.  But I'm - aaah aaah  *sniff*  stopping myself from sneezing."

"Why?" Tasha whispered, touching Kat's cheek gently.

Kat gave Tasha an evil grin for a moment before another convulsive inhalation interrupted.  "Because I can see this is driving you insane."

Safely back in Tasha's apartment, shoes off, back on the couch.  The moment of truth, or revelation, or something.  "So," Kat said, "You just want to watch and see what happens?"

Tasha was sitting sideways on the couch, with her back against the arm, her knees bent, and her feet against Kat's leg.  Kat was sitting against the opposite arm, but with her feet on the floor.  The bag was on her lap.  "OK, to start," Tasha said.  She felt really nervous, and already very aroused.

Kat opened the bag, and took out a bar of soap.  She put the bag with the other bars on the floor.  Then she sat there, holding the rounded red bar cupped in both hands, looking at it contemplatively.  Tasha thought she looked like a perfect picture.  Kat was wearing a tight black sleeveless tank top today, showing off her long, tanned muscular arms.  She was wearing army pants and old combat boots, too, and with her blond buzz-cut the whole look was very military.  Except, of course, for her upper lip curling back slightly, her nostrils flaring, her eyes half-shutting and going all unfocused .... and then amazing, she started to talk.  Her voice didn't sound quite like normal - normally very firm, it was now trembly, a little breathy, and soft. 

"This is torture...ahh...I never feel like this...aaahh...does it remind you of the edge of an orgasm Tasha?...ahhaa...that's enough I really really want to snee.... eee.... eee... aaah..." As she started inhaling this time, Kat's eyes closed almost entirely, and her head drew backwards a fraction with each shuddered breath.  Meanwhile, her right hand had left the soap and was creeping upwards towards Kat's nose, index finger extended, as though she intended to block the sneeze with it.  Still she only inhaled, "aaah....aaah" and her index finger reached her upper lip, to lie along it under her nose - but Tasha suddenly realized there was no way Kat would be able to block the sneeze with that finger which had been so recently touching the soap, and which much smell so strongly of it.  So finally "aaAAA!!....CHOOOO!!!!!"

Kat's sneeze was quite loud and she bent forward with the force of it.  A moment later she sniffed, and looked over at Tasha with slightly watery eyes.  "That was good for me.  Was it good for you?"

Tasha replied by caressing Kat's cheek.  "Mmm hmm," she murmured.  "Again?"

Kat sniffed the soap again.  This time, her mouth dropped open as she inhaled, so Tasha could just see the white tips of her teeth between her full lips.  Kat's eyelids fluttered, and her nostrils flared wide once, twice...

"Aaaah... aaaah... haaakiTCHOOO!!!" Her head reared back with the final inhalation, and as before she doubled over when she sneezed.

"Oh my god you're beautiful," Tasha whispered.  She was so aroused now she could hardly stand it.

"I think I'm going to sn-aaah *sniff* sneeze aaaahaaah....again," Kat said, already in the throes of it.  Now her right hand was fluttering in front of her nose - the motion looked strange for her, much too ladylike.  "HiiCHOO! aaTCHOO! heekheeehaaCHOOO!!!"  She sniffed, and looked at Tasha with tears in her eyes.  "How do you like them?  Am I pleasing you?"

"Kat, your sneezes are amazing.  They're so strong and dramatic!  But are you all right?  Is this ok for you?"

"Oh, I'm fine.  *sniff*  I'd definitely have to class this as an s&m thing.  But it's totally harmless for me, and know what?  You're pretty sexy as a top.  So come over her and sit on my lap and tell me what you like about my sneezing."

Tasha was more than happy to comply.  She was of course wearing a long, loose skirt, so when she straddled Kat's lap, sitting facing her, the skirt gathered and Kat, sliding her left hand down between them, had easy access to Tasha's most intimate areas.  Kat started gently tickling Tasha's clitoris as she handed Tasha the soap and said "Now tell me what you like.  And know that you have the power to make it happen whenever you want."

Tasha moaned slightly as Kat increased the pressure of her teasing momentarily.  "Mmmmm.  Power.  Mine.  Right.  Be good, you."  Kat arched an eyebrow innocently, and her fingers stopped moving for the moment.  "All right," Tasha continued.  "I love how you build up so thoroughly."  She brought the soap up between them, to chest level.  Kat's nose started twitching slightly, and her blinking grew fractionally more rapid.  "I love how you start breathing in, not just once but many times, like you're winding up or something."  She lifted the red bar just a little bit higher, watching for the moment that Kat's nostrils would flare and her lips part.  "I love the completely blank expression you have the moment before you sneeze - you look so completely open.  And I love the fact that normally, you're so much stronger than me, but just as you sneeze you're helpless, the sneeze is completely in control of you, and right now I am completely in control of the sneeze." 

With that, she lifted the bar reverentially to right under Kat's twitching nose.  Obediently, Kat took a deep breath through her nose.  The results were immediate.  An almost panicked sound, "gah!" from the back of her throat, then Kat sneezed powerfully.  This time, because of how they were sitting, when her torso jerked forward with the sneeze she was pressed into Tasha's chest, her face just between Tasha's round, soft breasts.  "hiCHOO!"  Tasha put her arms around Kat and held her, as Kat continued in a bona fide sneezing fit, now muffled against Tasha's chest.

"haTCHOO! hihiCHOO! gaahaaaTCHOOooohaaCHOooahCHOO!!!"  Meanwhile, with each sneeze Kat's fingers moved sharply against Tasha's clitoris, and Tasha was starting to feel very close to climax. 

"Oh god don't stop" she managed to say, before being reduced to non-verbal noises.  Kat, still sneezing, sensed the change in the balance of power.  She leaned back against the couch, though she still jerked forward with a sneeze every couple seconds, and she quite conciously began rubbing Tasha faster and faster.  Tasha, her own eyes now involuntarily half closed, could just barely see Kat's strong face in its now perpetual sneeze cycle, taking shuddery breath then sneezing it out, only to draw another breath, the trembly 'aaaah' followed by the forceful "TCHOO!"

Kat sneezed, and Tasha felt fire running from her belly down her legs.  Kat sneezed again, her strong fingers still working, and Tasha felt the molten fire spreading to her fingers and toes.  Kat sneezed "haCHOOOO!" and Tasha let go completely, her own back arching as Kat's did before a sneeze, "Ohhh!ohhh!OOOHHHHH!"  And just at that moment she couldn't take it anymore, Kat stopped sneezing.  Breathless, Tasha grabbed her around the neck and hugged her tight.  Sniffling, Kat held on to Tasha just as tight.

"That was fun," Kat said.  "Let's do it again sometime."