Have You Met My Sister?


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Carrie entered the ladies' bathroom on prom night... and stopped dead in her tracks. Her fiancé and prom date, Steve Swoon, captain of the baseball team, was locked in a passionate embrace with her sister, Cathy.

”Carrie, darling, it's not like it seems, I can explain,” Steve said.

But it was, and he couldn't. The Wilson twins, Carrie and Cathy, were as dissimilar as twins could be. The former was a tall, long-legged blue-eyed blonde; the other a short, dumpy little brunette with thick glasses and buckteeth.

Carrie let fly. 'How could you, Cathy? You could have had any guy in high school. Why did you have to take my Steve?'

Carrie glared at her twin, as sharply as the difference in nature's kindness between them. Cathy remained the superior, calm and confident as ever, as only a girl can be who knows that the entire male population of her high school have her to thank for helping them through those difficult teenage years.

“I will never ever forgive you for this!” Carrie hissed, before turning on the handsome hunk who was draped around Cathy like a plaything. “I thought you were different, Steve. Every guy I've dated has gone after her. It's so unfair! I finally thought I'd found someone who loved me for who I am, but, oh no, she has to take him off me! She's always gotten more attention than me!”

Tears welled up in Carrie's baby-blue eyes as she stamped one dainty foot.

“I'm homecoming queen and she's still getting more attention than me!”

With that, blonde, beautiful Carrie tore off the engagement ring she had worn for just two weeks and flung it at Steve, storming off out of the bathroom.


Cathy sneezed as only she could, sending a tingling shiver through Steve. That one explosion was all it took for him to forget all about Carrie; he felt his cock harden and the hairs on his neck stand up. He had waited a long time for this- he reached out and picked up the discarded ring before kneeling down before Cathy.

“Marry me!”

Steve gazed at her bespectacled, bucktoothed face, struggling to compose itself post-sneeze, and couldn’t resist the urge to press his lips against Cathy’s. They began a long, lingering kiss, which told him the answer was yes.

He slipped the ring onto her finger, and the two inched into a cubicle. Tangled into each other as they were, they began the bare minimum of undressing required to satisfy their rising passion. Within minutes, Cathy had slipped the just-in-case condom Steve always carried onto his proud erection and was guiding him into her. Steve entered Cathy’s moist warmth with a thrill that took his breath away.

Carrie had always been too self-conscious to sneeze in front of anyone, and while the dainty hi-chiews she occasionally let slip were cute, no one could do it like Cathy. All those long hours and many dollars spent on beauticians, hairdressers, and manicurists... and all along dumpy little Cathy had known what boys really liked.