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Marcy glanced at her watch again. 3 o'clock; still an hour to go. She paced irritably along 'The Piazza', looking into shop windows as a futile attempt to kill time until the train drew into the station.

Gemma worked away from home quite often, but never before had she been away for this length of time. Marcy had missed her dearly and was fast running out of patience, cursing at anyone who dared to step in front of her. She muttered audibly as an elderly lady stopped dead to check the contents of her purse.

"Typical bloody redhead!" came a lilting voice from behind her, "Short fuses-r-us!"

"Gemma!" Marcy exclaimed- it could be no other. She spun on her heel to face her. "You're early! How long have you-"

"I got in on the 2 o'clock train," interrupted Gemma. "I called, but you must've already left. And what have I told you about that damn mobile? Switch it ON!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting to charge it. You know what I'm like," Marcy said.

"Yeah, only too well." Gemma grinned. "I'm starving. Fancy some fish 'n' chips?"

"Sure, but not here. Let's get some on the way home, okay? Come on, the car's in the multi-storey." 

With that, Marcy set off towards the car park with Gemma following hot on her heels. After wandering around the various levels for ten minutes or so, she began to look perplexed. 

"Where the hell did I park it? I could've sworn I left it right here!"

"This is so typical of you," Gemma sighed. "You can be such an airhead! Didn't it occur to you to check the level number before you walked off?"

"Don't get stroppy, honey, I was excited! I could barely wait to see you, and now you're all cross with me." She faked a pout, which made Gemma giggle. "Anyway, you're early, so it's not like we're gonna overrun the ticket."

"True. Come on then, let's start at the bottom and work…" she cut herself off mid-sentence. "Wait, I have an idea! Keep pressing on the key fob. Then when we get within range, the alarm will sound and we can find the car! Oh God, I'm such a genius!"

"Yes, darling," replied Marcy with ill-disguised sarcasm. 

Gemma shot her a playful look, prodded her in the ribs and ran off laughing. Marcy gave chase. 

"Just you wait 'til we get home, I'll have you for that!"

"Ooh, promises, promises!" Gemma chirped.

When found the car, Marcy drove them home, stopping off for the fish 'n' chips en route. As soon as they got home, Gemma dumped her bag in the hallway and strode into the kitchen with the hot parcel of food. 

"Right, let's eat!"

"Aww Gem, don't you want to, umm, reunite first?" Marcy said.

"No, later. Sorry love, I did tell you I'm starving. My belly thinks my throat's been slit, I must eat before I collapse!"

"You and your stomach!" tutted Marcy as she unwrapped the fish and chips. "Make yourself useful and get the salt 'n' vinegar out"

"Yes ma'am, no ma'am, whatever you say ma'am," Gemma mocked.

"And less lip!" 

They moved to the lounge and ate in front of the TV, then lay there with their arms around each other for a while, basking in their happiness at being together again. At length, however, Gemma disengaged and stood up. 

"Well, after all that travelling, I need a shower. Care to join me?"

Marcy didn't need to be asked twice. "Hell yeah! Get the water running and I'll be right there." 

By the time she got upstairs, Gemma was already undressed, her long black locks flowing down her shapely back. 

"You know," Marcy told her, "you get more beautiful by the day."

"Oh stop," Gemma replied. "You're such a sweet talker!"

"But I mean every word of it," Marcy protested.

"C'mon, get in!" Gemma said as the hot water began to flow. 

Marcy did as she was instructed and together they stood in the pulsating, refreshing water. Marcy leaned forward to kiss her beloved. 

"Getting fresh already?" teased Gemma "I see!"

"Gem, you've been away for a whole fortnight, what do you expect? I've missed you, so excuse me, but yes, I am getting fresh! Any objections?"

"None whatsoever." 

This time, she let Marcy kiss her and responded in kind. As their lips met with increasing passion, Gemma let her hands roam towards Marcy's pneumatic bust. 

"My God! You're horny as hell! I could hang my coat on those!" Gemma exclaimed.

"You can talk!" 

"Mmm, I just did." 

Gemma licked the water from her lover's neck, then worked down to her breasts, teasing Marcy's hard nipples with the labret in her bottom lip.

Marcy reclined her head in pleasure. "That feels so good! And to think I didn't want you to get that piercing done. Oh God, I'm so glad you didn't listen…"

"When do I ever listen to a word you… ahh… ahh… shOOO! Ahh uhh oh…" Gemma paused, expectant, and then looked contrite. "I thought I was gonna sneeze again, but it's gone now. Damn! I hate it when that happens!"

"I don't," thought Marcy to herself, "I love it!" Marcy had always had a 'thing' about sneezing for as long as she could remember, though she'd never had the courage to tell Gemma- or indeed anyone else- about it. 

Marcy loved, no, worshipped Gemma, but it was the way she sneezed that had first drawn Marcy's attention. Greenhead College… Ah, she remembered it as if it were yesterday. 

Gemma was a student teacher and had had to give a talk to her study group. She had stood anxiously at the front of the lecture theatre, fidgeting with her long raven hair, her usually pale complexion taking on a pinkish flush as she became increasingly perturbed. She had just begun to speak when her delicate, retroussé nose started to twitch. She rubbed at it but the tickle refused to be beaten into submission. With little, warning she embarked upon a chronic sneezing fit. One after another, after another, with barely a breath between them. 

Some students laughed, and a few looked concerned. Marcy, however, could do nothing other than watch and listen intently as she quickly became aroused. Until then, she had not noticed how attractive Gemma was, but now… as she immersed herself in her sternutatory fantasies, she was suddenly aware that the wonderful, feminine sneezes were coming from a very beautiful young woman indeed.

She snapped out of it when she saw the effect all of this was having on Gemma, who was now crying through sheer humiliation. Marcy approached her.

"Hey, it's ok, take no notice of them." 

Gemma didn't reply, but just looked at her with streaming eyes. 

"Come on, I'll shout you a coffee." Marcy ushered her out of the theatre and into the canteen. They sat in a quiet corner. "Is coffee okay?"

"Yes," sniffed Gemma, "coffee's fine. Thank you." From then on, their friendship had flourished, and it wasn't long before they had 'developed' into lovers.

Now, in the shower, Marcy could feel a distinct wetness in her groin that was most certainly not caused by the shower. She also had 'goose flesh', which thanks to prior experience, told Gemma that Marcy was ready for more than just fondling. Without delay, she dropped to her knees and gently lifted Marcy's leg onto her shoulder. She then used her fingers to separate her labia and began working her tongue in and around her vagina, and sucking on her clitoris.

"Oh Gem, Gem…" moaned Marcy, as she surrendered herself to Gemma's expertise. Her lover's fingers and tongue seemed to be everywhere, prodding, caressing, driving her wild as the water's patter swarmed around them. "Oh God, I'm gonna come, oh Gem… right there…" Gemma knew what she was doing and smiled to herself even as she continued to press exactly the right buttons needed to rock Marcy's world. "Oh, oh… Gemma!" Marcy screamed as the leg she was standing on almost buckled under her. 

The sound of the water and Gemma's hot, heavy breathing seemed magnified as she climaxed, every muscle in her body tensing and then relaxing again as pleasure swept through her in waves which faded only slowly.

Exhausted, she leaned back against the tiles.

Gemma straightened up and looked her lover in the eyes. "Feeling better now?" she grinned.

"Yes, yes," panted Marcy, "just gimme a sec to catch my breath, and then it's your turn." She smiled provocatively at Gemma.

Just over an hour later they were sitting in the garden, exploiting the warmth of the evening sun. It was almost September, so warm evenings like this were few and far between. As they took in the view of their plot, they could smell the sweet, subtle scent of the butterfly bushes riding on the breeze. The late clematis had clothed the fence with a most beautiful array of colours so that hardly any timber remained visible. In the borders, red-hot-pokers fought for attention amongst legions of kaffir lilies and coneflowers. Many shades of asters filled the tubs and pots, and the jasmine… Ah yes, the jasmine.

White jasmine had always been Gemma's favourite, which is partly why Marcy took such excellent care of it, but there was a much more mischievous reason behind Marcy's almost-excessive botanical interest as well. Gemma's sensitive nose was highly irritated by its wonderful aroma. Despite her allergy, she could never resist nestling the tip of her nose into its umbel-like cymes, and this evening would be no different. 

Marcy tingled just watching her do it. As her lover inhaled the plant's delicious fragrance, it immediately took effect. Marcy watched as Gemma's face contorted into an exquisite pre-sneeze expression; this was exactly what she had expected and she had no complaints.

"Oh Gemma," she sighed, trying to contain her excitement "this happens every time you go near the jasmine." She handed her a tissue. "If you like, I could pull them up."

"No," Gemma sniffed, desperately trying to hold back her sneezes. "Don't you dare; you know how much I love them!"

"I know, but look what they do to you…" Marcy tried to sound concerned, but she was quickly losing her own battle against her libido.

"It's just a sneeze," Gemma assured her. "It's not like it makes me ill. You worry too much." She blew her nose, but it didn't halt the tickling sensation. Marcy watched and waited. "ehhhCHIII! EhhCHIII! Uhh… uhh-aaaCHOOO!"

Marcy felt a familiar warmth exuding from her loins. "Maybe we should get you back inside," she suggested.

"Ahh… ahhh-ahhhESSHHH! Yeah, I th… think maybe we… w-… hurrESSHH! Ahh-CHOO! CHOO! We should." She blew her nose gain, but still it had no impact.

Once inside, the sneezing ceased. Marcy was slightly disappointed, but she had already witnessed enough for her to be irrevocably stimulated. 

"Don't suppose you fancy another romp?

"You're insatiable!"

"I know, and this time it's pure lust." 

"Such honesty can't go unrewarded," Gemma mused. "But not in the shower this time. Those tiles are cold!"

"Ok, pick a place. I'm easy."

"Ha! This is news?" Gemma teased. "Say, remember that butt plug you got from the Ann Summers party… you still got it?"

"I think so." Marcy paused for a moment, then looked incredulously at Gemma "Oh come on, I only ordered it for a laugh. You're not seriously thinking about using it?" She looked again at Gemma. "You are! Oh my God!"

"Don't be such a prude, it's not like I'm forcing you to use it!" With that, Gemma ran into the next room and draped herself on Marcy's new gym with her feet up on the weight bars. "Come and get it!" she called.

"And the plug?" inquired Marcy.

"Forget it, just get in here!"

Marcy arrived to see Gemma's stunning figure spread-eagled naked on the gym's deck, her posture unashamedly inviting. Marcy stripped off and bent before her paramour. Leaning forward, she licked around Gemma's navel before slowly working her way south towards her hot, wet pussy. She moved her tongue with a lapping motion over Gemma's swollen lips, then extended it as far as she could inside her, steadily withdrawing and inserting it in a delicious penetrative motion. Gemma moaned softly while Marcy worked on her clitoris, sucking it into her mouth, then gently biting down on it and licking it voraciously.

Suddenly Gemma's breathing turned fast and shallow. "Oh Marcy, eat me! I'm almost there, I'm gonna come! Eat me!" she panted. 

Marcy obliged- she was no less skilled with her tongue and fingers than Gemma, and was quite determined to give as good as she had gotten in the shower only such a short time before.

"Uh oh," Gemma suddenly started, her tone changing, sounding so very strained, impossibly on edge. "Marcy, I'm gonna come, but I'm gonna sneeze too. Oh damn…"

On hearing this, Marcy licked harder and faster, at the same time furiously rubbing her own clit. "This is fantastic," she thought to herself "the stuff dreams are made of."

"Marcy! Marce… I'm gonna come, I'm gonna… any second now, I'm there, I'm nearly there…oh Marcy… oh oh… ohhhh…" she rolled her head from side to side as she gave a loud moan, and then quickly followed it up by "oh God… oh God… oh oh… ahh… ahhHHSSHOO! HekkkCHOOO! Haa… haa… ahhhESSHH!"

As she sneezed, she began to shake as her body convulsed in waves of pleasure. Gemma succumbed to an earth-shattering orgasm that caused her to squirt her warm juices all over Marcy's face. Marcy, of course, didn't mind at all. She was in her own little heaven, and although still lapping at Gemma's groin, she was paying much more attention to her own needs now.

"Let me finish you off," offered a still-trembling Gemma as she slid off the gym and onto the floor along side her lover. 

Marcy opened her legs wide, exposing her glistening, soaking wet slit into which Gemma immediately inserted a finger. She introduced a second, then third finger into Marcy's vagina and 'walked' them inside her while Marcy writhed on the floor in ecstasy. Seeing that her lover was almost there, she lowered herself down so that she could let her tongue work its magic. She licked and rubbed in a circular motion around her lover's exposed clit until Marcy came hard, writhing and groaning much as Gemma had.

Exhausted, they lay breathless on the floor with their arms around each other.

"Wow!" Gemma sighed. "I'll work away more often if this is the kind of welcome home I get!"