John And Eve


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It was early Saturday morning, and Eve was dimly aware of her lover, John, getting up and getting dressed. She roused slowly from sleep, and swallowed a few times. Her throat felt dry. She reached over to the nightstand and took a drink from the glass of water there.

"Good morning, honey," John said softly, seeing that she was awake. He came over to kiss her, shirt half buttoned.

"Mmmm... good morning," she murmured sleepily. He finished getting dressed. Then he kissed her again, and she wrapped her arms around him and ran her fingers through his dark, wavy hair.

"I'll get back around 2," he said. "Will you be here?"

"Mmm--hmm. I'll probably be starting the food for the potluck."

"Okay. See you then." And with a final kiss, he left. She snuggled back under the covers. Her throat still felt dry, almost scratchy. She swallowed a few times and went back to sleep.

She woke up again at 9 a.m., and now her throat hurt. Yes, it was definitely sore. Maybe she was getting sick, she thought, and at this thought a whole spectrum of feelings welled up in her. Fear, excitement, anticipation, shame - and arousal. Perhaps the time had come at last. She was coming down with something, she had a boyfriend, and he knew her secret. She had told him almost four months ago, right before they moved in together, about her strange fetish. She was intensely aroused by colds and their accompanying sniffles and - oh yes - sneezes. That was the best part. Her own sneezes or someone else's drove her crazy with desire.

But it wasn't just a sexual thing. There was a romantic aspect to it as well. She loved taking care of someone with a cold, and longed to be taken care of herself; yet at the same time she was ashamed of being sick and found it nearly impossible to ask for attention, or even allow herself to receive it. She had never told anyone about this huge knot of emotions until that wonderful, naked night four months ago. He had been so sympathetic, so understanding, so intrigued. He'd said that he couldn't wait to catch a cold, and promised to take care of her if she got sick. But they'd both been maddeningly healthy since then - until today. But perhaps it would go away. Or perhaps it would remain just a sore throat, not sexy at all. Only time would tell, she told herself, and got out of bed to get dressed.

As the morning slid into afternoon, her throat got worse. It felt raw and tickly, quite unpleasant. While running some errands, she found herself growing increasingly tired and achy, too.

"Oh please," she begged the virus that had invaded her. "Please give me some sniffles! Some sneezes? A runny, stuffy nose?" That was the fun part! Finally, she began to get her wish. The tickles began to creep from the back of her throat into her nose. It began to tingle. It began to drip, and she found herself sniffling. And as she returned home with groceries, the tickles suddenly seized her nose, her whole head - she gasped - "Uh...ah..ahhhchooo!" She ran for a tissue and blew her suddenly wet nose. Her sex was equally wet, and it throbbed with pleasure. But the tickles returned. "Ohhh - hah - ahhhchoo! ACHOOO!" she sneezed, almost obliterating the thin, wet tissue she held to her nose. Oh, yes! She had a cold! She shivered with excitement and nervousness. It would be so hard to tell John! She would feel so naked and vulnerable, with her desires so exposed. She began to prep the ingredients for the potluck that night, although it looked as if she might not go. She was so nervous; she had to do something. At a little after two, a key rattled in the door. Her heart jumped. John was home.

"Hi honey!" he called as he walked in the door.

"Hey sweetheart," she replied, calling from the kitchen. Did she sound at all sick, she wondered? Probably not, not yet. Her nose wasn't stuffed up, and she wasn't hoarse. Maybe she wouldn't be able to tell him. Maybe he wouldn't notice. Maybe if she did tell him, he wouldn't believe her or he wouldn't care. Just then a tickle started in her nose and she sneezed, "Ahhh-choo!"

"Bless you," he called, still putting his things away in the hall. She quickly grabbed a tissue and blew her runny nose as quietly as possible. Why are you hiding it? she asked herself. This is what you wanted! But she was scared. She went back to chopping. He entered and circled his arms around her waist, kissing her soft and silky neck.

"Hi there, beautiful. How's it going?"

She opened her mouth to tell him, but her throat stopped up - she just couldn't.

"Fine," she finally managed, voice pitched a note too high.

"Oh, that was convincing," he said with gentle sarcasm. "What's wrong?"

She blushed as he turned her to face him and could not meet his eyes. She tried to speak, but the words wouldn't come. "Nothing-it's just..." her nose was running again and she had to sniffle. "It's only..."

He was puzzled. What on earth could be wrong? Then she sniffled again, and he knew.

"My dear," he said, in an almost paternal voice, "Are you coming down with a cold?" Unable to speak, she nodded.

"Poor thing," he said, smiling indulgently and holding her closer. "And are you feeling shy about it because of what you told me?"

"Yes," she whispered. He embraced her lovingly and kissed her on the forehead.

"You don't need to be shy about this with me. It's going to be just fine. I'm going to take really good care of you..." he said, a hand drifting down until it was stroking her crotch. "All of you."

She moaned slightly, her already moist pussy getting soaking wet at his touch and his words. At her reaction, he started to get a hard-on himself. His own kinky tendency tended towards dominance and submission, and the sight of her so vulnerable, so ashamed, and yet so aroused, was very erotic. He wanted to manipulate those intense desires she was so ashamed of until she begged for more. At the same time, he loved her and wanted to take care of her.

A sudden tickle seized her and she turned her head - "EhhhCHOO!!" - and sneezed.

"Bless you," he said mischievously, enjoying her fierce blushing. He took a tissue from the box and handed it to her. "Did that feel good?"

"Y-yes," she sighed, stammered. Her nose twitched again. "I - oh - ACHHOO!!!"

"Bless you!" he exclaimed. He embraced her, kissing her cheek, her neck, her breasts. "You're catching quite a cold. Let's get you into bed."

"Oh <sniff> I'm not that sick, I don't need to - ohhh..." she gasped as he quickly, expertly unbuttoned her jeans and slipped his hand inside. He immediately found her soaking wet pussy and gently slid a finger into her. She gasped with pleasure.

"That's what I thought," he said firmly. "You definitely need to be in bed." He withdrew his hand, and led her into the bedroom. She was breathless with excitement, but she did notice that he wasn't kissing her on the lips. That made her feel slightly hurt. She didn't want him to care about catching her cold. He sat her down on the bed with her.

"Now tell me what's wrong," he said, paternal once more. He began to undress her. "What are your symptoms? When did this start?"

"It - it started this morning, with a scratchy throat," she said shyly, but warming up to talking about it. "Then it got worse, and my nose started running and tickling. And I've been...umm..."


"Yeah, a little," she said. It was still so hard to say.

"I noticed," he said with a smile. He pulled her close, bodies pressed together, lips almost touching. "And if I kiss you, I might catch your cold," he said, low and seductive. "Then I'd have the sniffles and sneezes too." He smiled a slow, wicked smile. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Her breath came hard and quick; she could hardly stand it. "You'd love to see me all stuffed up, blowing my nose, and sneezing, wouldn't you, Eve?"

"Yes," she panted, ashamed but incredibly aroused. "Yes - I would." He smiled, and kissed her deeply. Their tongues flicked together and their breath mingled. John breathed deeply. He hoped he would catch her cold; he couldn't wait to see what it did to her. And for her, the knowledge that she might be passing her sneezes on to him at that very moment drove her wild with lust. They kissed passionately and he began to undress. She helped him with shaking hands. Sliding under the covers, they pressed together, bodies entwined. But Eve's cold intruded, and she paused, chest rising and falling in little gasps; she turned, cupping her hand over her face...."ehh..ETCHOOOOO!" she sneezed wetly. She glanced at the bedside table. "Oh, where are the- the- uh- huhCHOO! HITCHOO!! Oh, 'doe..." she kept her hand over her nose which was wet with the result of her sneezing. He laughed gently at her embarrassment. He found the tissues and pulled several from the box.

"Here, let me," he said, and before she could stop him, wiped her nose tenderly.

"John, don't..." she protested, but her voice was weak with arousal, and he knew that she liked it.

"I'll stop if you really want me to," he said, kissing her cheek. "Do you really want me to?"

"No..." she sighed. "No."

"Good," he smiled, and held the tissue once more to her nose. "Now, blow." And she did. She needed to. Her cold was getting steadily worse, even as her desire grew more intense.

"Good girl," he said, wiping her nose when she was finished. They kissed once more, bodies moving slowly against each other. She felt him hard against her, and reached down to stroke him. He returned the favour.

"Oh, God, are so wet..." he whispered, his arousal heightening. He had never seen her quite like this.

"I want you," she panted, "I want you inside of me... oh God, I want you so much..." Soon he was on top of her, his warm weight pressed against her. He held himself so that his cock was touching her clit, just there, as she moaned and writhed, dying to feel him all the way inside her. But every time she ground her hips forward he would back away.

"Oh, John, please..."

"Please what?"

"Please...fuck me!" There was nothing he wanted more, but he knew how she loved to be teased.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," he said. "You've got a bad cold, don't you, Eve?"

"Yes, oh yes...I've got a really bad cold..." Her nose was really running and she sniffled moistly. But that only seemed to aggravate her nose, for her brows narrowed and her nose twitched, nostrils flaring...she began to gasp...This is it, thought John-

"Ahh...ah...ah-CHOOO!" she sneezed, and as she sneezed, John entered her, making her cry out with passion. "Oh God, John, oh GOD!"  He moaned with her, his lust inflaming her own. He moved in and out inside the woman he loved, quickly feeling himself close to the brink...Eve moved with him, eyes locked with his, until she stiffened and dug her nails into his back, almost screaming in ecstasy. In a moment, he cried out his climax as well, and collapsed against her. She held on to him and they breathed together, holding each other, neither wanting to move. It had happened so quickly, she didn't want it to end. She loved those moments immediately afterwards, bodies pressed together, still at one, with him slowly growing soft inside her. She loved him so much.

They lay together like that for what seemed like a long time. Eventually she had to move out from under him and grab some more tissues. He watched her with a half smile as she blew noisily. It felt good, and she was no longer so embarrassed. She looked into his eyes.

"John, that was what I've dreamed about for as long as I can remember."

"I'm glad I could be the one to give it to you. Was it as good as you hoped?"

"Better!" She shook her head, still amazed at what had happened. "I don't understand. It was so perfect. How could you know all the right things to say and do?"

"I have good instincts," he replied, pleased, but a little guilty. Since she had been too shy to tell him exactly what she wanted, he had supplemented his good instincts with a little research on the web. He had typed in "sneeze fetish," and checked out the websites that popped up. Hey, it was a free Internet - but he suspected that she might not be pleased that he had seen her special sites, so he kept it to himself.

"It was so wonderful..."she sighed, happily, snuggling up to him in the warm afterglow. "If only it wasn't over so quickly!"

"I'm afraid it's far from over, my dear," he said, pretending to be stern. "You're sounding worse by the minute. You're going to be stuck with this cold for a while. We'll have plenty of time to take it slow...over and over..." they kissed, and their limbs entwined.

" I really sound sick?" she asked.

"You do. It's adorable." He laughed and held her tightly.

"You're so wonderful."

They held each other like that for a while, but then John glanced at the clock and remembered the potluck.

"I'd better call Darrin and tell him we're not coming," he said, reaching for the phone.

"We could still go," she said, and he raised a sceptical eyebrow. " could."

"No way. I'm going to stay right here with you."

"You- you don't have to, you know. I'm ok," she said, feeling shy once more.

"I want to. And you want me to, too." He kissed her and dialled the number. "Hey, Darrin? It's John. I'm sorry, but we're not going to be able to make it tonight. Eve's just come down with a bad cold. Yeah, I think I should stay here and take care of her."

"I don't need to be taken care of, I'm not that sick, " Eve protested, pride stung. It was one thing between the two of them, but to announce it to the whole world? She didn't like to be thought of as weak or sick. Unfortunately her ticklish nose suddenly had other ideas. "Atchhihh! Heh-heh-CHOO! ATCHOO!" she sneezed helplessly, and then fell into a fit of coughing that she tried to muffle into a pillow.

"Yeah, that's her," John said to Darrin with a smile. "She was just trying to tell me that she's not really sick." Eve looked sheepish as her coughing subsided. "Yeah, I know. Okay, sure. Hope you have a great time tonight - bye." He hung up the receiver. "

"Darrin says feel better soon," he said, and he cuddled up with her again. John was getting hot and pushed away some of the covers, but it made Eve shiver.

"Cold?" he asked. She nodded. He covered her up again and kissed her forehead. "Well, you feel pretty warm. I think you might have a little fever. I'm going to take your temperature, ok?" She sighed and acquiesced. He retrieved a digital thermometer from the bathroom and slipped it under her tongue. Then he got out some flannel pyjamas from the dresser and she put them on. He got in bed with her again and she snuggled up to him, feeling both happy and uncomfortable with all the loving attention she was getting. It was what she had always wanted, to be fussed over like this. But she wasn't used to it, and had to make a conscious effort to relax into feeling cared for.

The thermometer beeped and he took it out and read it. "100.5," he read, sounding sympathetic. "Not just the sniffles, then."

"I guess not," she replied, as she blew her nose yet again. It had been hard to breathe through her stuffy nose with the thermometer in her mouth. A tickle teased her nose and she sneezed forcefully into the tissue, eliciting a sweet "bless you" from John. She had to pull more tissues and blow all over again. She was also getting aroused all over again. Her symptoms were so erotic to her, even more so because she was so powerless to stop them. There was something about being overwhelmed, taken by this cold, helplessly sniffling and sneezing - that was incredibly, inexplicably sexy to her even as it made her miserable. She felt another tickle building and tried to fight it, just to see if she could. It quickly grew so intense that her nose was running profusely and still she could not hold back, but finally broke free with five messy sneezes - "AghCHIHH! HATCHOO! Ah-AH-CHOO! KISHOOO! Ah-ahh-uhh-ATCHOOO!!!"

"Oh, honey," began John, concerned. It seemed that she'd really caught a nasty bug - it was hard to believe she could be having any fun with this. He grabbed some tissues for her and held them up to her nose, the way she seemed to enjoy. She blew a long, productive blow. He wiped her reddening nose clean, and the second he did, she grabbed him and kissed him passionately, pinning him down on the bed. He gasped with surprise and pleasure - and a little bit of amusement. For the second time that afternoon, they united in passion. When it was over, she fell asleep, cradled safely in his arms.

When she awoke a couple of hours later, it was dark and she was alone. She put her hand to her aching head and moaned slightly. With the sexual high gone, she realized how awful she felt. Her nose was almost totally stuffed up, and she blew to try to clear it. But the pressure from the blow had the opposite effect, and her passages closed off completely. She groaned again and began coughing, which made her head hurt worse.

John poked his head in the door.

"Hey sweetie. You awake?"

"Yeah," she croaked. "Whad tibe is id?"

"A little after seven." He came in, sat down next to her on the bed, and stroked her forehead. "You sound awful."

"Thag you," she said sarcastically.

"You're welcob," he teased. "Are you hungry? I made you some soup."

"You did? Really?"


"Thad's so sweet," she said, feeling shy but pleased. "You did'ed have to do that..."

"Hey, I told you I'd take care of you, didn't I?"

"Yeah," she said softly.

"Well, that's part of it. You get the full treatment. Soup, juice, vitamin C, and as much attention as you can stand." She laughed.

"You're the best, you dow thad?"

"Well, I try. I'll bring it in here...but first, I want to take your temperature again."

"Doh, dod't. By dose is so sduffed ub, I wod't be able to breathe with it id by bouth."

"Well," he said mischievously, running a hand down by the curve of her rear, "There's other ways to take a temperature."

"Dod't you dare!" she said, slapping his hand away. He laughed.

"No? Well then, what" he said, sliding his hand down the front of her pj's and in between her legs. She moaned and was immediately wet. He was so good at that. As she did not protest, he slid her pajama bottoms down and slipped the thermometer into her feverish pussy.

"Now don't move, Eve. Wouldn't want to break it." He moved his finger, wet with her juices, in little circles around her clit. Then he twirled the thermometer around, sliding it up and down inside of her. It was driving her crazy. It was amazing how he could switch in an instant from sweet and nurturing to intensely sexual and even slightly sadistic. But she loved it, loved every minute of it. Adding to the incredible sensations he was creating down there was the irritating tickle of a runny nose. Despite being completely blocked, there was a little trickle seeping out of one nostril at first, then both. She couldn't sniffle to keep fluid from running out of her nose; no air would pass through her stuffed passages. She wiped with the back of her hand as John continued his teasing of her sex and clit.

"Do you need something, honey?" he asked, knowing exactly what was distressing her.

"I- I deed a tissue," she gasped.

"And?" he said, rubbing her clit gently back and forth.

"I cad't reach theb..." The trickles were running over her upper lip now. "Will you get be wud...please?"

"Certainly, darling." For an agonizing moment his hand was away, and then it was back, fingering her deliciously as his other hand wiped her wet, runny nose with tissue. It tickled her nose, so sensitive from her cold, and she began to feel a sneeze building.

"Uh-oh...better not sneeze," he said, rubbing her clit faster, just the way she liked it. "This is a very delicate instrument inside you. So you'd better...hold back..." She moaned, trying to do as he asked. She felt her climax building along with the sneeze, and tried to hold both back. Then a little beep sounded, and John withdrew the thermometer, replacing it with his fingers, deep inside her. She reached down with her own hand and rubbed her clit as she let the sneeze take her.

"Ah- ah- ahhh- ATCHOOOO!!!" she sprayed wetly, all over John. Then, her orgasm exploded like a bright sun inside of her, filling every cell with light.

John circled his arms around her and kissed her as the feeling subsided and she caught her breath. She held him tightly.

"Did you like that?" he asked.

"Oh, yes. Oh, God, yes." She let go of him to blow her nose. The sneeze, or the orgasm, seemed to have cleared her head a bit. "Johd, you're idcredible."

"Thanks," he said, genuinely pleased. "You know, you sneezed all over me. One would think you were trying to get me sick."

She blushed deeply. "I'be sorry, I cudid help it..."

"Oh, I'm only teasing, Eve," he laughed, and searched for the thermometer. When he read it, he looked worried. "101.9," he read. "It's gone up."

"'Doh it hasn'd. Dot buch, eddyway. It's higher because of the way you took it." He looked confused and Eve laughed. "Ad oral temperature is a degree cooler thad- ahh- if you take it elsewhere. So id's really odly 100.9."

"Really? I didn't know that." he said. "Well, that's good. 100.9 is high enough. Now," he said, getting up, "Let me get you that soup."

In a few minutes he brought in a tray with homemade miso soup and sesame noodles. He also brought some vitamin C tablets he had picked up from the store, which she took; and some cold medicine, which she didn't. She didn't like taking drugs for colds. They just suppressed the symptoms and made the cold last longer, she thought. Besides- she rather enjoyed some of her symptoms. John had already eaten, but stayed with her until she was done and cleared the dishes away. Then they moved to the living room couch to watch a video. John had magnanimously rented Labyrinth, a movie that involved David Bowie and Muppets. Eve had been trying unsuccessfully to get him to watch it with her for a long time, and since she was sick, he decided to indulge her. Cuddled under a down comforter with a big box of tissues, they watched the film, punctuated by Eve's coughs and sniffles, and Johns comments on David Bowie's seriously eighties hair.

Towards the end of the movie, Eve noticed John's breathing suddenly become ragged. She looked at him and saw his eyes half closed, his mouth half open, his nostrils flaring- "Huh...huh...HARSHOO! HASHOOO!!" he sneezed, jerking forward. Eve shuddered with the lust that hit her.

"Bless you," she whispered, nails digging into the couch in an effort to control herself. Seeing her reaction, John had to laugh.

"Sweetheart, if that's what a couple of sneezes does to you, what's going to happen if I actually catch your cold?" He sniffed and rubbed his nose. "This could be dangerous!"

"Are you- are you catchig by cold?" she asked.

"I feel alright so far. But who knows? This could be the beginning of the end." He kissed her. She was trembling. "I could be coming down with a very bad cold right now...a cold that you gave me..."


"By tomorrow I could be sneezing non-stop...blowing my poor nose over and over..." She unbuttoned his jeans; she was on fire. Even as he spoke, he was amazed at the effect his words had on her. He had never seen her so wild and out of control with passion. He had always felt that he wanted sex more than she, that there was some place in her he couldn't touch the way that she touched him. But now he had the key, and he was amazed at what he had unlocked. Whispering these strange sweet nothings in her ear, he made love to her; slowly this time.

They cuddled together in the sleepy afterglow, The Labyrinth long since forgotten. By this time he was as tired as she was, and soon they made their way back to their room and went to bed.


Sometime in the middle of the night John was slowly, grudgingly awakened by an insistent need to pee. He rose and stumbled to the bathroom, yawning sleepily. When he was through, and a little more awake, he became aware of another unpleasant sensation. His throat felt scratchy. And his nose tickled. He thought for a moment that he was going to sneeze, but the feeling passed. He was left with a slight sniffle and a sinking feeling that he was indeed catching Eve's cold.

"I'm not getting sick, I'm not getting sick," rose the familiar voice of denial that always kicked in at the onset of a cold. He rubbed his nose. It was strange; he had kind of wanted to get sick because he knew that it would drive Eve crazy, but now that it might be happening, it didn't seem like such a great idea. He glanced at the bottle of vitamin C on the shelf. He had sometimes succeeded in fighting off a cold with lots of vitamin C, but curiosity and a desire to please Eve won out over self-interest. He left the bottle on the shelf and went back to bed.


When next he awoke, it was mid morning. He groaned slightly. His throat really hurt now, his nose was stuffy, and he felt ill. There was no denying it: Eve had given him a cold. He looked at her, asleep and snoring slightly from her congestion. He wondered how she would react when he told her. He knew it would totally turn her on, and to his surprise, that did feel a little weird. But he reminded himself that she loved him, that she couldn't help feeling the way she did, and that she would probably feel quite guilty for enjoying his illness. And he reminded himself of his own less than benevolent fantasies, which had taken him some time to accept. There was no explaining human desire, he thought, sniffling, as he cuddled up to Eve for comfort.

Before long, Eve began to stir. Her eyes flickered open and she groaned as he had upon waking.

"Good morning," he murmured.

"Mmmm...good bor-" she began, but broke off, coughing. Still coughing, she sat up and reached for tissues, into which she blew heartily. He stroked her back, feeling both sympathy and dread; that was what he would be sounding like soon. When she finally finished emptying her reddened nose into handfuls of tissues, she crawled back under the covers and wrapped her arms around him. "Good bordig," she croaked, sleepily.

"Your cold sounds even worse."

"Doh, it's jusd souds that way." She sat up and looked at him suspiciously. "Are you ok?"

"Me? I'm fine," he said innocently. "Well, except for one thing," he said, pulling her close.

"Whad's thad?"

"I've got your cold."  Her breath drew in sharply, involuntarily. Her body stiffened.

"Oh, sweetie," she breathed. "I'b sorry..."

"Yes, I'm sure you are," he smiled.

"Doh, really! I bead-sort of...does your throat hurt?"

"Yeah. And my nose feels sniffly..."

"I thought you sounded stuffy..."

"And I just don't feel good..."

"Oh, poor thing..." she was so turned on, but felt horribly guilty about it - which John noticed. She looked so distressed from guilt and desire, that he really felt sorry for her.

"It's ok, honey, don't worry," he reassured her. "I understand. It's ok for you to enjoy it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," he said, smiling, and he knew that it was true. They kissed again, Eve feeling more at ease with her desire. He sniffled a little as they kissed. She was getting so excited. As she pressed against him, she sensed, happily, that he was too. Despite not feeling well, John was enjoying himself. He wished that he would sneeze. She would probably come right then and there if he did. But the ticklish, sniffly feeling in his nose did not develop into anything more. He did, however, have to pause several times to wipe his nose, which was now dripping. This drove Eve even crazier, and she kissed his nose lovingly.

"Oh, huddey, I'b so sorry I gabe you by cold...dow we've both got it..."

"Mmmm hmm... and it's getting worse...soon I'll be sneezing too..." At this, she cried out in pleasure and they began to make love. All the different flavors of her fascination mingled...her own vulnerability and illness...her caring and concern for her lover...the intimacy of sharing this cold... and the frankly sadistic pleasure of watching him come down with it. The fact that he saw all of this, knew her, and still loved her. She felt that she was overflowing and she tried to hold back as she held him inside her, his delicious weight on her, his hips moving, filling her...but she simply could not, and cried out in climax a good while before he did.

They lay in bed together, ill but happy, for a long time. Finally, Eve got up to pee. While she was in there the tickling feeling in John's nose suddenly grew much stronger.

"Huhh...huhhh...HATSCHOO!!! Huh-HARSCHHIHH!!!"

Eve came out of the bathroom to find him reaching for a tissue. He looked sheepish as he blew his nose.

"I guess my timing's a little off today," he said.

"Oh, huddey, dod't worry," she laughed. "I dod't expect you to sdeeze od command."

"Thanks," he grinned.

"Besides, I heard you. It was delightful." This time she did not suppress a mischievous grin. He pinned her down on the bed and kissed her, until Eve broke away - "ETCHOOO!" - to sneeze messily into a tissue.

"Bless you!" laughed John. "Come on, let's see how that fever is doing," he said, reaching for the thermometer.

"I think it might be dowd. I feel a little better, actually."

"You're still really congested. Think I'd better take it like I did before?"

"That bight be a good idea," she said, getting hot again. So he did; and by the time it beeped, she was ready to make love once more. But John was sick and hadn't even had breakfast yet, so she controlled herself.

"100.2," he read. "So that's..."

"99.2. Albost dorbal. Now it's your turn." She reset the thermometer and slipped it under his tongue. While waiting for it to beep, Eve felt another sneeze coming on.


"Bleth you," said John around the thermometer in his mouth.

"Keep your bouth closed," she admonished, wiping her sore nose. Soon it beeped, registering at 99.9.

"Dot so good, honey," she commented. "Do you want sub of that cold bedicine, or sub aspirin?"

"I thought you said that stuff only makes a cold last longer."

"Well, that's what I think, but..."

"I guess I'll try it your way. You seem to be bouncing back pretty quickly. I will take some vitamin C, though." She rose to find the bottle and shook out tablets for them both. Eventually, sniffling and wiping their noses, they decided to get up and eat breakfast.

After a lazy breakfast and clean up they both tried to get a few things done around the house, as they had so far spent most of the weekend sleeping or making love. Although still coughing and blowing through handfuls of tissues, Eve was feeling more energetic and she found she could breathe a little better. John's cold, however, was rapidly getting worse. He was blowing his nose every other minute. He started feeling shivery and his muscles ached. It wasn't long before just folding the laundry felt overwhelming. Eve noticed and came over to wrap him in a sympathetic embrace.

"I feel terrible," he confessed, letting her rock him and stroke his head. He sniffled. "This is the worst cold. It almost feels like the flu." He felt a bit vulnerable, feeling so ill, and hoped that Eve would sense that. He knew it must be exciting her, but right now he wanted to be taken care of.

"Why don't I tuck you back into bed and bring you some more tea?" she murmured, as she held him gently.


Soon he was in bed, with Eve pulling the covers up to his chin. She took his temperature and found that his fever had risen to 100.8. She made him tea with honey and lemon and placed it on the nightstand.

"I think I'll take some aspirin after all," he said. "Could you...?" She smiled and got it for him, heart melting at the vulnerable look in his eyes. This was also something she dreamed about. There was nothing sweeter to her than comforting someone who was sick. She was grateful John was not one of those men who just wanted to be left alone when he had a cold. She hungered to feel needed, important, loved - that she could make things better. It was disturbing to her sometimes how strong that desire was. It was probably unhealthy; co-dependent or something - but right now she didn't care.

"Do you deed eddything else, sweetheart?" she asked, once he had swallowed the aspirins. She sounded snuffly again.

"Just my girlfriend in bed with me," he replied, passing her the tissues. "You're sick too, you know."

"I know, but...umm... I feel a little better..." She was blushing again as she blew her nose.


"Well, it's just...<sniff> need to rest...and I don't want to keep you up..."

"You mean if you start wanting sex?"

"If I start? Oh, John...I want it all the time if you're like this! But I also want to take care of you, and I know you're not feeling up to it. I don't want you to feel...harassed, or anything." He laughed tiredly.

"I don't feel harassed, honey. I just don't get how you can be so turned on if you feel anything like I do."

"Neither do I."

"Well, come on into bed anyway. But if you get too excited, I think you'll have to take care of it yourself."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all." So she crawled back into bed and curled up next to him. Before long, he started to feel sneezy. Instinctually he lifted his hand to cover his nose and mouth but then realized that Eve might prefer that he didn't.

"Huh...huh...HUSCHOOO!!!" he sneezed freely, not right on Eve, but close enough that she could feel a light spray on her face.

"Bless you!" she said, and she couldn't resist kissing him. His aggrieved nose was running and she could feel its wetness on hers.

"Thag you," he said, coming up for air. He suddenly sounded much stuffier, and he snuffled wetly. He began reaching for the tissues, but then froze, eyes half closed. His chest began heaving again.

"Huh...hah...huh. <sniff>" He shook his head and smiled as the tickle faded. "Sorry. I thought I...ah- HA - CHOOOO!!!" he sneezed, this time right in front of Eve. He groped blindly for tissues as the tickle hit him again. "Huh - HURSHOOO! HATCHOO!" By this time Eve had pulled tissues for him and, shaking with desire, held them to his nose. He gasped as the maddening tickle mounted again - he hung there, mouth open, eyes rolled up, suspended...until it finally broke, and he convulsed forward with a mighty "HURCCHHHOOO!!!!" muffled by the tissues Eve pressed gently to his nose.

"Blow," she said, cheeks flushed and trembling, as he recovered. It felt strange to him and a little embarrassing. Probably no one had done that to him since he was five. But he obeyed, blowing a warm rush of fluid into the tissues. She wiped, pulled fresh tissues and wiped again. She was breathing heavily and grinding her hips slightly. He couldn't believe what a state she was in. He was tired but sympathetic and realized that it wouldn't take long to give her some relief. So he kissed her and slipped his hand between her legs.

"No, honey, you don't have to..."she gasped, trying to be noble.

"Shhh, it's all right..."he whispered. She moaned and pressed against him, and within minutes, arched her back and cried out as a powerful, sweet orgasm took her.

When she caught her breath, she sighed: "I thought you said I'd have to take care of that myself."

"I guess I cad't resist a dabsel id such obvious distress." She laughed.

"My knight in shining armor, ever ready with his lance."

"Uh-uh, by lance is defiditely dot ready right dow," he chuckled, but it turned into a coughing spell.

"Poor thing, you're really sounding terrible," she said with genuine concern. She handed him his tea. "Do you want to go back to sleep?"

"Yeah," he admitted. "Sleep with me?"

"Sure. And I promise to keep my hands to myself."

"Ha! We'll see."

"No, really! I think I've had enough for now."

"Oh yeah?" He slid his hand down to stroke her thigh and whispered seductively in her ear, "Oh, Eve, you gave be such a bad cold...I-I thig I'b goig to sdeeze agaid...ahhh-ahhhhh-"

"John, what are you doing?" she moaned, instantly, powerfully aroused.

"Heh heh. Just testing," he laughed wickedly. "You are idsatiable, by dear. I'b goig to have to bake use of this in the future."

"You're evil," she said, hitting him with a pillow. He just laughed and pulled her back under the covers.

"Come on, sleep dow," he said, closing his eyes and snuggling up to her.

As he drifted off, she gazed happily at her sleepy, sniffly lover. She could hardly believe that it was all real; it just couldn't have gone any better. It was so wonderful, so freeing to have him know. And it wasn't as scary as she thought it would be. Why hadn't she told anyone before? Well, she wasn't ready before, she reasoned. And she had never been with anyone as kinky as John, who would understand. Or as kind, who would give her all the attention she wanted. It's true that John knowing gave her a certain power over her - power that he seemed to enjoy - but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

All in all, she thought, as they drifted off to the sleep that they needed to get well; I could definitely get used to this...