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Allison's nose was running again. She wiped it on the back of her hand, the warm wetness trailing along her skin in a thin stream, then wiped her hand on her jeans, sniffling thickly. Her eyes were still itchy, swollen from the allergy attack she'd experienced upon waking that morning. God, she hated hay fever. Sneezing she didn't mind, but the sinus pressure and headaches she always got following an attack were a pain.

Getting up from her computer, she crossed her room quickly, an itch growing inside her nose. Snatching up a tissue, her eyes squeezed shut as the sneezy sensation assailed her. The pressure was building, her nose gathering strength to expel the bothersome little grains of pollen that were lodged in her passages. She buried her nose in the paper, and it burst forth.

"Eh-ehsSHOOOUmph!" She pulled the tissue away from her nose long enough to take a thick, snuffly inhale through her blocked nose, her nostrils flaring with another approaching sneeze. Her head reared back, the sneeze jerking her head forward, "Eht-TCHHOOO!" catching its mess in the damp tissue. She was 5'9, a broad girl of 20, with a kind face and bright eyes. Her sneezes were VERY loud, very powerful, shaking her full frame with their force. They echoed off the walls of her small room. "Hiih-HIISSHOO!"

Her head felt full of mucus, her eyes watery. Taking the tissue in both hands, she took a deep breath and blew hard into it, her nose gurgling as it expelled the thick fluid. The tissue became wet in her hands, coating her fingers with a slick film. She held the used tissue in one hand while she reached for a new one with the other, squeezing her nose and rubbing up and down to alleviate the almost constant itch. She tossed the used rag into the trash can at her feet, bringing the other one up just
in time.

"Heh... eh... ehIIISSHOO!" Her nose was still a mass of itching, so she held the tissue there while it gathered strength for another attack. She grabbed two more tissues, bringing them up to her face so her nose and mouth were well covered. The itch kept building, until the entire center of her face was a mass of frayed nerves - even the back of her throat was itching. Her shoulders began to bounce with her ragged breathing, and just when she didn't think she could stand it any more, they started coming.

"Eh-SHOUmph! Uh-TCHOOmp! SHOOM!" They fired off one after another, each a torturing cycle of itch-pressure-gasp-release, itch-pressure-gasp-release. Tears squeezed out from her closed eyes as the pressure built behind her nose and then was violently released. Her nose was full to exploding, running over into the quickly-dampening wad of tissues, her face turning red from the force of the attack. "Hih... ihSSHOO!-ihSHOO!-IHSSHOO!...SHOO!-IISHOO!-UUSHHOO!" Her stomach muscles becoming tired.

Just then, the phone rang. Allison's eyes rolled between sneezes, and she crossed back to her desk to answer it.

"EESHHOO! Hello? *snuffle*"

"Hey, baby. It's Steve. How are ya?"

"I... huh... hag ond... huSSHOO! ehSHOOMPH! *thick snuffle* I'b good. By all...hergies... HAASSHOOO! har... ehSHOOMP! actig... ihSSHOOMP! actig ub. *snuffle* Where har you?"

"I'm downstairs, about to come up, but I wanted to make sure you were home. I'll be up in a minute, okay?"

Allison smiled, "Hokay," and hung up just as another sneeze burst forth. Taking her sodden tissues, she took a deep breath and gave a huge, snotty blow into them, her ears popping with the force of it. She tossed the ball into the trashcan by her desk, trying to sniff some of the fluid back up her runny nose. Going to the mirror, she brushed her chin-length hair, sneezing twice before she was finished. Her nose was red and swollen, her eyes glazed with the allergic reactions. Snatching up a handful of tissues, she caught another sneeze in them, then gave another ferocious blow, trying to clean herself up a little before Steve could make it up to the fourth floor of her apartment building.

She and Steve had been dating for over a year, so he was well accustomed to her hay fever by now. His favorite thing was to try to kiss her just when she's about to sneeze, seeing how long he can make the kiss last before she must break away, sneezing messily onto his shoulder. Allison had always thought it weird, but she loved kissing him so she didn't mind too much.

Her nose still felt cantankerous, and as another wet sneeze sprayed out from her mouth, there was a soft knock at the door.

"Cuh... cob id... ehSSHOO!"

Steve came in, closing the door behind him. He was around 6'1, built like a linebacker, very stocky and muscular. His hair was the long, floppy kind, parted in the middle and hanging in his eyes. He smiled as he saw his girlfriend standing in the middle of the room, caught helplessly in the throes of a big sneeze. Her eyes were relaxing closed, her mouth open, her ample chest heaving with the build-up. She reared her head back, the sneeze rushing forth with a mighty "EESSSHOOO!" causing her head to snap forward, her hair flying in her face. He crossed to her, smoothing her hair back with his hand and kissing her, not minding her snotty snuffle. He kissed her deeply, pulling her body tight against his. Her body responded, her lips moving in rhythm with his own. Suddenly, she broke away, sneezing twice wetly onto his shoulder and bringing her hand up to wipe her runny nose. His eyes twinkled mischievously.

"So, I take it you're not having a good day, sweetie?" he chuckled.

"Doh. I'b fide. Id's jusd... hah... I cad... hiih iih...hiiIISSHOO! stohb sdeezig."

"I can tell." He grinned. "Do you need a tissue, babe?"

She nodded vigorously, breathing ragged, her nostrils flaring wildly, gearing up for another. He spun around, whipping two tissues from the nearly-empty box and turning to catch her strong nose in them just as the messy "EEHIIISSHOO!" sprayed forth.


And she did. A strong, full "SSHHHNNNGUGHUGG" that gurgled in its intensity. The fluid ran through the porous tissue and onto his fingers, the warm wetness turning him on completely. He wiped her nose gently, she giving him a pitiful look of utter helplessness - nose red and swollen, eyes tired, hair disheveled. Her took her in his arms, his lips fluttering up her neck and causing her to break out in goosebumps. The tickling at her neck caused her to start heaving with another sneeze, and he felt the buildup as it coursed through her entire body. Her breasts started to press against him, jiggling with her ragged breathing and nipples hard under her soft T-shirt. The sneeze burst forth, spraying his shoulder and neck and causing him to grow hard with desire for her. He had never told her how sexy she was when she sneezed, but he thought now would be a good time to show her.

His hands ran up and down her body, catching underneath her T-shirt so that it was skin to skin. He undid her bra, pulling his hands around to run them over her large breasts. Her breathing quickened, both with her arousal and her allergic reaction. His mouth was nibbling at her ear, and he whispered softly.

"I want you so much."

She moaned sofly, giving in to him. He pulled her down on her bed, kissing her neck, cheek, mouth... She was sniffling softly, trying to keep back the fluid in her runny nose. He pulled off her shirt, kissing her breasts slowly and tenderly. She moaned, running her hands over his strong back. He rolled on top of her, pulling off his shirt, then her shorts, then his own, kissing and caressing her at the same time. Her body was aflame with passion, her breasts hard, her mouth soft, her legs throbbing with desire... and her nose itching with an approaching sneeze. She wiggled her face around trying to dislodge it, but all that did was make the feeling more intense. She sniffled loudly, thinking to herself, "What a mood-breaker."

He was thinking the complete opposite.

He knew she was trying hard not to sneeze, and he was determined to make it happen. Kissing her face, he let his hair dangle in her nose, knowing that the tickling would make the urge irresistible. The strands fell inside her flaring nostrils and finding the sensitive membranes that caused the sneezy sensation to increase in intensity. He continued to kiss and caress her, feeling her gasp quickly underneath him, struggling not to sneeze. His kisses trailed up her neck and cheek, the final one light and feathery... right on the end of her nose. She was in agony.

Her eyes closed and her breaths became shuddery, each gasp becoming more high-pitched and desperate than the last. He was growing hard and hot with each intake, kissing her mouth passionately. His kisses became fast and hungry. He entered her, moving in a rhythm offset by her breathing. She was torn between the intense pleasure her lover was giving her and the sneezy feeling in her nose that was quickly growing. She *needed* to sneeze.

"I... hah... Hi deed to... hah... deed to sduh...sduheeze..." her voice trailing off, raising in pitch.

"Hold it back, baby. Try," he asked, knowing full well she couldn't hold out much longer. His rhythm became faster, pulling them both closer and closer to the edge.

Her nose was twinging and seizing, her nostrils flaring involuntarily. Tears were coursing down her face, the desire to sneeze building... and building....

"Hiih... I huh... I can'd... hiih iih... Hi can'd seem to... hah... seem to sthob... HiiH hIIh iih HIIH HIIH... HHHIIISSSHHHOOO!!"

Her entire body convulsed with the force of the sneeze, causing her to tighten around him, squeezing his engorged penis and he came into her, his rhythm peaked, and she was filled with the sweetest orgasm, heightened by the feeling of relief that washed over her after that mighty sneeze. Her nose had cleared, the pressure finally releasing from her sinuses. It was still a little tickly, but she felt so full and alive and in love that she didn't care, firing off two small sneezes onto Steve's chest. He leaned in and kissed her deeply, easing in the rhythm. His attentions became slow and silky, full and languid. As they finished their lovemaking, he rolled off to lie next to her. Smoothing her hair back from her face, he pulled out of the kiss and looked into her eyes, smiling boyishly.

"You have no idea how much your sneezing turns me on."

She laughed. "You're kidding."

He just stared at her, smiling. "I love you so much."

Her eyes twinkled. "Well, you're in luck. I have nothing to do today, and the pollen count is high."

He grinned. "You're right - I am the luckiest man in the world."