Naughty Girl


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She crawled toward me on all fours, her naked flesh glistening in the moonlight.  Silver and surreal, it shimmered on her pale skin as she passed before the open window.  I had drawn back the curtain and tied it tightly so that the beach and crashing ocean waves could be seen behind her form, thus making her silhouette visible to any and all who might be taking a moon-kissed stroll and perchance look up.  I smiled as I recalled explaining this fact to her as she sat naked, me having freshly stripped and bathed her, while I finished roughly drying her, paying special attention to her breasts with the rough towel and - then I'd tied the curtain back.

Without warning, she sucking in air and stifled a sneeze on the back of her hand. I raised my brow as she offered, "Excuse me Mistress, I think I may be catching cold in the draft."

Of course I was pleased, but that was not for her to know. I did not say "bless you". That was reserved for more tender moments.  Her complete obedience was paramount in these first minutes; my arousal would let her know it was she who was in control.

Instead, in an unemotional tone, "Lets have no excuses, no," were my words.

Her pixie face had flushed slightly at the thought of anyone witnessing our sex play, perhaps a little out of shame as well as pleasure. The stone floor was hard beneath her knees, hard and cold, and just as I had hoped the chill of it set her nipples to hard little nubs and she shivered and stifled first one and then a second eruption.  I could barely contain the desire to pinch those nipples cruelly and slap her pale bottom until it glowed sterling rose pink and warm beneath my palm and embrace her, holding her against me as she sneezed yet again.

"Little sex kitten, stop," I breathed, barely a whisper.

She obediently ceased any forward motion.  Looking up in anticipation she watched as I stood, clad in my latex cat suit moving to view her from the rear.  I could see her kitty was moist and I would have to punish her for being a dirty little slut like that.

"Your kitty is wet. Don't answer me and don't deny it, little bitch.  If you think I'll touch you just because that kitty is begging me to, I won't, not yet.  Continue forward toward to my throne, slowly, though.  I want to see your breasts sway.  I dont want to miss any part of your flesh in the moons caress."

I watched her move, my silver fairy.  The desire in me was swelling, rising, raging like the tide.  Her clit trembled as if she felt my eyes in their physical caress of her pink pubis searching for that magic button to her pleasure.  I moved from behind her and smiled cruelly as she hesitated, stifling another sweet sounding sneeze.

"No, little bitch, don't stop, that was the perfect pace," I ordered.  "Hmmm, should I make you start over?" I pondered for a moment watching the gooseflesh spread across her body as she tucked her head and sprayed her breasts.  Content with that response, I continued, "No, I would grow bored with that."

Letting out a long self suffering sigh, I wondered aloud, "Why do I even put up with you?"

This time she did not hesitate, but continued finally reaching the carpets edge still about ten feet away from the chair I liked to call my throne.

"Stop, my little whore," I cooed. 

Moving to the table, I selected one of my favorite paddles, leather on one side, and fleece on the other. I loved it because she never knew which side I was going to give her.  Thinking of her wet little sex, exposed and shining, yearning to hold her close, to feel her body convulse for those brief moments in loss of control, I moved to her side.  Instinctively, like the sweet little pussy she was, she leaned against me.  I allowed this show of affection only as I would from any animal in my care. I ran my gloved fingers through her hair and bent to fondle first the right breast and then the left.  She trembled from the close proximity of my latexed body to hers and her eyes widened a bit when she saw I held the paddle.

I allowed my hair to cascade across her shoulder as I ran my hand over her back to her round heart-shaped ass. Taking up a strand of my hair, I tickled her little nose and try as she might to hold it back, "htmmmAaaaahcccoooo" escaped. I smiled wickedly. My pussy was trembling in the spasms of my own orgasm now.

Taking the fleece side of the paddle, I rubbed that over her back slowly to her breasts, teasing her nipples, slowly back over her shoulder. Switching up suddenly, I rubbed the leather side over her skin and delighted as the gooseflesh spread over her body causing her to demurely tilt her chin to her chest as the muffled little delight escaped her barely parted lips. With barely a flick of my wrist I deftly and abruptly flicked the paddle in four or five sharp whacks over the roundest part of her ass, while at the same time, I pinched her left nipple in succession with the spanks. 

"That ass was just begging for a spanking," I breathed. "Now you may continue. Slowly though, my sweet, or you'll get no pleasure this night." 

As I spoke these words I allowed my hand to drop to her ass and slip across the outermost part of her hot little pussy.  She barely suppressed the moan which escaped her parted lips.  This, too, I would allow for now. Perhaps give her an extra lick later on.

I stood abruptly and moved to my throne to view her from the front.  Head held nice and high, breasts hanging perfectly like two melons, eyes never moving from the carpet in front of her, so like a proud pretty horse she was.  I placed one high-heeled foot upon the ottoman and leaned against it as she kissed my shoe sweetly.

"Very nice, slave, very, very nice. You have been a such good little cunt, I suppose you deserve some small treat."

I slid off my red velvet seat, much like a hungry panther about to devour its prey, and bent to lift her chin, slowly guiding her to a standing position.  With my left hand I held her chin and with my right pulled a red plush cord hanging just overhead.  Down came the cord and with it an etched stainless steel hook, large enough to hang my leg through if I wanted, but not tonight, this hook was for my sweet little pussy.  Crossing her hands, I bound them.  Knotting the rope at its end and urging her to stand quite straight, I looped those bound hands into the caress of the hook.  Her arms bent at the elbows, just over her head.  I stepped back to admire her prone position.  I walked round her, allowing my gloved hand to trail across her form from the front to the back until I had rounded back to the front again. 

"Now just what shall I do with you, you saucy wench?"  I held her right breast in my hand and gave the left one a little slap. "I have some treats for you this evening, but you mustn't make a sound, or I will have to stop and then Ill have to punish you."

Three quick kerchoos held back so demurely, I kissed her. I couldn't help myself.

Removing the cloth off a silver tray, exposing the toys for her to plainly see, I selected the leather riding bat: short, straight, and hard, with a thick flat squarish end.  Running the end of the crop over her body produced the desired shudder and moistness seeped from between her legs as she sneezed yet again.

Gently, with care I did not know I possessed, I tilted her head toward mine and kissed her lips, top lip gently, sucking on her bottom lip, allowing my tongue to enter into a most sensual caress with hers. I kept kissing her deeply a few more times until her body was leaning touching my own. 

"Naughty little slave trying to rub up against me before its time," I breathed in her ear as I slapped her ass with the end of the crop. 

Taking the crop across her curved ass, I let it tickle each nipple until they hardened nicely and then I threw the bat aside, plucked up an uncapped bottle of oil, and poured some scantly into my gloved palm. I stood facing her and rubbed the sweetness from her shoulders to her fingers, from her fingers up her arms to her shoulders down her back, across her ass and round to her little belly, never breaking contact, stopping just short of her voluptuous tits. Instead, I thoroughly massaged each leg, stopping just short of her swollen wet pussy. 

Kneeling in front of her, I gave her a soft kiss on each inner thigh and one deep kiss with my tongue flicking in the center of her clit, pushing through the soft hair and skin to the hard button waiting within. 

She moved and writhed, muffled another sneeze at the scent of the sweet floral oil,  but did not make any other sound.

"Hmmm impressive, dear,"  I teased as I reached toward the tray again and closed my hand around a small anal plug. 

Kissing each breast, I wound my arms around her frame and slowly worked the plug into position.

"If you are a bad girl now and I have to spank you, there'll be something extra inside."  Facing the tray again, and lifting a cat o' nine tails, I turned to face her. 

Surprise showed upon her pixie features and I smiled wickedly, "You look worried sweetness, and that makes me wet, very wet because you never know what your Mistress will do next, do you?  Poor sweet pussy catching a little cold."

Allowing the tails to drape and re-drape across my hand, I mocked a whipping motion to my palms and then turned the handle toward her body, where I traced around her tits and down to her pussy which was, by this time, dripping. The wetness was trickling down her leg in utter abandon. 

Deftly maneuvering the handle between her cunt lips, I gyrated it in a slow circular motion until it was buried deeply up inside her.  With one hand I mimicked the slow deep thrusting motion of a cock, and with the other I rubbed her hard little clit button as my mouth found her breasts. 

Kissing and sucking, nibbling on nipples, gently biting a breast here and there, my curly hair tickled her nose and she sneezed out loud, me thrusting and rubbing, pressing and touching my little bitch who could no longer keep quiet, nor could she stand still and I allowed her own rhythm to overtake us, her body to press against mine as I sought her mouth, never ceasing the rhythm of the whip-handled cock in her cunt until she gasped, then moaned and cried out in ecstasy. Pushing against me firmly, I caressed her damp skin, and brushed the tendrils of soft hair away from her face. 

"Mmmm what a bad little girl you are," I whispered as I kissed her again and my little bitch stifled one last lovely sneeze...