Out of the Spotlight


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"Okay, now can you put your arm here so I can lift myself up?" Katie asked politely.

She delicately perched her petite body on Rick's strong shoulder, and hooked her leg around his chest, pouting seductively at the camera.

"Great!" called Henry, the cameraman; "This'll be the last take for the day."

Katie smiled slightly in relief. Just a month ago she had been nobody. Well, a normal twenty-year-old woman from suburban England who slept too late, ate too much chocolate, smoked too many cigarettes and couldn't find a job. And now, here she was, doing photo shoots and promotional video clips for her new single, which was to be released in a week on the charts.

Henry set the camera down and clapped. "That was fantastic. You're a natural, Katie!"

Katie smiled and hopped down from Rick's shoulder. She padded off in her bare feet to change out of her leotard. She didn't much care for the promotional side of the music industry, but all she had wanted to do since she was a little girl was write and sing songs. It still gave her the biggest thrill to think that she had actually accomplished this, though it shook her up a little when she had to do publicity photos and deal with any media attention. Her single had been a huge hit in France and Germany, so some people in England had already heard of her, which made her considerably nervous, though she still had anonymity most of the time, and it wasn't like she was mobbed walking down the street to buy groceries. All the attention was making her uneasy though, and she wondered how much more her life would change after the UK release of the single next week.

Sitting in her dressing room, Katie quickly removed her leotard and replaced it with her normal street clothes of jeans and a long sleeved top. Brushing her long dark hair off her face, she took off her make up. Studying her reflection in the mirror, Katie raised an eyebrow, lowered it, and then smiled. Lately she had become more aware of how she appeared to other people, and could often be found tentatively making different facial expressions in the mirror to better familiarize herself with her own expressions, to ensure she didn't look foolish in public. Before, she'd never been aware of these things, but she supposed it was all part of the package her life had become. 

Katie smiled and sighed; she had to keep her feet on the ground. And she was beginning to itch for a smoke. Scratching her nose, she lit a cigarette.

"Ahh…" she murmured, exhaling a long stream of smoke, and sitting back in her chair. 

A knock sounded at the door.

"Come in," she called.

"I just thought I'd give you your schedule for next week." Ellen, her assistant, bustled in. "It's pretty full on, but you can handle it."

Katie groaned inwardly. "Thanks, Ellen," she said, smiling and taking the piece of paper. 

Scanning it, she noted on Monday, the day of the single's release, she was due to be at Q magazine at 9am, lunch with Roger Scott, a local interviewer, at 1pm, another promotional photo session at Woodsworth Studios at 3pm, and then a dinner party at Chelsea in the evening, where she would again be interviewed. The rest of the week was much the same, apart from Wednesday, which she had off. Thank God.

"Now, they'll probably be asking you about your other songs on the album," Ellen began, "so I'm not sure when you'll be done with those last few songs for it, but there's no need to give any definite answers at this stage, OK?"

"OK." Katie wondered briefly when she was supposed to prepare those last songs if she was required to spend all her time on promotions, but didn't say anything, "Thanks, Ellen."

Ellen left as hurriedly as she came and Katie went back to her cigarette and staring into space, trying to absorb all that had happened to her. She was already planning, after all this fuss died down with the first single, to go into hiding and purely work on her songs, without the media attention surrounding her life. She knew if she had the success in England that she'd had in France, she could call the shots. And she was going to. 

A small trickle of smoke wafted around her nose and she sniffed. Her pert nose wriggled slightly as a tickle deep inside started, grew and slowly intensified. Watching herself in the mirror, she saw her eyes tear up a little and her eyebrows lift slightly.

Putting her hand to her nose and mouth, Katie felt the small explosion inside her nose build up and then release in a short, neat, "Eh-cchh!" 

Pausing a moment, she felt the tickle grow again, and another "Eh-cchh!" escaped her nose before she sniffed, butted out her cigarette and got ready to leave the studio and go home.

Walking through the doors, she waved goodbye to Rick and Henry who were milling around sipping coffee and packing up the equipment. Ellen, talking a mile a minute on her mobile phone, gave a quick smile as Katie passed her.

Walking briskly down the street, Katie felt a chill in the air and crossed her arms in front of her. The wind whipped her hair around her face and she brushed it out of the way repeatedly. She passed a well-dressed woman who smelt strongly of perfume and felt her nose tingle again. Sniffing, she rubbed the tip of her nose gently.

"Eh-cchh! Eh-cchh!" she sneezed twice quickly. 

Still aware of a slight annoying tickle, she inhaled a little through her mouth to encourage the sneeze, and sure enough, "Eh-cchh!"

"Bless you," smiled a tall man as he walked towards her.

"Thank you" Katie smiled and blushed, not sure if he blessed her because he was polite, or because he knew who she was. 

Katie was not all together comfortable with sneezing in public. She didn't mind it, but became very self-conscious when she did, and especially nowadays, when she never knew who recognized her and who didn't, she found it very awkward to be walking down the street sneezing like this. The man had since passed her and she continued walking to the tube station to go home. She didn't really like to drive. She had her licence, and a car, but still preferred the train and bus. All the maniacs on the roads made her nervous.

Making her way down the steps into the underground train system, Katie realised she was hungry as she smelt the chicken and chips in the cafes that lined the tube platforms. Fishing around in her bag for her purse, she pulled out some money.

"Can I get a chicken burger please?" she said to the woman serving.

The woman's eyes widened slightly and she rushed off to get the burger. On her return, she smiled shyly and said with a strong London accent, "Here you go, Katie."

Katie's smile froze on her face as she paid the woman and walked away. She didn't think she'd ever get used to people knowing who she was. It always took her aback when someone she'd never seen before in her life called her by name. She wished she'd thought to change her name before all this- something a little more Madonna-like, something… well, less like her, anyway. She thought it would be easier if she could perhaps separate her stage persona from her normal one. Oh well, too late now.

Sitting on a bench, eating her burger, Katie felt her nose twinge again. She began to feel a rising state of mild panic. What if she was getting a cold? She had four promotional live performances of her single to give next week. What if she couldn't sing properly? 

But the annoying tingle didn't go away and she was resigned to release it. Quickly chewing the food, she raised her hand to her nose and let out another pair of neat sneezes, "Eh-cchh! Eh-cchh!"

Katie hunched down further in her seat and hiding behind her thick, bushy hair. She had never been much of a sneezer, though some days she did seem to get an attack of the sneezes and had been known to sneeze up to twenty times an hour.

Finally, the train came and she hopped on, looking forward to getting home where she could relax all weekend before the onslaught of public appearances began next week.

She noticed a few young guys staring at her, but she wasn't sure if it was because of who she was or for other reasons. Even before she had launched herself on the music scene anywhere, she attracted stares. She was quite a stunner, this was true, and she didn't need Loaded magazine to tell her. Even as a child she had been complimented for her long, wavy chestnut hair, big brown eyes and translucently pale skin. She had noticed since her picture had been displayed in some magazines in Germany and France and now here, that people also seemed to focus a lot on her body and lips. She supposed she did have quite a pouty mouth, and her body was slim and yet curvy, but she didn't quite understand the fascination with it.

The train quickly grew crowded and every seat around Katie was taken. Tensing, Katie felt her nose twitch again. She really didn't want to sneeze here when there were so many people around her in such close proximity. She felt people were already paying close attention to her as it was, and she didn't want to be doing something as embarrassing as sneezing in front of them. 

But her nose had other ideas and no sooner had Katie taken a short sharp intake of air, did her sinuses contract and, "Eh-cchh! Ah-cchh! Ah-mmphh!" She tried to muffle the last sneeze, and then blushed red with embarrassment, keeping her eyes focused on her lap for the remainder of the journey.

Upon alighting the train, Katie let out a deep sigh of relief. Rubbing her nose and sniffing, she walked down the street and turned the corner into the small lane where her flat was situated. Number 23, her lucky number. She loved her flat. She had recently moved out of her parents' home to be more independent and also because her banging away on the piano at all hours of the night was disturbing their sleep. Her flat was on the top floor of the block and she had a lovely view of the houses lower down as well as London, a bit into the distance. She loved to sit on her balcony at night and watch the lights of the city as she smoked her Benson & Hedges cigarettes.

Getting into the lift on the ground floor, Katie felt the need to sneeze again. Since she was alone, she didn't worry about the impending sneeze, nor did she cover her mouth. "Eh-TTSCHH!" she sneezed loudly, and then again, "Eh-SSCHHOO!" her voice rose on the last part of that sneeze, in an almost questioning tone, and she smiled. Secretly, she really got a lot of pleasure from sneezing and enjoyed it on her own; she just didn't like people looking at her when she had to sneeze. Unfortunately for her career choice, Katie treasured her privacy.

Unlocking her apartment door, she entered the room and breathed deeply through her nose, feeling a slightly warm feeling between her legs. Sneezing had always left her a little aroused, especially when she had been sneezing a lot, and when her nose still felt tingly, and she knew there were sneezes left unfinished. She found it a wonderful feeling of frustration and pleasure, even more so as she knew she had an evening to herself- her last for a while- and could make herself wait, savour her feelings for as long as she wanted to.

Settling down on a chair out on her balcony, Katie lit another cigarette and watched as the smoke whirled around her in the breeze. Feeling her eyes squint up, she let out another, "Eh-TTSCHH! Eh-TTSCHH! Ka-ISSCHHH!" and rubbed her nose. Her sneezes were getting progressively louder and more desperate. She didn't feel as if she were getting a cold though- none of the symptoms that usually precluded her usually wet, heavy cold-sneezes were there, no headache, no scratchy throat- so maybe this was just one of her deliciously sneezy days. She was glad she was alone, to fully enjoy it.

"Eh-TTSCHH!" she suddenly sneezed again, unexpectedly. 

Resting her hand in her lap, she let her fingers lightly run across the zip of her jeans and down a bit lower. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She knew that nobody could see her from up where she was. She unzipped her jeans and slowly moved her fingers inside, smiling with sensual delight. 

Sniffing again, she massaged her clitoris slowly with her finger. She had not worn any underwear to the shoot because in her leotard, it would have shown through- and now she was glad of that. Very glad. 

"Mmm…" Katie purred softly, still sniffing. She inhaled for a long time on her cigarette before blowing the smoke out through her nose, sending tingles of pleasure through it and her entire body. Her eyes shut involuntarily, "Eh-KKSCHH! Eh-TTSCHHH! Eh-SSCHH! Mmm…" she did it again, blowing smoke through her nose, since this seemed to irritate it to the point of multiple sneezes. "Eh-TTSCHH! Ha-ESSCHH!" she paused, waiting, then "Ehhh-TTSCHHHOO!" Her head jerked forward and her chest heaved as Katie continued to massage herself under her jeans.

Her cigarette finished, and her nose momentarily appeased, Katie left the balcony and went inside to switch on the TV. She was feeling extremely aroused and went off in search of her vibrator. When she was a little younger, Katie had been very shy with regard to sex, having been brought up in a conservative household, and had been unable to fully enjoy pleasuring herself manually. Her first vibrator- a joke Christmas present from a friend of hers after they'd drunkenly crashed an Ann Summers party- had been a dream come true for her, and even now she was fully at ease with pleasuring her own body, she still enjoyed a good session with the vibrator for variety.

Kicking off her jeans, Katie lay down on the couch in front of the TV. She turned on the small vibrator and placed it against her nose, feeling an instant and intense tickle shoot through it. 

She gasped, "Eh-ahSSCHHH! Eh-CCHHH! Eh-TTSCHH!… Ah-KKSCHH!" Feeling her clitoris tingle, she moved the vibrator down to tease it. "Ohhh…" she moaned in delight, as she sneezed again, "Eh-TTSCHH!" she saw her chest expand and then quickly retract as she let out the sneeze and slipped a hand underneath her top to run over her breasts. She found her nipples were already rock hard with arousal and even lightly tantalising them with her fingers brought incredible pleasure. She removed her top all together then, throwing it on another chair, and fondled her smooth, pale bare breasts. 

Feeling herself begin to orgasm, Katie threw her head back, and let herself succumb to another sensual sneeze, "Eh-TTSCHHH!" a thick mist was propelled into the air above her face, "Eh-KKSCHH! Eh-TTSCHH!" she sneezed again, this time straight onto her heaving breasts. Her orgasm intensified quickly and soon her entire body was convulsing and her muscles contracting with ecstasy.

"Oh God…" Katie breathed after a few moments of lying still, eyes closed. 

She still felt incredibly turned on, however, and all she wanted to do was sneeze and sneeze, and then bring herself to another orgasm. But- she realized resignedly, sniffing- the urge to sneeze had finally ebbed. What was she going to do now?

Katie had a brainwave and went into the kitchen where she quickly found a vase she had previously filled with Pussy Willow flowers the day before. She pulled one out and noted the long, thin and tickly stem. It looked as if particles of pollen remained on the stem as well as on the bud of the flower. Katie was never bothered by pollen, though on days when the air seemed thick with the scent of flowers, she did seem to sneeze more often.

Settling herself back on the sofa, Katie gently ran the flower over her nose, letting a couple of loose strands enter her nostrils. Sniffing deeply, her nose took in several tiny clumps of pollen. Her nasal passages swelling and stinging, Katie sniffed hard several times, before her lungs and nose burst to life with a flurry of desperate sneezes, "Eh-TTSCHH! Eh-TTSCHH! Ha-KKSCHH! Ha-TTSCHHOO!… eh-TTSCHH! Ka-SSCHHH!" 

Feeling her heart thudding fast against her chest, Katie slowly inserted the stem of the Pussy Willow inside her left nostril. Blinking rapidly, Katie's eyes began to water and her nose stung delightfully. 

"Ah…eh…" she breathed, unsure whether her tormented nose was about to sneeze or not. By now it felt it was constantly on the verge of a sneeze, and it only excited her more to know she would be surprised by a sneeze, that it would suddenly come upon her unexpectedly and without control, overwhelming her nose and all her senses. Katie always felt the need to be in control of herself and her surroundings, so this was doubly exciting for her, to be so out of control, even for just a short while.

Switching on the vibrator again, Katie ran it over her aching nipples, as she was taken by more induced sneezes, "Eh-SSCHH! Eh-TTSCHH!" she sniffed, "Eh-TTSCHH! Eh-KKSCHHOO!"

Taking advantage of the lull in her sneezing fit, Katie remembered she had been watching a video the night before, and turned it on with the remote beside her. A beautiful woman filled the screen, wearing nothing but a G-string and high heels. She was masturbating and every few seconds would sneeze. Katie had found this porn movie last year in an adult shop in London, and when she read it contained frequent sneezing, she literally ran to the counter to purchase it. It was ideally for sneeze fetishists, and Katie could not believe her luck to have found it. 

The woman on the screen was moaning softly as she ran her fingers over her clitoris and sneezed again and again. Deliciously wet sneezes that drove Katie wild as she moved the vibrator down in between her legs again.

"Eh-TTSCHH!" sneezed Katie as the woman on the screen also sneezed. 

"Oh!" cried Katie, her nose desperate to sneeze. She tried to hold it in to prolong the growing orgasm. She sniffed, and the woman sneezed again twice, before giggling at her own sneeze and pushing her breasts together to sneeze on them. Katie's own nose was tingling and she knew she was about to sneeze- and watching the woman on the screen, spraying sneeze after sneeze, didn't help.

At the last minute, she clamped two fingers over her nose to stop the sneeze. It didn't work, the sneeze was too strong, and out came a strange stifled noise, "Eh-MMMPHH!" 

Her nose burned and she immediately needed to sneeze again. Releasing her fingers from her nostrils, she took in a deep breath of air, "Eh-TTSCHH! Eh-KKSCHH! Eh-KKSCHHOO!"

Her breasts and stomach were sprayed with mist and Katie pushed the vibrator against her clitoris harder, as she watched the woman on TV sneeze again and again, and as she felt her own nose ache with the need to sneeze further. She held her breath, and then she gasped loudly, "Ah-SSCHHHOOO!"

Her nasal passages contracted again, and she quickly thrust the vibrator up one nostril, feeling the sensation intensify incredibly as one nostril was tickled unbearably by the vibrator, and was also blocked by it, and the other nostril took in a deep burst of air. 

"Eh-KKKSCHH!" Katie felt a stream of mucus fly out of her free nostril, and she removed the vibrator from the other. Sniffling thickly, she caressed her clitoris again with the tip of the vibrator, and sneezed again in perfect unison with the woman on the screen. "Eh-KKKSCHHOO!"

This sneeze sent a thick trail of mucus streaming out of both nostrils and landing on her hand, which she had raised instinctively to cover her nose. 

"Oohh…" she groaned in agony and ecstasy as she brought herself to orgasm again and again, punctuated by the sneezes of the woman on the TV and also her own.

Lying exhausted on the couch, Katie smiled. She felt much more relaxed now. She decided she could handle being in the spotlight after her single was released, as long as she made activities such as this a regular occurrence.

There were some things in her life she could get used to.