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It was just like every other day in Helen's life... or so she thought. Just like every other day, she woke up to see Jane's exquisite eggshell skin glowing in the cool morning light. Like every other morning, she rolled over to caress her lover's silky, chocolate hair. She took in Jane's parted pink lips, her breathing soft. Like every other morning, she leaned in to kiss her lover awake...

But suddenly, Jane's body convulsed with an unexpected sneeze, catching Helen smack dab in the face with the cold spray. She blinked in surprise.

Jane's hand came up out of the covers to rub clumsily at her eyes. Sitting up, the hand moved to rub her nose, and Helen could hear her girlfriend's sniffly inhales through each sleepy stroke of her hand on those eliptical nostrils. She, too, sat up, rubbing Jane's back.

"Are you okay, love?"

She and Jane had only been living together for about a month, having only dated for about three months before deciding to move in together. Helen would have rather waited a little bit, but Jane's lease had ended without her finding another place to live, and - Jane being on the rather impulsive side - she had suggested living with Helen (at least until she found another place). Helen didn't know much about Jane's past, but she did know she found her exciting. So, she agreed. If it turned out to be a bad idea, she would at least have had a fun - if brief - experience.

Jane's shoulder's tensed under Helen's hands.


Jane couldn't answer. Her breath started coming in short gasps. Her hands came up in front of her face, and hovered there for a moment while her shoulders quivered in
anticipation. Suddenly, her body seized with one intense, violent, enticing sneeze.


Helen didn't know what to think. "Bless you, baby."

Jane didn't move, her face muffled in her hands. She gave another quick gasp, and then, "IISHHOO!!" She rubbed her nose again. "Thag you." She snuffled thickly.

"Here," Helen leaned back and snatched up a couple of tissues from the box on the nightstand, handing them to her lover.

The lovely lady turned her head and accepted them, making a motion that Helen interpreted as thanks, but Jane's face contorted into something that expressed anxiety, anticipation, and discomfort. She started fanning the air in front of her face, making noises akin to those just prior to an orgasm.

"Aaah... aaahh... Ohh... Hiih iih, Hah... I... hohh... I deed... ehh..."

Helen's brow furrowed with worry.

"Jane, sweetie... what's wrong? Are..."

But she didn't get time to finish. Jane's body snapped forward, a ferocious "HerrrUUSHHOOO!!!" peircing the stillness of the bedroom. Immediately, Jane sat up again and exclaimed, "Whooh! I deeded thad," and proceeded to blow her nose mightily into the tissues.

Helen was caught between worry and excitement. Jane's sneezes were unlike anything she had experienced before... she had never felt this way! It was as if a drum were beating underneath her, making her thighs pulsate with a rhythm that came out of nowhere.

"Jane? Are...are you all right?"

"Oh yeah," Jane managed with the tissue still clamped around her nose. "Id's jusd by all...allher...giesssSSSNIISSHOO!"

Helen's curiosity was aroused... as well as other parts of her. "Really?"

"Yeah, I ged ligke dis every sbrig. Id's... haaIISSHOO!... Id's a paid."

"Oh." Helen's cheek flushed, her breath becoming short. She couldn't understand what was happening. All she knew was that she couldn't wait for her beautiful companion to sneeze again.

She didn't have to wait long.

Jane's profile lengthened, her jaw dropping in preparation, her eyebrows arching in anticipation. Her hand fanned the air in front of her nose, trying to speed the impending reaction. Her breath grew short.

"Hah... hah hah hah... Ohh, thad...hah hah... oh by dose... id hah... idches so... hah...buch... hah hah hah-AAASHOOO!! AAIIISSHOO! IIISHOOO! Hehhehh... EEHSHOO." Jane stopped for a moment, drawing a long, congested breath through her stopped-up nose, then bringing her fist up to rub her itching nostrils vigorously, trying to open up her nasal passages. She twisted around, facing Helen.

"I diddet tell you I had allergies?"

"No," Helen's flush deepened. That word flowed over her ears like sweet milk.

Jane's head cocked, her eyes twinkling. "Why... whad's god you all hod ad bothered?"
Helen lay down again, turning her back to Jane and pretending to go back to sleep, but really trying to hide her hard nipples.

Behind her, she felt Jane move closer to her, leaning over and planting soft, feathery kisses on her shoulder. The light, brushing touch causes goose bumps to rise on her skin, her breasts tingling even more in response. Knowing that her lover's strong, sensitive nose was so close to her hot skin...

She heard as Jane gasped, then sneezed again, "Heh, IISSHOO!" the soft, cool spray landing partially on Helen's back. Between her legs, the drumming became harder, faster. Her breath quickened. More than anything, she wanted to roll over and attack her gorgeous, allergic lover... but she was afraid of how Jane would respond to this strange reaction. Jane gazed on her bed companion with a wry understanding. Helen's dark skin had taken on a rosy tone, a deep sexual flush that Jane had come to know well. Her nose was seizing, tingling with the expectation of a sneeze. She moved her face around, trying to dislodge it. But it strengthened. A mischievous look crept into her eyes. Leaning down, she extended her tongue and placed it at Helen's elbow, lazily drawing it up to the shoulder, the whole time her nose twitching and tingling, the congestion thickening. She let her hot, shuddery breaths pulse on the back of Helen's neck, the movement of the air stirring the small, delicate hairs at the base of the neck. At the last possible moment, she turned and sneezed twice into Helen's
thick, black hair.

Helen was on fire, her fists clutching the sheets. Heedless of her fears, she rolled over and pushed herself on top of Jane, kissing her passionately. Her hands massaged Jane's large, firm breasts, her thighs squeezing around Jane's hips.

Jane was taken aback for a moment at this sudden pounce, but then she brought her own hands up to Helen's dark curls, holding her lover's head as they kissed, bodies rubbing along each other, breasts bouncing in rhythm. Every so often, Jane had to come up for air, since her clogged nostrils made it impossible to breathe during the heavy make-out session. She would pull her mouth away, leaving Helen to suckle her neck, and bring one hand up to rub at her stuffed, prickly nose. The excitement was loosening up the congestion, but only temporarily, and then her nose would fill again with allergy-induced fluid.

Helen was being driven absolutely crazy! Jane's sweet, passionate kisses, and then her teasing sniffles, sighs, and rubs at her pink nose were pushing Helen to the edge. Sneeze again, Helen willed. Just sneeze...

Helen pulled away, her beautiful eyes looking deep into Jane's watery baby blues.

"Whad, baby? Is sobethig wrog?" Jane voiced between itchy rubs at her nose.

Helen looked the perfectly serene cat perched atop her sneezy lover. She blinked her amber eyes.

"I want you to sneeze again."

Jane could have laughed at her child-like innocence, alongside with the tender caress Helen was giving to Jane's inner thighs... a very NOT child-like action coupled with those simple words. There WAS a tingle playing around at the back of her nose, but she couldn't seem to work it out just yet. Her nose was gathering strength, she could tell, and if it had its say Helen would get more than just a simple sneeze.

In the meantime, Jane was just cruel enough to tease and torment her lover until her nose decided to release its pent-up fit.

"Ohh..." she sniffled. "You do, do you? Well... hah... let's... hoh..." She sniffled again, the mischievous glint sparkling in her eye. "Let's see what we can do."

She leaned forward, forcing Helen backward onto the bed, and knelt above the dark beauty, her ivory skin highlighting the contrast with her reddening nose. Her creamy breasts hung pendulously, her nipples barely brushing Helen's, that rose in two large, dark hills over the snowy white sheets of the bed. She moved down, dragging her nipples along her lover's slender body, causing Helen to shudder with anticipation and pleasure. Taking her slim hands, she pushed apart Helen's gorgeous thighs, revealing her eager opening. Her tongue began to explore, teasing and tempting the soft flesh and coaxing soft moans from her beautiful companion. Her nose was doing some teasing and tempting of its own - trying to coax a sneeze.

"Hiih... iih iih..." The soft movements of air tickled at Helen's thighs. The thrumming in her loins got heavier and heavier, as Jane's shuddery breaths started coming harder, and faster.

"AAhh... haah haaah.... IIH IIIHHHH....." Her hands squeezed Helen's legs, her whole body tensing with the oncoming sneeze. "Heah heah heah... eee... eee....eeeEHHHSHOOOO!!" Jane sneezed, her head snapping forward, and the explosion landed right between Helen's legs.

Helen's body surged with the sudden electricity that coursed through her. She gave a scream of pleasure, her back arching.

Jane wasn't finished. Her fingers dug into Helen's thighs as she kept firing. "HeahhIISHOO! IiiHHIIISHOOOO!" The sneezes were wrenched from her, her body trying desperately to rid itself of the harsh irritants. Helen's body pulsed in response to each sneeze that forced the wet air and spray between her legs. "AAahh.... aaahh-AAASHHHOOO! AAATTCHHOO!" Jane sniffled congestedly, sitting up finally and rubbing frantically at her fiery nose.

Helen lay sprawled on the bed, gazing up at her lover. Watching those beautiful, porcelain nostrils flare, the fine delicate hands scrubbing to get at the itch deep within was driving her absolutely wild! She pounced up, pulling Jane close to her and kissing her passionately on her full, quivering lips.

Jane was trying to protest. "Love, I... hahhah... I deed to... mmmm..." Between her allergic reaction and Helen's determined kissing, she wasn't having much success. "I'b godda... hahaha... mmmm. Mmmm... godda.... sdee.... mmmm.... sdeeze...."

Helen forced Jane back onto the bed, holding down her arms so she couldn't push Helen away, hungrily nibbling at her neck as Jane began to shudder, quiver, hitch, and gasp.

"I... ahh... Heled, ohh... Heaheah... pluh... lheeze... Baby, I'b godda... heah, heah, heah... IIH IIIH heaheaHEAH-EEAASHOOO! EETTCHOO!! TTCCHHOO! HEESSTTCH!!" Her sneezes were rough and desperate, her body torn between the reaction in her nose and Helen, who had moved down on Jane's body, taking her tongue and pleasuring her immensely between her legs. "IhhIISHOO!! Ohhh... oohhHISSSSHOO! Ah... ah... YES! YeesSSSHOOO!! EESHOOO! EESHOO!! Hiih iih..." Suddenly, she climaxed. "IITTCHHEEW!" Her slim torso curled forward, her luminous breasts bouncing, her fists clenching the sheets as her wet, slick lover finished her just the way she liked it.

Jane's nose was slowing, allowing a few minutes for her to breathe between sneezes. Helen was panting from the exertion, pushing her hair back from her sweaty face. Jane smiled at her.

"So... did you ged off, love?" She managed between gurgly blows.

Helen's eyes were those of a contented cat. "Ohh yes, baby. Several times. Somewhere in the middle of all that sternutation you were having down there." She winked at her allergy-plagued lover.

Jane threw her head back and started laughing. In the middle of it, a sneeze squeezed out, and she kept laughing. Helen joined in, plopping down beside her in bed and nuzzling into her neck.

"Well, I don't know about you, love," Helen's finger twined around a strand of Jane's hair. "But I'm all shagged out."

Throwing away the last tissue, giving her nose a final swipe with her hand, and taking an experimental sniffle, Jane nodded in agreement, thinking she just might have lost her heart to this one.

Helen was thinking much the same thing.

Curling up together, nuzzling and languidly kissing, slowly they drifted back to sleep.