Rubbed the Right Way

Hilsbilly and Angelis

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Jill and Karen had worked together for almost a year, and Karen had always been interested in beauty therapy. Indeed, their first sexual encounter happened as a result of Karen offering to manicure Jill’s nails. Not exactly a conventional come-on, but both of them were very experienced women, and for originality, they supposed it beat ‘Do you want to come up for a coffee?’ as a sexual overture.

Not content with having seduced Jill with only a bottle of Revlon’s ‘Cherries in the Snow,’ and an orange stick, Karen found herself wondering, on her next foray into the wonderful world of cosmetics, if there was any way she could take this trend in their sex life further. Her next move was to enrol in a course of massage and aromatherapy at the local college.

Aromatherapy. Now, that sounded promising, Karen had thought, as she swung up the stairs to the class- and even more so as she swung out again, having enjoyed a delicious smorgasbord of sneezes while she was in there. Those little concentrated oils had to be potent. Whenever she found herself in the kind of little shops on the high street that sold those powerful-smelling soaps, powders, candles and other highly scented unguents, her own poor nose always started to tickle and twitch like crazy- and, having been what she called a ‘sympathetic sneezer,’ for as long as she could remember, finding herself next to someone else in the store who was overcome with the sneezes, from pretty teenage girls in skintight jeans shopping for friends’ birthdays to furred and powdered Avenue matrons, Karen found herself responding with a sneeze or two of her own.

During the aromatherapy class, when the teacher had opened a particularly evil-looking bottle of patchouli and let out a sudden, ‘iSH-hoo!’ Karen had responded with a pitch-perfect replica of the sneeze, causing a wave of giggles- and a few sneezes- to wash around the class. Another student, a tall black woman in a dark suit, had let loose with a bigger, drier ‘Ah-IHOO!’ and it had looked for a moment as though it might turn into an epidemic, but the sneezing had died down almost immediately after that, although Karen found herself gazing at the woman for a bit too long- had it been luck, or did she too have sympathetic traits? The woman had caught her staring and looked away. It had been a tiny bit embarrassing, but Karen was used to this aspect of herself by now.

The sympathetic sneezing had got her a couple of looks- sympathetic, rueful, irritated and otherwise interested- but she’d never found herself embarrassed about it. Karen loved sneezing, and the fact that watching or hearing a sneeze flipped some miraculous switch in her own tender nose seemed like physical proof, her body’s conscious acknowledgement of how much she enjoyed it- she liked to think of it as a quasi-sexual reciprocation.

And so, an eager Karen, on fire with anticipation after a leisurely dinner with a little too much wine, led an equally willing Jill upstairs and into one of her spare bedrooms. Jill had never been in this room before. The walls were painted in white, and were adorned with black and white photographs of old jazz players. The room was furnished only with a patterned, padded sun-lounger and a white boudoir highlighted with gold leaf, with two stools next to it. Music was playing softly, cafe jazz with a deep raunchy undertone.

he boudoir had lots of little bottles on it with different coloured liquids in them, and the air in the room smelled richly and heavily of perfume. As soon as she smelt it, Jill felt a powerful urge to rub her nose, but she remained poker-faced despite the wetness she felt blossoming between her legs. She was excited, and she wanted to play the rich socialite going for beauty treatment, not Karen’s sometime lover.

Karen motioned for Jill to sit on one of the stools. Jill crossed her legs and allowed the hem of her tight, white mini dress to ride up, thus offering Karen a delectable view of her long, toned legs. Karen wore a white silk blouse, which, although fully buttoned, was fairly low cut and showing a good deal of her considerable cleavage.

While Karen was taller, blonder and sturdier than Jill, with serious curves and gently tanned skin, Jill had a more delicate beauty, her dark red hair fanning out across milk-white shoulders in a cloud, a golden-brown pelt of freckles trickling across her equally generous breasts. Beneath the white mini-dress, she was wearing white panties, spiderweb-thin, which she was allowing Karen to have a peek at as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. When she tossed her hair back, the pearls in her ears glimmered through her silky red hair.

‘Right’, said Karen, ‘what I want to do is to start a role-playing thing, by using the dialogue on the cards. So, as the client, you start off first.’

Jill suppressed a giggle. She was surprised that Karen was taking the role-playing so seriously because it was obvious what was going to happen, but she decided to humour her. After all, why not?

Jill looked at the cards for her prompt and began the charade.

‘I’ve come to have a look at some of the procedures you use for make up,’ she said, trying her damnedest not to put on a silly voice as she spoke. ‘Things like eye shadow, lipstick.’

Karen said, ‘Yes, well, I notice today you’ve got your face fairly light which is good, the natural look is very much ‘in’ at the moment...’

All at once, Karen broke off from what she was saying and turned her head to one side, put her index finger to her nose and closed her eyes.

She held that pose for a couple of seconds and then turned back to look at Jill, who raised one eyebrow inquiringly and licked her pouty, heart-shaped lips, leaving a delicate sheen of gloss behind.

‘It’s all right,’ explained Karen, ‘ I thought I was going to sneeze.’

Jill giggled, determined to tease her. ‘Can’t sneeze all over your customers, now can you?’

Karen was blushing slightly, her eyes shining from the almost-sneeze. ‘You are my customer, Madam.’

‘Oh yeah. Carry on, then.’

Jill continued to stare at Karen’s nose, thinking that this role-playing might actually be fun after all. Obediently, she crossed her hands in her lap, trying to ignore the little twitch of heat that had started below them.

Karen, all business again, turned her attention back to the dialogue boards.

‘Where was I?’ She sniffled- damn, her nose was starting to tickle again! ‘Oh, yes- so what we’ll do, first of all...’ her voice was getting breathy and hoarse, ‘is...we’ll look at your colouring and discuss with you whether you’re happy to wear heavy or light make-up...’ She couldn’t concentrate at all now, her eyes were beginning to water as the tickle grew in intensity, ‘and then...and then...choose the colours according to your complexion, your eye colour...’ Oh God, she really had to sneeze! ‘ahh...and hair colour, and then we’ll move on care...’ She gave it up. ‘and...ooh...oh dear...!’

Again, Karen turned her head to one side, put her index finger to her nose, and...

‘Hup-choo!! Hup- CHOO!!...A...HUP...CHOOO!!’ She sniffed heavily. ‘Damn, this happened earlier! It’s the oils making me sneeze. HUH-ISHEWW!’

‘I know,’ replied Jill. ‘I can smell them, and they’re making me want to sneeze as well.’

Wrinkling her face up beautifully, she rubbed her nose. She was excited, and trying not to show it- Karen’s three lovely sneezes had made her clit jump and the crotch of her panties get wet.

Karen ruefully remembered her ‘sympathetic,’ traits. ‘Oh, no, Jill, don’t!’

‘I can’t help it!’ squealed Jill. ‘I’ve just got to...oh....’ She sniffed lightly. ‘ it’s all right now, it went away.’ She gave another delicate sniffle and smiled. ‘Do go on.’

‘Right, yes, let’s get back to the role-play,’ said Karen hurriedly, trying not to stare at Jill’s turgid nipples through the thin fabric of her dress.

Jill felt that Karen’s determination to stick to this game was becoming more ludicrous by the second, but she complied. Watching Karen’s sneezes, and with her nose itself feeling ominously tickly, that familiar twitching, twisting sensation had begun in her pussy, and she just wanted Karen to take off all her clothes and lunge at her.

Then, eyeing her lover as she steeled herself to look capable, Jill decided that it would be far more wicked- and far more delicious- to behave. To sit there, her legs primly crossed, and play the innocent customer, someone younger perhaps, someone even less experienced with women than she was. She wanted to see Karen’s role-playing crumble, wanted to see her lose was normally Jill, in their relationship, who had the most difficulty in controlling her libido, but now she was prepared just to sit back and wait.

And watch.

The other unusual thing, Jill reflected, that due to the way they were affected by their fetishes, it was normally Jill who would start to sneeze first and this, of course, would start Karen off sneezing. She watched her beautiful lover hungrily, for the first sign of a crack, but Karen had resumed her Avon-lady spiel and Jill reminded herself that she had to behave.

‘We need to discuss what you’re currently using on your skin and how you could, perhaps, better that. So, would you be happy with that?’

‘Yes, fine,’ replied Jill obediently.

‘And also body care.’

‘Ooh, definitely...’ Jill raised an eyebrow suggestively.

Karen hurriedly looked down at her prompt cards, not wanting Jill to guess her motives just yet- it could be that she wasn’t in the mood, although looking at Jill’s sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks, she doubted that. The word ‘body,’ had struck a chord in her as well, and she was beginning to regret her pose as the dominant one.

Suddenly, Jill gave in to the remaining fragment of an itch in her nose and let out a quick, muffled, snuffly sneeze into the arch of her wrist. ‘IshMmmn!...excuse me, Miss Masseur.’

‘Bless you.’

‘Thanks,’ Jill snuffled.

Hearing Jill sneeze started a burning itch, which slowly crept into Karen’s nose, spreading into the top of her throat. Karen felt the itch flare and tried as hard as she could to hold it in, but she knew it was a lost cause. Shuddering breaths overtook her, bending her slightly, and she clamped her hands over her nose, catching an explosive sneeze that shook her slender frame from head to toe. ‘Huht-EHH-ihtTSCHOO!’

‘Bless you too.’ Jill grinned sympathetically.

Karen gave her a ‘don’t say anything,’ look. ‘As you can see, we do have a wide range of products and, basically we’ve got something to suit all the skin types... what we really need to do, before we proceed onto anything else, is to just get you to relax a little bit. I’m going to look at stimulating your muscles- you’ve probably got a lot of tension in your muscles at the moment and we want to get rid of all of that and relax the whole of your body. So, is that all right with you?’

‘That’s fine, yeah.’

Jill was staring into Karen’s eyes in a way that shook her composure considerably, but Karen soldiered on.

‘If I could just ask you to stand up, please?’

Jill complied.

‘Now, ‘ said ‘Karen, ‘We’re going to actually need you to slip out of your dress for this, if that’s all right?’

‘Here we go!’ thought Jill, then mentally added, ‘Mind you, she can’t very well cover me with oil when I’ve got my dress on, can she?’ For some reason, being unsure of Karen’s motives made this whole scene even more of a turn-on for her.

‘Yeah,’ she said out loud, ‘that’s fine.’

‘Because,’ continued Karen, ‘obviously, I do need to look at all of the areas of your body, not just the exposed parts.’

‘Oh, obviously,’ thought Jill, as Karen manoeuvered her around.

‘OK then,’ said Karen, ‘ that’s fine. You’ve got beautiful, soft skin.’

‘Why, thank you.’

‘You, um, you obviously take good care of yourself.’

Jill started to ad-lib, ‘Yes, I do use moisturiser.’

‘That’s good,’ Karen purred, in what Jill was starting to think of as her salon voice, ‘because, you know, a lot of ladies don’t actually do that. OK, well, if you’d like to slip your dress off.’

Provocatively, Jill pulled the dress over her head, watching Karen’s wide, hungry eyes as she did so. She was wearing her favourite bra, white and embroidered delicately with gold flowers, which cupped her breasts like the tenderest lover’s hands. A tiny cusp of pink nipple was visible over the arc of the left cup, her cleavage exaggerated by the bra’s wiring. She pushed back her hair, holding her arms up to give Karen the best possible view of her firm, drawn-up chest, flat stomach and firm, creamy thighs. Damp, dark red filaments of hair were escaping from panties so small and delicate that Karen could have swallowed them without a glass of water. Her body was honed by years of exercise and care.

Jill smiled inwardly. She could tell Karen wouldn’t be able to carry on with this pretence for much longer. Jill wondered what form Karen’s loss of control would take- she could hardly wait to see it!

‘You obviously do a lot of exercise; you’ve got a beautifully toned body. OK, so we’re gonna work on your muscles today, so just pop yourself down on the couch if you could do that for me.’

‘On my front or on my back?’ asked Jill.

‘If you lie on your front for the moment,’ replied Karen. ‘ Now, you’ve got beautiful legs, which we can work on a bit later but I think the main area at the moment we need to concentrate on is your back. And maybe move down to your bottom.’

‘Oh, I see,’ said Jill, her meek-as-a-lamb voice concealing a hidden spiral of laughter- she got the picture alright- as she lay down on the sun-lounger, allowing herself to relax as much as she could. She might as well get the best out of this beauty salon routine.

‘Now I’m just going to choose some aromatherapy oils because they’re very good for helping you relax. I’ve used a combination here that should be suitable for your requirements...’

‘Oh. What are my requirements?’ Jill teased.

But Karen was silent, and Jill, who was laid on her stomach, couldn’t see her.

‘What’s the matter? You still there, Karen?’

‘Oh. Yeah. I...Oh. I have to sneeze!!’

Karen, her hands covered in oil, turned her head and sneezed into the crook of her arm, the sneeze ending in a dramatic high-pitched point.

‘HUP-CHEWWW!!’ She shook her head instinctively. ‘Whew. Dear me!’

Jill now felt herself beginning to juice up, but she was determined not to be the first one to crack. It was becoming a kind of cause celebre, and acquiring as much importance this time as the lust and the sneezing.

‘Sorry. Where was I?’ continued Karen.’ I’m just gonna gradually start by gently rubbing the areas I mentioned earlier. Is that all right with you?’

Karen expertly began massaging the oil into Jill’s back. She was, clearly, very good at this already. Jill could feel electric ripples of lust chasing themselves up and down her spine.

‘Jill? I said, is that OK?’

It was all Jill could do to respond, ‘ Ye...uh...yeah!’

Karen then said, ‘Do tell me if anything bothers you, won’t you?’

‘Nuh...nothing, it’s fine. It’s great.’

It seemed to Jill that Karen could sense that she was weakening and that Karen was beginning to gain the upper and in a competition that, up until this point, Jill thought she was the only one who knew they were having.

Jill managed to gasp, ‘That’s really nice. Your hands feel so soft.’

‘Actually, that’s a good point. If I can, later on, leave a manual with you that shows you how to massage yourself, you’ll find that using the oil will make your hands very soft.’

All the time Karen was talking, her hands were moving south and Jill’s pussy was really starting to ache for her lover. Under the overpowering scent of the oil, she fancied that she could almost smell her juices slipping out of her, slicking her inner thighs.

‘So, would you mind turning over, please?’

Jill, sensing the advantage again, thought it might be time to get a bit naughty- after all, she was feeling tingly all over and it was driving her crazy having to sit in her own wetness, the crotch of her panties uncomfortably damp.

‘Do you want me to keep my underwear on?’ she asked, coyly.

Karen raised her beautifully styled eyebrows, clearly aroused at this suggestion.

‘Erm...actually... well, it really the moment I feel that you need to relax as much as possible, so if you feel that would help you to relax, then, why not? Just pop it off.’

Jill thought it was time for them to get down to brass tacks and cease this nonsense.

‘Well, what about your clothes as well? Are you going to take them off?’ she asked.

‘Jill, I’m a masseur, remember?’ Karen broke character, feeling her resolve slipping away. ‘I could get arrested!’

‘Yeah, but isn’t the customer always right?’

‘Actually, well, it is a bit hot in here,’ replied Karen, ‘ would you mind?’

‘Of course I don’t bloody mind!’ thought Jill, ‘That’s the point!’

Restraining herself, she replied, ‘Oh, no, Miss Masseur, not at all.’

Karen said, ‘All right then.’ She took off her blouse and skirt, revealing a silky light green bra and panties set, which emphasised her golden skin and brought out the wicked green lights in her eyes. Her bronzed, firm body glowed with health, vigour and slowly mounting arousal.

‘Oh that’s good, ‘ she said, ‘I’ve been so hot sitting there doing all my paperwork. ‘

‘It is quite warm in here, actually...’

Karen then took Jill slightly by surprise by climbing astride her.

‘Right , she said, ‘What I’m gonna do is...are you OK if I put my leg over there?’

Jill said, ‘Yeah, go ahead.’

Karen was now sitting up on Jill’s thighs. Jill looked up at her and gave Karen her best pleading pout, which Karen pretended not to see.

Karen explained, ‘What I’m going to need to do is to get in a really good position to massage your body. Is that all right?’

Jill said, ‘That feels nice.’ It did, too. She could feel Karen’s warm sex on her thighs.

Karen pointed to her bra and said, ‘Sorry, do you mind if I pop this off as well?’

‘No,’ replied Jill, ‘ you don’t want to get oil on it do you? It’s lovely underwear!’

‘Yeah, ‘ said Karen, ‘ I got it for Christmas actually. You look very good lying there- very relaxed and calm. So what I’m going to do now is just concentrate on this area...’

And to Jill’s superlative delight Karen began massaging her breasts with her soft, oil-filled hands, gently grinding her pelvis into Jill’s as she rocked back and forth.

Jill breathed, ‘Oh, that feels really nice. Your hands are really smooth.’

‘Well,’ replied Karen, ‘having your breasts played with is very nice. I quite often get my partner to do that to me.’

Jill gave her a mischievous look, ‘ I bet you enjoy that, don’t you?’

‘Actually, it might be quite a good idea later on to get you to practise on me so that, when you go home, you’ll know and I’ll be able to tell you whether you’re doing it right or not.’

‘A likely story!’ thought Jill.

Karen continued, ‘ OK, let me just do the other one. Oh- your nipples are going hard. You’re not cold, are you?’

Jill wanted to shout, ‘Of course I’m not bloody cold, you’re driving me mad with lust!’ 

‘’ stammered Jill, ‘ I’m all right.’

Karen said, ‘Well. Why’s that then?’ She was getting the upper hand again.

‘Because...because it’s so nice!’

Karen continued teasing and massaging, ‘So you’ll be coming back again then, will you?’

‘Oh, I will,’ said Jill. ‘You can count on thah...hahhh...whew! Karen...I...I gotta...’

‘What is it?’

Karen held Jill’s arms tight to her sides as she relished Jill’s shivery pre-sneeze breaths. Her long jade eyes gleamed wickedly in the evening light, half-open, pupils dilated from lust; she was as warm and indolent as a lazy little girl, but poor sneezy Jill could tell that she was starting to get dangerous.

‘Tih...tickle...really bad...’

‘Oh, honey...’ Karen bent down and kissed her neck, then licked it, feeling the flutter of Jill’s tortured breath.


Jill’s whole body seized with the buildup of a huge, intense sneeze, taking Karen with her as her lover burrowed closer into the luxurious silky cushions of her breasts, not wanting to miss a single vibration of the sneeze. She did this under the pretence of rubbing Jill’s chest and shoulders, which she did hope would give her lover a little comfort, but her motives were far from altruistic.

‘Heh eh...ehh...ehhhh...EehhEHISHHH...WHEEEW!’

Jill gave a quick, harsh gasp and then exploded with another gigantic, ‘ehEHSHAAA!’ that had her clasping her hands over her nose, rubbing it to wipe away the runs.

Damn! It was all very well being able to stir your girlfriend’s libido with a single sneeze, but when you were sneezing too much to actually get biblical with her...she had to get rid of the tickle for a few precious moments.

‘Karen, I...I deed a dissue.’

The sadistic smile not leaving her face, Karen reached for the box of Kleenex on her side of the lounger, grabbed a handful and thrust them into Jill’s hands. Turning her head away, Jill struggled to thank her, made a motion with her head that approximated it and buried her nose in the tissues, eyes streaming as she tried to get the words out, her face contorted with anticipation and discomfort:

‘Karen I’b gudda...ahh..haaAHH...I deed...haah. Aaahh. Ohhh...’

Karen snuggled into her again, relishing every ragged breath. ‘Let it out, hon. You know I don’t mind.’

She kissed the hot skin of Jill’s neck, feeling her struggle to expel the sneeze and get it over with, and then Jill’s whole body seized up and concertinaed in, then out, of a tight, held-in crouch, knees drawn up to her breasts, tissues pressed tightly to her nose as she expelled a powerful, ‘EhhHAH-ISHHHHOOOO!’

Karen cooed and kissed Jill as she recovered, breathing heavily- almost panting. ‘God, I deeded thad!’ Jill exclaimed, then gave her nose an almighty, crackling blow. Sighing contentedly, she collapsed back on the lounger. ‘Excuse me,’ she said, sounding more like herself. ‘That was such a big tickle!’

‘Feeling OK now?’ Karen purred, running a hand down the incredible slope of Jill’s firm, fleshy right breast and then cupping it- well, as much of it as she could- in her hand. ‘I’d hate to think you were going through any discomfort...’ then her face screwed up. ‘Oh, damn this thing...’ she grabbed for a tissue. ‘scuh...scuse me, but watching you...made my nose itch...oh dear...’

Jill smiled. ‘Are you all right?’

‘I’b OK,’ Karen managed with the tissue still clamped around her nose, which was starting to feel unbearably stuffy. ‘Id's jusd and the...the oils...I’b fide, jus...jus’ godda sdee...heee...haIISSHOOO!...sdeeze by head off.’

‘Oh.’ Jill's cheeks were flushed, her breath becoming harsh and deeply drawn.

Karen’s breath grew short, the tickle strong and fiery, burning her nose like she’d just inhaled chilli. Fresh tears brightened her already slightly red-veined, eyes as she cut loose with a sneezing fit.

‘Hah... hah hah hah... Ohh, thad...hah hah... oh by dose... id hah... tickles so... hah...buch... hah hah hah-AAASHOOO!! AAIIISSHOO! IIISHOOO! Hehhehh... HEEHSH-WHOOO!’

The sneezes were dramatic and spectacularly messy, causing her to rummage through the tissues Jill proffered more than once as they turned into disintegrating white dumplings of paper under the force of Karen’s nasal eruptions.

Then Jill sneezed again. ‘Heeh...atSCHOOO!’

‘Bless  you!’ Karen exclaimed, putting her arm around Jill’s shoulders, taking the wet tissues from her hand and replacing them quickly with fresh ones as she snuffled and sneezed.

Jill drew a long, congested breath through her stopped-up nose, then brought her fist up to rub her itching nostrils vigorously, trying to open up her nasal passages. ‘Oh God,’ she sniffed, ‘what the hell is wrog with be? I dever sdeehze like thi-hih-’ she inhaled sharply, uncontrollably. ‘HUHRRESSSSHHH!’

She took another tissue and gave an unselfconscious, foghorning blow. She waited for a few moments, but the fit seemed to be over, although a slight, irritating tickle lurked in the upper reaches of her nose. ‘Haaah,’ she breathed, relieved. ‘That was something, wasn’t it?’

Karen smiled. ‘Very, sweetheart. Is your nose calming down now?’

‘Yeah,’ Jill sniffed, ‘it’s fine. Whew! How about yours?’

‘A little tickly.’ Karen rubbed her nose hard. ‘Think I might...need to sneeze again! This sympathy thing’s funny. It hahh...happens at the oddest ti-hi-iTSCHII!’ The sneeze was oddly high-pitched, followed by a hard, clogged back-of-the-mouth sniff. She looked at Jill with big, wet green eyes. ‘You dod’t,’ she asked, her voice teasing and stuffy, ‘bide, do you? I’d hate to thihgk you wered’t edjoyig this. uh-huh-hUh-huhuhuh-HU- ISSSHHHwheooo!’

Jill smiled, touching Karen’s twitchy nose. ‘Not at all, Miss Masseur. Happens to the best of us.’

The two women shook their heads, as though shaking off their sneezes, and grinned at each other.

‘It really is,’ Karen’s voice was husky, and she cleared her throat, ‘like orgasm, isn’t it?’

‘Different,’ said Jill. ‘But...yeah, I do know what you mean.’

Karen sat on the edge of the lounger with her back towards Jill.  She looked over her shoulder at Jill and said, ‘Right, what you need to do now is rub some oil between your fingers and heat it up, it’ll be easier to apply before you do my back and shoulders.’

Jill rubbed Karen’s back, her fingers trailing gently down her spine, playing with the body she was just getting to know.

‘Do you want me to put it around your breasts?’ she asked.

‘Yes, ‘replied Karen, ‘that’s because it was the area you said relaxed you the most.’

Jill then rubbed some of the oil that Karen had given her onto her hands, sat behind Karen and started to massage. The advantage was now swinging back in Jill’s favour.

‘You’re very good at this, actually,’ said Karen. ‘ Mmm, very’ve made my nipple go hard already!’

‘Am I doing it right, then?’ teased Jill.

‘Yes,’ said Karen. ‘ Definitely, but I think you need to concentrate on my nipples a little bit more....’

Karen’s nipples were now very hard indeed, and she began to squirm against Jill’s body, her pussy starting to fill with a familiar achy heat.

‘You like that there, don’t you?’ whispered Jill in Karen’s ear, always one of the most sensitive parts of her body, as she held Karen’s breasts, enjoying the weight of them against her palms, the heat.

Karen did her best to keep professional, ‘Well, obviously, whatever’s relaxing can make you feel, you know, different. It can make you feel erotic or sensual.’

‘How’s it making you feel?’ asked Jill, massaging Karen’s breasts with such uncompromising firmness it felt almost as though she was trying to reshape them. She smelt the tang of musk emanating from the curve of Karen’s neck, the slope of her shoulder.

Karen could hardly speak, ‘Very turned on, actually,’ she replied breathlessly, hot breaths hovering around Jill’s ears. ‘I can’t help it...what you’re doing to me just feels so good! You don’t mind?’

But Jill was silent. The smell of the oils was getting to her, and her nose had started to tickle and twitch. She tried to explain.

‘Actually....Karen.. I fee...feel. a...ah...ah... a bit ...snee... sneezy!’

Karen, softly running her fingers over Jill’s breasts, whispered, ‘Go for it.’

‘I...hi...’ Jill made a play of struggling, turning her head to the side. ‘Honey, I can’t sneeze all over you!’

Karen laughed nervously, quivering with anticipation, her sex a hot, wet, heavy knot. Dimly she hoped that her arousal wasn’t too obvious, even though she could feel a trail of wetness starting to soak through the thin, light green silk of her panties. ‘It’s, um, an occupational hazard.’

Jill scrunched her nose up as she pulled Karen down on top of her, a soft hiss of laughter escaping her in spite of her furiously tickling nose. ‘One of the perks of the job, is it?’ she managed to say.

‘Oh yeah.’

Jill rubbed her nose with clenched fingers. ‘But Miss Masseur, I can’t...’

‘You can,’ Karen replied firmly. ‘And you will.’

Uncontrollably, Jill inhaled, and then exhaled deeply three times, ‘uhhh...huh..huhhh....’ before stifling a sneeze in Karen’s ear. ‘Hmpffftschoo!’

Karen felt the sneeze’s force, the explosive wetness of the spray tickling her and bringing her to a new plateau of arousal.

Jill’s lips, damp with the trickling spray, were at her tender earlobe again as she whispered, ‘Ohhh...Kahhh...Karen...I think I might hah-have to sneeze again!’

Karen was so turned on she felt as though all her body heat was concentrated in the core of her crotch.

‘Honey,’ she whispered. ‘Jill. Could you...could you hold it back?’

Jill, squeaking with need, shook her head, but made a valiant effort.

Karen drank in every one of Jill’s ragged breaths. ‘ihhh. Hiiiihh. IHH. IH...’

She looked at Jill’s breasts hungrily, silken pillows glowing in the lush evening half-light, nipples alert and ready. She wanted to run her tongue around them while Jill heaved and gasped, first caressing the undersides, then up between...

‘Please, baby,’ she gasped. ‘Just a little while longer.’

Jill pinched her nose tightly, closing her eyes, and forced the sneeze to stay down for a moment. ‘Please,’ she said, her voice tight and nasal from the pinch. ‘Just please...ahh...aAHHH...’

Karen braced herself as she felt the soft, twitching tip of Jill’s nose against her ear, and then the force of the stifle again, ‘Haaa...Ha.. MMPFF...chooo!...’

‘Oh, bless you, baby,’ whispered Karen hoarsely. ‘ The oil’s getting to us both isn’t it?’

Jill applied her teeth delicately to the soft, downy flesh of Karen’s neck. ‘Both of us?’ she whispered, and nipped Karen gently just under her ear.  ‘Have you got a tickly nose as well, darling?’

Karen felt the soft pressure of Jill’s finger at her nose, and smiled. ‘Oh,’ she replied, sniffling, ‘just a little.’

‘Doesn’t...’ Jill writhed with pleasure as she watched Karen’s contorting face, and almost forgot what she was saying, ‘Doesn’t look like a little.’

Jill could tell by her voice and her eyes that she was staving off the ever-present tickle in her nose as she talked.

‘No,’ Karen sniffed again, determined to withhold the sneeze and delay her lover’s pleasure for as long as was humanly possible, ‘It’s just a tiny bit of a tickle...I think I can get it under control.’

Then she realised that Jill’s finger was absolutely saturated in the ticklish massage oil. Her nose registered the irritation before she did, and the burn spread right through her nasal passages, giving her a moment of agony.

‘Oh,’ she exclaimed, ‘you bad girl! You’re giving me the sneezies!’

Jill laughed like a naughty little girl. ‘I hope so!’

Jill grinned wickedly up at her and, realising that the damage was done, took her hands away and began to massage Karen’s breasts, which were beginning to heave dramatically.

Karen’s nose itched unbearably and she launched into a huge, graceless buildup- always a bad sign, meaning that the sneeze was going to be gigantic.

‘Jill.. I ...AHH.. AHH...’

‘You what, honey?’

‘...gonna sneeze!’ Karen gulped, an ominous tingle welling up in her sensitive nose. She scrunched her face up, making desperate little holding-back grunts as she fumbled in her pockets for a tissue, which she didn’t find. Her nostrils stretched outward to their limits, eyebrows raising just a tiny fraction, a slight pout taking control of her generous, scarlet-painted lips.  Karen’s hot-looking eyes slid uncontrollably upwards and then squeezed tightly shut as her just-about-to-sneeze face grew even more exaggerated, her upper lip twitching towards her nose, allowing her mouth to drop open a little more. Her eyebrows arched dramatically up her forehead, as she took deep, gasping breaths, cupping well-manicured hands to her nose. 


‘Oh, bless you,’ Jill purred. ‘That was a big sneeze!’

By now they were both squirming against one another, lost to anything but pleasure. Karen looked into Jill’s tigerish eyes and her embarrassment melted away as she saw how aroused Jill was. Mutely, still holding her gaze, Jill slipped out of her underwear. Gloriously naked, she looked at Karen combatively, like a cornered jungle creature. She waited to be impressed.

Karen sniffed. ‘That was wicked of you.’

Jill sniffed stuffily. ‘ nose is itchig agaid...’

‘Serves you right!’

‘I bight deed to do adother sdeeze in a bidute!’

Karen pounced on top of Jill, holding her to the lounger, and Jill wrapped her legs around Karen’s back, holding her there as she heaved in breath, eyes slowly fluttering closed. All this time, Jill’s beautiful nose was twitching, and Karen watched in rapt anticipation until Jill put her finger to her nose and stifled two sneezes in a high-pitched, feminine squeak, before letting loose with a huge, uncontrollable explosion that contradicted the girlish tone of the first two.

‘Ah...ttchh!!... aaahhh...tch! ahhhh...heAHHH...AHH...chhHOOO! Dear me!’

Karen grinned as she kissed Jill wetly. ‘So d’you think you’d be able to do this at home then?’ she asked, coming up for air.  ‘It would be good if someone like me was there, though, wouldn’t it?’

‘Well this is it, you see,’ said Jill,’ I don’t know if the boyfriend would be as exciting as this!’

Karen then guided Jill’s hands in between her legs, and said, ‘What you need to concentrate on now is this area here.’

‘Oh, really?’  Jill deftly traced her finger against the wet cleft, shielded by the green silk, ‘Just’

‘Oh that’s very good. You see how much it’s relaxing me...well, it would be exactly the same having someone do it to you.’

Again they kissed hungrily and noisily, until Jill broke away, twitched her nose and rubbed it with her finger.

‘So, how are you feeling now?’ asked Karen with breathy anticipation.

‘I have to sdeeze ag-ed!’ Jill’s voice was deliciously tight and stuffy, little-girlish in its vulnerability. ‘Oh, it’s so...tihh...tickly...ah...ah...ahhh...’

As the build-up increased, she lightly rubbed Karen’s crotch. Her lover arched her back, eyes slitted like a cat’s, flaring green and dilated with desire, watching intently.

‘HAAHHH...HAH!’ Jill reared further and further back, her head tilting backwards until Karen could see right into her quivering, tensing nostrils, watch their uncontrollable, hypnotic movement.  ‘AHHHH-CHOOO! Hi...iii...iiihhh...’ Jill put her finger under her nose, but although it stemmed the sneeze, the tickle still raged away in there. ‘hihih...uhhh.’ She stared up at Karen, agate eyes watery, and sniffed, not managing to clear her nose in the slightest. Intoxicated by Karen’s gaze, she began to pant as though she’d just sprinted a hundred metres. ‘Huh! HihUH! Uh! Huh-hih- ihd’s cubbig- I cad feel id-hih-EhTISHHHOO! Uh...’scuse me.’

Karen laughed at her, feeling high and dizzy, intoxicated by her warmth, her scent, and her cute little attempts to hold back. She lowered her head to Jill’s breast and let her mouth explore the sensations of Jill’s tender, silky skin. A thousand little shocks rushed over her lips every time skin touched skin.

Jill tried rubbing her nose again with her finger and then, ‘ HUP...CHOOO! Oh, dear! Excuse me, Miss Masseur, those oils are giving me such a sneezy nose...’

Karen felt a sharp sexual twinge between her thighs.

Jill sniffed deeply, ‘huh...uh- huhuhuh-heh...hehh. Oh.’ A tiny pause- her face froze- then she let out a huge, wet, satisfying, ‘Huh-ISSHOOOO!’

‘Let me take your mind off them.’ Karen traced soft, passionate kisses down Jill’s neck to her chest, mouth landing on every golden freckle like a butterfly. Mischievously licking around Jill’s nipples until Jill was shivering with the need to have them touched, she rolled them between her fingers, then took one of Jill’s hardened nipples in her thumb and forefinger and said, ‘I think I’ll just suck this for a minute. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’

Jill said, ‘Yeah...that would be nice. Ooohh...’ she put her hand behind Karen’s head and pulled her closer to her breasts as Karen worked away, ‘it feels amazing.’

Karen was realising that one of life’s most sensual pleasures was that of nipple against tongue. She wrapped her lips around Jill’s nipples one after the other, lightly feathering them with the tip of her tongue and then sucking harder. As Jill’s harsh breaths arched into a promising moan, Karen felt a nasty little tickle in her nose.

‘Oh, wait a minute, ‘ gasped Karen, ‘ The oils I rubbed on your chest are getting up my’s making me want to sneeze again!’ She writhed against Jill’s breasts. ‘Let me go!’

But Jill wouldn’t let go.

‘Jill...I have to sneeze!’ Karen gasped. ‘I’m not kidding!’

‘Oh, go on, Karen...sneeze all over my breasts!’

‘ Oh. I Oh....ATCH-CHEW!.. Ah. ahh...TISH...EEWW..! AHH! AAHH...AAHH ...?... ASHOOOO!’

Karen burrowed in between Jill’s breasts, feeling her own sneeze-mist of snot and saliva land on the cool flesh.

Jill wriggled, reveling in the sensations, murmuring, ‘oh yes...oh yes....that feels like heaven.’

Karen smiled wickedly. She’d show Jill heaven. She snaked her hand over to Jill’s leg and started massaging her inner thighs with the oil. The only sound that escaped Jill’s lips was a half-suppressed moan, as she leaned back and spread her legs.

‘You love it when I sneeze,’ Karen whispered, ‘don’t you?’

Jill nodded helplessly. ‘I don’t know just makes me so hot!’ She arched her back, spreading her legs wider like an invitation. She needed whatever Karen was going to do. This, at that moment in time, was all she knew.

‘You’re soaked,’ Karen whispered in astonishment as she got closer, her hands climbing and her tongue sliding down Jill’s breastbone, slicking down her flat tummy and sliding into her navel, to a soft moan of delight from Jill. ‘God, you must love it...I bet you really want it right now.’ She began to lick Jill’s abdomen with long, unhurried motions of her tongue.

Jill looked down at her through slitted agate eyes. ‘Do you?’

Karen smiled. ‘You know I do.’

Caressing the indescribably soft white virgin skin on the insides of Jill’s thighs, she moved her hands further and further in to an accompaniment of soft, partially stifled moans, closer and closer to Jill’s damp crotch, finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, grabbing and cradling Jill’s sex. Jill stretched the impressive length of her body on the lounger, head jerking back with pleasure, red hair trailing almost to the floor as her long fingers twined in it.

Karen slowly moved her fingers in between Jill’s legs and said, ‘So, what else do you like then?’

‘Mmm. All sorts of things!’

Karen felt Jill’s hips bucking under her hand, Jill’s fingers running down the back of her neck, long nails against her soft skin. ‘See, I told you massaging there was good didn’t I?’

‘Definitely, that feels lovely...’ Jill writhed with pleasure, her fingers digging in deeper then leaving the back of Karen’s neck. ‘Ooh...oh no. I’ve got the tickles again!’

The walls of her cunt pushed in and out with the rhythms of her breathing, warm and slick, pulsing against Karen’s fingers.

Her face contorted dramatically and she began to rub furiously at her nose again, which was now twitching and wriggling of its own accord, ominously soft, quick little intakes of breath making her breasts shake and shimmy as though mirroring the motion. Her eyes fluttered shut, but she took in a deep shuddery breath, held it, and kept her eyes tightly squeezed shut until she could speak again, her voice shaky and hitching,

‘I... I really haaa...huh...have to sneeze, Karen!’

‘I can tell.’

With her free hand, the other still rubbing Jill’s crotch with a delicious friction, Karen gently placed a finger under her nose, which helped a little. Jill snuffled, swallowed, closed her eyes and got the urge under control for a moment, then stared at Karen gravely, concentrating, though her nostrils flared with the rhythmic heave of a pair of bellows against her lover’s finger and her chest rose against Karen’s elbow.

‘Hiih...iiihhh...ISHOOOOO! eh-UH-UHHH-hehICHOO! huh-ktSCHEW!’

Karen kissed and blessed her, her fingers sliding deeper into Jill’s warm wetness as Jill quivered with pleasure.

‘I think you’re just about ready for my surprise, Madam.’

 ‘Yeah,’ replied Jill, ‘ I’m looking forward to this.’

Karen stood up and discarded her green silk underwear, to appreciative murmurs from Jill. She walked towards the boudoir and opened one of the drawers.

‘It’s something that I enjoy very much and I know a lot of my customers do as well.’

Karen brought back with her a black bag, from which she produced a white vibrator.

‘You know when we were discussing massaging...’ she switched it on. It emitted a low buzzing. ‘This is good for al the others areas of your body you can’t reach with your hands.’

She ran the vibrator around Jill’s nipples. ‘I bet you love it there, don’t you?’

 ‘Oh, that’s really nice!’ gasped Jill.

 ‘So, you seem to be at the next stage, feeling good, getting really wet...aren’t you? Well, now, you can use it on me in a minute...’

She brought the vibrator lower down and started to work it around Jill’s cunt, touching the soft wet flesh and occasionally, to the accompaniment of a high-pitched gasp, brushing it over and around her clit, but not entering her.

‘Have you ever used one of these before, Madam?’ she asked, her voice not quite steady.

Wetter than she’d ever been, Jill shook her head. ‘It feels so lovely...much better than anything the boyfriend could ever do...’

‘ feels like a real dick, but it won’t go soft on you. We have some lubrication that allows you to have better orgasms. It makes it like someone’s come all over you.’

Not that she really needed it, Karen thought, gently stroking Jill’s cunt and meeting more of her lover’s slippery secretions than she’d ever felt.

Jill squirted some of the cream on to the end of the tool.

‘That’s right, ‘ said Karen, ‘ spread it all over.’

‘Ooh,’ said Jill, ‘ It’s so sticky!’ She stared hungrily at the lubricated vibrator and reached out to spread the ointment further along the shaft.

‘Just layer it, all over it. On the tip like they’ve come all over it.’

‘That’s lovely and cold. It feels so nice.’ Jill imagined its coolness against her steaming wetness, calming her a little. Those sweaty summer evenings and Karen’s lips...ummm. ‘Can I have a play with it?’

‘Yeah,’ said Karen, the heat in her cheeks and crotch growing more and more by the second, ‘I think that would be a very good idea...’

Jill inserted the vibrator between her legs, biting her lip to suppress a gasp at the shock of the intense pleasure. She tasted salt on her tongue.

‘That’s right,’ encouraged Karen, ‘Just rub it all around your clit.’

Jill grinned mischievously. ‘But I want it on my clit, Miss Masseur.’

‘Customer’s always right, I suppose,’ said Karen, massaging Jill’s breasts, which were hot, yet shivering under her touch. ‘Especially when she’s got such gorgeous boobs.’ She flicked Jill’s nipple tenderly. ‘You look beautiful down there. All glisteny and wet.’

Jill worked the vibrator more urgently between her legs, the tempo building at her cunt. ‘I’m not surprised,’ she murmured, feeling a rush of juices flood her pussy. ‘This wetness just keeps on feels like I’ve come already. I’ve never been so hot! I’m really close, Karen. I can feel it.’

‘I can see your juices coming out,’ said Karen wonderingly, looking down as she pulled tenderly on Jill’s hard nipples, ‘It looks so good...God, Jill, you are so warm and soft...I can actually feel myself opening up to you.’

She was still rubbing Jill’s breasts, tracing the gentle curvature of their slopes, seizing and pinching the firm, rose centres, letting her fingers linger around the cool, crepey skin outside each bud, drawn up and flushed. She lowered her mouth to Jill’s nipple and bathed it in dark heat, letting her teeth trace the shrinkingly soft skin.

Jill smiled blissfully, cupping Karen’s downy mons in the palm of her hand like a prize peach she was afraid to bruise. ‘Can I play with you now?’

‘Oh, yeah... your hands feel lovely,’ Karen whispered. ‘See what I mean about that oil?’

Jill screwed her face up. ‘Feels wonderful...everywhere but my poor nose!’

She sniffed so wetly that Karen could actually hear her nasal passages contract. The muscles of her cunt squeezed inward, a soft relaxed ring of pleasure pouting like a mouth, as if in response to the sniff, the anticipation.

Jill was barely touching her, too preoccupied with her need to sneeze, but she was getting to Karen’s clit, rubbing in soft, quick, circular motions, making Karen’s breaths come almost as heavy as her own gasps, a few quiet moans rising from her chest.

‘Inside me,’ Karen begged, forgetting Jill’s discomfort as her hips thrust back and forth of their own volition. ‘Shove your fingers right up in me.’

Jill obeyed, nose still itching and twitching, eyes blurred with irritation, managing to run her finger down Karen’s slippery slit until she slipped inside, fitting perfectly.

Karen was so unbelievably wet that Jill’s fingers were almost slipping out of her, wiping off the excess moisture on the pale caramel curls of Karen’s bush.

‘Keep touching me,’ she murmured. ‘Don’t stop.’

Jill’s nose was screwing up. ‘Huh.Hiiiiih.’ She gave a little gasp, then a desperate high-pitched noise as though she was crying, then she reached up, her hand driving deeper into Karen’s cunt, Karen’s pelvis keeping the vibrator steadily in place, and muffled a big wet sneeze in Karen’s shoulder. ‘ItSCHMMM!’ Karen moaned.

‘How does that feel?’ Teasingly, Jill imitated Karen as she began, no-nonsense, to rub her teasing fingertips against Karen’s clit, a tight firm knot in an oasis of slippery flesh.

‘Brilliant. You’re such a naughty girl...’ Karen sniffled, and tried to rub her nose on her shoulder as she arched backwards, her streaming hair and strange posture making her look like the big-breasted prow of a ship, ‘you’re gonna make me come in a minute...and I think you’re gonna make me sneeze too!’

‘Oh, come on,’ encouraged Jill, thrusting harder into Karen, the two of them so close that the buzz from Jill’s vibrator was tracing, almost hitting, Karen’s clit. ‘Let me help you.’

‘You’re helping me plenty, believe me.’ Karen relished her own responsiveness, the pulsing of her clit against Jill’s fingers. Already, she was about to explode. Her nose was itching wildly, her sympathetic traits in overdrive, and every bit of her hypersensitive. The sneezes forced their way out of her, wet and laboured, ‘HaISSCHHHHoooahh! HaISHHewww!’

Jill laughed, angling back down so that the vibrator burrowed deeply into her. ‘Oh, honey, that looked so beautiful.’

Karen wiped skeins of snot on her fingers. ‘Felt good, too.’

‘I’ll tell you what else feels good,’ Jill said cheekily, starting to touch her again, ‘you. Oh, you’re lovely and wet...’ Jill’s fingers dived into Karen’s sweet waiting depths. ‘Almost as wet as I am. Honey, you’re close!’

Karen wriggled with pleasure as Jill trailed her fingers in the slicked curls at the apex of her mound. ‘Not so strong...otherwise I’m going to come all over you...I can’t hold back...’

‘Neither can I...but we’ve got to...let’s just...let’s...’

Jill was making little sounds in her throat, like a pigeon cooing, which almost sent Karen over the edge, driving her completely wild.


God, Karen thought, Jill was getting good at this. Only the second time she’d made love to a woman, and there she was, her fingers swirling, rubbing and stroking until Karen was literally delirious with pleasure, their energies colliding, the whole of Jill’s being concentrated in that thrusting hand. Their entire bodies were moving in one rhythm, thrashing and contracting, moaning and panting their way into the same rising crescendo.

‘Oh, yeah, come,’ Karen cried, ‘come with me!’

‘Slow down,’ Jill panted, her hips undulating under Karen’s, her usually poised face twisting into a mask of hard concentration as she shunted her pleasure to an almost unbearable head with the buzzing tool.

Karen hungrily watched the white, glistening shaft of the vibrator driving in and out of Jill’s cunt, fighting back the sparks of pleasure that were threatening to blossom into a huge explosion.

‘No no no,’ Jill moaned, loving the wet, gooey, unladylike sounds that her fingers made as they slipped around inside Karen. ‘Keep it going. Don’t give in. I like to be...on the edge like this. Stay here with me.’

‘I can’t help it,’ Karen gasped, ‘just the way you’re doing it to me makes me want to come!’

Her cunt was soaking and she was stripped of pride and arrogance, excited beyond belief at the strokes that Jill was giving her. Jill wasn’t very experienced at making love to women, but it hardly mattered- just being with her was unbearably exciting in itself. Karen ducked her head and kissed Jill’s wet, open mouth.

Jill felt her clit begin to tingle- a wonderful, ominous feeling. ‘Please, Karen, hold it back...slow down!’

Karen rubbed frantically against Jill’s fingers as Jill hunched and arched with the pleasure of the vibrator.

Hold it back? Slow down? Jesus, that was like telling a thunderstorm not to break, one of her most forceful sneezes to stay where it was. She tried as hard as she could to relax her muscles as Jill filled her pussy with melting, vibrating orbs of sensation.

As though she wasn’t having enough trouble keeping the orgasm at bay, she could feel Jill’s hand sliding into her resistlessly, fearlessly, coiling and uncoiling in her most private darkness, not asking permission. The buzz from the vibrator added an almost maddening edge, heightening the pleasure almost to madness.

‘Ji-illl,’ Karen crooned, her voice ripped between desire and fear, her throat dry and stretched, her cunt throbbing from the incomplete orgasm. ‘Jill...please make me come...let me come in your hand!’

Jill worked her hand up slowly, her eyes fixed on Karen’s, Karen’s own green eyes widening without her volition and her breath shortening as Jill’s fist lifted her up as high as she could go.

A single bead of sweat ran down Karen’s temple, getting lost in her loose blonde hair as it came free from its moorings, cascading down her brown shoulders like a milky waterfall.

Jill reached out with her free hand and picked up the nearest bottle of oil to hand, a golden phial of lavender oil. Staring defiantly at Karen, she rubbed her finger around the neck of the bottle, mirroring the motions she was making between Karen’s thighs, and held the oil-covered finger under her nose.

‘Don’t you dare!’ Karen snapped. ‘You’re gonna make me...’

‘Make you what?’ Jill sniffed, rubbing Karen harder, and immediately her face contorted. ‘Ooh, that itches!’ A thicker, wetter sniff. ‘HiEH...hah.. Huh.huhuh. HUH-isscchhewww!’

It was beautifully formed, drawn-out, relieved. And it made Karen’s nose itch like mad.

Karen’s thighs were trembling, their overworked muscles about to give out from the pleasure, knees weak and almost buckling with the urge to let go that was sweeping through her in teasing gradations, building, building, building until Jill’s thumb burrowed further into her, setting off a quick, angry shower of sparks deep within her.

‘Oh, God...I’m gonna come!’ Karen moaned. She needed desperately to yield, to give into the sensations. Their past hour of teasing each other had driven her crazy, and though Karen couldn’t stand to submit, this wasn’t a battle that she was going to win.

Then Jill sneezed again, almost taking Karen’s nose to crisis point. ‘HIT-tcheewww!’

Karen felt herself jerking uncontrollably against Jill’s fingers, tiny subterranean judders pulsing at her hips, as she tried to get her breathing deep and under control, feeling the urge to sneeze build along with her orgasm.

Jill was writhing, the motions of her fingers coming raggedly, the vibrator crammed deep and secure in her slippery folds, her fingers playing faster and faster over Karen’s clit until Karen could barely hold back. She was clinging on by the thinnest of threads. ‘Huhh...hutCHOO! HutCHOO!’ She sniffed deeply. ‘HuhISSSSShoooo!’

Karen was so distracted by the urge between her thighs she could barely register the one in her nose. If she could somehow distract her mind, it would work out, the delicious torture would recede, but did she want that, that unborn pleasure, that emptiness? Didn’t she just want to...

‘…come, I’m gonna come, oh God...oh Jill...’

She concentrated on Jill’s face, hard and stretched as she shunted herself closer to ecstasy. But she couldn’t concentrate for very long- the stress of trying to focus prevented the very relaxation that she was trying to seek, that she’d been hoping for the minute she’d signed up to do the aromatherapy course.

She snapped completely into her body, pure, sweaty, grunting physicality, perfumed only with sex-musk and those oils, those wicked little oils, glistening on Jill’s breasts...oh...oh no...


Jill bit the finger of her free hand, trying not to scream with pleasure as she watched Karen’s face screw up in response to the new, intense tickle.


Jill was at the bare, tingling edge of her own orgasm, but hearing that sneeze ripped from the depths of Karen sent her over, along with the sheer weight of all the accumulated pleasure, the frustration and saturation of her cunt.

She could have been sadistic, drawn them both back from the brink, but she kept rubbing and arching as the vibrator buzz filled her head like a swarm of bees, making tingles all over her body.

Jill went motionless for a moment, the sign of her impending explosion. Karen had seen this before, and even through her own ecstasy, she congratulated herself on being able to please Jill so.

Then, as she felt her cunt start to spasm and gush, Jill began to pant, her shallow, breathless noises and her fingers in Karen’s pussy, right up against her G-spot, pushing Karen ever closer towards her own climax, the high delighted squeals she made as she erupted pushing Karen right over. As she came, she felt her own fingers being swallowed by Karen’s sex, squeezed by the rhythmic pulsations of a truly great orgasm.


The two women wrapped themselves around each other, a fragrant, sweaty infinity knot, replaying in their memories the moments they’d just had like shutter-clicks of vanilla porn, mouths on nipples, fingers rubbing clits, the arch of hips, wet soft mound rising to meet wet soft mound, as waves of desire and release fluttered through them like the shadows on the darkening ceiling.

They both collapsed, exhausted and laughing, on the sun-lounger, kissing and nuzzling each other in the warm fragrant mist of afterglow.

‘Christ,’ Jill murmured. ‘That was amazing.’

Jill licked Karen’s juices off her fingers- it tasted salty, like a clean, clear ocean.  She sucked each finger, like a child.

‘Come and see me next week,’ Karen said, putting on her crisp beautician voice. ‘We’ve got a lot of work to do still.’

‘I will,’ replied Jill, but as she was reaching for her dress, she turned back to her sated lover. ‘But I did come for the full treatment and…well…’ She gave Karen the pleading look again. ‘There’s a lot we didn’t get around to…isn’t there?’ 

Karen smiled, the ball in her court again. Would she make Jill wait? Could she?

After an agonising five minutes, she reached out and took the silky dress from Jill’s hands, looking critically at her nails.

‘You know what, Madam?’ she said. ‘We are throwing in a free manicure this week...’