Seaside Sneezes


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Lucy sighed contentedly as she exited her hotel room and instantly felt the warm morning sun beat down upon her bare arms. She had awaited this vacation for a whole year and finally, here she was, standing outside her luxury hotel and only 50 metres from the beach and a myriad of shops, able to indulge herself completely for a whole week.

Lucy took a deep breath of the warm sea air and adjusted her sunglasses, pushing them up the bridge of her nose. Her nose wriggled slightly. Glasses always made her nose itch. Smiling up at the sun, Lucy set off for the beach, her bag bumping lightly on her hip as she walked. She caught the glances of several deeply tanned and muscular young men as she passed by. She smiled again, knowing she was a knockout in her blue string bikini and white mini shorts. She brushed a strand of her dark hair from her face and removed her sandals just before crossing the road and stepping onto the hot, white sand.

"Mmm," she thought, flexing her toes deep into it. "This is the life!"

She grinned at nobody in particular and sought out a good spot to put her towel and bag to sunbathe for a while. Finding a place, Lucy spread her large, brightly coloured towel out, took off her shorts, and applied her sun tan lotion. Her nose came alive at the smell of coconuts, the scent of her lotion, as well as the salty water and smell of delicious food cooking from some of the nearby eateries and fast food places.

Lying back in the sand, Lucy pushed her sunglasses up her nose again. They were always falling down. Lucy had quite a small nose. It went well with her other features. Her large blue eyes and pouty mouth. Lucy relaxed and breathed deeply through her nose. In, out... the sea air seemed to clear her head and she couldn't imagine a more heavenly existence than just being able to stay here forever.

Just as Lucy was on the verge of dozing, a group of kids suddenly romped across her, sprinkling sand over her stomach, chest and face. "Ugh" said Lucy, as she sat up to inspect how much of her body was now covered in sticky sun lotion and sand. The damage wasn't too bad and she managed to brush most of it off. Some sand granules had been blown onto her face, too. Lucky she had her sunglasses on, she thought, or they might have gotten in her eyes!

Sniffing, Lucy wiped at her face. Her nose tingled suddenly, and Lucy realised that sniff was a bad idea. A particle of sand had been sitting just in or around her nostril and now it had been brought up inside. Lucy's mouth opened slightly as she prepared to sneeze. Lucy could always tell when she was about to sneeze - probably because she did it so frequently. She didn't have any allergies and rarely caught colds but still found that she had to sneeze at the very least five times a day.

Lucy never attempted to will her sneezes away or stifle them. She had no qualms about public sneezing; actually, she rather enjoyed it. Sniffing again, Lucy noticed a young couple heading in her direction. Not wanting to sneeze right at them, she turned her head and let the soft, controlled sneeze spray over her left shoulder. "Ha-tschh!" Sniffling, Lucy smiled at the couple as they passed by, the woman blessing her in the process.

Lucy shifted position so she was now lying on her stomach, and gazed out at the expanse of beautiful deep blue ocean that sparkled before her. Lucy's nose began to feel tickly again, and she prepared herself for another sneeze.

This one was different from the first. The former had come and gone easily, whereas this one seemed to be teasing, taking its time, as if unsure. Each time the sensation heightened, Lucy would raise her hands to cup them over her mouth and nose in anticipation, and then she'd have to lower them again once the intense feeling had passed. Rubbing her nose to encourage the stubborn sneeze, Lucy breathed deeply through her mouth. All at once, the tingling intensified and all Lucy had time to do before it overcame her was to lower her head and sneeze into her cleavage. Sniffling again, Lucy enjoyed the cool wetness of the fine mist on her warm chest.

"Bless you again," came a pleasant sounding feminine voice from somewhere to Lucy's right.

She turned and saw an attractive blonde woman sitting up on her towel, smiling at her.

"Oh, thank you," said Lucy. "I think I got sand in my nose," she offered by way of explanation.

"Yeah, a common occurrence on a beach," laughed the woman. "Although often just the salty air is enough to set me off!"

Lucy smiled again politely, "Really?"

The woman nodded. "I'm Linda. Pleased to meet you."

Lucy reached over to shake her hand. "Lucy."

"So... do you come here often?" Linda asked, and then laughed at herself for using such a cliché pick-up line.

"Uh..." Unsure of what to say, Lucy blinked. "I just arrived here yesterday actually."

Linda nodded and went on. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" She stared out to sea for a moment before quickly glancing at her watch and then over at Lucy, "I've got to get to work."

It took Lucy a few seconds to grasp the idea that anyone would actually have to work, or live in the real world, in a place as gorgeous as this.

"Oh...ok," she said. "I guess I'll see you around?"

"Definitely," Linda grinned.

She got up and started to walk off the beach. Lucy looked over at where the other woman's towel had been and noticed a small, shiny object glinting in the sand. Before she could get a closer look however, another sneeze took hold of her and she held her fist in front of her nose to catch it.


For some reason, she turned to look in the direction Linda had walked off in. Maybe she had sensed something, because Linda had glanced back at her too, smiling, before disappearing out of view. Lucy turned back and reached to pick up the item.

An earring. Quite a nice one, too! It looked like pure gold, but Lucy didn't know much about jewellery. She turned it over in her palm before placing it safely in her bag. She'd turn it in at the local police station... as soon as she worked out where that was, of course. Right now, she was more than content to just lie on the beach in the sun for her entire trip.

Eventually, Lucy's skin grew uncomfortably hot and she decided to get up and have a refreshing swim. Making her way to the water's edge, she stuck a toe in. Surprisingly, it was quite mild. Lucy waded in up to her knees before pausing. It felt colder the deeper she went. Kicking her feet around gently in the water, Lucy felt another tickle blossom deep inside her nose.

As nobody else was around, she didn't bother covering the approaching sneeze with her hands or turning her face away. Instead, she indulged and enjoyed the sneeze, letting it come, feeling it overwhelm her senses and causing her to lose all control. She turned her face to feel the sun in time for a loud, explosive "Ha-TSCHHH!"

Sniffling, Lucy smiled into the sun, feeling incredibly free. Rubbing her nose with her salty watered hand, she allowed another small sneeze to escape.

It wasn't unusual for Lucy to be sneezing this frequently, and she thought nothing of it and concentrated on growing accustomed to the water. Soon enough, she was floating on her back in the deep blue-green water, having the time of her life. She stuck her toes out in front of her and watched them bob as the large gentle waves rolled under her. Feeling more than a little sneezy still, Lucy readied herself for another sneeze or two.

She lay her head back in the water, letting her lungs expand with the salt air, and released another loud sneeze, "Ha-TSCHHH!" Another didn't follow but she knew it wouldn't be long at all before her nose would be called upon again to sneeze.

Curious to find out how it felt to sneeze under water, Lucy turned over onto her stomach and floated, holding her head just above the surface. Just one deep breath was all it took to push her nose past the point of no return and sneeze again. Feeling her eyes gently close, her nose wrinkle up and her mouth open involuntarily, Lucy plunged her face into the water and let out a bubbly explosion of air, popping open her eyes just in time to catch it. She loved the feeling of the cool ocean water swirling about her nose.

Giggling to herself, Lucy began to swim towards the shore, feeling slightly tired. She decided to head down to the shops and get some lunch. As she swam slowly back, Lucy's nose continued to tease her and she was tricked several times into closing her eyes and opening her mouth, only to find the sensation had disappeared before it had climaxed. Then, as she was almost able to touch the ground with her tiptoes, Lucy felt a sharp increase in the ever-present tingle in her nose and opened her mouth again to sneeze. From the beginning to the end, it seemed to be a strained sneeze. It didn't want to come out, and when it finally did, it sounded something like, "Ischoooaa!" with a little cough punctuating the end.

It was quite forceful however, and Lucy lost her footing and her head went under the water momentarily. Coming up again, Lucy's nose was full of seawater. Lucy knew she should wait until she got back to her bag to blow her nose properly and not sniff and push the water further into her sinuses, but another sneeze, most likely left over from the stubborn one before it, seized her and she was forced to quickly inhale a deep breath of air through both her mouth and nose. Hearing the crackling, wet sound of water shooting further up her nose, Lucy expelled both air and water in a loud and messy "Itchoo! Itchoo!"

Another quick and powerful "Itchoo!" emerged before leaving Lucy quite exhausted and floating in the water. Sniffling and coughing from inhaling the salt water, Lucy slowly made her way back to her place on the beach and lay there for a while, letting the sun dry her off.

Lying on her back, she felt the constant trickle of water down the back of her throat and coughed intermittently to rid her lungs of the irritation. Flipping over onto her stomach brought relief from the annoying cough, and Lucy's eyes began to flutter sleepily in the soothing warmth of the early afternoon sun. Sniffling softly and wetly every now and then, Lucy was lolled into sleep, her head resting on both her arms.Lucy awoke some time later to see a tall man staring at her.

His moustache flicked up at the ends, almost ending inside his large nostrils. Just seeing the man breathe in and out through his nose, seeing the small hairs vibrate in the breeze, was enough to cause another sneeze to escape Lucy's nose. "Ha-tschh!" she lowered her moistened hands from her nose and smiled at the man. He said,

"You're getting burnt lying here asleep," and walked off.

Lucy shrugged at his rather odd behaviour and began to pack up her things. She headed to a nice looking ice cream café nearby and went up to the counter to order. For no reason other than her nose was ulta-sensitive, Lucy sensed yet another sneeze was on its way. And just as she was required to make her order, too!

Lucy, for the first time, was embarrassed by her sneezing and tried to put off the sneeze until after she had spoken. She pursed her lips together, stuck her tongue flat against the roof of her mouth and held her breath... yet she knew she was helpless to the power of the sneeze. She was certain that the minute she took even the slightest breath to speak, she would explode in the sneeze. Best to let it come and stifle it and then go on speaking and make her order.

"Hi, how can I help you today?" the young girl asked chirpily.

Lucy struggled with her facial expression.

"Um..." she said in a slightly weak and high-pitched voice, "I'll have a..." she sniffed, "a...banana-split-please!" she managed to choke out before her nose overtook her, "He-tschhh! Tschh! Tschh! Eh-katchoo!"

Glassy eyed and embarrassed, Lucy smiled and apologised to the girl. "Sorry, I've been sneezing all day. I don't know what's wrong with me".

The girl returned the smile and said, "It's the sea air."

Lucy frowned and remembered how Linda had said the same thing. Was the salty air affecting her nose this much? Lucy got her banana split and sat down to enjoy it. But no sooner had she shovelled a heaping spoonful of ice cream and banana into her mouth did her nose twinge again, and this time she knew it would be a doozy.

It wasn't just any ordinary tickle. It seemed to emanate from several places deep inside the passages of her nose, and she twitched her nose from side to side to try and delay the sneeze until she'd swallowed her mouthful of food. Her eyes started to water and as her mouth was full, she could only breathe through her nose, which only succeeded in making the need to sneeze more urgent. Her breathing jerky and ragged, Lucy struggled to chew quickly and swallow.

Suddenly, she was forced to take a giant inhalation of air through her nose and she knew the sneeze was coming. It was well beyond her control. She couldn't believe how intense the sensation was, as if her entire nose was in agony as well as ecstasy. She only wished she didn't have a mouthful of food; otherwise she would have enjoyed it immensely.

Reaching frantically for a napkin to put in front of her mouth and nose, Lucy sneezed, releasing a tremendous explosion of air and more seawater into the napkin, as well as a small amount of the food she had been eating. Quickly swallowing the rest of it, Lucy gave in to a second sneeze, almost as powerful as the first. She blinked rapidly as her eyes watered and her nose tingled, and she sneezed again, from deep within her nose, which seemed to be having the time of its life.

"Ha-TSSCHH! Ha-ha-ISCHOO! Ha-TSCHHH!" she could do nothing except sniff in between each sneeze before another took hold of her again.

She was completely under the power of her nose. Lucy was aware of several faces turning towards her to view her display, and it caused a slight tingling sensation to form in between her legs. She always got great pleasure from sneezing, and knew she was a bit of an exhibitionist. She hoped others got as much enjoyment from her sneezes as she did.

Tilting back her head slightly, she let forth another loud sneeze, this time not quick enough to reach for a new napkin to cover it, and watched as a long spray of mist spray out in front of her. Almost immediately, she was forced to breathe in again, and watched with arousal as some of the mist quickly was sucked back into her lungs, only to be expelled again.

Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her say, "Still at it, hey?"

She turned, her nose temporarily on hold, to see Linda standing behind her chair, smiling in amusement.

"Oh," she blushed, suddenly a bit self-conscious at her display. "I've really got a case of the sneezes today, haven't I?"

Linda's smile widened. "Seems like it. Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all!"

Lucy pushed a chair away so Linda could sit down with her. She sniffed discretely and wiped her nose, gladly feeling it begin to calm down.

"Oh!" Lucy began digging around in her bag. "You dropped an earring I think, when you left the beach."

She held up the single earring and Linda's eyes widened.

"Oh God, yeah! Thanks!" She took it from Lucy and slipped it into the empty hole in her left ear. "I didn't even realise it was missing. Thank God you found it; these weren't cheap."

Lucy sniffled again, and Linda said, "I'm on my lunch break, so thought I'd grab a bite to eat."

Lucy smiled and nodded, for some reason feeling shy in front of this woman. She really was stunning. Lucy considered herself bisexual but since she usually favoured men, this was a bit unusual for her.

As they ate and chatted, Lucy found that she started relaxing around Linda, and when she felt the beginning of another sneeze well up inside her, she wasn't the least bit embarrassed to let it out into her cupped hands, sniffling afterwards.

Linda smiled at her. "How would you like to come over to my place for dinner tonight?"

Lucy returned the smile quickly and answered, "Yeah, that's be great!"

Linda got up, after giving Lucy her address and phone number on a piece of paper, and gave her a lingering peck on the cheek, explaining that she needed to get back to work.

Lucy sat at the table smiling to herself for a while. Then, she decided to return to her hotel room and have a shower, to clean herself off. By now it was almost 3pm, and dinner was around 6. She only had a couple of hours or so to groom herself and look good for Linda.

Lucy hurried to her room, removed her bathing suit and turned on the shower before hopping in and letting the hot water run over her luxuriously. She watched as her nipples perked up under the touch of the hard water beating down upon her bare breasts. Her nose had begun tingling again as she viewed this, and she enjoyed the sensation. She neither encouraged nor discouraged the sneeze, but rather let it come of its own accord.

Eventually, her nose wrinkling up and her mouth opening wide, her nasal passages contracted and her small nostrils flared to let out the powerful sneeze. "Ha-tsschh!" The sound was muffled by the beating water on the shower floor and her skin.

Sniffling, Lucy rubbed her nose. There was another sneeze in there, but it wouldn't come. It was driving her crazy; she desperately needed to sneeze, but wasn't able to. What could she do?

Lucy surveyed the shower and came across a tube of sample shampoo left by the hotel staff. She picked it up and squeezed a little bit onto the palm of her hand, before pressing a finger to one nostril and snorting the shampoo up the other. Sniffing it deeper into her nose, she felt the strong and acid tingle as her nasal walls swelled with irritation and the forceful sneeze was upon her even before she had time to take a breath. The resultant sneeze was a stilted, blunt and rough sneeze that came from having not much air to expel, "Chhee!"

Immediately, another one was taking her over, and she inhaled the steamy moist air before releasing the second sneeze directly onto her breasts. They responded by aching ever so slightly, as if wanting more. Her nose was prepared to fulfil this wish, as it was not finished with its onslaught of sneezes. Lowering her head again, Lucy released another powerful explosion of droplets over her breasts. She felt a strong tingling between her legs at that moment, and as she sneezed again, she pressed her hand against her crotch and moaned.


She didn't even bother to sniff now; she wanted the full force of every new sneeze to take her over, expelling more and more liquid and mist and spray over her body. She loved watching the fine mist rise up into the air above the shower, and watching it be sprayed back over her body, especially her breasts. By now, she was sneezing at regular 10 second intervals, and with each powerful release, her muscles contracted beneath her hand and she felt closer and closer to orgasm.

"This is the most sensual experience I've had in a long time," Lucy thought, enraptured.

She couldn't get enough of it. She felt the tingling sensation begin to wane, so she ran her index finger along a bar of soap and then inserted it up her nose. Sniffing hard, Lucy's nose was on fire. She managed a half smile before her expression contorted, giving into the forthcoming sneeze.


Her style of sneezing was changing, she observed, becoming more insistent and violent, less like the controlled and predictable sneezes she was so used to. Her nose ran freely now, down her lips and dripped into her chest. Lucy then raised her face to the showerhead, and let the water pelt over her, washing away the mucus from her nose and face, and running down into her congested nose, causing yet another rampant sneeze to leave her at its mercy.


A spurt of water came streaming out, as ever more shower water flowed down into her full nose. Just when Lucy felt her nose could take no more, she let out an amazing sneeze that popped her eardrums and tore at her throat. A very guttural sneeze that propelled large particles and droplets onto the shower screen. As she watched them slide down the screen, Lucy held her nostrils shut with two fingers. From deep inside her nose, the feeling of tension rose up. Lucy had never tried stifling a sneeze by pinching her nostrils closed before, and the fact that she was doing it now turned her on incredibly.

The place in between her legs pulsed as her nose tingled and ached with desire to sneeze. Lucy's heart thudded against her chest as she succumbed to the desperation welling up inside her. She needed to sneeze. She kept her nostrils clamped shut and took a deep breath through her mouth. An overpowering expulsion sent a stream of liquid rushing behind her nostrils, fighting to get out. Almost before she could inhale again, a second sneeze sent her reeling, her hand shifting from her nostrils and allowing her nose to spew forth the liquid.

"Mpph-tschhh!" she sneezed, and opened her eyes to see a trail of snot work its way down her heaving chest to settle on her left breast and nipple.

Lucy rubbed her aching and erect nipple and spread the liquid over it as a lubricant, her hand working in between her legs all the while. She longed to sneeze more, but her nose was now running freely and was too clogged to accept any more shampoo, water or soap. She found a tissue just next to the shower and blew her nose hard. Waves of snot and liquid came flowing out, filling the tissue with warm heaviness. Lucy sniffed a few times after she had cleared both nostrils. Her nose was still aching to sneeze. What could she use to stimulate it?

She eyed a bottle of talcum powder sitting on the cabinet and brought it into the shower. She twisted the top so the powder would come out and tried tapping some onto her hand, where it clumped together in a wet paste. No, that wouldn't do. She needed to pour some directly into her nose, now that it was clean and mostly dry. She tipped her head back and held the bottle over her nose. She gently shook the talcum powder so it sprinkled over the tip of her nose, and down her cheeks. She adjusted her aim and a light trail of powder found its way directly into both her nostrils. Sniffing deeply, Lucy felt the fine, sweet powder travel high into her nose. She coughed a few times, little coughs as the powder irritated her lungs and nose together.

"Ah..." Lucy's eyes fluttered and she sniffed again, her nostrils flaring widely, "Ah...ha-ha-TSCHHH!"

She sneezed explosively, before her nose took control with eight more, increasingly wet and messy sneezes. Sniffling in between each sneeze, Lucy's nose once again felt clogged. She figured the powder must have made a slushy paste like it had on her hand, from the moisture.

Lucy sniffed again, pushing the mush further up in her nose.

"Ah," she thought, "that did the trick."

That last sniff seemed to have lodged the solid powder glue up against the very sensitive back wall of her nose. Lucy knew from experience, that if ever an irritant worked its way up that far, she would be at the mercy of sneezes until it flew out. This time was no different, except Lucy suspected that even several hard sneezes probably weren't going to be enough to dislodge the powdery paste. It may take several dozen sneezes to get it to move. It may take a variety of types of sneezes to get it out completely. Lucy shivered with anticipation as she waited for the sneezes to take hold of her completely.

She didn't have to wait long. Lucy sat down on the ground to brace herself for what was sure to be a flurry of powerful sneezes. She felt her nostrils open wide of their own accord, preparing themselves for the forthcoming rush of air. Her lips parted and quivered slightly with the strength of the sensation, her eyes closed naturally. She felt the familiar but blissful rush of orgasmic sensation travel from deep within her nose, and out her flared nostrils.

"HA-ATSCHOOOOOO!" she sneezed loudly, thinking her neighbours must surely be able to hear her.

This brief thought caused her legs to shudder with arousal, and the next sneeze that took her forced her head down in between her legs. She felt the force of her expelled breath and liquid squirted from her nose hit her where she wanted most. She arched her back with need and desire as her nose cried out in desperation for another sneeze. She reared her head back, inhaled sharply and let forth a barking sneeze, "Kggghh!"

Her throat was raw, but she was helpless to stop the next already rising sneeze. Her lungs ached from the effort of sneezing so many times, but she couldn't stop, even if she wanted to, which she surely didn't. This time, she tried to sneeze purely through her nose, keeping her mouth clamped shut.


The first effort failed as the force of the sneeze pushed her mouth agape. Another sneeze wasn't far behind though, and this time she kept her lips firmly together as a wet, delightfully squishy sound touched her ears and a heavy stream of snot burst from her nostrils onto her legs. Lucy rubbed her nose vigorously, and began to feel an overpowering sensation of arousal build up in both her nose and in between her legs.

Sniffing desperately, Lucy threw her head back once more to let loose another wild sneeze.


This one was so forceful that it caused Lucy to break down coughing for a few seconds afterwards. Lucy was further aroused as she heard herself coughing, and felt yet another sneeze enter her nose from deep within at the same time. What would happen if she was coughing and then had to sneeze on top of it? She couldn't wait to find out.

Her lungs convulsing and her nose wrinkling up, she inhaled deeply before a "Ha-Kahoh-htschhh!" came out.

A half cough, half sneeze. Lucy couldn't believe how turned on she was. Her nose seemed to be losing steam and just as Lucy was about to search for another method to induce these beautiful sneezes, she heard the doorbell to her hotel room.

"Oh by God!" she exclaimed stuffily.

By now her nose was like a hot block of swollen flesh. She could not breathe through it, nor sniff anymore. She quickly grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom to the front door.

"Who is it?" she said tentatively behind the door.

"It's Linda. Uh...when you didn't show up I thought I'd track you down...are you ok? You sound sick."

Linda! Lucy's mind screamed with embarrassment and disappointment. She was supposed to have been over there for dinner a half an hour ago! How could she have been in the shower for over 2 hours!?

"Oh by God, Lidda!" she cried, opening the door, "I'b so sorry! I cobpletely forgot!"

Linda took one look at her and said with concern, "You look like you have the worst cold!! Have you been in the shower? You should be in bed."

Lucy blushed and stammered, "'b fide..." she tried to sniff but to no avail, "I was id the shower...I just lost track of tibe, I'b sorry."

She shrugged, feeling the tension in her nose rising again. She tried to push it down. If she sneezed now she'd probably splash poor Linda with snot, judging from how stuffed up her nose was.

Linda smiled. "Oh, I see...well, seeing as I'm here anyway, why don't we just hang out? Here at your place?"

Lucy nodded. "Ok. Let be jut put od sobe clothes, ok?"

Linda took hold of her arm, "Nah, don't worry about clothes. I don't mind."

She winked.

Linda sat down on a sofa and Lucy loitered in the hall, unsure of what to do with herself. She wanted to try and blow her nose. She was sounding like she had a bad cold and she wanted to impress Linda, not embarrass herself in front of her.

"I'b just goidg to the bathroob, ok?" she said as she excused herself.

Linda nodded and smiled.

Once back in the bathroom, Lucy bundled up a stack of tissues and blew as hard as she could. One nostril released a thick cloud of fluid, but the other one refused to budge.

"Oh well," Lucy thought, shrugging. "At least one's better than none."

Lucy turned around after she finished blowing her nose, only to be confronted with Linda standing in the doorway with a strange expression on her face. " you have a cold or don't you? I'd like to know whether I should expect to get sick after I'm done kissing you."

Lucy was taken aback and could only shake her head, and say ""

Then the next thing she knew, Linda had taken a long step towards her and kissed her hard on the lips. Lucy felt her groin throb again as she swirled her tongue around Linda's. She felt Linda's firm hands tug at her towel as one of her thumbs rasped at Lucy's already achingly erect nipples.


Lucy let out a soft moan, which caused Linda to pull her towel off altogether and throw her down on the bed. Linda kissed down the length of Lucy's exposed and quivering body, and Lucy closed her eyes with delight. Her nose tingled for attention at that moment and she suddenly had an even stronger surge of arousal as she let herself build up the sneeze. She couldn't wait to sneeze in Linda's presence, and combine the erotic sensuality of Linda's tongue and hands with the blissful sensations in her nose.

Lucy began to breathe deeply as the sneeze formed and grew in her nose. Her nostrils flared once, and Linda momentarily glanced up from what she was doing.

"Gonna sneeze, honey?" she said sweetly.

Lucy nodded. "Uh-huh, " she said before suddenly losing control and sneezing right into Linda's face.

Linda smiled as if Lucy had just pleasured her in some way. Lucy was mildly embarrassed, but because of Linda's reaction and the fact that she was so aroused, she didn't let herself care.

"Are you going to sneeze again?" Linda inquired.

When Lucy nodded, Linda shifted from her position near Lucy's stomach and moved up closer to the other's face. "Give me warning," she said huskily.

Lucy wasn't sure what she meant, but when she felt the sneeze take control of her nose and lungs, she said breathlessly, "Now!" and Linda lunged at her, covering Lucy's mouth with her own right when Lucy expelled a great force of air.

"My God," thought Lucy. "She let me sneeze right in her mouth!"

Her heart was beating at a million miles a second and she knew she would need to sneeze again. She wondered if she should warn Linda or just surprise her with another orally received sneeze. She decided on the latter, and ended up sneezing rather messily into Linda's open mouth. Linda moaned with pleasure and Lucy ground her hips as she prepared to sneeze again.

Linda seemed to sense Lucy's slight, early pre-sneeze intake of air through her one unclogged nostril and pulled away slightly, moving her mouth up Lucy's face to her nose, which she kissed and licked, teasing it and coaxing the budding sneeze out. Lucy's nose twitched and wriggled, her nostrils flared into little triangles. Lucy noticed Linda's own gorgeous nose also twitching and wondered whether she was merely reflecting Lucy's expression subconsciously or if she had to sneeze too.

Just the idea of Linda needing to sneeze made Lucy's whole body quiver with arousal. To think of them possibly sneezing at exactly the same time, in unison, turned her on amazingly. Lucy's upper lip curled in a small, sharp movement and she took in a quick breath. Linda continued licking her nose and kissing it, as a torrent of fluid came rushing out over Linda's mouth and face.

Linda licked it off and returned to her place lower down on Lucy's body. She kissed Lucy's thighs and worked her way up, getting ever nearer to the place Lucy ached for her to touch.

Linda's low, raspy voice spoke up. "I feel a tickle in my nose... I think I'm going to sneeze too..."

At this, Lucy's vaginal muscles contracted. Linda noticed this and broke into a slow grin. She sniffed and snuffled her nose. Lucy's own nose lifted slightly at the same time, as she felt another explosion coming. Linda bent her head down in between Lucy's parted legs, and let out a loud "A-chhhh!"

Lucy felt the spray saturate her between her legs and her muscles contract wildly as she herself lost herself in a sneeze of her own.

"Ha-TSCHHH! Ohhh..."

She moaned with ecstasy, sniffling. Linda pleasured Lucy and Lucy would occasionally sneeze, her muscles jerking with each occurrence. Lucy wished Linda would sneeze again on her. As if her nose was trying to grant her the favour, Lucy began to sneeze again.

"Ha... a... TSCHH!" She sneezed all over her breasts, which heaved from the impact of the sneeze. "Tschh!" she sneezed, again coating her breasts and nipples with the film of mucus. Lucy groaned and breathed as Linda moved her tongue faster. Then, Lucy heard a muffled and wet, "A-CHHHMPPPHH!" and felt a heavy moisture descend on her already wet, aching spot between her legs.

That was enough to push her over. Lucy's body shuddered fitfully for a full minute as Linda sneezed once more on her, and licked it up again. Finally, Lucy collapsed, exhausted, back onto the bed. Linda lay beside her, sniffing and wiping her nose.

"You see, Lucy? This is why I expressed such an interest in your sneezing at the beach... It's such a turn on, isn't it?"

In response, Lucy was surprised by a very sudden and impulsive sneeze she hadn't even realised she'd been holding, and sneezed on Linda's neck. Linda smiled.

Lucy said, "It's very sexy."

Linda looked at her watch, "It's 10 pm. I've got to go.... you've got my number. Call me soon, ok?"

She kissed her on the lips and then left, shutting the door behind her. Lucy was left to limply wander around her hotel room, unsure of what exactly had happened. Was it all a dream? It seemed so unreal. Sniffling, Lucy smiled when she realized the only things she had to show for it were her still-irritated nose, and the gold earring that lay on her bed.