Silk Sneezes


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You are a salesperson selling silk stockings door to door. As you knock on the door, of a lovely town home, you can hear the erotic click of high heels from behind the closed door getting closer and a very soft "ah iischoo," before it opens. Out from behind the door comes a seductively beautiful woman, dressed in all black lace lingerie, wearing a silky short robe ties loosely round her slim waist. She is dabbing at her nose with a linen hanky. "Ahhhh iischooo," she sneezes into the hanky, "Mmm, Excuse me, I've just got this tickle in my nose, can I help you?"

Immediately your eyes drift to the floor as you utter the words "Bless, you. Uh Good afternoon, I have these new silk stocking samples I was hoping to show you, but if it's a bad time, I can come back," all the while staring at her patent leather black pumps.

She seems to know you are unnerved and decides to tease you by pulling her foot from her shoe to reveal she is wearing full fashion stockings with reinforced toe & heel, which means seams up the back. You also notice through the whisper of black her perfectly defined arch and delicate, immaculately manicured toes. She brings the hanky to her nose again, "ah, ah, ash," but it is a false alarm. "Okay, let's take a look at what you have to offer," she steps back to invite you in, opening the door wide enough for you to enter, but not wide enough for you to not have to brush by her. She smells slightly of jasmine and lemon verbena and she sniffs softly as you pass and she closes the door, a mischievous smile crosses her face. You get the impression she knows exactly how to deal with you. She sits down on the couch in front of you and looking directly at you brings the hanky to her nose, cups her hands, inhales, "Ahhh, Haaaschoooo!" Her head bobs and her breasts heave slightly. "Hutschoo," she sneezes again.

At this point you are warm all over, you feel your pussy is hot and wet and wanting her and your mind is racing. You almost forget your name and the reason you are there. For a moment you are in a fog and there is a brief silence until she blows her nose softly.

"Bless you," you say sitting next to her on the overstuffed down cushions, smoothing your skirt neatly beneath your small bottom. You pull your little sample bag onto your lap. Opening it up, you find yourself again and smile at her warmly, holding up a delicate peach pair of seamed stockings. "These are from Paris," you begin, trying not to notice she has that glazed sneezy expression on her face again.

She extends up her index finger indicating one moment and then daintily covers her mouth with her hanky, "iiiischi, hutchoo, aaasschoo!" She excuses herself, you bless her again, your voice now trembling slightly.

"Um, these, these are from Paris..." you begin again, but your voice trails off as she lays her hand on your knee, and looks in to your eyes.

"You told me that sweetness," she breathes, inching closer to you, placing her hanky on her lap to take an end of the stocking in her perfectly painted fingertips. Her robe parts, allowing her knee to touch your knee causing an electric shock of chemistry to pass between you both and the stockings fall to the marble floor. She tosses your sample bag on the large chair next to the couch and pulls you to her. Kissing tentatively, tenderly at first, your hands lost in her dark mane of hair, lost for eternal moments until you lie back to readjust, pulling her lithe body atop your own. The kissing resumes until she stops, and turns her head to the side whispering urgently, "I have to- I am going to... to sne- snee- iiiiiischoo, iiiiiiissschooo, hutchooo!" She sneezes wetly to the side pressing her body against you as the sneezes wrack her frame, hanky lost somewhere in the couch. The room is cold and she shivers slightly.

"Are you okay?" you ask tenderly. She nods and suddenly looks like a little girl all dressed up in lingerie rather than the seductress that sat before you moments ago. You reach up and pull the chenille blanket from the back of the couch over you both and run your hand along her skin, over her forehead. She is cool to the touch, no signs of fever, but is obviously moved by your compassion and nuzzles against your breasts. Innocence lost, she begins toying with your nipples through your thin cotton blouse, arousing them incredibly. The wetness between your legs is spreading hotly through the core of your abdomen. She slips her other hand down between your legs and presses two fingers against your clitoris as she continues to nip and bite your nipple through your blouse.

You want more of her. Reaching to hold her face and pulling her close, you kiss her deeply and then roll to the side so that you can unbutton your blouse, which she then helps you to remove. She is kissing your hot skin, cooling it and setting it ablaze over again and again. Hot trails of her lips and her tongue assail your breasts, your nipples, and your skin as she slides down your body to your belly and kisses to the waistline of your skirt. Finding its button, she unfastens it and unzips the rest. Sitting up to pull it and your panties off, you kick off your loafers and the blanket that was covering you both slides down her shoulders, coming to rest at the end of the couch. She does not notice as she unties her robe, throwing it to the floor as well. Kissing your thighs, she begins the torrid onslaught of your senses yet again. She stretched out so that her face is positioned between your legs; she kisses your labia, rubbing your outer lips and then spreading them to begin to tongue you deeper. Her tongue is a skilled, forceful lover.

She takes a quick breath and sneezes, "iiiiiiissschooo," onto your sex. You nearly leap out of your own skin, driven mad with wild desire wanting more of that, not knowing how to ask her. She is aware of her effect upon you and needs no coaxing, no requests. Continuing to lick and suck, kiss and caress your clitoris, she buries her face deeply just as she shivers slightly and a forceful "haaaschooo" wracks her, sending her tongue deep inside of your pussy. You are moaning and writhing uncontrollably, and she presses her other hand against your lower abdomen to still you. "Iiiiscchiii, haschoo, hutchoo," she sneezes into you, and you moan, pushing your orgasm against her as the wetness pours out of you.

You grab her head, wanting to kiss her, to taste yourself on her, to kiss her sneezy mouth and hold her close. You urge her to crawl to your face. "Hiiischoo," she sneezes on your belly. "Atchooo," on your neck, while you begin to kiss her, tasting your own juices on her face, smelling your own sweetness on her breath. "Iiiischoo," she sneezes into your mouth.

Holding her close, you find her skin is very cool, so you kick the blanket and cover her with it, burying your fingers deeply inside of her. "Hutchoo," she sneezes onto your breast as she begins to undulate her pelvis up and down upon two of your long fingers. She is pressed tightly against you, kissing your mouth and your neck, and riding your fingers as you fondle her nipples and her breasts. She begins to moan and ride your fingers harder, and then buries her head against your neck. "Iiiiishhh, iiiisch, eeeeiishcoooo," she sneezes as she releases her wetness onto your fingers. "Hutchoo, eeeiiiiiish," she sneezes, nuzzling against you as you kiss her, holding her close, and fall into the sweetest of slumbers, completely spent and nestled together.