Simply Dial 0-909

Not saying girl

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"Hello. Is this Fiona?"

She recognized the voice on the telephone immediately. A light, smoky voice, tinged with a peculiar mixture of timidity and eagerness. It sounded like an earnest voice, belonging to someone pleasant and open.

"Yes. How are you tonight, Sean?"

"Fine, fine..."

He paused for a moment, uncomfortable. They'd spoken a few times before, but every time it seemed difficult for him to ask. She knew his particular poison, his secret vice, what made his blood run hot and his breath come short. The first time she'd heard him ask for it, she'd almost laughed at the childlike simplicity of his request. And then, as she'd begun to do it for him, she'd surprised even herself by realising how much she liked it. It was so different from what her other men asked for, so innocent, so simple and sweet.

"You know what I want."

"Yes, I do. But you've got to ask me for it."

She loved making him ask for it; she couldn't quite explain why...  Perhaps it was a carry over from some of the other roles she played, that of the dominatrix or that of the temptress. She loved to make all her men ask, but this one in particular; his shyness made her feel more in control. If she could feed his desires, he could feed hers, and this reasoning made her feel her request was justified.

"Those who ask, get," she prompted him.

Sean was used to this game; she always made him say it. She could almost picture him squirming in his seat, beginning to blush, shutting his eyes as he uttered the words, "Fiona, I want you to sneeze for me."

"Was that so hard?" she purred.

She couldn't quite explain what she felt for the stranger at the other end of the line. She'd never seen him, had only spoken to him a handful of times, and still, she found their conversations interesting and different. Fiona knew what he got out of them, but asides for money, what did she?

"So, uh... Will you?"

"'Course I will," Fiona replied, twirling a strand of her shoulder length brown hair around her fingers.

A devilish smile crept over her features as inspiration struck. She brought a tiny lock of soft, lavender-scented hair up to her nose and spoke softly into the receiver.

"I knew you were going to call; I've got a pepper-shaker nearby, and a box of tissues. But do you know what I'm doing right now?"

She could hear Sean swallow before he asked, "what?"

Fiona executed a professionally low, sultry laugh that usually got men's attention. "Just playing with my hair. I washed them this morning, my lovely soft swirls of brown hair. It smells really, really nice and it's all shiny; and do you know what I'm doing with it right now?"

Fiona smiled; a careful silence emerged from the other end, followed by another subdued "what?"

"I'm tickling my nose with it. I'm just running a small, soft strand across my left nostril. It doesn't tickle that much though; it doesn't make me want to sneeze just yet. But what if..." Fiona's deft fingers got a better grip on the lock of hair she was holding, "I took some of that and actually tickled inside my nose? Think that would work, Sean?"

"I think it might," the man on the other end answered pleasantly, as if they were discussing something as banal as which condiment would best complement a certain dish. "Why don't you give it a try?"

"All right then, I will," Fiona smiled. "I'm taking a bit of it right now, and I'm very, very gently putting up to the opening... Mmm, I can feel it tickling a bit already. Close your eyes, Sean, try and see what I'm doing."

"I'm doing that already, Fiona."

Fiona's eyes were wide open, but she could already well imagine what Sean was doing at his end. Most of the men who paid for her services usually did that.

"I'm twirling it around now... Huh... It's starting to tickle. Feels like I'm going to need to sneeze..."

Sean made a small noise at the other end and this made Fiona smile again. She knew what he liked, and tried to make her inhalations as audible as possible. "I'm... huh... I'm brushing my hair along the in-... huh... the inside of my nose... Oh, it's really... huh-huh... really tickling now... Hah!"

"Go on..." Sean whispered.

Fiona could feel the tension on his end mounting in time with the tickle in her nose.

"It won't be too luh-huh!... long now... Huh... Huh-uh.... Hah... hatchiiiiewww!"

The sneeze burst out of her, strong and high pitched, and she drew it out dramatically for full effect. On the other end, Fiona heard Sean groan as she let go of her hair and brought her hand up to her nose, giving it a good rub.

"Oooh that felt good," she sniffed. "My nose still feels tickly though. It's like I still want to sneeze. Would you like me to sneeze again, babe? I really want to - my poor little nose is twitching, and it's still tickling like crazy. Maybe it's time to move on to something that'll really get the tickle out?"

"If you feel like you need it," Sean replied, striving to keep his voice casual.

"Do you feel like you need it?" Fiona couldn't resist making him ask again.

"Yes. I want you to sneeze again, Fiona."

"For you babe, anything. My nose is still tickling, but the sneeze feels stuck and I don't think it will come out unless I do something to help it."

"Pepper usually works," Sean suggested, though they both already knew this. They'd already had similar conversations, and they usually proceeded along predictable lines.

"I'm holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear now, and taking the pepper shaker with my right hand. I'm holding it now and tapping some pepper out into my left palm. It's a nice little pile of fine, white pepper. I can smell it from here, and it's making quite a cloud already, so strong... Just smelling it, it makes me want to... Want to..."

Fiona could almost see Sean's grip tighten on the phone as he pressed his ear to the receiver, while she scrunches up her sensitive nose and inhaled a few times, sharp staccato exclamations that she made loud on purpose.

"Huh!... Huh-huh!... Hah-tchiiiieeew!"

"Bless you," Sean breathed at the other end.

"Thanks," Fiona sniffed, "but I don't think I'm done just yet. I think I'll probably need to sneeze again. There's a lot of pepper in the air, and it's really getting up my nose. My nose is very sensitive, you know, anything makes me sneeze. That's me, just a sneezy girl, and I love to sneeze..."

Fiona was really getting into this. She knew Sean loved to hear her talk about sneezing while she did it; this seemed to heighten his arousal for some reason. She brought her palm to her nose.

"It's nice that you like to sneeze... And I like it when you do. It's very sexy, Fiona."

"You're right, it's good, because... Huh... Hatcheeeeeew!"

Another high pitched, drawn out sneeze brought on by the pepper. Fiona's nose was seriously starting to burn, and she knew more strong sneezes were going to follow.

"I'm such a bad girl... I'm taking in some more pepper right now, even if I'm sure it can't be good for my nose, just because I really need to sneeze. My nose is really burning now, Sean... It really... huh-... really tickles. I just know I'm going to have to sneeze all that pepper out. I hope you don't mind? They're going to be really big sneezes... Huh-huh... huh... Hutchiewwwww!"

"Bless you again. How big will those sneezes be, Fiona?"

Through watery eyes and a now contorting face, Fiona couldn't help smiling.

"We're talking seriously huge, sugar. It feels like my nose is on fire; I should go easy on the pepper, but I can't help myself. There are... huh-huh... huh!... Huh-huh-huh!... HUH-cheeeeewww!... Oh, bless me. There's pepper everywhere now. Each time I sneeze, it makes more of it fly up... Huh... And every time... Ev-... Hatchiiiieeeeeew!... Every time I sneeze, it's like there's more pepper for me to breathe in, and then, I need to sneeze again... Hah-hah... Hatttcheeeeew!"

"Oh." Sean couldn't seem to think of anything to add.

Every time he and Fiona spoke, and she began to get into it, his mind seemed to go blank. Perhaps because all the blood rushed away from his brain and down to some other part of his anatomy, but the result was always that he was left tongue-tied, lost in his enjoyment of the very vocal, feminine and explosive sneezes that drove him absolutely wild.

"Well," he tried to think of something to add, "best not to fight it then, eh?"

"No, maybe fighting it is the answer," Fiona said, picking up on a different track to pursue. "Let's see if I can do it," she continued playfully. "I'm bringing my palm up to my nose now, still covered in pepper, and I'm taking a bit of it in... Hhhhh... Oh, that really burns, I ... Hah... I-I... hah! I really need to-... Hah... I really need to sneeze! But I'm going to huh-... Huh-old it back. Just for you."

Unexpectedly, she started laughing, a choked, painful series of gasps.

"Be careful," Sean cautioned, obviously on edge, his voice heavily laced with desire.

"I really need to sneeze, but I'll try and hold it in. Oh Sean, it really... huh... really tickles. It's like a fire, spreading everywhere in- hiiiih- in my- my nose... Making want to... huh... want to snuuuh-  to sneeze!"

Fiona's eyes were watering, and she wasn't just leading Sean on; the urge to sneeze was growing almost painful with its intensity. She felt the tender membranes in her nose protest mightily against the pepper's assault and desperately wanted to sneeze out every single little grain of the irritating spice. Her breathing was hitching involuntarily and her upper lip was tightly drawn upwards in a fierce pre-sneeze grimace.

"I don't ... huh-uh... know how long I can hold it... It's really tickling and burning... Haaaah... Oh my God... Huh-huh... Sean, I really need to sneeze... huh... Please let me sneeze!"

"Go ahead, don't hurt yourself," Sean whispered heavily at the other end.

The tone of his voice suggested this was torture just as much for him as it was for Fiona. Did she imagine that light crack on the last word?

"Don't know... Huh-huh... How luuuh- long I can hold it... It's growing harder with ev-huh-every second... It's going to be such a big... Ahhhh... Such a big sneeze, Sean... It's really going to come suh-huh-hoon..."

"That's not all that's going to come soon..." Sean replied.

"I'm... Huh... Very glad to hear that... Becausssssse... I'm-... I'm afraid I... Can't hold out much luh-longer..."

"Neither can I... It's okay Fiona."

Lust, desire, passion, it was all there in his voice, everything she liked to hear, everything that told her she was doing a good job. Fiona knew his explosion was very near just by his tone, which was quite fortunate, because a different one was very fast approaching on her end as well. All the pepper she had inhaled was about to be expelled in one gigantic sneeze. Or several.

"I will, Sean... Only... Huh-hah... I don't think I can... Huhhh... Stop after ... Just one... Oohhh... Pepper, it's... Huh-huh-huh!"

She paused, feeling herself poised at the point of no return as the maddening, burning itch in her nose crystallized in an overwhelming urge that would no longer be denied, fired and augmented by her efforts at suppressing it.

As if on cue, Sean asked again, "Sneeze for me."

Fiona capitulated all at once and let herself go, letting the enormous sneezes burst through her like water rushing over a dam, bringing blessed relief to her tortured nasal passages.

"Huh!... Huh-ASSHHHEEEEEW!... Oh god, there's muh-... more-eaaSSHEWWW!... Huh-hah... hah- HATCHIEEEEEW!"

On the other end, Fiona heard Sean groan, the sound barely acknowledged as she enjoyed the relief brought on by her nose's seizing.

"Oh, again... Ah-hah... HATCHEEEEEWWW!...  *sniff*... Huh-uh... Hut-CHIIEEEEWWW!"

Fiona paused, finally feeling relief flood through her. The burning itch in her nose had receded somewhat, the better part of the pepper finally expelled.

"Oh God!" Sean exclaimed.

Fiona sniffed, heavily, wetly. "You're telling me! Oh, those were wet! And so big, I'm almost embarrassed. Sean, do you really get off on this?"

"They're very nice. And you know I do," Sean's voice was filled with admiration.

"I'm glad," Fiona laughed, the same low, sultry laugh as before. "Good thing I have those tissues nearby!"

She quickly plucked one out and blew her nose heavily, producing a wet, crackling sound. Finished, she wrinkled her nose as she saw a smear of grey particles lining the clear fluid. Had she really inhaled all that? Were there special considerations for the hazards her job could put her through?

"That was gorgeous," Sean smiled. "Good thing I've got some tissues at hand, too."

"I'll bet," Fiona grinned.


"You're fantastic. You know that, don't you?"

"Why thank you, kind sir. So I gather we'll be speaking again, soon?"

"You know we will."

Fiona smiled and gave her now thoroughly reddened nose another swift wipe with a clean tissue. "I'm glad to hear it. So... Good night then, Sean."

"Good night Fiona. And thank you. You're a gem."

Were she not used to receiving similar and even more extravagant compliments from her customers, she might have blushed. "And so are you. I'll tell you a secret, Sean... I really enjoy our talks. They're... special."

"Bet you say that to all the guys!" The timidity was back in his voice now, and Fiona wondered whether she'd done the right thing in speaking her mind. Too late to turn back now.

"Well, yeah... But with you, I actually mean it."

Sean laughed good-naturedly. "Thanks, Fiona. Good night and speak soon!"

"You bet."