The Study Date


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Kim knocked on Shelly's door and waited. She shifted her weight to one foot, since she was carrying a heavy backpack on her right shoulder. It was a relief to hear Shelly come bounding down the stairs. 

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Shelly exclaimed when she opened the door and saw Kim struggling. "Come on in."

Kim smiled shyly and walked inside the lavish house. She didn't know Shelly very well. They had a research paper on anorexia to write for their abnormal psychology class, and their professor had paired them up.

Shelly led Kim to the dining room table, where she had books and papers sprawled out. "Here, put your stuff down," she said. She rubbed her nose with the back of her hand and sniffed as she took a seat. She'd been sneezing all morning, which was very unlike her. 

Kim sat down and pulled her binder out of her backpack, getting down to business. "I was thinking we could start out talking about the disease itself and then-" 


Kim felt a thrill go through her body when she heard Shelly's loud sneeze. She tried to keep her cool. "Bless you," she offered awkwardly.

"Thanks," Shelly replied. "You'll have to excuse me. I've been sneezing all morning, and my nose is showing no sign of stopping any time soon."

Kim's heart skipped a beat when Shelly all but promised that she was going to keep sneezing. She tried to hide her pleasure. 

"That's okay. I don't mind," Kim said. She took a deep breath and started over. "Okay, I have the definition of anorexia here," she said, handing Shelly the piece of paper from across the table.

"Wait," Shelly said. She was waving her hands in front of her face. Her nostrils were flaring, and it was clear that she was going to sneeze. "Huh...huh..." She remained poised for a moment, and then her features relaxed again. "False alarm," Shelly said, relieved. She took the paper from Kim and read over it. Then - "This sounds gr- huh-huh-ESSSSCCCH!"

Kim jumped from the impact of Shelly's sneeze. "Are you okay?" she asked. 

"Hummmp!" Shelly stifled into the crook of her elbow. 

"God bless you!" Kim exclaimed. 

Shelly sniffed. "Thanks. I'm really sorry. I was saying that this sounds great. We could start out with this, then maybe go to the causes of anorexia."

Kim nodded. "That should be easy." She sat down and took out a pen. She began writing, but all she could think of were Shelly's sneezes. Kim was not a lesbian by any means, but she couldn't help being aroused by Shelly. The way she sneezed was so loud and dramatic. Shelly loved being the center of attention, and this was made evident even by her sneezes.

"Huh... huhhh... huuhhhhhhhh…" Shelly started to sneeze, but the sneeze became stuck. "Damn! Don't you hate it when you almost sneeze, but it won't come out?" she asked. Shelly rubbed her nose, trying to trigger the tickle. Her nostrils started to flare again, and Kim was mesmerized.

"Huhhhhh... huhhhhhhhuhhhhuhhhh... huhhhaaaachoooooo!" she exploded. "God bless me!" she exclaimed with a giggle.

"Bless you," Kim echoed. These buildups were driving her crazy. She felt moisture bloom in her crotch. 

"Thank you so much. I'm going to try to find some tissues upstairs," Shelly said, leaving the room. 

Kim sighed. She was so aroused - she had to do something! She slid her hand under her skirt and started stroking her clitoris. She moved her hand down further and felt moisture. She was soaking wet! She rapidly rubbed her clit, trying to release the pressure before Shelly came back… but no such luck.

"What are you doing?" Shelly asked, amazed. She had just come back downstairs and was shocked to find Kim pleasuring herself.

Kim's face turned beet red and she quickly pulled her hand out from under her skirt. "Uh, I had an itch," she lied. She looked down at her paper and reached for her pen.

Shelly stood in front of Kim. "No way. You were masturbating. What I want to know is why you were doing it - especially here?" The question was asked with a smile, taking away the potential to sting. Shelly was bisexual, and she had always been attractive to the quiet girl.

Kim felt tears welling up in her eyes, and she tried to blink them away. "Please stop," she protested. The tears started falling. "I'm sorry."

Shelly leaned down and gave Kim a hug. "It's okay. Don't cry. I'm not mad. I was excited, actually."

Kim looked up. "Really?" she asked, sniffing.

Shelly reached for a tissue and wiped Kim's tears away. "Really. I was hoping it had something to do with me."

Kim thought for a moment. "I know this is going to sound strange... but your sneezes drive me crazy," she admitted, burying her head in her hands.

"My sneezes?" Shelly exclaimed. "You're kidding! I've been trying so hard to hold them back. I didn't know you liked them!" 

Then, Shelly had an idea. She took Kim's hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom.

"Lay down on the bed," Shelly said, taking her shirt off. She was standing in a black bra and her jeans.

Kim did as Shelly said, her excitement growing. She couldn't believe this was happening.

Shelly unhooked her bra, exposing her large breasts. She slowly started unbuckling her jeans.

Kim couldn't take it anymore. She quickly got up and tried to kiss Shelly.

"Oh no you don't," Shelly teased. "You lay back down. I'll kiss you when I'm ready."

Kim began taking her clothes off and rubbing her clit again.

Shelly, now naked, climbed on top of Kim. She rubbed her nose against Kim's to produce a tickle.

"Huhhh..." she started.

"Hold it back," Kim begged, surprised even herself at being so forward. She never thought she would find herself in such a situation! 

Shelly put her finger under her nose. "Why do you want me to hold it back?" she asked.

"Because it teases me, it arouses me," Kim answered in a breathy voice. She was still stroking herself.

Shelly straddled Kim and rubbed her nose again. "I'm gonna...huhhhh...I can't hold it."

Kim leaned up and kissed Shelly passionately on the lips. "Hold it back, please!" she pleased. She was nearing orgasm, desperate to achieve satisfaction.

"Okay, I'll... huuuhhhh... I'll try..." Shelly fought frantically to hold her sneeze back.

Kim moaned. She was about to climax. "Okay, you can let it out!" she cried.

"Huhhhhh..... Haaaaaa-huh-ESCCHH-OOOO!" Shelly sneezed.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kim cried out as release spread through her. Her entire body was trembling.

Shelly smiled. "That was amazing!" she exclaimed. She leaned over and kissed Kim deeply.

Kim was out of breath. "Amazing doesn't describe it!"

Shelly lay down on her back. "Now it's my turn," she said with a smile.