A Sunny Affair


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Kate's long brown hair gently billowed about her face as the balmy breeze swept the leaves around her feet. Kate loved this time of year; the first glimpse of summer. For months she had waited, huddled in overcoats and thick pants, for the long, hot months of summer to arrive, and now, finally, they appeared to be here. The sky was a deep blue, the trees were lush and green, and the sun's heat caressed her bare arms, warming them and sending content shivers through her body. 

That day, Kate had awakened feeling full of energy for the first time in weeks. Late last month Kate had been laid up in bed, ill with the flu. Now that she was out and about again, she was no longer suffering from the lethargy that had plagued her, but the almost translucent pallor of her skin remained. Kate had decided to do something about it, and she planned that day to pay her first visit to a tanning salon. 

Absurdly excited, Kate walked briskly and lightly down the tree-lined streets toward her destination. Her senses tingled with the smell of flowers and the sight of the glistening sun, and she thought she had never felt so alive. 

On arriving at the tanning studio, Kate was greeted by a friendly, pretty and very tanned blonde girl at the front desk. As Kate had never been to one of these places before, she was unsure of what to ask for, and when presented with the rather stunning woman before her, she became a little tongue-tied.

"Um... hi." She smiled, "Could I just get a tanning booth?"

The girl grinned brightly back. "You've not been to a solarium before, have you?" she laughed knowingly. 

Kate blushed, and admitted that she was a first timer. 

"That's great. My name's Jess. I think the 15 minute bed might be best for you". 

Jess led Kate down a corridor, lined with shelves stocked with various gels, creams and sprays. When Kate asked what they were for, Jess explained they were tanning accelerators and offered Kate one particular sachet, saying it was good for beginners, and would make her skin tingle pleasantly and enhance her tan. Kate took it, and entered a room- Jess closed the door behind her. 

Kate looked around, feeling excited. She would soon be golden brown and healthy-looking again, and she couldn't wait. She set about removing her shoes and clothing, and then opened the tanning gel and began to apply it slowly all over her body. 

Kate, being the curious type, had to sniff the gel to see what it smelled like. Surprised by the sudden jolt one whiff gave her, she inhaled deeply and continued massaging it into her chest. Her head, for the first time in weeks, felt very clear. This stuff was strong! Kate's nose tingled and she sniffed, then rubbed her nose, accidentally getting some of the gel just inside one nostril. 

Ignoring the irritating nasal sensations the pungent gel caused, Kate made herself comfortable on the bed. She wasn't quite sure how to work the sun bed, but she noticed a green button that looked as though it might be helpful. She pressed it, and sure enough, the bed lit up in a glaring display of fluorescent lights, making a loud purr somewhat like a fan crossed with a humming sound. Kate pulled the top of the bed down upon her, and saw her reflection in a dark plate of glass just above her face. Kate gazed up at herself, and sniffed once more. She could still smell the tanning gel, as if it were right inside her nose. Of course, in reality, it was, though Kate didn't know that. 

Briefly Kate wondered if she might still be experiencing the very ends of her flu- her nose was tingling a little- but she dismissed this possibility, as she hadn't so much as sneezed in days. She always seemed to go through what she mentally termed, 'sneeze-withdrawal,' after an illness, and simply never needed to sneeze for days, sometimes even weeks. Indeed, she had not sneezed for days, so she'd assumed she was free of the flu completely. She hoped so.

Kate closed her eyes, and tried to relax, images of palm trees and sand floating through her head as the warm rays embraced her naked body. She rubbed her nose again, and sniffed a third time, inadvertently inhaling the gel deeper into her left nostril. 

Kate opened her eyes, and found she was quite enjoying gazing at her own face in the dark glass plate. She rarely usually looked in mirrors, and she found in this strange, pleasantly glowing light that her eyes appeared brighter than usual, and her lips fuller. Kate gently ran a finger along her lip and down the side of her face, before letting her armrest beside her again. Sniffing quite regularly by now, she glanced down at her body to see if the machine was doing its stuff yet. Noticing no apparent change in her colour, she went back to staring at herself. 

Kate was by now noticing her nose was feeling quite irritated. She sniffed again, hard this time, to try and shake the tingling. It wasn't quite like she wanted to sneeze, more like a constant irritation, and her nasal passages seemed to have swollen, but- as ever, in the days following her flu- her nose just didn't seem to want to sneeze. "I wish I could just sneeze to get it over with" she thought, slightly annoyed, and worried. She'd never felt quite like this before and wasn't sure she liked it. 

Kate hated sneezing in public and had avoided it like the plague for as long as she could remember. For most of her life, Kate had no memories of ever sneezing in front of anybody. She tried her hardest to contain them until she was able to sneeze privately on her own. She even avoided sneezing in front of her family who she still lived with at home. If she ever needed to sneeze, she would make some excuse to go to an unoccupied room and then muffle the sneeze in a cushion or pillow. Over the years, Kate had built up the ability to subconsciously not really have the need to sneeze in public, though sometimes she couldn't help it and if she did have to let out a sneeze in front of people, she would blush and hide behind her hair following it, feeling immensely embarrassed. What had always annoyed her was, unlike some people, she had never been able to sneeze silently, and she'd always thought her sneezes were far too loud, even though really they were perfectly pleasant and unobtrusive. Try as she might, though, she always made a sound, so unless she was able to muffle it behind a pillow, people always knew she had sneezed, and that made her blush just thinking about it. 

But she was on her own now, so Kate tried to will a sneeze to come, feeling that if she gave into a sneeze now she could save any embarrassment she would feel if she had to sneeze later, when she was still outside in the street, or worse, in front of Jess, when she was later paying for her sun bed visit. That would be excruciating, thought Kate, to sneeze in front of such a glamorous, self-assured-seeming person as Jess. 

Kate sniffed again, and massaged her nose with her hands, still moist from the tanning gel. The urge to sneeze increased, and Kate inhaled deeply through her nose, trying to summons the sneeze. Her nose was stubborn though, possibly as it was still in the sneeze withdrawal stage and quite insensitive to any normally irritating or sneeze-encouraging stimuli. 

Kate inhaled deeply again, feeling her nose twitch slightly. She flared her nostrils, sniffing again slightly, and then, feeling the tingling grow stronger, let out a small cough, usually the clincher when she was trying to induce sneezing. It worked this time too, and she inhaled a short, sharp breath, before letting out a small sneeze. 


Knowing that couldn't possibly be it, Kate felt another sneeze coming straight after the first, and was about to let the more powerful second sneeze out, when she suddenly remembered Jess was just three doors down, and would probably hear her sneezing. She couldn't bear that idea- but the sneeze was coming, and she knew it was going to be loud! Blushing, Kate fought off the sneeze long enough to get her hands up to her face. 


A loud, but muffled sound escaped through her cupped hands and she sighed in relief but also embarrassment at the release of the first sneeze. She chided herself for being so careless. Sniffling and rubbing her nose, Kate closed her eyes again, her heart beating faster than before. Her eyes did not remain closed for long however, as she felt another twinge from deep within her nose. 

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, she readied her hands again in front of her nose and mouth, to catch the sneeze. 

"Mphhh! Mphhh! E-mphhh!" 

Out of breath from the exertion, she let out a big breath, and sniffled to clear her nose. What was causing this, she wondered? Even when ill, she wasn't a big sneezer. She did enjoy sneezing, which is why she sometimes liked to induce it for her own pleasure, but she didn't sneeze frequently, for which she was grateful as if she did, she would surely suffer more embarrassment in public when sneezing. 

Trying to relax, Kate told herself she would find a tissue somewhere in the small room and blow her nose when her tanning session was over, before going out to pay Jess. A tissue would surely put an end to this sneezing spell. The hum and purr of the machine was quite loud, loud enough that Kate realised that Jess probably would not have been able to hear her first unmuffled sneeze. Kate relaxed even more. Enough so that when her next urge to sneeze came upon her, she merely opened her eyes, left her hands by her sides, and let it come freely. 

She found it fascinating to watch her own reflection in the mirror as she sneezed. Though she couldn't see anything at the peak of the sneeze as her eyes shut tightly, she saw how her nostrils flared, her upper lip curled up and her eyebrows knitted together in a similar expression to that when she was about to cry. 


She opened her eyes in time to catch her face contort again as she released another sneeze, and then another. The third took her by surprise and came out more like a barking cough. Her lungs were still recovering from her illness and she had a slight barking sound if she coughed. Her respiratory recovery had been stunted by the fact she insisted on smoking even when the doctors told her it would prolong her flu. 

Kate sniffled wetly, her nose feeling tight and beginning to block. Kate's left eye had begun to itch slightly. Sometimes sneezing repeatedly made her eyes itchy, even though Kate had never suffered from allergies or hay fever. Kate gently rubbed her eye, and still not aware she had a tiny bit of tanning gel on her fingers, managed to get a minuscule amount in her eye. It stung and Kate realised then that it must have been the gel that was making her sneeze. 

She reached out the side of the bed for a tissue, some paper towels, anything to help her watering eye. Her nose was running too by now. Her hand enclosed around a tissue and she brought it up to her eye and dabbed, feeling relief. At the same time, a sneeze overtook her again and she rushed the tissue to her nose and mouth to contain it. 


The force of the huge sneeze caused her body to jerk slightly off the sun bed.

Sniffling heavily, she dabbed at her running nose, and felt another tickling sensation rise up. She took a deep breath, but the feeling stubbornly remained at a plateau, and the sneeze wouldn't come. Frustrated, Kate sniffled again, gave a little cough and inhaled deeply through her partially blocked nose. Still the sneeze was stuck. 

Kate removed the tissue from her face in annoyance and gazed up at her reflection again, noticing how her eyes now appeared smaller, and puffy. She breathed through her mouth and sniffed intermittently as she waited for the tingling in her nose to escalate and relieve the unbearable tension she felt. 

She cautiously stuck her little finger in her left nostril, hoping there would be enough tanning cream on that finger still to induce the sneeze. She sniffed as the inserted her finger, and almost immediately felt a desperate rush of sensation sweep through her nose. 

Inhaling quickly, Kate expelled a forceful sneeze, "ISCHOOO!"

When she opened her eyes, she saw a thin film of spray had misted the dark glass plate.

For some reason, during the past ten minutes Kate had been lying in the sun bed, she had begun to feel moderate arousal. In the past, Kate had gained arousal from self-induced sneezing, but this was different. Kate found herself excited that she had let herself sneeze so openly and passionately, and found it arousing to see the result of these sneezes on the glass plate above her face. 

Even the idea that perhaps Jess could in fact hear her, brought her hand instinctively down to her inner thigh and she began to run her fingers along her leg. In fact, even the usually annoying details that Kate's nose was now almost totally blocked and her eyes were watery and red turned her on. Kate could think of nothing she wanted to do more than to locate that partially empty sachet of tanning gel, and use it to make her sneeze. 

By now the sun bed had switched itself off. Her fifteen minutes were up, but Kate was too aroused to let that stop her. She had the room to herself, and saw the small sachet of gel lying on a chair with her clothes and shoes. Picking it up, Kate squeezed a little onto her little finger and smelt it before slowly inserting the finger deep into her right nostril. She sniffed and felt the tingling sensation burn through her nose, as well as down the back of her throat. Her eyelids fluttered, as she experienced the blissful and tantalising urges from deep in her nose. She decided for her next sneeze, she would try to block it by pinching both nostrils shut, to keep in the tanning gel for future sneezes. The sensation welled up inside her. Before she could even take a full breath, the sneeze took her over. 

Through her pinched nostrils, a muffled sound came out. "Mppphh!" then another sneeze left her at its mercy, and another. By the fifth sneeze, Kate felt she needed to let it out in all its glory or she would implode. Blocking off the nose just could not release the full impact of a sneeze, and especially not of this magnitude, which was probably why she was needing to sneeze so frequently. A full, unbridled sneeze would be more efficient. 

Kate was forced to quickly sit down on a stool for the fifth sneeze and released the full explosion over her knees, spraying them with moist film that smelt like the tanning gel. Another sneeze followed soon after, not giving Kate a chance to catch her breath, and her head was forced down, "Itch-SHOOO!" 

This time she sneezed over her still bare breasts and felt her nipples tighten into hard peaks at the feel of the cool shower of mist, and her intense state of arousal. When the sneezing fit had finally died down, Kate realised that the purring sound masking her sneezes from the outside world had been silent for the past 5 minutes. Kate froze, suddenly painfully aware of how loud she must have been. She sniffed and wiped her nose, then her eyes. Her lungs were feeling congested from all the sneezing and she needed to cough, but was too scared to make any further noise. What on earth Jess could be thinking, she didn't even want to know...

She began to put her clothes on when she heard a faint sound from nearby. She listened again more closely and caught a definite muffled, and very feminine. 

"Kachoo! Choo!" 

Kate's knees went weak and the already throbbing arousal between her legs escalated to the point where she had to press her thighs together in an attempt to control it. She stopped readying her clothes and stood, motionless, straining to hear anything further. And then it came.

"Kachoo! Kachoo! Mmmph-choo!" followed by a small sniffle. 

Kate plunged her hand in between her legs to relieve the ever-building tension. Lightly running her fingers over the aching area, all it took was one last muffled "Kachoommph!" for her to be pushed over the edge. She sat down on the stool again, involuntarily grinding her hips, her body jerking convulsively as she rubbed her red nose to induce another sneeze. 

She was on the verge of exploding when a soft knock came at the door. Startled, Kate hastily pulled a towel around her naked, quivering body and called out in a meek voice, 


"It's just me, Jess. I was wondering if you needed anything." Jess's voice sounded slightly heavy, and a lot stuffier. "You've been in there quite a while."

Kate froze, unsure of what to do. Had Jess heard her this whole time? Her face turned bright red as she said shakily, "Uh... no, I'm fine. Everything's fine. I'm just coming out." 

To this, Jess replied, "There's no hurry. There's nobody else here. I just thought I'd check up on you." Then she gave a loud, wet sniffle and said more stuffily than before, "I think I'm coming down with a cold. Is there a box of tissues in there? I think I remember leaving them there by mistake, instead of on the front desk where they belong." 

Kate looked around and saw the box. "Uh... yeah, they're here... should I pass them to you?" 

Kate was feeling incredibly aroused again by the news of Jess possibly having a cold, and needing to sneeze more than the delightful sneezes she had already witnessed. Suddenly Kate needed to see Jess- needed to see her sneeze. Hearing it wasn't enough. 

So when Jess said, "Can I come in?" Kate didn't hesitate to open the door. 

What she saw made her legs quiver all the more. There stood beautiful Jess, her hand under her nose as if trying to stave off another sneezing attack, her mouth slightly open to breathe. Her nose must be blocked, thought Kate longingly. 

Jess glanced down at Kate in her towel and nothing else and smiled. "Just about to come out, are you?" she laughed. Then entered the room, closing the door behind her, before making her way to the tissues. She grabbed one from the box and blew her nose. Yes, thought Kate, her nose is really congested by the sound of it. It just turned her on even more, despite the feelings of guilt that came along with her realisation that she was incredibly turned on by someone being ill. But if it meant Jess might sneeze, Kate couldn't help it. 

Jess threw the tissue in the bin, but instead of taking the box and leaving, she sat down on the edge of the sun bed and looked over at Kate. 

"So, how did you enjoy your first tanning session? You look a bit browner!" 

Kate realised she had totally forgotten the whole reason she had come here was to get a tan. She looked down at her arms and noticed that they were, in fact, not as pale. This didn't please her much however, when all she could think about was Jess sneezing. 

Jess brushed a lock of her blonde hair out of her eyes and sniffed as Kate quickly wiped her nose, not wanting Jess to see that she had been sneezing. 

As though she could read Kate's mind, Jess smiled and passed her a tissue, "Don't tell me you've got a cold too... you look like you've been sneezing!" 

Kate quivered slightly and took the tissue but didn't use it. She was too embarrassed. She held it tightly in her hand and said, "No, I'm not sick. I think the tanning gel made me sneeze a bit..." 

Jess responded laughingly, "More than a bit. I could hear you from my desk. I was wondering when you'd stop." 

Kate's face went bright red and she didn't know what to say. Jess didn't seem to mind. She merely picked up one of Kate's sneakers and fiddled with the laces. 

Kate looked at her inquiringly. Jess met her gaze and said, "Have you ever tried to make yourself sneeze? Like if you're getting a cold and a sneeze just won't come?" 

Kate, her mouth painfully dry with lust, could only nod. Jess went on, "Right now I feel like I need to sneeze but I can't. Sometimes I use a shoelace to tickle my nose just enough to get it out...'

Kate watched in amazement, trying to look casual but failing, as Jess sensually raised the shoelace to her right nostril.

"I hope you don't mind me using your shoe..." 

Kate just shook her head lamely, and Jess inserted the tip of one shoelace into her nostril, deeper and deeper. Her eyes immediately began to water, and her nose twitched to the side, her flaring, twitching nostril enclosing around the shoelace. 

Kate's heart was beating so hard she was sure Jess could hear it, or even see it pumping through her exposed chest. 

Jess's face took on a serene expression as her eyes closed and her lips parted. Her nostrils flared wide and she threw her head back and let out a lovely "Kachoo!" 

Sniffing wetly, she pulled the shoelace from her nose and set the shoe down. 

"That's a relief," she said and sneezed again, unexpectedly. 

Kate was dumbfounded, and without speech. She was vaguely aware that her urge to cough was rising, but couldn't get her brain to work to allow her to cough. 

Jess moved over to where Kate sat on her stool and placed a hand on her shoulder, "You look so scared." 

Kate shrugged, "No... I'm fine."

"You look like you want to sneeze..."

Kate looked up at her and said, "Yeah, my nose is still tingling from that gel!" 

She didn't tell Jess she had purposefully placed the gel in her nose for that specific reason. 

Jess handed her the shoe and said, "Try it. It'll help get it out." 

Kate was red again, not sure whether she could possibly let herself sneeze in front of another person, let alone Jess, and especially MAKE herself sneeze! How could she? She couldn't even believe she'd allowed herself to get in this situation already! 

But when Jess had sneezed so beautifully, she had looked unbelievably sexy... and Kate was too aroused to stop now. She felt in a daze. She raised the shoelace to her left nostril, the more irritated one of the two, and gently wove it inside, until it touched a wall at the back, making her eyes water intensely. She sniffed, uncomfortable. She had never used this method to induce sneezing before. Usually she inhaled pepper or garlic powder or, if she wanted long term sneezing, watery shampoo in the shower. She tickled the shoelace around inside her nose, feeling the need to sneeze grow stronger and stronger until it was almost unstoppable...

Then, just as the sneezy feeling in Kate's nose reached its torturous climax, Jess placed her fingers under Kate's nostrils to halt the sneeze. The urge to sneeze remained however- it was too late! Kate's eyes shut involuntarily as she made a strange snorting sound. the sneeze coming out despite Jess's fingers. 

Jess smiled, and her face flushed. Kate had to sneeze again, and Jess's fingers remained pinched over her nostrils. Kate let out another strange, hacking cough-sneeze purely through her mouth as she felt the liquid flowing behind her closed nostrils, wanting to come out. She really needed to blow her nose, but what she wanted most now was to just keep on sneezing, and for Jess to do whatever she wanted. 

The shoelace had really done the trick, and Kate let out another sneeze, this time sounding like a honk. Jess burst into giggles and released Kate's nose. Kate felt the liquid begin to spill out and quickly reached to cover it with her hands, red with embarrassment and arousal. Jess gently pulled her hands away and reached for a tissue, which she used to delicately swab Kate's nose. 

"Blow," she said. 

Kate did so, just before a last sudden sneeze took her before she could prepare for it, and she sneezed explosively into the already soaked tissue, sending a considerable amount of thick liquid flowing forcefully into it. Sniffling, Kate moved her head backwards, away from the tissue, signalling she was finished. 

Jess's facial expression slowly changed from desire to elation as she placed the heavy, wet tissue in front of her own nose and released a sneeze, before inhaling deeply and letting out another, further saturating the tissue. She then said nasally, "Seems like we can't stop sneezing" then she and Kate laughed. 

Kate's lungs again called for her attention and she could no longer ignore the need to cough. She covered her mouth with her hand and coughed chestily, the congestion left from her many sneezes plain in her lungs. In the force of coughing, more liquid threatened to flow from her nose. Jess noticed and got a fresh tissue out for Kate to use. Sniffling, Kate blew her nose again, still coughing. 

Jess frowned, seeming concerned, "Are you OK? I didn't mean to..." 

Kate smiled and explained she had been sick, but she was well now. This relaxed Jess and actually seemed to turn her on more. 

Jess lowered her face, and gently touched her soft lips to Kate's. The kiss was incredibly slow and sensual, and the world seemed to go silent, except for the occasional sniffle from Kate and Jess. 

When they parted lips, Jess smiled again and said, "I better get back to the desk. People could be waiting for me..."

Kate sighed, feeling a combination of disappointment, relief and elation. She was still in a state of arousal, and the spot between her legs felt noticeably wet and uncomfortable, as she had been prevented from relieving her sexual ache when Jess had knocked on the door. 

Jess shifted on her feet, and Kate noticed her hand trailing down her leg. Kate's eyes followed Jess's hand until it rested on the zipper of her jeans, then she raised her eyes to Jess's and looked questionably at her. Jess said nothing as she unzipped her jeans and slipped her hand inside. Kate's eyes widened and the throbbing between her legs increased. Vaguely, she noticed her inflamed nose was tingling again. It almost seemed to be linked to her arousal. The more turned on she felt, the more she felt the need to sneeze. 

She sniffed, her nose twitching, which made Jess let out a soft moan. Kate willed herself to sneeze, but it wouldn't come. Kate always smoked when she was nervous so she got out a cigarette from her pants and lit it.

It was then the idea came to her of inhaling the cigarette smoke through her nose instead of her mouth. That may just tickle the nasal passages enough to induce a sneeze or two. Kate put the cigarette to her left nostril, blocked the right, and inhaled, feeling the stinging smoke rush up her nose. Jess let out another moan and Kate inhaled again, and again, her nose tingling madly with the desperation of a coming sneeze. 

Kate removed the cigarette and Jess gazed at her imploringly. Encouraged and unable to stifle the sneeze if she'd wanted to, Kate let it out in a soft explosion, not bothering to cover it. "E-chhh!" Jess shuddered in response and Kate indulged her nose with another sneeze, louder this time. 

Jess's legs quivered, as Kate once again could not hold back another insistent sneeze. Kate's hand moved down between her legs also, to finally relieve this pent-up tension she had been feeling for what seemed like an eternity. It really did seem like hours had passed since she first lay down on that sun bed. 

As she positioned her hand underneath her towel, between her legs, she felt another sneeze rise up inside her nose, and sniffed to make it come quicker and more forcefully. The result was an extremely loud, aggressive series of seven sneezes that caused her body to jerk so hard that her hand was moved away from its place between her legs. Jess was breathing hard by now and when she saw Kate sniff and wipe at her running nose after the succession of most recent sneezes, she lost control and her whole body shook and convulsed. Then she relaxed and sat down on the side of the sun bed again, looking incredibly peaceful and content. 

Kate was still in a state of aroused torment though, which Jess noted, and so took a lock of Kate's long brown hair and twirled it around her nose, so it tickled ever so lightly around her already flared nostrils. Jess inhaled deeply, and some of the stray tendrils were drawn up into her nostrils in the process. This was enough. She let forth a flurry of short sneezes. Each one set Kate off on a wave of ecstasy, almost propelling her to orgasm. 

When Jess leaned over Kate and lifted her towel to reveal Kate's fingers gently caressing between her legs, she removed Kate's hand and replaced it with her tongue. Kate's world exploded then and she shut her eyes, while Jess pleasured her in ways she'd never known before. 

Just as Kate was on the verge of losing herself, she heard a loud and forceful, "Kachoooooo!" and felt the sudden spray of cool air and moisture over the sides of her legs and between her legs. When it happened again- "Kachoo! Kachoo!"- and again, she lost control completely, her body shuddering with sensation. 

After she had recovered, Jess smiled and said apologetically, "Sorry. I didn't mean to sneeze on you. The hair down there tickled my nose, and I couldn't help it." 

Kate just smiled, still in a state of bliss and disbelief, as Jess then hurried back to the front desk. 'The session's free,' she heard Jess call from down the corridor, and then, after a short pause, 'Um... and come back soon, won't you?'

As she dressed and walked out the door, glowing and weak-kneed, Kate was already mentally making plans to be a regular customer at the tanning salon. She looked up at the burgeoning trees, and grinned. By the end of summer, she'd be burnt as a crisp!