Tease With a Sneeze


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It all happened one day as I was watching my wife cooking a meal. My wife Soo-Chan, or Suzi as she is better known, is a sweet and delicate little Chinese babe with a slim, petite figure. She has an adorable, pretty face with big brown almond eyes, long dark hair and the cutest nose I ever saw. When we met, it was love at first sight and we married after a brief but passionate courtship. 

On this occasion Suzi, who is an excellent cook, was preparing a hot and spicy Malaysian curry. She likes to tease me by wearing provocative outfits around the house, even when doing the housework. She was dressed in a tight, clingy bodysuit that I had recently bought her for her birthday. This showed off her curves to perfection, and left her shapely legs bare. 

Quite apart from her revealing outfits, there is another reason why I always love to watch Suzi cook. For some reason, I find the sight of an attractive girl- especially Suzi- sneezing extremely erotic. Now Suzi only rarely gets a cold and has no allergies as such, but her nostrils are very sensitive to the slightest irritation. Most of her recipes are spicy ones, and whenever she cooks, some of the pepper or hot spices always seems to find its way up her nose. This means that she frequently sneezes while cooking. 

On this occasion, I was not disappointed. I watched Suzi sniff and rub her nose. She turned to me with a smile and said,

"Oh darling, this pepper's making me want to sneeze." 

Her eyes closed as a wonderful pre-sneeze look came over her face. Her head tilted back, her nostrils flared and - "ha- TISHOOO!" - she was overcome by an explosive sneeze. 

Suzi may be a slim and delicate little girl, but there is nothing delicate or little about her sneezes, which are invariably loud and powerful. She never stifles them; she says stifling is bad for you and that it is much more fun, as well as healthier, to let rip with a huge sneeze. The sight of my lovely wife sneezing was too much for me to resist. I put my arms around her, kissed her on the cheek, and whispered, 

"Bless, you, darling". 

"Ha-TISHOOOO!" Suzi sneezed again and smiled. 

She finds a good sneeze very enjoyable (even going so far as to claim that it is the next best thing to an orgasm!) and as she was well aware of my fetish, she could tell that I was getting aroused. 

"Oh dear me! Suzi's got the sneezes," she giggled, and sneezed yet again with a really thrilling "a-TISHOOOOO!" 

I was in heaven. I cannot imagine anything better than holding a beautiful, scantily dressed young woman in my arms while she is helpless in the grip of a sneezing-fit. Suzi could tell that I was getting highly aroused and she rubbed herself against me, wiggling her pert little bottom provocatively. I kissed her again and again while I started to caress her thighs and buttocks. 

"Oh, my," she gasped. "I'm going to sneeze again. Ah-ah-ah-ah- TISHOOO! You love it when I sneeze, don't you, darling? Ah-TISHOO! This pepper is making my nose tickle so much, I … ATISHOO!… just can't stop… ATISHOO! … sneezing." 

Suzi's attempts at speaking were punctuated by repeated sneezes. I had by now developed a massive erection, which must have been obvious to Suzi as I was holding her tightly in my arms. I could tell that she was getting turned on too, despite- or perhaps because of- her sneezes. 

"Oh darling, I'm getting you all… ATISHOO!… excited, aren't I. I must be teasing you with my sneezes. ATISHOO! You're getting me worked up, darling, do you want to… ATISHOO!… make love?" 

I needed no further invitation. I wanted nothing more than to make love to my sexy, sneezing beauty. 

"Of course, Suzi darling," I whispered. 

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where I stripped off and then helped her to remove her bodysuit. Suzi lay down on the bed and opened her legs so that I could gently ease my way into her. We were both feeling incredibly randy by that stage, so I gave a series of deep, powerful thrusts, which soon had us both approaching orgasm. Up to now, Suzi had not sneezed since our lovemaking began, but her sneezing-fit was not yet over. 

As I neared my climax, she once again felt the familiar tickle in her nose, closed her eyes and gave a series of deep gasps. "Ah-, ah-, ah", followed by an enormous, earth-shattering "AT… TI… SHOOOOO!!!!!!!!" 

The force of her sneeze caused her muscles to tighten involuntarily around my cock. That was enough to tip me over the edge and I started to come; a massive orgasm, shooting my load deep into her womb. This in turn triggered Suzi's own orgasm, and she started to sigh and moan as waves of ecstatic pleasure swept through her.

When we had recovered, we agreed that this had been one of our best-ever lovemaking sessions. Suzi said that from then on, she'd make doubly sure to get pepper up her nose every time she cooked.