The Cliff


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It was nearly 4 p.m. and I was sitting at my desk at work, frantically trying to finish an important status report before the end of the day. Gradually, I noticed that my nose was running slightly and that I was sniffling every few seconds. I reached across for desk for a tissue from the box that always sat on my desk and gave my nose a quick, firm blow. I followed this up by purposefully rubbing the tip of my nose in a circular motion to quell the slight tickle I felt was beginning to grow inside. Then, I immediately became engrossed in my report again, my nose temporarily forgotten.

About a minute or so later, I realized that the tickly feeling in my nose had returned and was getting stronger. I sniffed repeatedly and massaged the roof of my mouth with my tongue hoping to make it go away as I continued typing. The tingling feeling remained, however, and my eyes began to tear up until the words on my screen became blurry. This could mean only one thing: I had to sneeze.

My fingers froze over my keyboard and I stared straight ahead, blinking back the tears from my eyes. Then, very slowly, my eyes began to close, even as my lips parted. The awful tickling feeling had grown until it filled my entire nose, and as I breathed slowly and deeply through my mouth, my hand reached for the tissue box almost of its own volition.

When I had a tissue in hand, I held it a few inches away from my mouth and nose in preparation for the sneeze I felt was quickly building. I took a few quick, shallow breaths, my head tilting back each time ever so slightly.

"Huh....huh... huhhh...."

Finally, my eyes squeezed shut as I took a deep breath and then snapped forward at the waist from the force of the sneeze: "Huh.....Eeeshooo!!!"

I felt the wet spray on my palms through the tissue. I took another deep breath as I straightened up and immediately sneezed twice again, both times slightly more forcefully than before. "Heeehtchoo!!!.....eehh...Eetchooo!!!"

I sighed and wiped by nose on the somewhat soggy tissue as I straightened up and brushed back my long hair, which had fallen into my face when I'd sneezed. With the next breath I took, however, the sensation returned, even stronger than before, and I realized that I would soon be in the throes of a full-fledged sneezing fit.

My hay fever is generally mild and easily managed with medication, but I was still blindsided by the occasional sneezing fit. Once such a fit began, it seemed that all I could do was ride it out. I sat down and pulled the tissue box closer, quickly plucking out a couple as I did so. I'd barely managed to bring one up to my nose when I started sneezing again. 

"Aaahhh....Ahhhhchooo!!!!  Kaashooo!!!!....Eehh...ehhh?....Chooo!!!!" 

I bent forward with each sneeze, then involuntarily lifted my head slightly before each subsequent sneeze.

"Aaahhchoo!!!... Huuhhh....uuuhhh..Ahhhshooo!!! ... Ahhhhshooo!!!" 

My work was forgotten, and I tuned out the concerned blessings of my coworkers in neighboring cubicles.


Each sneeze brought with it a split second of blissful relief, but with my next breath, the insidious tickle was back, teasing me, torturing me.  All I could think about was sneezing it out. 

"Ahhchoooo!!! ....Ehhhchhuuuh!!.... EhhhCHUUUHH!!!..."

My breath came in hitching gasps and my sneezes grew stronger and somehow more desperate, as little by little I was losing control.

".Ehhh.... ahhhh.... Aaahchooo!!!!.... Heeehhhtchhhh!!!!...Haaa...haa...Haaahhtchooo!!!.   ...ahhh...eeehh...haaa....hehhhh??...."

Finally, I paused and straightened up slightly as I realized that, for some reason, the next sneeze wouldn't come even though the need was stronger than ever. I struggled to breathe normally and frantically rubbed the sides of my nose in a circular motion, hoping that one or both actions would either relieve the tickling or coax the sneeze from my nose. As it turned out, neither did.  I could feel tears beginning to stream down my cheeks as the tingling in my nose grew unbearable.

Under my breath, I groaned out of frustration and, to my surprise, out of pleasure. I realized that I had the same feeling I always got when I was about to have a powerful orgasm. Let me explain: If I had to draw a parallel, I would say it resembled the dizzying sensation you sometimes get from being on the edge of a cliff. One little nudge was all it would take to bring me unspeakable pleasure and release. Release was what I desperately needed here, a culmination of some sort to all this tickling and sneezing. I understood, however, that with a little concentration, I just might be able to have some pleasure as well...

When making love, I had found that conjuring up an erotic image, real or imagined, enhanced my pleasure. I tried to visualize something that made me sneeze. I decided on freshly cut grass - a smell I loved, but one that invariably made me sneeze. I imagined myself stretched out on a large, luxurious lawn. I could almost feel the soft grass below me, dancing in the warm breeze. I imagined myself rolling over and burying my face in the grass and inhaling deeply. I could practically feel the lush, delicate blades tickling the tender tissues of my nose as the sweet, summery scent filled my nasal passages completely.


Unbelievably, the tickle grew for a split second, and then seemed to focus on a point deep inside my nose. I gasped suddenly and a shiver went down my spine.

"Heeehhhh... aaahhh.... ehhhhh..... Eeehhhhshooo!!!!... Ahhhchooo!!!"

I began to sneeze uncontrollably, loud and fast. They wracked my body at least half a dozen times, with barely enough time to breathe as my attack reached its climax:


That last bout had done it; I had finally soared off the metaphorical cliff I'd been thinking about earlier, I realized, and the tickly sensation quickly began to subside.

I leaned back in my chair to catch my breath. My heart was racing, my cheeks felt flushed, and I was not terribly surprised to see that not only were my nipples small and hard, but that I was enjoying a pleasant pulsating heat down below.

I felt wonderful as I blew my nose and wiped my eyes; languid and relaxed, yet at the same time energized and revitalized. I sneezed twice more as I powdered my nose, but they were trifles that came and went in an instant; nothing like the fit that had rocked me just moments before and left me reeling.

After regaining my composure, I turned back to my report and continued to write, but my thoughts kept returning to that afternoon's events, and I wondered with anticipation when my next sneezing fit would occur...