The Dressing Room


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Sheila wandered through the store aimlessly, eyes flowing over the flowery skirts, sweaters, and dresses. She sniffed. Her nose had been tickly all morning. It was May, and her nose knew it. She'd had horrible allergies ever since moving to Georgia, and no amount of medicine ever really seemed to make much of a difference, so she didn't bother paying for doctor's visits and medicine that didn't really work in the first place. Besides, she enjoyed sneezing too much.

Her eyes lingered on a drapey dress with a sunflower print, and as she reached her hand out to feel the fabric, her nose suddenly seized and her hand flew to her mouth to catch the sneeze that burst forth. "Heh... IITTTCHHEEW! Whew!" she breathed. That had been unexpected. Her nose began running now, and she reached into her purse for her handkerchief. She always carried a couple with her - she'd learned long ago that they were a good way to avoid the red, chapped nose during this sneezy season.

She shook it out and brought it up as her nose twinged again, nostrils flaring, eyes closing in anticipation.

"Hiih iih IISSHOO!" Catching her nose in the cloth, she blew gently. Wiping her nose with the cloth, she balled it up in her hand as she took the dress from the rack, and headed for the ladies dressing room.

Half-way there, her nose seized again with an itch, and she sneezed into the ball of cloth, her head jerking and her short blonde hair flying in her face. She sniffed, her nose starting to get congested. Wiping her nose with the ball, she walked into the dressing room area, looking for an open stall. It looked as if all of them were empty, so she chose the large stall at the end of the row.

She closed the door and latched it, hanging the dress from a hook on the wall. Taking the handkerchief, she again blew her nose. This time, the shhssshing sound was wetter, fuller, but she was able to empty it tolerably. After wiping her nose again, she set the cloth down on the little bench in the room, and began to undress. Slipping out of her sandals, she unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor, revealing her long, shapely, tanned legs. Unbuttoning her blouse, she let it also fall to the floor, leaving her standing in front of the large mirror sheathed only in her satin panties and lacy bra. She looked at herself critically in the mirror. Her perfect, tanned skin glowed in the warm dressing room lights, her flat stomach reflecting her hours at the gym. Her wheat-colored hair was cut just below her chin, so that it swayed gently with every movement of her head. Her face was fine and delicate, her deep brown, almond-shaped eyes bright, her full lips red and curved in a sweet smile. Her eyes traveled up her body, stopping at her strong nose, which had begun to itch intensely. Her breasts began to heave, her shoulders shuddering as she began to draw the shaky breaths of a build-up, her eyes squeezing closed, mouth open, breathing labored.

"Heah... hiih IIH IIITTCHHHOO!" Her head bobbed forward, both hands coming up to catch it. Her nose was on fire with itching, her eyes beginning to water, nose running. She spun around as another sneeze burst forth, snatching up the handkerchief and sneezing a third time into it violently, "HIIIH IISSHOO!" Then a fourth and fifth followed, yet her nose was still tickling and twinging. "IIITCHOOO! HAAHTTCHOO! CHOO! CCHHH!" She clamped the cloth over her nose, causing the warm wetness to squeeze out between her fingers, soaking the light yellow cotton. She blew hard. Sniffling, she hitched another breath, and sneezed once again into the handkerchief. This was agony and ecstasy for her. She was enjoying the sneezing - becoming tingly and wet between her legs, yet her nose was uncomfortably itchy, her sinuses beginning to ache with the force of her sneezes.

She clamped the hanky firmly over her nose with one hand, stifling the next sneeze. "Heh... HUMMPH! huh." And she decided to go ahead with trying on the dress. Turning the hanger around with her free hand, she unzipped it with another stifled sneeze, "Hiih IIH... MMMPP!" She knew this wasn't a good idea - the stifling. The more she tried to stifle her sneezes, the bigger they ended up becoming. Her build-ups would start to sound desperate, and she would take in large gulps of air to gear up for the huge explosion of a sneezing fit that would inevitably come the longer she held back.

Pulling the dress down from the hanger, she used one hand to pull it up her legs, hitching it up over her hips as she slid the free arm into the sleeve, the other hand busy clamped over her twinging nostrils, finger and thumb pulling her nose up and down, sliding the skin of her nostrils over her septum, trying to alleviate that awful itching. At each downward pull, more wetness would squeeze out into the handkerchief, reminding Sheila of someone milking a cow. She switched hands dexterously, sliding her other arm into the sleeve. She was now faced with a problem - there was no way she could reach back to zip herself up with the one arm, yet if she let go of her nose she would explode into a massive sneezing fit right here in the dressing room. She didn't mind it when she was at home by herself - then she would curl up in bed pleasuring herself as her sneezes ripped through the silence of the room. But here... well... if she started sneezing it was sure to arouse her even more than she already was, and she didn't know if she would be able to contain herself.

She stared at herself in the mirror - unzipped dress hanging loosely from her shoulders, handkerchief in hand clamped over her seizing nose, eyes red and watering. The itch began to deepen in her nose, and she found herself drawing those high-pitched, desperate gasps.


Her sinuses exploded, wetness dripping from her overflowing nose. There was wetness between her legs as well. As much as she hated being in public, she was enjoying this rather thoroughly. Taking the sodden handkerchief in both hands, she took a deep breath and blew her nose fiercely. Folding the hanky in half, she blew again. She felt better after this second blow, although there was still some pressure behind her nose. She wadded the ruined handkerchief up and threw it under the bench, reached in her purse for another as her nose once again began its monstrous tickle. Bringing the blue-and-white checked cloth up to her face, she blew again, trying to blow the approaching sneeze out into the hanky. It seemed to work for the moment, although Sheila knew that it would be back soon. Placing the handkerchief on the bench, Sheila hurried to zip up her dress, sniffling noisily and rubbing her itchy nose with her hand. The dress fit her rather nicely, actually. Sleeveless, it exposed her glowing, bare shoulders, hugging her curves down to her hips, then flowing out beautifully to end just below her knees. The neckline was cut just low enough to expose about an inch of cleavage... which began to shudder with a gasping build-up. Sheila was going to sneeze again. She spun around, fumbling for the handkerchief, but in her hurry she accidentally knocked it behind the bench, it falling between the bench and the wall. The build-up was nearing its end as Sheila got down on her hands and knees to fetch it, but there wasn't enough time. The sneezes began to rocket from her, firing off messy, wet, explosive.


She didn't even bother covering her mouth, since it wasn't going to do any good. The sneezes sprayed out, covering the wall, the mirror, and the sunflower dress. The mucus flowed from her nose in rivers, sometimes being catapulted out by the force of a sneeze to land in a ball on the carpet. Her nose was bright red, tears streaming down her face. The sneezes kept coming, and Sheila was so aroused by the attack that she couldn't help it - she reached her hand up under her dress, inside her panties. She began to rub herself rhythmically, in time with the sneezes.

"HEAH... EEETCHOO! EETCHOO! EEH... IIISHOO! SHOO! UUH-TTCHOO!" She began to rub harder and faster, as the sneezes became more rough and desperate, almost wrenched from her. "EHH-EHH-EEHH... TTCHOO! uh-CHOO! hah-CHUH! *sniffle* IISSHOO!"

Her breathing was labored both with the intense sneezing and her intense pleasuring of herself. Her twinging, seizing nose began to itch deep inside, the itch fanning out, spreading throughout her entire nose until even the tips of her nostrils were vibrating with the intensity of the itch. The pressure built, her nostrils flared in and out slowly, speeding up as her breathing began to hitch and shudder. Her eyes closed, her head reared back, chin quivering, mouth open. Then - the explosion of a sneeze rocketed her forward, blonde hair flying in her face, a stream of spray issuing forth from her mouth and nose. She rubbed herself, caressing and kneading her sensitive folds, intensely pleasured, moaning as softly as possible between sneezes.

The saleswoman passed by the dressing room door, hearing the labored breathing and ferocious sneezing echoing off the walls. As her nipples grew hard beneath her starched blouse, she smiled secretively. No doubt about it - the woman would be buying THAT dress for sure.