The Office


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Monday morning. What a depressing thought. Pulling a tissue from the box on her desk, Lori blew her nose as discreetly as possible. She'd been at work a good half an hour and so far had managed to keep from sneezing. She'd woken up this morning the same way she did every morning during April - with a massive allergy attack. This morning she'd managed to get it under control fairly quickly... and then noticed how late she was. She had scrambled to dress and get to work, but she'd still gotten here ten minutes late. She'd slid into her seat quietly, starting on the usual paperwork and trying to ignore her tickling nose. She remembered too late that she hadn't taken her allergy medicine. She was just hoping to make it to lunch without any incident; she could run home and take it then.

It hadn't been easy not sneezing. She'd had to clamp her thumb and finger over her nose quite a few times to hold one in. But once she let one out, she'd be hard pressed to stop. The first tickle had come when she sat down at her desk, shortly after she remembered she hadn't taken her medicine. Funny how that realization suddenly makes a nose stuffy where it wasn't before, tickly where it hadn't been, and the urge to let loose with one wet, juicy, satisfying sneeze almost unbearable. It also didn't help that Marlene had gotten a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her birthday. Marlene's desk was a mere five feet from Lori's, and Lori could almost see the pollen wafting from those bright blossoms towards her. Each cautious sniff was causing her nose to become stuffier and stuffier and her eyes were starting to itch. She was staring at the grouped bulbs of color, and she broke her gaze when her nose began to itch again. She had to quit thinking about it! After all, it was only 10:30. She had another hour and a half to go.

She went back to the forms she was separating. Each date was written up in the corner, and she was putting them in piles by month. She'd been working on the large stack since yesterday and had hardly made a dent. Of course, it could be because her nose was on fire. Marlene had come back to her desk with even *more* paperwork. (Marlene was always a goody-two-shoes.) Lori couldn't believe how fast Marlene was at this.

As Marlene passed, Lori caught a whiff of her perfume. "Oh, great," Lori muttered to herself.

"Pardon?" Marlene beamed at her.

Lori's nose was starting to react. "Uhm...nuh..." She swallowed the sneeze. "Nothing."

"Are you all right dear? You look a little...flushed." Marlene stepped to her with concern.

Lori instinctively backed away in her rolly chair. "I'm fine," she said quickly.

Marlene twitched at this obvious, odd reaction. "Um, okay. If you say so." And she turned back to her desk. "Oh, did you see my flowers?" Marlene's eyes twinkled with pride.

Lori most certainly had. "Yeh... Yes, I... hah... I did." She sniffled, her nose becoming quite runny. "They're lovely."

"Are you *sure* you're all right? You don't look it."

"Yeah, it's just..." She snatched up a tissue and clamped it over her nose as a sneeze attempted to sneak out. Still with the tissue plugging her nose, "Id's jusd allergies."

Marlene didn't get the hint. "Oh, okay then." And she went back to work, humming.

Lori blew her nose. Then again. And again. She imagined that with each wet, spraying blow she was expelling those little spiky grains that were causing all her misery. When she finished, her nose was quite red and sore, her eyes a little watery from the force of the blowing. She threw the ragged tissues away and bent her head over her work.

Marlene was having a ball.

From the first day Lori walked into the office, Marlene had been keeping an eye on her. Lori's first day had also coincidentally been the first day of spring, and Marlene had relished in the juicy explosions that had rocketed forth from this lovely girl's nose. She had horrible allergies herself to cats, and ever since she was little she had derived a secret pleasure from the sneezy encounters with the furry creatures. What was always more enjoyable was watching someone else's misery, since then the tingly sensation she loved was not in her nose but between her legs.

For the last two weeks, things had been heavenly around the office. Outside the pollen count soared and inside Marlene got to watch Lori suffer through day after day of the sneezes. She'd even gone as far as to order a lovely bouquet of flowers for herself, just to add a little bit more to the air.

"Oh dear," she said, loud enough for Lori to hear her.

Lori looked up from her tissue but didn't say anything.

"I don't understand. These figures just don't add up. Lori, dear, could you come over and have a look, please?" She flashed Lori her 'innocent' eyes, and she saw Lori's eyes widen a little in panic.

The last thing Lori wanted to do was walk over to that desk. If she could have her way, Marlene could take those figures and shove them out her ass. But she half-smiled, grabbed two tissues, pressed them to her nose, and hurried over, eager to get it done so she could go back to suffering in silence.

"You see? This column here doesn't match this one here... and I don't have any idea why."

Lori's itchy eyes panned the numbers quickly, Marlene's eyes going from Lori's face to her breasts, which were pulsating with her shallow breathing. Marlene's own breath was quickening. She could tell this was absolute torture... and she was loving it.

Lori was fighting to maintain control. Her eyes tearing and her nose blocked with pollen-filled congestion, she kept the tissue clamped between her nose and the attacking springtime.

"Ub... you forgod do carry dis here over do here."

"Oh, you're right. How silly of me!"

Lori hurried back to her desk, took a file she'd completed, and went to drop it off in the mailroom.

Marlene saw her head away, and waited a few moments before getting up. Taking her bouquet of flowers, she discreetly shook the blossoms around in the air above Lori's desk, watching the yellow cloud disperse into the atmosphere. Smiling, she returned the bunch to their original position and waited for Lori to return.

Lori sat down at her desk with the tissue still firmly fastened to her nose. It was becoming quite sodden with all the fluid leaking out, so she gave her nose a short blow and wadded it up. She grabbed another tissue and blew a little harder, the gurgling signaling to Marlene that Lori's nose was primed for a nice attack. Two more tissues balls went into the waste basket, then Lori stopped and took a nice, long, deep inhale through her partially cleared nostrils, exhaling in a contended sigh. For a moment, the expression on her face was peaceful. Then, suddenly, it grew panicked. Her hand shot up to her face and she rubbed her nose vigorously with her fist, her eyes tightly shut and fist sawing back and forth across her seizing nostrils. Her breaths started to hitch, and Marlene leaned over her figures, trying not to be noticeable as she watched it all.

It was absolutely unbearable. Her nose itched! Oh, god, it itched! The pollen had flooded her nasal cavity and her nose had reacted by flooding her face with fluid. The entire center of her face felt as if a dam had broken. She felt so stuffy, so itchy, so watery... and so sneezy! She grabbed tissues and tried to blow her nose, but the intake of air only gave fuel for a sneeze to escape.


"Lori? Are you okay, sweetie?" She absolutely LOVED to try and make people talk while they were sneezing.

"I... huh... doh, I... hah... I deed do... I'b godda...hah... SDEE-AKTISSHOO!" Lori snatched wad after wad of tissues as she kept sneezing, gasping, sneezing, trying to breathe, sneezing, trying to blow and only sneezing.

"What was that?"

Frantically, she tried, "I'b... ah... I'b... by allehh...EESHOO! ESSHOO! ESSHOO! By al-her... hah... AKTCHEW! TTIISHHOOO! EEEHH-ISSHOO! IISHHOO! IISSHOOO! UUHHTTTCHEWW!!" Rocketing, spraying, wet, messy, rich, full, lovely sneezes! Marlene could hardly contain herself!

"Oh, honey, do you need a tissue or something?"

Her body is thrown forward and "Ahh...ahhh...ah...ah-kSHOOOO!!!" she sneezes so hard that she knocks some of the paperwork off her desk. "Oh, goh... EESHOOO! Oh, UUHHSHOOO! TTCCHHEW! PPFCCHHEW! I jusd deed... ahahhhhKaaaaTCHOOO!!! Oh god... ehhhehhehehhEEIISSHOOO! "I... ahh...ahhhh...iksssTCHOOO!!"

Marlene has one hand up her skirt and is rubbing herself discreetly, trying not to let on that she is absolutely loving every second.

"Oh, id hah... id idches... eh-ETCCHHH!!... EETTCH! EETTISHHHO! I... I dink I deed... EEESSHOOO! SHOO!SHOO!SHOO! I deed do go hobe... AAATTCHOO!" Lori fumbles for her purse, her nose firing away and her eyes streaming, one hand clamped with a large wad of tissues to her face.

Marlene watches her go seizing and sneezing down the hallway. "You know," she says to herself. "I think I do too.