The Pool Party

Edward Argraves

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This was going to be the best pool party ever. Or at least that was what Holly thought. She was preparing the invitations when her friend Heather came over to see how things were going.

"This is, like, going to be so great!" Holly giggled as Heather walked into her room.

"The pool party, right?" Heather asked, grinning as she saw the name on the small envelope Holly was holding. She leant over her with a smile and swiped the invitation from her friend’s hands. "So you’re going to invite Edward? I hear he's gotten away from Jillian and I know the reason why, too."

"Of course I invited Edward. It’s like, the party wouldn't work out with out him, would it?" Holly said this with fervour, grabbing the invitation back and looking down at it, tears pooling in her incredibly large china doll eyes.

"What do you mean, it won’t work without him?" Heather asked, confused and bewildered by her friend’s statement.

"He has a way of, like, becoming the life of a party and with all these people coming... Like, just the two of us will be incapable of entertaining them all on our own!”

Holly remembered the first time they met at Mt.Limon. It had been at just such a party: it had been a post track-meet event they’d attended with their good friend Jill, and it had been filled with people, both from out of state and out of the country. Most of the people happened to be people they both did not know, but Edward had seemingly gotten everyone acquainted within about five minutes, and they’d spent the rest of the evening enjoying themselves and having a great time with him.

"If I remember correctly, he’s been the apple of your eye for quite a while now, hasn’t he? I mean, I know he's a great friend, but you want more from him, don’t you?" Heather sighed when she saw the shine in Holly’s liquid blue eyes. "What if he doesn't feel the same way, honey? Have you thought about that at all?"

"That's, like, a risk I have to take," Holly replied, flipping her long blond hair.

Those words were, in fact, quoted from the infamous Edward. He’d spoken them to her on the night before an important track meet, where he’d been a little bit (but only a little bit) nervous about having to run against their friend Jill, who was really fast. She’d told him maybe he should just forget the meet and come to spend the weekend with her, but then Edward had made an impassioned speech about risks and gains, and Holly had seen the light.

"I hate those word!" Heather said, also looking back to that day. "Edward was lucky. But he was brave. As always," she reverently added, feeling slightly disloyal to Jill. “Are you sure you’re as brave as Edward, Holly?”

"Like, of course! I know Edward’s right. How could he not be? Anyway, like, that's behind us now. Look, it’s getting late I have to go to bed." Holly said and walked Heather to the door.

"God, that’s sudden,” Heather commented, but then smiled at her friend. “Well, I wish you all the luck in the world sweetie. See you on Saturday! Gee, I can’t wait, it’s just going to-"

Heather waved to her friend as she issued those parting words, but was cut off as Holly closed the door.

Holly went back to her room, spent the following ten minutes having a cold cream party, and then went to bed in her favourite pink baby doll pyjamas. With a sigh, she fell asleep and dreamed of handsome Edward and the pool party that would take place in two days.


Finally, the big day arrived and the daytime pool party was scheduled to begin within the hour. As Holly hopped out of bed, she felt her small snub-nose bothering her a bit. What could it be that was bothering her so early in the morning and on her party day too, she wondered? Holly looked around and saw nothing that would normally make her nose tickle. As she stood there heavily pondering the issue, the tickle soon transformed into an irrepressible urge to sneeze.

Holly grabbed a tissue and muttered,  "I... I... c- c-... can’t sneeze now... ahhh... ahh... shew!!"

Holly sneezed hard into the soft white paper and blew her nose. Her sneezes were always very feminine, but sill strong enough to double her over. After that, she walked into the shower and got “dressed” in her favourite tiny purple bikini, the one that showed off the fine curves of her luscious buttocks and D-cup breasts. Her blond hair hung down past her shoulders, and it highlighted her bountiful body wonderfully well.

The doorbell rang just as Holly was done putting on her designer sun block (you can never be too careful; besides, Holly just knew that melanomas would clash with her complexion and thus should be avoided at all cost). The first people to arrive were Heather and her friends- about sixteen of them, giggly girls that were for the most part eye-wateringly pretty- followed by about ten of Holly's own friends. The party was already in full swing when the doorbell rang again about twenty minutes later.

It was Edward!

Holly was almost beside herself when she and Heather opened the door and saw him finally standing there. He was in a tight green spandex swimsuit- which left nothing, really, to the imagination- and had his hair combed so that only one part of his blond hair fell into his right eye. He looked, as always, ravishing enough to make Adonis seem homely.

"Hello Edward!" Heather smiled at Holly, thinking she was the luckiest girl ever.

Edward's bare chest gave both girls an excellent and very tasty-looking view. His abs and pecks were perfect, if a tad showy. Then again, Holly had always been one to believe in the adage, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, and thought that Edward was fully justified in displaying his gorgeous body.

"Glad to see you, girls!" Edward said, looking around. He winked at the two girls who were smiling adoringly up at him. He was already sweating bullets and so breezed through the house arm in arm with them, so as to bring them all out to the deck, where all the action was taking place and a light breeze could cool him down.

As soon as he arrived, all the people in the pool and around it let out a massive cheer. Edward nodded soberly, thanking them for their warm welcome. He lifted his heavily muscled arms, like Moses at the parting of the waves, and boomed, "Never fear - Edward is here! Expert at socializing and having a good time."

He leant in front of Holly and handed her a small piece of paper, which he plucked seemingly out of nowhere. "Here’s my card," whispered Edward. He smiled a little and picked her up.

 "Put me down." Holly giggled and hugged him. Then she felt her nose tickle a little. "So, like, how’s life?"

"It’s good seeing you again, and being invited to your ‘do’,” he declared, indicating their surroundings. “You girls sure know how to throw a cool party. The Great Edward of California is very pleased." Edward sat next to Holly. "Kidding, of course,” he added as an afterthought. “But seriously, thanks for the invite. This is pretty cool. And how’re you doing?"

"Nothing much," Holly giggled.

She was getting nervous, so she got up to dive into the pool, still feeling her nose tickling. It wasn't till she resurfaced that she smelt the neighbour’s freshly cut grass. So that’s what had been making her nose tickle like that ever since she got up! Suddenly, Holly knew she was going to sneeze.

"Why now? Ahh... ahhh... ahh... .sheww!! Sheww!! Tissheww!!"

Edward saw her sneezing, her face seeming to fold unto itself in a grimace before she bent double from the force of that wonderful explosion, and suddenly felt a tremor in his lower body. "Why did she have to do that?" Edward thought to himself as he jumped into the pool as well, to avoid exposing the slightly embarrassing physical reaction he felt beginning to take place. Said reaction would be hard to miss, especially considering the fact that he was clad only in a piece of ultra-clingy spandex about the size of a well positioned folded handkerchief. Jumping into a pool full of cool water was as good an antidote to that discomfort as any he could think of.

Heather, who had already been in the pool for some time at that point, swam over to Holly, who was looking like she might sneeze again. "Are you okay, darling?"

"I... I... I'm ffff... fff... fine,” her friend struggled to answer in the wake of the encroaching sneeze. “I ju... just need ttt... to sneeze!" Holly sniffed in to hold it back but it only grew stronger, until at last she couldn’t hold it back. "AHHSHEWW!!” Temporary relief flooded her as she paused before sighing and rubbing at her nose. “Oh, that, like, felt really good."

Immediately after, the urge to sneeze came on her again, but this time she stifled it in order to stop herself from going on an embarrassing sneezing rampage in front of all the other people in the swimming pool. And especially in front of Edward.

"Bless you!" Heather chirped, smiling slyly at her waterlogged blond friend, who was now harshly rubbing at her reddening nose. “You’re lucky you’re a woman, or you would have definitely turned me on there. And I’d be trying to jump your bones right at this moment.”

"Why would that be?" Holly asked, confused, and then she remembered.

"Cause I get turned on by men sneezing, remember?"

Heather playfully nudged Holly’s left breast under the water.

"Oh, that’s right!" Holly turned away and sneezed again sharply thrice. "Sheww!! Ahhh-sheww!! Aaaaahhhttiisshhheww!!”

"Bless you," Edward suddenly piped up from directly behind her, startling her so that Holly flung little droplets of water everywhere as she brought her hands up to her cheeks in an oh-it’s-you-I’m-so-thrilled gesture.

"Thank you, Edward!" Holly sniffed as she felt another sneeze coming. She knew she’d have to go in and blow her nose to get all the grass pollen out of it if she was ever to stop sneezing. “Look guys, excuse me, will you? I’ll, like, be right back.”

Heather watched as Holly ran into her house to get a tissue. "Edward, you must get her out of there."

"Why?" Edward asked as Heather's perfume assailed his nose. And tickled it to no end.

"Because, there's a cat in there. I brought Mr Fuzzles to the party because I couldn’t possibly leave him alone at home for six hours," Heather said, hoping Edward knew about Holly’s allergies.

"S... so there’s a... a... cat in the hou-... hhh... house; big d-... deal." Edward was trying hard to hold back his own sneeze, having heard all about Heather’s little “problem” through their mutual friend Jill, with whom he’d shared some tender moments a while back during a running reunion. He thought seeing him thus was probably driving her absolutely crazy with incredible lust- which wasn’t far off the mark, truth be told-, and he was very much enjoying the thought.

Heather swam to the side of the pool, feeling her libido rising and cresting like a tidal wave. She full well knew that the incredibly handsome Edward was fighting back a sneeze, something she’d been hoping would happen for months on end. She’d had it from a reliable source- her friend Jill- that Edward was allergic to floral perfumes, and had worn some to the pool party for expressly this purpose. However, she hid her excitement, keeping a straight face as she explained about Holly’s feline-related problem.

"Holly shouldn’t go near Mr Fuzzles, because she’s really allergic to cats! If he comes near her, she’ll be sneezing her head off in a matter of seconds. It’s that bad! So that’s why you’ve got to save her, Edward!"

Of course, Edward couldn’t resist such an invitation. But before that, there was something else he had to do...

"Oh- ok I... I’ll g... guh-... get her ... Hahh... ahhh... HARRCHOO!!! ahh... ahhh... ar-CHOO!!! Ha-ARR-CHOOO!!!"

Edward sneezed three great sneezes in front of Heather, and felt more just begging to be released. That perfume was really having quite an effect on him. Watching him sneeze, the expression on his face and hearing the incredibly juicy sound of the explosions, Heather became turned on. So much so, in fact, that she nearly asked Edward whether he wanted to have sex with her on the spot. She knew, however, that Holly would never forgive her if she did that, so instead she put a towel over her body, using it to rub herself ever so discreetly despite the fact that she was surrounded by people.

Edward, meanwhile, got out of the pool, showing off his perfectly toned athlete’s body and garnering a host of appreciative sighs from the females at the party, and more than a few jealous looks from the guys. As he walked away, he was relieved to feel the tickle in his nose leave him.

From inside the house, Edward heard Holly sneeze- this heavenly explosion sent shivers down his spine-, and used the sound to locate her. She was in her bedroom.

"Hi Holly. Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah it, like, my... my allergies. Ahhshewww!!" the force of the sneeze double her over, giving Edward a good look at her breasts. They looked as though they were going to pop out of her tight purple two-piece swimsuit.

"Bless you."

Edward was getting stiff under his own sill-wet swimsuit. Knowing it would show, he put a towel he’d brought along in front of him to hide his excitement.

"Thank you, but I’m gonnaaaah... ahh... ahh... Sheww!! Sneeze... HaahShew!!! Again... Ishew!!!"

Holly sneezed again and again, trying to talk even as she did so, which made matters worse for Edward who thought there was nothing more erotic in the whole world than hearing a woman trying to talk through a sneezing fit. Consequently, his penis grew hard as a rock.

"You know Holly, I came here especially to see you," Edward said trying to hide his passion.

"Really? Like, wh- what for?" Holly giggled as she held a finger to her nose, fighting back another sneeze or several. Her poor nose was feeling increasingly ticklish. If this kept up, she’d soon be sneezing non-stop, which would be horribly embarrassing to do in front of her crush.

"Because I wanted to say I..." Edward stopped talking as Holly’s head tilted back, before slowly returning to its normal position, her eyes looking slightly redder and more watery than before. It was painfully obvious that she needed to sneeze, and Edward ardently wished for her to do so.

"Please, like, con... huh... continue."

Holly’s breathing was getting more laboured and the finger was only going to help a few seconds more. But before Edward could continue, Holly’s nostrils flared widely, desperately, and she tried to hold the impossible in by pressing her finger to her nose harder. But it was no use: the sneeze was well and truly on its way. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes and let loose powerful yet feminine sneezes.

"Aaahhh... ahhh... ahhh...SHEWWWW!!!! SHEWW!! HAAASHEWW!!! HAAASHIIEWWW!!!"

"I love you" Edward sighed. He said it, what he’d really come to the party to say in the first place, and watched as Holly’s eyes grew wide with shock.

"I... Like...” Holly gulped back yet another sneeze, “I love you too!”

Holly said this, proud of herself for actually managing the get the words she’d suppressed for so long out of her constricted throat. Still feeling very sneezy, she hugged Edward. Then, stepped back and smiled a little because she had felt his hard member pressing eagerly up against her midriff.

"You have the same problem as Heather, don’t you?" Holly laughed, "You, like, get turned on by my snee... Hassshhewww!! Sheww!! By my sneezing," she finished, giving her nose a good rub.

"Yeah I do," Edward said. He began to turn away, suddenly shy for the first time since he’d made the same admission to Jill a while ago, but was stopped by a hand that touched him on the shoulder.

"I think it’s, like, totally cute! So don’t be embarrassed, okay? Please."

Holly touched his cock and slowly trailed up to his waist. Then, she managed to worm a hand inside his skin-tight Speedo, taking a finger and touching the head of his cock. Then, gently she used the same finger to stroke his member ever so slowly.

"We can’t have our bi... big star ge... ge... getting all, like, hard and stuff... .Hahsheww!! Shewww!! in front of ever... every... one-oh-hahhshheww!! Haashheww!!"

Holly pulled away from him and closed the door, locking it behind her. She sneezed again, this time harder than before, and her right breast popped out of the tight confines of her swimsuit. She looked down, giggled, and remedied the “problem” by unhooking her top and taking it off, sneezing again twice as she did so.

Edward reached over and touched her breast and lightly traced the nipple till it grew hard with passion. Holly lay down on top of Edward and sneezed again, directly on him.

"AHHSHEWW!!! Hassheww!!! Shewww!!!" Holly slipped off her bikini bottom and pulled off Edward's skimpy swimsuit, revealing his erect penis. "No... naughty... noo... naughty boy."

Holly felt another sneeze on the way and thought she would try to hold them in for Edward, because if he was anything like Heather, then he’d probably enjoy it a great deal.

Then it happened. A cat- not just any cat, but Mr Fuzzles the Persian cat, the kind of cat to which she was most allergic to in the whole wide world- jumped on the bed where Holly and Edward were. Holly's nose got more ticklish just as Edward entered her, thrusting inwards, making Holly gasp with pleasure mixed with the ferocious upcoming attack of sneezes.

"Shooo, you damned cuh... cuh... cat" Holly pushed the cat away, but it only jumped back up onto the bed. "I... I... cuh... c-c-... can't hold out muh... muh... much longer!"

"It's okay. Just let those big beautiful sneezes fly." Edward felt her sex contract with each breath and thrust. The eagerness in his tone was unmistakeable.

The cat moved towards Holly and turned around, placing its tail right under her nose and slowly moving it back and forth, silently torturing her.

"Ahhh... ahhhh-ahhh... ahh... ahh... ahh" Holly breathed, trying to hold the sneezes back now, because she knew if she sneezed Edward was sure to come and it would be all over with.

The cat finally got tired of its game, seeing as it was getting no response from Holly, and moved away to the opposite corner of the room. Little did the cat know it was getting the biggest response ever from Holly’s poor little nose!

"I... if I snn... snee... sneeze ahhh... ahhh... It will all, like...all... over...ahhh...ahhhh" Holly- still felling Edward go deeper and deeper into her with each of his furious thrusts- didn’t want to sneeze. Unfortunately, it was now impossible to avoid sneezing not just once, but surely several times.

Holly placed her finger under her nose and tried to hold back the sneezes. Her nostrils flared until they felt to her to be about as big as manhole covers.

"Ed... Ed... Edward I... I... I'm, like, gonn... going to... ahhh... ahhhhh.... AhhhhSHEWWWW!!!! SHEWWW!!! HASHEWW!!! HASSHHEWW!!!! HAAAASSSHHHIIIEEEEEWW!!!!!"

The sneezes erupted out of her, as naturally irrepressible as an explosion of lava from a volcano. Holly’s fit was well and truly an impressive sight- the poor girl’s eyes were squelched tightly shut, her upper lip almost touching her nose and revealing her small, even white teeth as she let them take over completely. Powerless to resist the powerful demand of her allergies, she let sneeze after sneeze rock her, making her lovely breasts jiggle in a spectacular manner and her pussy constrict deliciously around Edwards rock-hard penis time and again.

Looking at the incredibly helpless, sneezy expression on beautiful blond Holly’s face and hearing her loud, explosive, wet sneezes was to Edward an almost surreal experience. She was so near that he could feel copious amounts of wet sneeze-spray land on the hot skin of his chest like a cooling mist, a curiously erotic sensation. As if all of this wasn’t stimulating enough, there was the spasmodic clenching of Holly’s sex around his, in time with every room-shaking sneeze she let out. Before he knew it, Edward responded to her spasms with some of his own, letting himself go in enjoying one of the best orgasms he’d ever experienced. It seemed to go on forever as he felt semen rush up and out of him, and then deep inside the still-sneezing Holly’s moist darkness.

The only downside to all of this was that Holly’s attention was now fully focused on her sneezing and she’d practically forgotten that she and Edward had been having sex in the first place, she was sneezing so much. Realizing that leaving Holly like this wouldn’t be advisable, Edward lovingly hugged her to him- still sneezing- before letting her go and helping her to her feet. Gently yet quickly, he steered her towards the bathroom, where he just knew there would probably be some antihistamines (or at the very least, some cold syrup) she could take to stop the sneezing, and where they could take a sensual shower together to wash away some of the allergens, alleviating Holly’s discomfort somewhat.

Afterwards, when Holly was pretty much back to her non-sneezy self, they rejoined the party. Holly rushed off to find Heather and tell her every single detail regarding the incident that had just taken place. Meanwhile Edward, left on his own, promptly made his way over to Sonia, a friend of Holly and Heather’s. The poor girl was ever so grateful for his attentions, seeing as she was suddenly suffering from such a bad attack of hay fever..