The Running Reunion

Edward Argraves

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1- Jill's Allergies

As lovely Jill collapsed on her couch to rest, all she could think of was how long a night it had been.

She had just finished a track meet, and was both physically and emotionally exhausted. It didn't help matters that she knew she was in for yet another race in the morning, and that it would be one of the most difficult events she'd ever participated in. It was the regional meet that would place her in the state competition for the two-mile run. She was thrilled to have made it to the state competition, and extremely proud of herself for her great time and the powerful endurance she had displayed in today's race, but tomorrow's was going to be even more challenging. She knew she was lucky to have gotten that that far, but she'd trained hard enough to get there and thought it was only natural that all her efforts should eventually pay off. There was, however, only one problem: the state meet would demand more strength and power in the two-mile run then any race she'd run before.

Jill allowed her head to loll back against the sofa's cushions, letting her eyes close for a luxurious moment of relaxation. She tried to clear her mind of the day's exertions and allow the tension in her muscles to melt away. She had almost managed to relax, when Edward's face flashed up in her mind, making her sit up straight again, her eyes wide and her heart beginning to beat a fast, steady adrenaline tattoo in her chest.

"How on earth will I manage to beat him?" she wondered, not for the first time.

She was already tired when it hit her, and felt that she'd never get her strength back- even if she could, she might not be able to beat this runner, who she knew well. Edward was strong and quick, and he was going to be a hell of an opponent.

In spite of everything, that wasn't the worst thing about Jill's situation. She knew she'd be competing against him- but she wished she wasn't. She wished, in fact, that they could get closer on a level which didn't involve competition, whistles, grass, or sweat- well, not that kind of sweat, anyway.

Jill had known Edward for over six months. They'd participated in different meets, a few times running against each other but most of the time they'd been in different races. They were friends, though not very close. Still, Jill liked what she knew about him. He was not only fit- both physically and facially- but also confident and intelligent. What was more, he seemed to have a sense of purpose that she thought might be compatible with her own- bad news for the race tomorrow, but, as Jill reflected, there was life beyond that. And there were chances.

Jill was quite good-looking herself, with a figure like a movie star's, a head full of dark, bouncy, natural curls, startlingly bright blue eyes and sweetly rounded features that made her appear younger than she really was, but which accentuated her flawless, fragile-looking Irish complexion and dark, doll-like fringed lashes which had seduced plenty of eager boys- though, alas, not yet Edward. From a purely aesthetic point of view, her only flaw was her nose, which she'd always thought was rather too prominent, contrasting sharply with the rest of her modest features. Not only that, but it was allergy season and freshly cut grass and pollen abounded, making the reddened edges of her highly sensitive, allergic nostrils stand out sharply against the otherwise milky pallor of her skin, often causing friends and acquaintances to coo in sympathy. Jill hated this- but what she hated more was the dreadful things her fickle allergies did to her.

As she lay back, daydreaming about handsome, blond Edward, Jill felt a sly tickle begin to blossom. Not wishing to give in and sneeze, she drew her finger up to her nose and stopped the tickle's progress... at least temporarily.

"Why me?" Jill said to herself, complaining softly, waiting for what she knew would happen despite her pre-emptive measure. And then, the tickle came back and she sneezed, a rapid, almost startled sound: "SHEW!!" It was small and feminine, but still strong enough to make her lurch forward.

And with that over, Jill gave an exhausted sigh. There really was no point in staying up; her allergies often seemed to flare up late in the evening and to stay awake would mean that she'd not do much besides sneeze and hold back sneezes. She decided she might was well have a quick shower and go to bed, in order to wake up in fully rested form for the state meet the next day.

2- The Running Reunion

As the sun rose in the morning, Jill stretched beneath the gloriously warm duvet of her white, queen-size bed. As she opened her eyes and looked out her window, she saw the sun hiding behind a fluffy white cloud. The sun slowly emerged from its covering as she watched, and the light that hit her face forced a sneeze from her nose. It was a big, built-up sneeze, rocking her body, making her breasts, (which were generous, firm and shapely enough to have made many of the boys around her very, very happy ever since she'd started to develop) quiver from the sneeze and then shake with another rounded and explosive follow-up.

"ahh... haahh....ahhh...SHEW!!! Ha-SHEW!!!!"

She sniffed, reached groggily for a tissue from the box at the side of her bed. Her tissues were always man-size, the huge black box claiming, "For Men," incongruous in her feminine paradise of a bedroom, but Jill had learned long ago that no other flimsier brand could even begin to deal with her huge, messy allergy-sneezes. She sighed, sniffled wetly, and blew her nose.

"This is going to be a long day," thought Jill, as she hurried out of bed. She donned her underwear (including her lucky sports bra) and a flattering, curve-hugging designer track uniform, thinking disobediently of Edward all the while and fighting back yet more teasing sneezes- the last thing she wanted was for him to see the usually spectacular effects that the track-pollen had on her again.

The big day had arrived at last, and as Jill got into her car to drive to the track, she reflected on how glad she was the meet would be taking place in Phoenix. That Jill was a native of Phoenix would give her the advantage; she knew the track very well, and would not let herself get sidetracked.

When she arrived, Jill was pleased to see that there were about a hundred runners from all over Arizona walking or jogging about the grounds, stretching, exchanging friendly banter and generally preparing to give the event their very best. Almost immediately, she spied Edward among the crowd, stretching his long, well-muscled legs as he leant against a post. For some reason, the look on his face intrigued her: it was serious, almost brooding. Was he just concentrating on getting himself in a super-concentrated mindset (as some athletes professed to do before a race, claiming this helped them to come out ahead), or could it be that he was a little bit worried about the quality of the runners he would be up against?

Runners, Jill thought happily, like herself. But still, she couldn't help but smile to see him again after so long. God, this boy was sexy...

Jill's coach came up to her, interrupting what might have turned out to be a most interesting reverie.

"Babycakes!" her coach cried, putting his arm around her waist. "'Bout time you got here - you wimmin are always late, puttin' on all that makeup. Love the new lippy, hon," He laughed heartily. "Well, never mind, you're here now and you're looking abbbbbsolutely GOR-geous. Shame you're gonna get yourself all sweaty. You ready to run like a racehorse, girlie?" he leered at her, chewing a bright green wad of "Baseball" brand watermelon flavoured bubblegum.

Jill smiled, even though she didn't particularly enjoy being enveloped in his pungent fug of smoke, sweat and watermelon flavouring. She liked her coach, even though he did tend to act like some cliché- that is, if you could get a cliché out of Field of Dreams coupled with the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Coach was all macho attitude, tobacco chewing, ball scratching, butch-as-all-fuck jock - except when he opened his mouth, at which time he became as camp as Christmas. It was well known that the coach was gay, even if this didn't increase his chances of pulling- his pasty, podgy body and black goatee- where pieces of food always seemed to get stuck- made him thoroughly unappealing in her opinion. But the man was always there to watch her run, and despite everything else, he really was a good coach.

"You bet your sweet ass I'm ready," Jill replied, forcing herself to smile as she tactfully withdrew from his embrace. "I've been working hard enough for this!"

"There's one person you have to watch out for," her coach replied, stepping back in turn and pointing towards a lone figure, not twenty metres away. "See that GOR-geous rugged guy with the blond hair? My God, but he is fit. If only he wasn't on the other team..."

"Hey!" Jill exclaimed."Hands off - he's mine!"

"Oh, come on. I don't honestly think he goes for women; look at those shorts!"

Shiny green spandex, ultra-tight, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Jill and the coach both enjoyed the sight of them for as long as politeness would allow, and then they turned back to one another.

"Anyway," the coach continued, smiling, "his name's Edward- and he's the favourite here today. But you can beat him, I'm sure."

With that, he slapped her on the ass and retreated as her event was called.

As they lined up, Jill's nose tickled from the light breeze, which brought in summery smells of fresh cut grass and flowers.

"Shit, not now!" she groaned softly.

Jill knew her allergies were bad- they always were at the height of summer- but this was not the time or the place for them to start acting up.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhah..."

The tickle abruptly stopped when Jill did a double take, seeing Edward step in beside her to begin the race. Their eyes met for a second, before Jill's head snapped back to the front and she leaned forward into position.

The gun was raised and shot.

Jill took off in a flash with Edward close behind her. The time passed in a blur as they ran, hardly aware of anything beyond their furious heartbeats, their rapid, panting breaths and the sound of their soles hitting the ground in rhythmic thuds. As the last lap approached, Jill saw the shiny green spandex blur that was Edward passing her out of the corner of her eye, and would have groaned had she not been so short of breath.

Edward was really giving it his all to finish the race, straining forward as he ran, a finely toned symphony of muscle and sinew, exhibiting the perfection of pure maximum performance. Edward pulled in front of Jill, panting like a dog, and won the race in a spectacular of last-minute second wind.

The crowd went wild, cheering and clapping, as Edward's speed slid away, his finish-line sprint turning into a jog and then a slow walk.

ill finished exactly seven seconds after Edward, both delighted and disappointed at being second, still enjoying the cheers of the crowd. Some of it, she felt, had to be meant for her, to congratulate her for her effort and her success.

3- The Aftermath

Winding down from run to walk the same way Edward was doing, she panted hard, trying to absorb some oxygen and feeling vaguely faint. Five minutes later, she was feeling better, bent over as she stretched her long athlete's legs behind her. As she straightened up, she saw Edward walking up to her.

"Good job, Jill," he said, smiling down into her eyes as he shook her still sweaty hand.

Jill wanted to smile back at him, but grimaced instead. With the worst timing possible, the allergic tickle brought on by the grass and the pollen in the air returned with a vengeance. She still tried to thank him desperately, even though her full, glossy lower lip was quivering from her allergies, and her nose was feeling absolutely tortured.

"Thank... ahhh...thank you."

She sounded stuffed up and knew what was coming. She must have inhaled a massive amount of pollen during the race, but in its adrenaline-infused state, her body- usually obedient to the strict professional control she placed over herself- had taken no notice of it.

As Edward carefully observed her, having picked up on that shaky, telltale inhalation as she'd thanked him, her nose twitched noticeably.

Edward, having a fetish for seeing women sneeze and thus being unnaturally attuned to anything even vaguely resembling a possible sternutatory reflex, felt his lower anatomy tingle. Just looking at Jill's face, its unnatural stiffness and the red tinge of her wide nostrils, he immediately caught on to what was happening and he stared at her, realising anew how beautiful it was to see an incredibly attractive woman like Jill entirely overwhelmed by something as prosaic yet fascinating as a sneeze.

"You all right?" Edward asked, not being able to help himself, desperately wishing to hear her speak again in that lovely, huskily congested voice, stretched taut from holding back.

"Yeah- I'm fine." Jill's desperate urge to sneeze was getting stronger as Edward watched her, mesmerized, and he expected that Jill's letting down her guard to speak to him might bring on the teasing sneeze. He was right.

"Aahhh... ahhh... ahhhhaah... AHSHEW!!! SHEWW!!! Ahh..ahhSHEW!!!!"

Jill doubled over, hands clapped to her traitorous noise as she sneezed, showing an impressive amount of cleavage, the soft flesh above her track-outfit shimmying from her sneezes, its flawless surface rippling like a bowl of cream. Edward- who was, in fact, straight despite his shorts- felt himself growing stiff below. Of course, wearing said spandex shorts didn't help much when it came to concealing his burgeoning excitement.

"Bless you!" Edward said to her, trying to keep his voice neutral, as he flipped his floppy blond hair away from his face and left.

He didn't want to leave, but he supposed that appearing rude to the object of his affection was marginally preferable to standing there in Spandex displaying his swiftly rising erection to her.

Jill sniffed, watching Edward go to his car through her streaming, water-blurred eyes. She caught up to him as he slid his jeans over his shorts- which were unsurprisingly as tight as his shorts had been, and showed off his gorgeous butt to full advantage. She smiled nervously, knowing that now was her chance to ask him out.

After all, they were hardly strangers: they'd known each other for quite some time, and even though theirs was a long-distance, rather sporadic friendship, this didn't mean there wasn't a chance of taking things further.  Besides, even if he declined, it might be months before she saw him again, and by then, they might both have forgotten the incident. It would be perfect.

"Hey, Edward, I was wondering if you might like to hook up later. I was thinking maybe you could come over to my place for dinner or whatever, maybe some time around seven?"

Jill felt her heart pounding, still afraid of what he might say.

Her blue eyes shone in the sunlight, and even watery as they were from the pollen-induced irritation, they were stunning. This was not lost on Edward, whose fading erection began to gain momentum once more as he looked into her reddened eyes- and then down again, at her even redder nostrils. He wondered optimistically if her allergies ever affected her in the evenings, and then decided that he wanted to see her, sneezes or not- though there was nothing wrong with the prospect of an added bonus.

"I guess I could," he said thoughtfully, giving her a charming smile as his chocolate brown eyes bore deeply into her own teary blue ones. "After all, you gave me a quite a run for my money back there!"

"Oh great!" Relief and delight mingled in Jill's smile, and for a moment she looked like an excited little girl- apart from the impressive curves shown off by her streamlined track-outfit. "Well, if you do want to come round, I live on Middleton Lane. Number 76."

"Is that off Park Lane?"

"Yeah, it is. Think you'll find it okay?"

"Definitely," Edward replied, self-assured as his smile gained an element of slyness. "I always know how to find my way around."

She didn't doubt it for a second.

Edward leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek, whispering a quick thank you for the invitation into her ear. Then he got into his car, explaining that he'd promised to meet another friend in Phoenix while he was there. Jill just smiled, oblivious to his words and just savouring the last of his beauty as he drove away. Then she summoned what was left of her energy to get home as fast as she could.

4- The Date

The day went on and Jill got more and more nervous, as seven o'clock, the set time for her date with Edward, approached. After the obligatory two hours trying on everything in her wardrobe, she dispensed with underwear and chose to wear a bright blue tank top that brought out her eyes, and tight black shorts that hugged every curve of her toned hips and buttocks. She styled her hair into a stunning mass of curls and applied just enough makeup to achieve the 'natural' look.

At precisely 6:59, Edward rang the doorbell. He was dressed like a civilian for once, and Jill realised that this was the first time she'd seen him in anything other than sports gear. He looked gorgeous in a white T-shirt, a green pullover and blue jeans- the same ones he'd been wearing that afternoon. She was delighted to see that they looked better on him than ever.

The flattering clothes weren't the only trouble that Edward had gone to for that evening, however. He had obviously doused himself in Dolce and Gabbana, and while this was definitely one of her favourite scents, it always made Jill's allergies flare up spectacularly.

Miserable though she suddenly felt, her poor nose twitching in response to the cologne, Jill she said nothing as she let Edward into her apartment. When she closed the door, she felt the sudden urge to sneeze build up staggeringly quickly and she wondered how on earth she could get around this, when the sneezes burst violently upon her.

"Heaahhhh... haaahhh..... ahhh.... ahhhh.. HAAHSHEW!! SHEW!!!!"

Edward, surprised and delighted, turned towards her and blessed her. Immediately, he cursed himself as he felt his penis begin to harden again. A sudden hunger for Jill and her sneezes flared up- he wanted to see and hear her sneeze again, desperately so, but knew this was more or less up to fate to decide.

Luck, however, seemed to be on his side- as usual.

"I'm really glad you made it, Edward! I prepared dinner for... for..." she trailed off, her expression going blank before her head snapped forward in a gigantic sneeze, "HAAHSHEWW!!!!! For us." She finished, mildly embarrassed, wiping her nose with the back of her hand.

"Bless you," Edward said, feeling himself grow harder.

"Thank...SHEWWW!!!!... Thank you. And now, you'll have to bless me again!" She laughed, her cheeks going slightly pink. "But if I were you, I wouldn't bother... My allergies have been acting up all day, and I've been sneezing my head off since this morning. I'm really sorry; I hope it doesn't put you off!"

This was quite an understatement, as Jill's poor nose felt as if it would explode with sneezes thanks to Edward's heady cologne. She felt genuinely sorry for him, for having to listen to her sneeze, and wondered whether it would be impolite to ask him to wash it off. He clearly wasn't about to offer, if indeed he had noticed this was the source of her tickles. She sighed- she knew he always thought of her as the legendary allergic girl, and had hoped tonight she'd be able to keep her disobedient nose under control. She decided, even as her nostrils twitched and flared, to try and hold the sneezes back.

As they sat down to a roast chicken dinner, Jill kept fighting back the urge to sneeze, thinking that nothing could be more off-putting than a girl who sneezed all over her food and her date. Truth be told, she was hoping to get into Edward's pants that night, and thought it would greatly help matters if she held back her sneezes until the end of dinner, when she would put away the dishes in the privacy of her kitchenette.

What she didn't remember, however, was that even if Edward was sat waiting for her in front of the television in the living room, he could still hear every one of her wet, explosive sneezes.

"Hah... ahhh... ASHEWW!! Ahhh... haaahhh... SHEW!!!! SHEWW!!!!"

Edward, sat on his own, was totally blind to the television's flickering, brightly coloured images. He was completely focused on listening to Jill's gorgeous, arousing sneezes, all the more pronounced and violent from having been dammed back, more intense from all the delicious, halting, sniffly false starts of hers which had excited him so during dinner.

"Haaah... HiiaaaSHEW!!! Ahhh... Aaaahh... AHSHEWW!!! SHEWW!!!"

There had never been a sound more erotic to his ears, and hearing her sneeze again and again had gotten him so hard it was almost painful. Even the feel of his erection running across the fabric of his underwear helped to worsen matters and he desperately wanted to nip over to the bathroom to relieve the pressure he felt mounting.

Still, the bathroom was right in the corridor across the kitchen, and he couldn't stay there long without attracting Jill's attention, so he simply sat where he was, forcing himself not to sneak his hand into his pants.

It really was a good thing his jeans were so tight, or else there might have been enough room for him to accomplish what he'd always euphemistically referred to as "pitching the tent," as such an arrangement would have been glaringly obvious when Jill returned.

When she did, they sat down together on her black leather couch to watch an old rerun of Third Rock From the Sun.

Jill felt tickles in the back of her nose as a result of their proximity and held them back as best she could but she was tired, and her poor nose, which had been sneezing so much and so satisfactorily in the kitchen, was so raw and sensitive it wouldn't accept the frantic messages she was sending it- she was desperate not to sneeze. Within a few minutes, though, it became too much to bear. She suddenly began to gasp, a look of intense discomfort pervading her features, and Edward's then-flickering erection turned once more into a raging hard-on of almost painful intensity.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh.. TSHEWWW!!! SHEWWW!!!!! AHSHEWW!!!! Ahh... ahhh...... ahh.... SHEWW!!! TSSHHEWWW!!!!!!"

And then, a momentous thing happened. Something that only happened in Jill's darkest nightmares. Something straight out of a comedy show.

Her breasts popped out of her tank top.

Jill could have smacked herself upside the head for not wearing a bra. Most double-D girls tended to, with small tank tops, and she'd just had a most memorable reminder as to why.

Edward, however, was not in the least embarrassed or even inclined to laugh. Instead, he slipped the straps off her shoulders, not quite knowing what he was doing. Seeing a sight as lush as that of the creamy abundance of Jill's soft breasts quite took his breath away, and before he could stop himself, he reached out with both hands to cup them. They were so exquisitely soft, so warm, and the pale brown nipples small and taut, as if inviting his lips to them.

If Edward was surprised at his own boldness, Jill was even more

"What the...?" she jumped off the couch, pulling up her top, and looked down at Edward's stiff, hard penis which was now too big to hide.

"What's going on here? Am I turning you on?" Jill asked.

Edward got up, blushing furiously in turn. Never one to mince words, he simply said, "Yeah. It's your sneezing."

Jill looked at Edward, nonplussed. "My sneezing?"

Edward shook his head and was embarrassed by his erection, by that traitorous member that made his arousal so obvious. Jill only smiled.

"You know, that's not a bad thing, when I think about it. Not only have been trying really hard all day not to sneeze in front of you, I was kind of hoping you'd find me attractive, too. And you know what? I'm really allergic to that cologne you're wearing, and it's driving my nose completely crazy!"

Jill sat back on the couch, dragging Edward down with her, genuinely smiling for the first time all evening. Feeling that the timing was right, she took off the tank top she wore and revealed her breasts to him once again. As she put her face nearer to him, she inhaled the scent of his D & G and felt a slight tickle bloom again. She held a finger to her nose and tried to stop it, grinning teasingly into his dark brown eyes, determined to milk her affliction for all she could get.

"Ahh.. ahhh... aaahhh...." 

"Allergies?" Edward asked, getting harder. He knew it was; he just wanted to hear her say it.

"I'm very allergic to your perfume," Jill said again, softly flirting with him, her voice stretched and tight in the way that never failed to turn him on. "If you get any closer, I think I might really have to sneeze again."

Jill was teasing him with her nose, and her being half naked drove Edward even wilder with desire.

Edward took off his pullover and his t-shirt so that they would both be bare-chested. Then, he leaned in closer to Jill, willing her to smell his cologne again. Her nose twitched more and more with every inch as Edward drew closer, until she could do nothing more than to submit and sneeze.

"Ahhh... ahh... ahhh...SHEW!!! ahh... ahh... TISHEWW!!!!"

Edward thought those sneezes were beautiful, perfect, and they made him want Jill more than ever. He promptly kicked off his shoes, then took off his pants and underwear, his member at attention as Jill sneezed again, making it grow even more harder than before.

"Ahh... ahhh..... ahh.... SHEWWW!!!!!" 

With Edward's eager help, Jill took off her own shorts, thinking about what a good idea it had been to go commando in the first place. Naked, she promptly offered him a condom that she'd placed in a small box on a nearby table (Jill used to be a girl scout), and then, so to speak, invited Edward in.

As he entered her, she felt a strong tickle growing in her nose because of his proximity. The smell of his cologne was suddenly so strong that it seemed to be everywhere, tickling the very back of her nose until she felt as if she would just explode with sneezes all over him.

"Ohh! Ahhh...ahh....ahhhh...SHEWWW!!!!!"

Her sex contracted tightly around Edward's erection and he thrust deep inside her in time with the release to her sneeze. As soon as the explosion was over, she heard him moan in appreciation.

"Do you think you could hold them in at all?" he asked, his desire practically shining out of him. "It would turn me on so much, if you could just... hold them back, just for a bit."

"I... I .... dont th... think-ahh.... think.... I ... hah!... I... c.... ca... can!"

Jill desperately struggled to choke out, feeling another sneeze building, stronger than ever even as Edward was now bringing her pleasure by rocking sensually above her. This was torture!

"Just try," Edward urged. "Please. Do it for me."

"Eh-heh... Ed.... Edwaaahhh.... Edward, I... aaahh... cahhh... can't!"

Jill was still desperately fighting the huge sneeze she felt was coming, and she suddenly remembered her time-honoured trick: placing a finger under her nose to stop it from erupting out of her.

"That's a bit better..." Jill breathed, relaxing, allowing herself to focus more on what Edward was doing to her, the incredibly satisfying feeling of having him inside her, filling her, exciting her tremendously.

This letting down of her guard, however, was a mistake. As soon as she stopped fighting, she felt the urge to sneeze return again with a vengeance, and not even the most skilful finger pressed under her desperately twitching nose could have stopped it from bursting forth.

"Aaah... AAAahhh.... HAH... SHEWW!!!!"

Edward, as if knowing this would be his second sprint of the day, decided that now was the time to give both of them all he had. He began to thrust more powerfully into Jill, angling at exactly the right spot to make her moan with pleasure.

"I... ahhh... th... think I... EIASSHEWW!!!... I-eeeh... I... ASSHEWW!!! SHEWW!!"

Jill sneezed again and again, feeling Edward thrusting in and out of her, his excitement obvious not only in the pace of his movements but also in their intensity. She delighted in the feel of his stunning muscular runner's thighs next to hers, contracting as he went back and forth atop her. For all her sneezes, her breath was now coming as fast as his, and she felt her own pleasure rise in proportion to his.

"Ahh... haaahh.. AAHHH... TISHEWW!!! TSHEWW!!"

Jill felt herself about to climax, surrendering to a momentous orgasm. Then a sneezing fit hit her as she once more sniffed the sweet smell Edward's cologne. 

"I... hhh... Ih-I... thi... think-huh I... I'm really gonnaaaah...

Jill tried to warn Edward about the force of the sneeze she felt was coming, but she was feeling so overwhelmed both by her approaching orgasm and by the tickle in her nose that she couldn't quite manage it. She just badly wanted this to be fantastic for both of them!

"Aahh...  Ahhh.., AAAhh... HAHSHEWW!!! Ahh.. Ha-ahhh.... Hahhh..... TISHEWW!!!! TSHEWWW!!!!! HAH-SHEWWW!!!!"

Jill felt herself about to reach orgasm. She tried not to sneeze as she came, but there was nothing she could do about this. Like the previous ones, this tickle was just too strong to resist even though she tried desperately to fight it.

"Ahhh... hhhaah.... ahhh.... ahhh.... I ... Hi-I ... Ca-can... can't... Sn...sneeeeh...sneeze... now!" said Jill, her voice hot, heavy and frantic.

"Go ahead," Edward said, breathless, fully focused on this last sneeze, the one that, he knew, would bring them both to climax.

With each massive gulp of air Jill took in, her lovely breasts rising, falling and shaking alluringly. "Ahh.... haaahhh... haaaahhh.. AHSHEWWW!!!"

With that last sneeze, Jill came and this time, it was Edward who followed close behind. But unlike that morning they both came out winners, as they fell asleep in each other's arms.