The Test Drive


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Elaine was a successful executive in a company involved in the buying and selling of luxury cars- a position at which Elaine's mind sometimes boggled, given the fact that she had trained as a dressmaker- but she still enjoyed confectioning unique and beautiful garments for close friends and special customers. In fact, that very night, Elaine had made just such an appointment. She was going to visit her friend Maria, who was to attend a party the following day and who had asked Elaine to make for her a very special waistcoat. The waistcoat had to fasten in just one place: in the middle. Maria, ever the exhibitionist, had planned to wear nothing under the waistcoat, in order to show off her large breasted figure to the full.

"Just make it so it covers my nipples, " Maria had instructed when she'd placed the order, "That's all it has to do!"

Elaine checked herself in the rear view mirror. Her blond hair shone in the late afternoon sunlight, deep amber interwoven with streaks of pure gold, and her discreet makeup highlighted the sexy curve of her soft lips. She gave herself a small private smile as she licked them, the thin coating of saliva making them shine. Her eyes were darting between the road and the mirror, but in truth, her thoughts were miles away, focused on Maria on whom she'd had a crush for quite some time now.

Elaine was getting rather turned on at the prospect of seeing her large breasted friend topless and was worried that she wouldn't be able to keep her libido under sufficient control. Actually, she was rather hoping the she wouldn't have to. It was just a matter of finding the best way of going about things, for Elaine had decided that this occasion would probably be as good as any to finally make a move on buxom Maria.

Her corporate dress seemed to be conspiring against her as well. She wore a tight white shirt underneath a powder blue suit. A figure hugging attire could make all the difference when it came to selling cars that often cost as much as 250K. Now though, her sensitive nipples were rubbing against her bra, making her even more aroused and causing them to harden. The only thing that saved her from being taken over by this sexual vicious circle was the fact that she was having to concentrate because she was driving a car she had never driven before, namely a huge Range Rover Vogue with more switches and lights than a Jumbo jet.

She needn't have worried about controlling her libido, for Maria was sat at home waiting for Elaine and harbouring similar sexy thoughts about the prospects ahead. She too was becoming aroused at the prospect of baring herself in from of her similarly large breasted friend. She did more than hope, however. Maria had Latin blood in her, a heritage which left her blessed with a sultry complexion, dark wavy brown shoulder length hair and huge, smouldering dark brown eyes. She intended to do everything she could to make sure something sexual would happen- she had been desiring Elaine for far too long to let this occasion slip by. The two of them, alone in her home, with herself all but naked whilst Elaine ran her competent hands all over her body... The very thought made Maria feel hot all over.

Eventually, both women's wait was over as Elaine's car pulled into Maria's drive. Elaine knocked on the door and Maria invited her in, her broad smile displaying tworows of perfectly aligned, shiny white teeth.

Elaine sat down on the couch besides Maria. As she did so, Maria couldn't help noticing the buttons on Elaine's shirt straining against her bosom. Also, as she sat on the edge of the couch, her skirt rode up her lush thigh and Maria could just see the merest tease of suspender! The view was very sexy indeed, and it was all Maria could do not to give in to the urge to push Elaine's skirt up higher to reveal the wonders hidden beneath it.

"So, darling," said Maria, taking a deep breath. "Are we ready for the test drive?"

"Yes, I've got it here," Elaine replied, and pulled out a delicate small blue denim-embroidered waistcoat, a wonder of craftsmanship for which she had spared no effort.

"Oh, this looks beautiful! Please, can I try it on?"

"No time like the present!"

Emboldened by what she thought was a distinct note of keenness in her friend's reply, Maria pulled off her sweater and kept half an eye on Elaine to see what her reaction would be to viewing her naked breasts. Maria saw Elaine's eyes widen as she crossed her legs, seemingly unaware that she was showing even more of her suspenders.

She also noticed the way Elaine was almost imperceptibly squirming in her seat.

Maria knew only too well what her friend was doing - she'd done it herself on several occasions, when confronted with beautiful women that had caused an upsurge of lust within her. Elaine was using the friction caused by the fabric of her underwear and the movement of her crossed legs to stimulate herself. Maria smiled and licked her lips. At that moment, she knew she was going to more that the gift of a waistcoat tonight!

Maria put on the waistcoat and struggled with the clasp at the front, only managing to shut it by pulling her shoulders forward as she emptied the air from her lungs. Once she'd managed to get it on, though, the garment did wonderful things for the shape of her bust. Not only did it give her an absolutely stunning cleavage, but the bottom of her large, firm breasts could be seen as well. And even so, the waistcoat managed to cover Maria's nipples, however precariously.

Maria admired herself in the mirror for a moment, twisting this way and that to get a good view, and sat back down again next to Elaine, a pleased smile stretching her smooth cherry coloured lips.

"It's absolutely gorgeous! Elaine, you're a genius!" she said, leaning over and delivering a more-than-strictly-affectionate kiss on her friend's cheek.

Elaine had hungrily taken in the sight of Maria preening and turning in front of the mirror, showing off her breasts and her gorgeous body. She had stared, enraptured, at the way her friend's curves swayed and rippled as she turned one way and then the other, flipping her hair and pursing her generous lips in an appraising fashion. The moist, lingering kiss Maria bestowed on her heated cheek was the icing on the cake. By now, Elaine was in transports of lust and all her previous, well-intentioned thoughts about controlling her libido were long gone.

Now, there was something else that was emerging from the deepest recesses of Elaine's mind. As well as having a penchant for the fairer sex, she'd also always been sexually aroused by the sight or sound of a woman sneezing. Consequently, in her very aroused state, it was only natural that she begin to fantasize about to how Maria would look, sneezing in her new tight-fitting little waistcoat.

How her breast would bobble! How her exposed belly would shake! How her hair would stream as she snapped forward with the momentum of a truly enormous sneeze! It was enough to make Elaine feel fairly faint with desire.

She then tried a trick that she'd had some success with in the past. She'd introduce sneezing into the conversation, and hope that it might induce a sneeze or two in Maria by some sort of autosuggestion. She'd managed it before... Would it not work again now? It was definitely worth a try.

"Tell you what," she said with a mischievous glint in her eye, "If I were you, I'd avoid sneezing in that thing!"

Maria looked wide-eyed at Elaine and put her hand to her mouth.

Surely it wasn't going to work already? No. It was just surprise, nothing more. No such luck.

"My God!" gasped Maria. "That's a good point!"

She looked down at herself and then back at Elaine.

"There's no way this thing could cope with one of my sneezes! They're such huge, powerful things!"

"Couldn't you stifle it, if you needed to... sneeze?"

"Well yes, I suppose I could, but even when I do I stifle my sneezes, I still sneeze with the whole of my body. When I sneeze I sneeze from the tip of my nose to the tips of my toes, even when I stifle them!"

Although Maria hadn't sneezed just yet, talking about it was almost as good. This turn in the conversation was positively making Elaine melt!

"Do you sneeze a lot then?" she couldn't resist asking.

"No... not really."

"Well, there you go," Elaine said encouragingly, masking her disappointment. "Perhaps you won't need to sneeze."

"Oh, no! Knowing my luck..." Something seemed to steal over Maria's features, but it was gone again before Elaine could quite put a finger on exactly what it was. As soon as it was gone, Maria continued. "You know, Elaine, you're a true pro. This would never have occurred to me. This good batting, think person!"(sic)

Then, Maria said something that it never occurred to Elaine to even contemplate hoping for.

"Right," she said, slapping her hands down on the couch decisively, "We can't leave this to chance! Let's make this a proper test drive. What we need is pepper!"

Had Elaine actually persuaded Maria to induce herself to sneeze??

Not quite believing her luck, but not being one to look a gift horse (or girl friend) in the mouth, Elaine watched as Maria disappeared into the kitchen. And while she was away, Maria's spoonerism finally hit her.

In a flash, Maria came back into the living room with a drum of ground white pepper.

"What're you laughin' at?"

"' Good batting, think person'.. you nit!"

Maria then sat back on the couch and shook up the drum of pepper. Elaine watched aghast as she held it under her nose.

Maria's beautiful Latin nose twitched and her eyes began to flutter. Elaine, meanwhile, sat unnaturally still, unconsciously holding her breath as she felt moist heat blooming between her legs. This had to be the most erotica spectacl she'd ever witnessed.

"Oh, God...." she breathed, " Here it comes....Any minute now!"

"Try and stifle it!" Elaine had no idea where the words had welled out from, but they burst forth before she could hold them back.

"Oh... Okay."

Maria put her arms around her upper body as though to hug herself, and then she held her nose with her thumb and forefinger. She took a deep, preparatory breath and...


Maria was right. Elaine watched, rapt as Maria's body shook under the force of the sneeze and her breasts wobbled succulently, just as she had fantasized that they would.

"It managed to hold out!" Elaine cheered.

But as Maria was still pinching her nose, Elaine quickly resumed her silent observation.

"Yeah... but if I sdee.. sdee... ah... ahh... like that, then.. the tickle just wod't go away and I'll keep od oohh... ooh... oh!"

"Has it gone?" Elaine inquired in a pleasant, conversational tone, as if there were absolutely nothing peculiar about watching Maria sitting unnaturally still with one hand pinching her nostrils shut and the other holding a powdery peppershaker.

"Do... by dose is still..."

"Just sneeze normally this time," Elaine suggested. "That'll clear the pepper out!"

"Okay... Oohh!" Maria cupped her hands over her nose and mouth.


Her breasts wobbled again, but although the clasp did not come undone, the wobbles had caused part of her nipples to become visible.

"The clasp just needs adjusting," said Elaine matter-of-factly as she put her hand into the waist-coat, rubbing the back of her hand against one of Maria's erect nipples.

Maria sighed, pleased, surprising her friend. "Oohh, Elaine you're making my nipples go all hard!"

"But I've got to do the adjustment from the inside so I know how far to take the clasp."

By now they were both squirming in their seats.

Maria decided to take the plunge; she just couldn't stand having Elaine so near her, touching her thus, and not making a move to take things further. "I'll tell you what else would need a bit of adjusting... Oh, come on, just let me kiss you, Elaine."

Elaine looked at her friend, both shocked and pleased. This was a most welcome surprise!

"Maria behave !"

"But darling, you don't understand. You've given me the hornies as well as the sneezies! And oh... Have I ever got the sneezies!"

Maria's eyes began to close and her face seemed to fold in on itself as a result of yet another sneeze she felt to be fast approaching. Elaine could barely contain her excitement when, with her hand still inside her friend's waistcoat and their faces barely inches apart, she felt Maria's breasts begin to heave again. An impending sneeze was about to take over...

"Wait a sec, Maria!" She cried, adjusting the clasp so the waistcoat wouldn't be, quite literally, blown apart by Maria's sneeze. "There! I've done it! You can sneeze!"

"Ah... Ah-hah... AHCHOOO!!! Oh, God!"

"Bless you, darling. That was huge!"

"Thank you," said Maria. "I know. That's why I thought this test run would be a good idea."

"It was," Elaine concurred.

Then, quick as a cat, Maria moved towards Elaine and brought her face up to hers so that they were touching noses. She brought her hands up to Elaine's breasts to knead them softly.

"I've wanted to do this for the longest time..." Maria purred, locking her deep, deep brown eyes onto Elaine's shiny blue ones, until the other could do nothing more than moan softly, the noise seeming to come from deep inside her belly, a low, pleased sound.

"Elaine," Maria whispered, kissing her friend softly on the lips, "You're so beautiful," her lips parted, "And oh so clever," her tongue quickly darted between her friend's parted lips.

Elaine felt blissfully happy as she returned Maria's kiss. The two remained intertwined on the couch for a minute before Elaine spoke. "Do you... Oh!... Oh!..."

"What's the matter, honey?" Maria inquired, suddenly unsure for the first time that evening.

"I think you've sneezed some of that pepper over to me!"

Maria laughed, relieved. "Is that all? Have you got some pepper up your nose, baby?"

Not letting go of Elaine, Maria drew her nearer to her and planted a small, soft kiss on the tip of the other's nose.

"No, I've got... got a sneeze up my nose!"

Smiling a little, Maria gave Elaine's nose another quick, tickly kiss.

"Oh!! Oohhh!!" squeaked Elaine "I have to sneeze! I reallly have to sneeze!!"

Maria removed one of her hands from her friend's breast and held a finger under Elaine's nose. That seemed to stave off the urge - within a few seconds, Elaine's face went from panicked to relaxed, the edgy glint in her eyes departing and leaving only relief in its stead.

They sat looking at each other for a few seconds, and then Maria said, "Oh no - you're not going to believe this. Now my nose is tickling again! I've got the sneezies again!"

Maria's breasts began to rise and fall as her breathing began to hitch in preparation for another huge sneeze. This time, it was Elaine's turn put her finger under Maria's nose.

If only they could have seen each other. What a comical pair they looked with Elaine holding a finger of one hand under Maria's nose and the other hand on Maria's breast, while Maria held a finger under Elaine's nose and had her other hand on Elaine's breast. It was a situation doomed to ineluctable yet delectable failure.

Maria succumbed first. She turned away from Elaine and cupped both of her hands over her nose and mouth, and...

"AH - CHOOOO!!!"

"Oh dear, bless you, " breathed Elaine, "but I've got a sneezy nose too!"

Elaine put the flat of her hand against the tip of her nose and her breasts began to heave in turn, making two of her shirt buttons come open from the force of it.

"Ah!... Ahhh... AHHH!... HEAACHEEEWWW!!!

"Bless you, Elaine!" Maria quietly laughed.

"Thanks," Elaine smiled in return, rubbing at her ever so slightly reddened nose. "Now darling, let me get that waistcoat off you "

She slowly took the waistcoat off Maria, laid it on the couch, and then bent down and began kissing her friend's hardened nipples. She did it softly at first, barely brushing the other's hot flesh with her lips whilst delicately cupping them with her hands. Then, feeling Maria pressing insistently against her lips, she did it with more aplomb, allowing her tongue to touch the soft, bumpy aureoles and protruding nipples, sucking on them and then ever so gently biting them.

Maria arched her back and pulled Elaine's head towards her breasts, guiding one of her hands lower down. Accepting the invitation, Elaine's hand found it's way down past the waistband of Maria's skirt and under her underwear. She smiled, discovering that her friend's sex was already sodden, and began to expertly tease her clitoris.

"Oohh! That's Heaven!"

Then, unexpectedly, Elaine squeaked from inside Maria's cleavage, "Oh Maria! I've still got a sneezy nose, and I simply can't sneeze all over your lovely breasts!"

It took only a second for Maria to consider this notion. She warmed to it instantly.

"It's okay! Go on, do it! Do it!"

"You don't understand," Elaine whimpered from inside the other's cleavage. "This is going to be such a big, huge, enormous sneeze, I couldn't even begin to hold it..."

Her breathing began to hitch dramatically, as the tickle in Elaine's nose began to completely take over. Her hand stiffened and shook against Maria's clitoris in time with the building sneezes, the unexpected motions triggering waves of pleasure in the other woman.

"Oh, Maria I've got to .... got to... aahhh...!! aahhh-hhaAAHH... AAAAAAHHHH!!!.... AAASHOOOO!!!... aaah!!!...... AAAHHH??... HAAASSHOOO!... Oh god, not again... haaah!... AAAHHH!!... HEEAASSHHEEWWWW!!!"

"Oh, God, Elaine, I'm coming, I'm coming!!"

And climax Maria did. Elaine felt warmth flood her hand as Maria's hips bucked against her palm and fingers, on and on, as her friend moaned, tilting her head back so that chords on her neck stood out. Her cheeks were flushed vermilion and she was achingly beautiful as she strained against the hand that had brought her pleasure.

It seemed to go on forever as Elaine watched, recovering from her sudden attack of the sneezes. And yet, when Maria opened her shiny eyes, eyes that now seemed so dark as to be almost black, Elaine knew that it wasn't all over just yet.

"Amazing. But now, it's your turn."

"What do you mean?" Elaine asked, hopeful.

"I mean that that was so good, I feel like I need to return the favour."

"Oh," Elaine sighed, feeling an almost aching throb between her own legs as she withdrew her hand from Maria's moist warmth. "Well then, I've no objections."

"Didn't think so," Maria's laughter tinkled like ice cubes against cut crystal. "But first, let me just get this out of the way," she added, grabbing a hold of the peppershaker, which had fallen to the ground during their previous activity.

As she picked it up, Maria unwittingly sent a cloud of pepper up into the air. Before she knew it, she breathed in, and felt irritating grains of fine white pepper beginning to tickle and burn the back of her nose once more.

"Oh no!" she cried. "Look what I've done! Now I'll start sneezing again. It's a good thing you've taken that waistcoat off... These are... are gonna be... ahh... big... aaahhh... sneezes..."

Seeing her friend's breasts begin to heave up and down as her breathing grew steadily shakier, preparing for the sneezes that seemed to be fast approaching, Elaine felt as if she were about to burst. Her sex was now positively aching with desire, and she wasted no time in pushing her skirt down around her knees and pushing Maria's head down between her own voluminous breasts. Elaine grabbed one of her friend's immobile hands, pushing it into the incredibly wet core between her legs just in time.

"Here it comes!" Maria squeaked as her head reared back from between Elaine's breasts. Her fingers danced madly, almost of their own accord along Elaine's sodden sex as the sneezes took over.


Elaine felt her orgasm peak as Maria delivered sneeze after deliciously wet sneeze straight onto her chest, feeling Maria's breasts jiggle against her stomach as her hand pressed straight onto her sensitive, eager clit with each one. Had she not been sitting down, her knees would surely have buckled from the intensity of her climax, and Elaine knew her juices must be soaking the sneezing Maria's hand. It was absolutely blissful!

"Oh, GOD!" both women exclaimed at once, before looking at each other and smiling.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Elaine laughed.

"Better, I think," Maria replied. "I'm all sneezed out now. The sneezies have left my nose."

"Hopefully not for good," said Elaine.

Then, she pulled Maria's head up to her and they kissed ardently for a minute, both of them recovering from their shattering orgasms and their massive volley of sneezes. When they were both thoroughly breathless, they flopped back on the couch and looked at each other, smiling anew.

Maria said "Well, I doubt if anyone's ever had a test drive quite like this one."

And Elaine replied, "Those are reserved only for extra special customers who need a bit of extra convincing. And as far as you're concerned, darling, I'm the one that's sold!"