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I got to wondering why I have a sneezing fetish, and I believe I have discovered the answer.

I believe it began in January 1968 in a high school Senior Civics class that I was in, with a pretty, petite blonde named Lori Muller. Lori was morphing out of her tomboy stage into an attractive co-ed. Her hair was short, her blue eyes twinkled and she had a radiant smile to go with her outgoing personality.

The classroom had tables put together in the shape of a horseshoe. It was open seating, but Lori always sat at one end and I sat at the same end opposite to her.

Lori liked to prop her feet up on a chair that she had secured to a leg of the table where she sat. She wore very short skirts, which were fashionable at the time. The back of Loriís skirts always bunched up between her waist and the back of her chair, so that only her white nylon panties were between her sweet ass and the seat of the chair. She always carefully smoothed the front of her skirt, and slid a little crease of material between her thighs.

The class met on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and after a few days of the class, I noticed that Lori always sneezed at about 2 p.m. It was like she had a timer. I donít remember a day that she didnít sneeze in class at that time.

It seems like Lori had a sneezing ritual that may have been a reflex action.  I truly donít believe she realized she was doing it. Iím sure she would have been embarrassed to death, and wouldnít have done it if she had known. Of course, I wasnít going to mention it to her.

A little twitch of her nose meant Lori was about to sneeze the first of two times. As she inhaled to begin her sneeze, she slid her heels to the opposite side of the chair, raising her knees to the upright position. At this position, I could clearly see the crotch panel of her panties.

Just before she began to exhale the sneeze, she spread her knees slightly apart in the opposite direction. The front of her skirt then dropped onto her abdomen, and she showed the front panel as well as the crotch panel of her gleaming white panties. After completing her first sneeze, Lori brought her knees back together and slid her feet back to their original position. A second sneeze always followed immediately and Lori again showed her panties in the same way. After the second sneeze, it was the end of the Panty Show for the day.

Loriís panties fit her snugly. As she began releasing her sneeze with her knees spread, I could see her clitoris bulging against the seam where the crotch panel was sewn to the front panel. When she had her period, I could clearly see the outline of her sanitary towel.

Needless to say, seeing this scene twice a week made me extremely horny. My dick became very long and very hard, very fast. I just wanted to grab those panties and pull them down, to tease her clitoris with my dick and tickle her vagina to the point where she climaxed with a sweaty squeal.

I never got to fuck Lori. There was too much cloth and too much distance between us, not to mention other obstacles to teenage sex.

I soon discovered I couldnít wear denim jeans on Tuesdays and Thursdays because my hard-ons became too painful. I had to wear loose fitting slacks and boxer shorts instead. I began carrying a change of slacks and shorts, in case there was a semen stain on the fly of my pants. 

So, I came to the conclusion that I owe my sneezing fetish to Lori Muller. I will say that I enjoy my fetish, so I owe her a thank you.

Now that I have figured out where my sneezing fetish came from, I have just one more question:

Does Lori still sneeze at 2 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday?