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Katy was drunk. So very, very drunk. She had the giggles, her normally pale blonde's skin was flushed and she felt unbelievably relaxed. Her friends were all around her, sitting around a low table in comfortable if horribly ugly maroon velvet sofas, just as pissed as she was. It was only normal for some of the cheerleaders to go out with members of the football team after a game, and she was having a great time.

The six of them had been there for a few hours, listening to loud rock music and rehashing through some of the game's best moments: Jeff's touchdowns, Pat's best passes, and, of course, Andy's splendid tackles which had saved the team on quite a few occasions. They had afterwards moved on to the cheerleader's antics: Jenny's fabulous summersaults, Trina's relentless - and slightly ridiculous - arm waving and Katy's unfortunate accident. It had only lasted for a second, but it had been the talk of the football field for the next few hours. Having neglected to wear a bra, her right boob had popped out of her uniform's tight bodice in front of the crowd after one particularly daring cartwheel. She had been mortified at the time, but right now, alcohol helping, the whole episode seemed fabulously funny and she laughed along with the others about it.

Then, the conversation moved on to sex. The guys had begun going on about Cherie, one of the more buxom cheerleaders, counting those members of the team who they knew had had a turn with her. It turned out that Cherie was, to quote Austin Powers, a bit like the village bicycle: everyone had had a ride. It was a good thing Cherie wasn't there with them at the moment, or else she would have been furious to hear her prowess in bed being discussed. Of course, she'd find out tomorrow that they'd been talking about her, but Katy didn't really give a damn. Cherie had it coming; it was her fault for being a slut.

"You wouldn't believe what that girl told me," Jeff, star quarterback, was shouting from across the table. "Do you know she's got a fetish for being tickled?"

Katy smiled at Jeff, showing all her teeth at once. God he was handsome, with his cobalt blue eyes, black hair, chiselled jaw and broad shoulders. They weren't very close friends, and she'd had the biggest crush on him for the past two weeks. Even his sleeping with Cherie, which would have been enough for her to completely ignore him had he been anyone else, hadn't been enough to detract her interest.

"Hell yeah," Andy chimed in. "She told me that too! She wanted me to tie her to a bed and use a feather on her!"

"Oh wow, not you too!" Pat looked at his two friends with his mouth open. "She got me to do that, and it was so wild. I was laughing harder than she was! But it was weird though; she was so turned on that I kinda got into it too."

"And me," said Jeff. "She is one sexy babe, and it was sort of exciting. Any of you girls into getting tickled?"

Trina and Jenny giggled dismissively, shaking their heads. Katy was following this discussion with interest and returned Jeff's wide smile with a drunken one of her own. Before she could stop herself, the words tumbled out of her mouth.

"Not tickling, but I've got something else that gets me going."

"No way!" Andy exclaimed. "You gotta tell us!"

Her girlfriends were pressing in close and the guys were all looking at her raptly from behind their filled glasses. Eager grins were on all their faces and for the first time that evening, Katy began to feel a bit uncomfortable. They were smiles, yes, but at the moment they seemed to Katy a bit predatory, as if her friends were vultures waiting for prey. Alcohol had loosened her tongue, however, and faced with their upsurge of interest, she couldn't help but continue what she had started.

"Well, this is sort of embarrassing, but anyway here goes." She took another sip of her beer and tossed her hair prettily. "I've got this thing about sneezing. It's really weird, though. I've noticed that if I sneeze enough, well, usually around ten times, I'll get really horny and have an orgasm."

Stunned silence greeted this drunken admission.

"You what?" Handsome Jeff asked after a moment.

He was staring at her in disbelief even as her girlfriends dissolved into giggles.

"Geez, that's gotta be the weirdest thing I've ever heard off any girl!"

Coming from Pat, this was quite a statement. Everyone knew he had heard plenty.

"If you sneeze ten times, you come?" Jeff was still trying to get his mind around her statement despite his advanced state of intoxication.

Katy giggled again. "Thasss right..." she slurred, blushing, looking straight into his eyes.

She wondered if it was wrong to tell these things to a guy you had a crush on. Especially in front of all his friends... and yours.  But she was drunk, and remembering this seemed to help matters. Katy took another sip of her drink and decided that if they asked her about it tomorrow, she'd just say she'd had a beer too many and had invented stuff for their amusement. If any of them could remember, that is.

She saw Pat lean over to Andy and whisper something in his ear. They looked at her for a minute and then Andy got up and walked off. Had she freaked him out?

"Man, I've gotta see this." Jeff's eyes narrowed ominously. Their deep blue suddenly seemed bottomless and Katy lost herself in them for a moment, until Pat reached over and grabbed her wrist.

"Yeah, I wanna see this too!" Pat yelled. "C'mon Katy, show us!"

The girls got into it too now, and pretty soon everyone at the table was signing a litany of "Katy sneeze, Katy sneeze, Katy sneeze".

Katy had never felt less like sneezing in her whole life. She just wanted to crawl under the table and hide. Or maybe pass out. This was no longer funny.

Pat moved over to her sofa, pushed away Trina who was sitting next to her, and plopped himself down by her right side. Immediately, Jeff motioned for Jenny to switch places with him and came down on her left. Pat was laughing wildly, but Jeff was suddenly serious. Glancing down, Katy suddenly noticed Jeff had a huge erection that was easily discernable even through the thick fabric of his jeans.

"What are you guys doing?" Katy asked, worried but still giggling. Exactly how many beers had she downed, anyway?

"Nothing..." Pat grinned. "We just want to see how you... sneeze!"

Andy appeared out of nowhere across the table from her baring a small peppershaker in his hand, which he swiftly turned over to Jeff.

"This oughta do it!" he exclaimed happily, taking a seat directly in front of Katy.

"Pepper?" Trina laughed incredulously. "Doesn't that, like, only work in cartoons or something?"

"Yeah," Jenny surveyed Katy's worried look. "Hey you guys, I don't think Katy's into it. Maybe we should just forget about this, ok?"

Jeff shrugged and gave Katy a gorgeous white smiled that melted her heart. "We'd never hurt Katy. We love Katy." His words sounded playful and tender and slightly blurred. "We just want to see if Katy was telling the truth."

This struck Pat as deliriously funny, and he barked out harsh laughter, clutching Katy's right wrist as his thickly muscled body convulsed. "Yeah!" he choked out. "It'll only take ten sneezes, and it won't hurt! Oh man, c'mon Jeff, make her sneeze."

Katy wanted another beer. Katy wanted out. Katy couldn't get away and her eyes looked pleadingly into Andy's from across the table. "Get me away from these jokers," her eyes seemed to say. Andy wisely looked away, because though he felt for Katy at that moment, Andy was a sheep and he didn't want his buddies to think he was a wimp. He'd go along with whatever Jeff and Pat decided, and Jeff and Pat wanted to see Katy sneeze. More importantly, they wanted to see her come. Come to think of it, he did too.

"Work that pepper man!" Andy howled at Jeff.

"Work that pepper," Pat repeated, still laughing.

Jeff didn't need any coaxing. He tilted the shaker over his palm, dropping a small cloud of pepper into it.

It was soft, white and potent. As he did it, Jeff couldn't help inhaling some and immediately sneezed, an unexpectedly loud "Essshah!" that got his buddies laughing.

"Strong stuff!" he groaned, licking his lips as he blinked rapidly, trying to stave off another sneeze.

It didn't work.

"Etchaaah!" he sneezed again, even louder this time.

"Bless you man, but you can stop now," Pat informed him staunchly. "It's not you we want to get sneezing - give Katy some of that."

Jeff sniffed and a few seconds later, the burning sensation in the back of his nose faded. He looked at the puzzled Katy and said, "Let's see if it'll work on you too!"

"No, Jeff, don't." Katy protested, but in spite of herself she started laughing. This whole situation was too ludicrous to be true!

Before she could say another word, Jeff brought his palm close to his mouth and blew a small cloud of pepper in her direction. Katy turned away and held her breath, but Pat reached out with one strong hand and cupped her chin, forcing her to look at Jeff, making such a funny face that Katy couldn't help laughing.

Doing so, she made the mistake of inhaling the pepper filled air in front of her. She felt fine grains of pepper work their way into the back of her nose and stick there, burning and tickling away. The sensation grew and grew until finally, even though she tried desperately to hold her breath again and wrinkle her nose to make it go away, it exploded out of her in a very loud, high-pitched sneeze.

"Ha-Isshoo! ... Oh man, stop it you guys!"

Katy's cheeks were now bright red as she realized that this wasn't just a bad dream. They were really going to make her sneeze until she climaxed. She knew she shouldn't have told them her secret! Sneezing any number of times had always had this strange effect on her, even though she had no idea why. Sometimes, she would lock herself away in her room and tickle her nose, causing herself to feel both sneezy and horny, until finally she sneezed herself into an explosive climax. However, she enjoyed doing this in private, not in a crowded bar with all her friends watching it happen. And happen it would, if they kept this up... Even after this single sneeze, she was feeling the beginnings of arousal.

"More, more, more!" Andy chanted, Trina promptly joining in at his side.

"Oh yeah!" Jeff agreed, and blew more pepper at the hapless Katy, even though she was shaking her head in protest and trying to get free from Pat's grasp.

"Isshoo!" she sneezed again, her head snapping forward in a blond blur as her blue eyes shut violently before opening again.

"Stop it Jeff! Don't make me sneeze; I don't want to, I-" she stopped, holding still for a moment as the burning sensation in the back of her nose increased again. With it came an increasing warmth in her sex, quick and unbidden, rising like the tide in anticipation of her third sneeze. Against her best wishes, Katy was beginning to get horny.


Jenny, Trina and Andy were laughing like mad things, looking at her as if she were some sort of bizarre circus freak. Pat was leering at her, still holding her wrist as his other hand pressed down on her thigh. Only Jeff remained utterly calm, even though Katy noticed that the bulge in his jeans was still there, bigger than ever.

"Jeff, stop," she pleaded, her eyes looking a bit red.

Jeff only smiled and raised his hand to his mouth again.

"No, don't!" Katy cried as she saw him begin to blow more pepper at her ever so softly.

Another cloud enveloped her and before she could stop it, she sneezed again, harder this time as pepper lodged into her already irritated nose. The sneeze came out harsh and wet sounding, a loud "Hiiiisshoo!" that drew a satisfied smile from Jeff as he watched her struggle against another fast approaching one.

It was a lost battle. Katy's head reared back and she froze for a moment, trying to will the tickle to stay down even as she felt her sex warming and expanding beneath her short skirt and black lace panties. She tried to stand, but Pat's hand on her thigh kept her down and she could only sneeze again, another forceful, high-pitched,


"That's five of 'em now man!" Pat chuckled. "Just a couple more and we'll see if she's for real!"

"No, that's enough," Katy said again, trying to break free. "I made the whole thing up. Stop it now, it isn't funny."

Her friends weren't having any of it. Drunk as they were, any excuse was good for a laugh and tonight, Katy had provided that excuse. They definitely weren't going to let her off the hook, she saw, and began to get angry when Jenny chirped up.

"Go for it Jeff, I'm sure Katy wasn't lying. Katy never lies."

"I'm sure she doesn't" Jeff grinned, and shook more pepper into his palm. "Katy's such a good girl..."

Katy wasn't sure what he meant by it, but in spite of her crush on the stunning quarterback, she didn't want to find out. She struggled against Pat and almost broke free, but Jeff took her left arm in his strong hand as she tried to get up, forcing her to stay down. Doing so, he blew still more pepper at her.

Her struggle had made her begin to breathe hard and, as a consequence, she got quite a noseful of floating pepper.

"Oh no! Not... Not again!" she gaped, as she felt the low-key burn in the back of her nose and throat expand and rekindle, tickling her mercilessly.

Katy's breath began to heave, making her generous breasts hitch in an admittedly very appealing manner, as Jeff watched her mesmerized. This whole scene was getting him so excited for some reason that he wondered whether he was going to come before Katy did. There was something in the way she was being made to sneeze, so helpless, as her body convulsed with it and she exploded freely... The way her eyes would shut desperately at the last minute and she would launch forward with the powerful sternutationary reflex...

"Hehah... Haisshooo! Oh... Heh... Heeshheeew!... Heeeesheeew!"

They were loud, braying sneezes that got Trina, Pat and Andy laughing all over again.

Jenny giggled so hard that she spilled half her drink on herself, which immediately cooled her down.

"Damn!" she exclaimed, getting up and rushing towards the ladies'. Katy's sneezing was fun to watch, but she cared about her dress more than seeing the conclusion of their game.

Katy didn't even notice. The pepper in her nose was still burning fiercely, and she could feel yet another sneeze brewing. She could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter as the urge to sneeze expanded to fill her lungs with air. She was tense as she sat, waiting expectantly, and could feel a familiar eager thrumming blossoming between her thighs. She knew it wouldn't take much more sneezing to take her over the edge now...

"Hah-... Ha-ah...Haaaatshoooo!"

This last sneeze seemed to make the pressure in her sinuses recede and she tried to regain some of her composure. Her cheeks were flushed with pre-orgasmic tension, but to her friends, it looked more like anger. Part of it was, really; Katy couldn't believe they were doing this to her. Especially not Jeff - how dare he?

Jeff, however, was totally oblivious. He had slept with enough girls to know what that particular shade of red cheeks meant. He looked into Katy's watery, pleading blue eyes and only smiled. There was a steady, pleasant throbbing in his stiff cock now, and he definitely wanted to see this brought to a satisfying conclusion. Only a couple more sneezes, and they'd both reach nirvana.

"Going for the gold," he whispered mischievously.

Jeff darted a fleeting glance at Pat, Andy and Trina. No one else seemed to fully understand what was going on. They were too busy having hysterics over the apparent comedy unfolding before them to catch on to its darker, deeper undercurrents.

Jeff raised his pepper-filled palm to his lips and blew.

Katy knew this was it: the point of no return. She wanted it to come and she didn't; she wanted to explode and was terrified of the exhibitionism involved. However, the decision wasn't quite hers to make. She was both frightened and exhilarated and surprised even herself by breathing in mightily as the wave of irritating spice hit her, drawing it into her tender nasal passages where it itched and burned and felt absolutely wonderful.

Her lips parted and curled as she sat there, slightly slack jawed, feeling the pressure build to an almost intolerable pitch both inside her nose and between her thighs. She felt muscles she hadn't known she possessed contracting and twitching madly, preparing for release. She tilted her head back slightly as the tickle in her nose reached its zenith, impossibly strong, impossible to resist.

The sneezes came at last and she embraced them gratefully.


Huge and wet, it exploded out of her, incredibly loud even by her usual standards.


Her hips bucked definitively and she felt her orgasm engulf her like a hot, huge mouth, taking her in all at once in its warmth. Powerful ripples of pleasure stole through her and still, the pepper-induced burn in her nose wouldn't subside.


Sneeze after sneeze racked her body, building until they exploded out of her, even as Katy experienced a mind-blowing, lingering climax right in the midst of the crowded bar, surrounded her friends. Strangers turned to look but they saw nothing more than a girl having a loud allergy attack as her friends laughed wildly for no apparent reason.

Jeff, however, couldn't contain himself any longer. As Katy kept on sneezing, he felt his member give a definitive spasm, and warmth soaked his underwear as he experienced an orgasm of his own. He sat, amazed, as he looked down at his crotch. No one else had noticed, of course. He knew he would have to quickly make his way to the toilets if he didn't want them to later on, but for the moment, he was lost in his enjoyment of it.

When he finally looked up, Katy was staring balefully at him out of blue eyes that were now definitely icy, and everyone else was staring at Katy in slack-jawed amazement.

"Did... Did you really come?" Pat asked, finally letting go of her.

"No I didn't, you bastard," Katy lied through clenched teeth.

As soon as he had freed her wrist, she had yanked her hand away to rub at her still-burning, reddened nose. Realizing she was at last free to go, Katy stood up and gave all her friends the finger.

"I can't believe you took a joke that seriously. Jesus, what's wrong with all of you? Do you get like that every time you've had a few beers? I am so going home now."

Everyone stood in stunned silence at Katy's outraged outburst. They'd all thought it was nothing more than a joke, but her anger made them all feel bad.

Trina spoke up to try and mollify her friend. "Katy honey, we were just-"

"Oh fuck off, Trina," she hissed. "I think you've all had enough fun at my expense tonight. I'm going home. Now."

Katy, holding her head high as a May queen's even though she was still very tipsy, grabbed her coat from off the sofa arm next to Andy. She shuffled away from her friends, making sure she stepped painfully hard on Pat's toes in the process. The others all watched her leave, silent at last and feeling no urge to laugh.

Slowly and unsteadily, Jeff got to his feet, wincing as he felt warm gelatinous liquid trace its way along his scrotum. Sperm or no sperm, there was no way he was letting her get away from him without talking to her first. After what he had just witnessed and experienced, he just knew he had to get to know Katy better. Hell, he wanted to get to know her a lot better. He flashed his friends a sly smile, winked and said,

"I'll go after Katy. Don't you worry."