Airport Reunion

Cath UK

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Stuart had been standing at the "Arrivals" gate for a full two hours. He was waiting for his girlfriend to return from what he called an extended vacation and what she referred to as a human development project in the sunny country of Honduras. They had been apart for nearly six months, and Stuart had been thinking of lovely Maria every single day.

In truth, he wasn't feeling very well. He'd contracted a dreadful cold a few days ago and he'd been coughing, sniffling and sneezing ever since. At the moment, he was feeling slightly feverish and there was an ever-present tickly feeling in the back of his nose that waxed and waned, to his annoyance. Though he really should have been home in bed, Stuart thought it was definitely worth the discomfort to be here to welcome Maria home in style when she finally arrived.

He envisioned her in his mind's eye as he waited: her long chocolate brown hair, her striking green eyes highlighted by finely arched brows, her small button nose with it's golden dusting of freckles and her sensuous lips. She carried herself quite dramatically for such a small person, though he realised that was a reflection of her vivid personality and passion for life. Every move she made seemed deliberate, as if she always knew where she was going and what she was trying to achieve. Stuart loved the way she always seemed to have something to reveal, some fascinating story to tell; her merry eyes would open wide and her beautiful lips would part and move with incredible speed as she chattered away. Stuart would sometimes find himself losing the thread of conversation, concentrating solely on his feelings of love and desire for her, his intense, vivacious, sparkling Maria. Just thinking about her, anticipating her arrival, he was feeling a stir of arousal in spite of his being under the weather. He shifted his legs, sniffling heavily through his partially congested nose and eyed the doorway impatiently.

Suddenly, he felt an itch begin to develop in the back of his nose. He raised a hand to rub at it, but it really didn't help much. His nose was already hypersensitive from overuse and before he knew it, the tickle in the back of it blossomed into a full-blown urge to sneeze. Considerately, to avoid splashing an old woman standing in front of him, he turned to one side and sneezed twice, two soft, irritated sounding "huh-esshh" sounds that were lost in the noise of the crowd and the speakerphone announcements of arrival.

Bringing his handkerchief out of his coat pocket for what seemed like the millionth time that day and dabbing at his reddened nostrils, he checked the clock on the wall again. It read 19:45. Maria's flight had been delayed twice due to some unforeseen turbulence and mistakes in the arrivals' planning. Stuart shifted impatiently in the crowd, stretching his neck again to see if any of the individuals creeping through the customs gates could be his long-awaited girlfriend.

Suddenly, Stuart felt his breathing speed up. Could it be? Yes, it was definitely she. Her hair had grown since he'd last seen her, now reaching down to her waist, silkily moving as she walked in a way he couldn't help but find sexy. She had lost a bit of weight, and he could see that her slim frame, tinged like molten gold from of all those months in Honduras' brilliant sun, was encased in a colourful South American dress underneath the dark wool coat she had worn in order to return to the chilly winter of Canada. One glimpse was all it took to make the long wait worthwhile.

Stuart thought she was a picture of loveliness as she crossed the gate and stood coolly immobile for a few seconds, suitcase in hand, feverishly scanning the crowd for him and totally in control. Her green eyes widened delightedly as soon as she spotted him. Her whole expression lit up as she let out a delighted little girl squeal and began to move forward through the crowd. In what seemed like a flash, she was in his arms and they were hugging each other tightly, trying to make up all at once for the months they'd been apart. Feeling her warm body thus pressed against his immediately turned his flickering erection into a raging hard-on and he couldn't help moaning as her lips touched his.

He held her even more tightly to him as Maria dropped her suitcase and they kissed hungrily. It was a delightful moment of pure sweetness and light, the likes of which only intimate lovers reunited after a long absence can know.

Maria kept her eyes open as their tongues began a moist slow dance, still delightfully familiar. She took in the face of the man she loved. He was a bit paler than she remembered, having grown accustomed to the swarthy complexion of Central Americans. His dark brown hair curled down over his ears in the usual careless manner and his pale lids were tinged a light mauve colour, covering green eyes she knew to be as bright as her own. His beautifully defined brows were knit in a look of intense concentration as his handsome face was pressed to hers, bending his lithe six-foot-two frame to reach her lips even as she stood on the tip of her toes.

Other details immediately caught her attention as well; cheeks that seemed reddened by a light fever, nostrils that were pinkish around the edges, darkened circles under her lover's splendid green eyes and a certain sallow sheen to his unusually pale skin. All of these clues put together made Maria realize Stuart had fallen ill, and she felt herself soften.

Nothing brought out as Maria's tender side like taking care of her boyfriend when he had a cold or flu, though she couldn't quite explain why. Of course, there was the fact that he tended to sneeze a lot - a huge turn on in itself - but Maria also loved the whole 'mothering' bit that came with caring for Stuart. Maybe it was his added vulnerability, or maybe he just looked particularly appealing when he was cuddled up beneath a stack of blankets with a mug of chicken soup. Whatever the reason, seeing that he'd caught a virus while she was away brought Maria an added rush of positive emotions. As if just seeing Stuart again wasn't enough, she found herself already getting slightly aroused at the very thought of his cold and the chance that he'd regale her with a few choice sneezes.

Maria closed her own eyes in turn and kissed him even more passionately, making him moan again. A naughty smile curling her lush lips, Maria pressed herself against him and felt Stuart, hard, against her lower stomach. Not breaking the embrace, her warm hand slithered down to the insistent bulge in his trousers hidden by his heavy duffle coat. She pressed her fingers on it with surprising delicacy considering the fervour of their kissing. She felt Stuart's lips curling into a sweet smile as she did so and heard him whisper:

"I've missed you so much love..."

In response, Maria closed her eyes and kissed him again, more slowly this time, an intimate, languorous kiss. Her fingers lightly traced the awkward ark of his erection, barely constrained by the loose boxer shorts she knew he liked to wear.

"I've missed you too," she whispered in turn, her eyes taking on a teasing light as she undid the zipper of his trousers and her hand fleetingly stole into their dark folds.

Stuart gasped sharply but did not pull back as her cool fingers made contact with his own hot skin. Blushing lightly, he glanced around nervously but no one was paying them any attention in all the action and bustle of waiting and greeting loved ones arriving from all over the world. As long as they stood close together, he realised that his duffle coat and her knee length Canadienne were shielding what he thought was obvious to any prying eyes. As far as the airport dwellers could tell, they were just another couple out of dozens around them, ecstatic at being reunited.

Maria's eyes closed again as her face tilted upwards and her sensuous smiling lips parted for another kiss. Stuart happily obliged, leaning down towards her, tasting the sweetness and sheer vibrancy of her even as her hand tenderly caressed his erection. Following her lead, his own hand slipped under the hem of her short dress and he drew another harsh intake of breath as, directly touching her silken curls, he realized she wasn't wearing any underwear.

He broke off the kiss to laughingly inquire:

"What have those Honduras boys been teaching you down there?"

Maria gave him a sly wink and threw him a smile bordering on roguish, mischievously answering:

"Wouldn't you like to know, eh? Nada importante, querido.  Trust me, there's a lot to say for Canadian boys as well. And I've missed this one like you wouldn't believe..."

She trailed off as his hand once more stole under her dress and began almost timidly exploring her nether regions. She sighed and her own hand took a firm hold of his pleasingly soft scrotum as he ran his fingers gently across the velvet folds of her opening. She concentrated on the pleasurable shivers it sent up her spine while he deliberately parted her moist lips and drew a finger all the way up her labia. She felt blood rushing to her vulva, expanding and warming it as he skilfully began to play with her. After so many months, his gentle, familiar touch put fire in her blood and she pressed against his hand while stretching to put her mouth against his once more.

As he kept on caressing her, Maria shifted her hand from his testicles to his rigid penis, encircling it smoothly. She began an exquisitely slow up and down motion, her expressive eyes darting around her to see whether anyone was watching. Stuart noticed her looking and smiled as he continued his caresses, which were growing more eager as he felt the pleasurable sensations in his member increase. Their breathing was becoming heavier and he was beginning to wish the airport wasn't so crowded and stuffy. His thoughts turned fleetingly towards removing his warm coat, but he quickly thought the better of it, remembering that doing so would leave them both exposed and ruin their semi-private erotic moment.

Perhaps it was the fact that he was breathing slightly harder, or maybe it was just happenstance, but at that moment Stuart felt the lingering tickle in the back of his nose spring into action. He felt it worm its way from the back of his nose down into his throat and felt the latter tighten under the pressure. However, Stuart had never been very good at keeping back a sneeze. Gently, he pulled back from Maria, feeling the inevitable nasal explosion drawing very close.

Maria looked right at him when he did so, observing his features acquire the unmistakable look they always did right before a sneeze. His eyes got a faraway look and squinted oh-so-slowly shut, his lips parting expectantly. His hands being busy, he didn't have enough time to disengage and bring one up to cover his mouth as he finally gave in to the urge to sneeze.

"Huh-esshoo!... Eshhuhh!"

It was obvious to Maria that Stuart was trying to keep them as low as possible for fear of attracting any undue attention; his sneezes could be quite loud when he was in private and Maria couldn't help but love their usual power. However, the awkwardness of the situation and the effort her lover put into holding back his sneezing made them even more thrilling than usual. She observed him again as, the tickle in his nose not having been quelled by the two previous hushed sneezes, Stuart turned from her again a few seconds later.

"Hah-esshuh!... Huh-ESH-huh!"

These two were slightly louder, slightly less controlled and even more pleasurable to Maria's ears.

"Bless," she whispered, smiling prettily.

Stuart didn't know how arousing Maria thought his sneezing - and indeed, any kind of sneezing! - was. He was simply mildly embarrassed by the interruption and shrugged it off, muttering a quick thank you as his cheeks gained a faint pink tinge, resuming his caressing.

Maria's movement, in accordance to her own growing excitement, was slowly gaining speed. She ran her fingers up and down Stuart's smooth shaft and felt him, trembling lightly against her. She purposely rubbed her thumb against his fraenulum, enjoying in his ill-contained look of pleasure. She could feel his erection pressing against her palm with each downward movement, delighting in this involuntary physical response to her touch even as she felt her own sex growing increasingly moist.

Stuart thought Maria was beautiful as she kissed him, her starry eyes open and staring up intently into his. He noticed that her cheeks were beginning to acquire some of the bedroom flush he found irresistibly sexy. He took the hand that wasn't fondling her and ran it through her alluring gipsy hair.

"How did it ever grow so long?" he murmured.

"I know you like it that way... I haven't cut it just for you," she whispered back, her eyes taking on a teasing look again. "Remember that time you told me how wonderful it felt when I swept my hair over your..."

Maria squeezed his member tightly, her thumb applying delicious pleasure on his sensitive glans, instead of saying the word. Stuart flinched slightly as she did so. It had been such a long time since he had last felt her touch, felt any woman's touch down there for that matter, that he knew his excitement was growing too fast for comfort. In the state he was in, even in spite of his dreadful cold which should have brought his libido down to a nearly non-existent level, he was afraid of messing himself like a teenager. Embarrassed at the thought, he pulled back ever so slightly and put his lips to her ear, whispering:

"Slow down Maria. If you don't, I just might..."

She understood immediately and her touch lightened, returning to her original feathery stroking.

"Don't you dare stop, though!" she replied, laughing lightly. "Or else, I just might have to hop on another plane and go back to those Honduras boys!"

Stuart laughed in turn, with a trace of wonderment as she uttered what he knew to be a mock-threat. He was crazy about this girl; she would drive any man wild, as much with her physique as with her vivid personality. But beyond this, Maria had an indefinable quality that others referred to as 'sex appeal' and he called 'the spark'. He knew that she could have had any man she wanted and was often all at once grateful, puzzled, amazed and overjoyed that she had chosen him. There was something about her that relentlessly drew him in and made him want to keep discovering her forever. Which he was doing at that very moment, he realized, the thought making the smile on his face linger sweetly.

A quick sneeze interrupted these reflections. Against his best wishes, the annoying tickled resurfaced in the back of his nose and before he could stop it, a sneeze barrelled it's way out of him, harsh and crackling, a quick, powerful "Huh-eshoo!" that left him looking slightly dazed.

"Bless you. God, you're sure sneezing a lot!" Maria teased, smiling at his discomfort.

"It's not my fault - you're the one who went out to sunny paradise while I stayed here in the cold and caught the plague. I feel miserable." Stuart sniffed glumly, giving her a semi-serious resentful look.

"Poor baby," Maria countered, giving his erection a sympathetic squeeze. "I'm back now, and I'll take care of you and help you get better... Does that help?"

Stuart pretended to consider this for a moment, not interrupting his fingers movements beneath the hem of Maria's dress. "Maybe."

Maria laughed softly. "What do you mean, 'maybe'? What more can I do?"

"You can stay with me, and we can have hot wild passionate sex. I'm sure this would speed my recovery immensely."

Stuart kept a remarkably plausible straight face as he offered Maria this explanation.

"You silly rabbit," Maria smirked, giving her lover a swift embrace, "like I hadn't intended to do that anyway."

Stuart's fingers continued to caress Maria, tickling her clitoris and making her thighs contract from the pleasure of it. There was now a slick film of lubricant separating his fingers from her hot flesh and he used it to make his movements more fluid. Moving lazily up and down, his fingers traced an arc, outlining her opening. Maria smiled at him knowingly; Stuart loved to tease. She had never met a man who could pleasure her as fast as he could when he wanted to, but he loved to make the moment last. Her lover's consideration was one of the things she liked best about him.

Having given him a few moments to cool down, Maria resumed her hold on Stuart's member, which was still hot and hard. She could feel the soft tip of it beginning to produce it's own lubricant, dewdrops on his rose-petal soft flesh. Encircling his erection between her thumb and fingers once again, she used it to moisten his fraenulum and make the gliding motions of her hand more pleasurable for him. She knew by the way he pressed his lips together and the far off look he was getting that she hadn't lost her touch with him in all those long months of absence. She still knew his body almost as well as her own, what got him bothered, what made him quiver, and she revelled in the power this gave her. It never ceased to amaze her, how this tall, handsome male of the species could turn to jelly in the hands of such a small woman as herself.

With these thoughts coursing through her mind, Maria increased the speed of her stroking once again, driven on by Stuart's own increasingly rapid movements. Gradually, he was concentrating on tracing moist circles around the engorged mound of her clitoris while still keeping his touch feathery. Occasionally, his hand would travel lower and he would gently insert a finger deep inside her, making her breathing come quick and sharp. She thought about him, naked, as he did this She imagined him penetrating her with the very same delicious organ she held tightly in her hand. She wanted him so much at that moment that, for a split-second, she thought she was going to explode. She moaned and pressed herself against him again, squeezing his penis tightly in her palm.

Stuart gave her no reprieve, intent on giving her as much pleasure with his hand as he was receiving through hers. His slippery fingers were waltzing all across Maria's sex, making her breath come faster and her eyelids flutter when his fingers gave her clitoris a strong vertical stroke. He knew she enjoyed this teasing and the dreamy smile she was giving him made him happier than ever to be able to bring her such satisfaction. Her own hand was still smoothly caressing him, making his thighs contract sharply and involuntarily faster and faster as his excitement grew. He instinctively knew that Maria was fast approaching climax and realized he wasn't far from it himself.

"You don't want to slow down?" he inquired, trying to keep his voice steady.

"Mmm... No way, love..." she whispered back, nuzzling his ear as he bent towards her. "I am really enjoying this. Are you?"

Maria's frantic up and down movement was driving him wild and he could feel his thighs contracting and relaxing as his pleasure increased.

"Oh yes," he breathed.

"But probably... Ah.... Not as much... As me... Oh, Stuart, more..." Maria urged him on, tightening her hold on his member even as she continued her stroking.

One look was all it took to convince Stuart that she was extremely near the edge. He had no qualms about helping her reach it. He pressed in close to her, burying his face in her silky hair, breathing in the aroma of her. After a few seconds, he realized this had been a mistake. Small hairs from her chocolate coloured mane had made their way into his ultra sensitive nostrils, tickling their walls, mingling with the downy hairs that lay inside. The very softness of Maria's hair contributed to his malaise, and suddenly, Stuart felt an incredible urge to sneeze well up inside his irritated passages.

Maria was almost lost in the pleasure she was receiving at her lover's hands when she felt him stiffen and pull back sharply.

"Stuart, are you alright?" she inquired, puzzled, almost irritated at this inexplicable interruption.

Stuart opened his mouth to answer, but he didn't quite make it. Maria watched as his eyebrows rose dramatically above lightly watering eyes and he stood frozen, a look of intolerable agony making his handsome features contort. She felt her excitement multiply tenfold as she realized he was on the verge of an explosive sneeze. Maria willed it to come out as she looked at her lover, who only stood, poised expectantly, that incredibly sexy tortured expression on his face.

She wanted him to sneeze, needed him to do it. She was just as much on the verge of climaxing as he was on the verge of launching into a sneezing fit and Maria just knew that the latter would bring on the former in a spectacular way.

"Come on, Stuart, sneeze!" she mentally begged him, feeling his fingers tense around her clitoris, making her entire sex contract in anticipation of the impending release.

Stuart stood frozen for one last second, his beautifully curved nostrils flaring as wide as they could go, before his head snapped forward definitively.

"Huh-esshoo!... Esshuh... Huh... Huh-huh-huh-ESH-oo!..."

As the sneezes overtook him, Stuart didn't remove his fingers from Maria's soaking wet sex. On the contrary, the jerking motions caused by his sneezes caused him to press, hard and uncontrolled, directly onto her erect clitoris time and time again.

"Heh-Eshoo... Eck-shoo! ... Huh-... HUH-shoo!"

Even through his sneezing, Stuart could feel her body beginning to tense next to his. Maria's cheeks were like a twin set of ripe apples as he drew his index finger sharply across her clitoris in strong vertical strokes, unconsciously doing so in time with his explosive sneezes, until he felt her stiffen and inhale sharply. He wanted to stop and witness her orgasm, but the itch in his nose still wouldn't relent, forcing him to keep sneezing.

Maria, of course, wasn't complaining in the least. Stuart had absolutely no way of knowing how well timed his little fit was, and she really didn't want it to end right there.

"Hah-shuh!... Huh-huh-esshoo!... Eck-shoo!... Huh-eshoo!... Huh-... Ohhh."

For what seemed like an eternity, she stood there, motionless except for the faintest movement of her hips; her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed, a small groan of pleasure escaping lush lips that were tightly pressed together. Stuart felt her thighs clenching around his hands as his sneezing fit ended, halting his eager fingers as his caresses became too intense for comfort. He quickly recovered his composure and continued to tease her, keeping his touch light and feathery, helping her enjoy her orgasm to the fullest. She pressed against him as warm waves of pleasure stole through her and he saw her lips curving into a lazy smile. Finally, he felt the rhythmical spasms of her sex begin to slow and he smiled when she allowed him to remove his trapped hand, wide green eyes sparkling with delight.

"I'm so sorry Maria," Stuart began.

He was blushing furiously, thinking that Maria would be disappointed in him. This embarrassing sneezing fit, against his best wishes, had coincided with her climax, probably cheating her out of some of the pleasure she should have received. He tried to offer some explanation,

"I didn't mean to sneeze, it's just this rotten cold-"

"Hush!" she interrupted sternly, looking straight at him. "I think that's the best orgasm you've ever given me, so don't you dare apologize. And just to show you how much I appreciated that... It's your turn now," she concluded, her easy smile spreading into a full-fledged grin.

Stuart swallowed hard.

"Here?" he inquired, not certain whether this was a good idea.

As her orgasm had begun to fade, Maria had resumed her up and down motion on his hungry member. He glanced across the room once again, unable to believe no one had noticed what they were doing by now. Receiving nothing but blank looks from strangers occasionally catching his roving eyes, Stuart appreciated once again how well the crowd around them and their heavy coats were shielding them from others' view. He wondered if his climaxing in this crowded airport was such a good idea however; even if his movements didn't betray him, he didn't want to splash all over himself or Maria. That would be a mess, in every sense of the term.

"Yes, here," replied Maria, her smile acquiring a devilish quality to which Stuart couldn't help but roll his eyes. "And I'm not even going to sneeze while I pleasure you, darling."

"You are utterly impossible," he said, letting her have her way with him and leaning close for yet another sensual kiss.

Maria now brought her other hand into play, removing it from his side where it had been previously tightly clasped. He shifted his own arms to embrace her even as he felt her slender fingers cupping his testicles, which were by now riding quite close to his body. He felt his buttocks tightening as she applied a delicious pressure on them. A soft groan escaped him. He wanted her to stop. He didn't want her to ever stop. He was panicking and he was ecstatic. He, straight-laced Stuart, was about to come, in a crowded airport, in spite of a horrible cold, surrounded by oblivious strangers, coaxed into a climax at the hands of the woman he loved.

Maria could feel his lips tensing as he kissed her. She loved the way his tongue would pause because he was having trouble concentrating on pleasure above and below at the same time. His hands were around her, hugging her slender body with almost painful intensity as his breath came fast and hard. She could feel his shoulders contracting almost spasmodically, even as she held his shaft in her hand, stroking it firmly and quickly. She could feel his member practically jumping in her hand as he groaned, warning her.

"Maria, I'm going to..." he trailed off, his features contorting in an unmistakeable way.

Just as she felt him about to explode, Maria's fingers darted to that special place just behind Stuart's scrotum. She applied pressure on the small canal from whence semen issued forth, in effect blocking it's release. At the same time, she pressed her thumb, hard, against his fraenulum. This had the desired effect; orgasmic spasms shook Stuart's erection, making him lean hard against her, but nothing came out. They stayed pressed together for a few moments, Stuart enjoying his climax to the fullest as Maria held his throbbing member tightly in her clenched hand. She nuzzled his ear again as his orgasm began to pass, his hold on her relaxing and his breathing slowing down.

Maria pulled back for a moment and had to smile at his sex-flushed cheeks and bright eyes, knowing her own eyes and cheeks probably looked very similar. She gazed up into his eyes and thought how glad she was to be back with him, how thrilled she was that he had waited for her. They were so good together, breathtaking sexual compatibility being but one facet of their intricate and outstanding relationship. It would be a while before she left him again and she knew that, until then, she would enjoy every single day they spent together to the fullest. She was almost lost in her thoughts of future happiness when her lover brought her back to reality by leaning asides and sneezing wetly.


"Bless you love. Now let's go home and get you into bed," Maria whispered, kissing his nose lightly and smiling broadly.

"Excellent idea," Stuart groaned, feeling the persistent, ominous tickle begin to stir again in the back of his nose.