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Morning Shower

Robert may find his hayfever annoying, but his girlfriend Ming sure doesn't. His ritual morning shower takes a few unexpected twists and turns.

- Not Saying Girl

Airport Reunion

Stuart and Maria enjoy a semi-private erotic moment in a crowded airport, the experience made all the more interesting by Stuart's 'unfortunate' cold.

- Cath UK

Birthday Present

Dana invited her new boyfriend Jeff to come and celebrate his birthday with a romantic evening a deux at her place. Little did she know Jeff would be so allergic to her cat!

-Not Saying Girl

Giving and Getting

Though Ted feels a bit clumsy and slightly ridiculous, he agrees to indulge his wife Sherry's passion for sneezing... With spectacular results!

- Cath UK

Lisa's Birthday Surprise

A handsome latino stud tied to a bed, a pepper shaker and sneezes. What more could any girl want for her birthday? Lucky Lisa...

- KMan

Gentle Tale

When Nadia meets Chris Sahren in her doctor's office, he immediately catches her fancy. Her fantasies run wild as she diagnoses him and his daughter with a bad case of the flu. Imagine her surprise when she meets up with the handsome guy again at a concert that very same night. Nadia brings Chris back to hers and discovers that he has an allergy to cats on top of an already sneezy cold. A hot, racy and most definitely sexy night ensues...

- Sneezefreak & Cath UK


The narrator is delighted to find her favourite band member feeling extremely sneezy. They experience an intimate connection backstage that verges on an excercise in domination and submission.

- Sneezefreak

Interesting Reactions

Steve has spectacular hayfever. He may despise it, but it turns his lover on to no end. Too shy to admit his fetish, James enjoys Steve's sneezes to the fullest, his libido rising along with the pollen count.

- Cath UK

Scientific Observation

Doctor Crawford is nothing if not curious and strange. When Evelyn is hired as an assistant to the moody doctor, she cannot help but find him fascinating, despite his curt and standoffish manner. Her interest skyrockets when the antisocial and usually completely-in-control doctor catches a cold..Stunning writing and excellent characterisation make this story a must-read.

Liberty Belle

In a Twisted Parallel Universe

After eight hours aboard a cramped aircraft, Lea can't wait to make her way to the stop-over airport's smoking section. There she meets Brian, a sneezy American with whom she engages in a most intimate conversation, where secrets are shared and eyes are opened on both sides.

-Cath UK

More than Meets the Eye

The story's narrator had never really noticed anything about her co-worker Marcus, other than the fact that he was grossly overweight. However, this all changed when Marcus caught a messy cold that had him sneezing all over the place. Described as "funny in a South Park kind of way", this story contains non-consensual sex, so be warned - and place your tongue firmly in your cheek before having a read!

- Not saying girl

Playing Games

After a tense day spent listening to a sneezy, untouchable coworker in the next cubicle, Olivia releases her considerable sexual frustration in an incredible s&m lovemaking session with her gorgeous, allergic husband.

- Cath UK


In this tender story of the fantasy genre, a narrowly-averted tragedy on a highway leads to a meeting of a man and a kitsune.  They get along well, but it seems that the man is allergic to something...

- Hankywitch

On All Fours

The story's narrator holds a Welsh warrior captive. He has a bad cold and she has a penchant for BDSM. His capture turns out to be fortunate for both of them, as they indulge in a fast-paced, action filled session out of which both Mistress and her new love slave get full measure.

- Kitty


Todd has had feelings for his best friend Kerrie for ages - will he ever get up the courage to tell her? You'd think having her visit when he's down with an extremely sneezy cold might not be the best occasion, but then, life's full of wonderful suprises.

- Starpollen

A Good Beginning

Sharon has always had an eye for sexy, sneezy men, and Arthur doesn't disappoint her. He might not understand what gets her so hot and bothered about a man with persistent allergies, but he has no complaints at all.

- Hankywitch

Coming Clean

Following from the previous story, A Good Beginning leads on to an even more luscious tale. Sharon finally comes out to Arthur about her fetish (the poor dear was starting to feel a bit embarrassed about sneezing so much in front of her...) and, intrigued, he decides to make this tall, outdoor-type blonde sex-fiend happy with the help of a most allergenic cologne.

- Hankywitch

Flu Season

Who need damsels in distress when you can read about Stephanie taking care of Ryan, a gorgeous pre-med who's come down with a nasty case of the flu? Romantic and well-written, this story is a must-read for those of you who enjoy the caring / nurturing aspect of this fetish.

- Starpollen

Train Ride To Heaven

Taking the train to a very important meeting, the most important thing on Wilson's mind is not wrinkling his suit. That is until he winds up in a tight squeeze with a gorgeous blond hunk named Scott behind the conductor's cabin, and Scott's nose starts to tickle and twitch...


What Is This Thing Called Love?

In this sequel to Train Ride to Heaven, Wilson has some doubts about his relationship with his lover. Is Scott in love with him, or with sneezing? Read and find out!



Bodhi Tuhawks Whitecloud, a handsome and powerful Native American man, insists on accompanying his girlfriend Kara on a mountain-top mission to guard her against any perils she might encounter. Yet when Bodhi comes down with a cold, the balance of power shifts - who will be taking care of whom?

- Kitty

A Sneezy Affair

Jules Hammond attends a posh ball at Lady Eleanor's despite his surly mood and ticklish nose. It's a good thing Janelle, Lady E.'s granddaughter, is around to save him from the tedious affair, taking him on a moonlit stroll and then a bedroom romp to take Jules' mind off his burgeonning cold.

- Kitty

Past Life

Lyssa gets to live out her ultimate fantasy when her cold-stricken man sweeps her away on horseback and takes her to his tent, where he grudgingly allows her to care for him... after a fashion.

- Kitty

Autumn Sun

A hazy autumn day, an allergy ridden Ben and a reflective Quinton lead to an afternoon of lovemaking in this sexy and wonderfully well-written tale.

- Nermal

Going Goth

Come and explore the dark recesses of Edinburgh's Goth scene. This is a story about Paeyl (mopey Goth), who hates Perks (perky Goth), who likes Raevyn ("fucking fanciable" Goth), who hates to sneeze but does it often nonetheless. Sexy and wonderfully imaginative - you don't want to miss this!

- Cath UK

Making Up

Lauren's furious with her boyfriend Ethan, until she discovers that he hasn't called because he was working hard and has fallen ill. Then, as Lauren takes care of him in more ways than one, the two discover just how much fun making up can be.

- Starpollen

Anthony & Eryn

Anthony's had a run of bad luck that culminated in him catching the most dreadful cold he's ever suffered. At his darkest hour, he finds a lifeline in Eryn, a pretty co-worker who offers him lots of sorely needed TLC.

- Starpollen


Through the Internet, Eleanor meets Rob-  a sexy, sneezy American with whom she immediately hits it off. Fascination becomes infatuation, and before too long she is off to Vegas to meet up with him.

- Fever


Now a couple, Hannibal and Clarisse have retired to Italy. Trying on perfume in a small boutique, Clarisse discovers that the good doctor is allergic to a certain type of scent...

- Liberty Belle

Willow Wonders

Chris loves his girlfriend Kythe so much that he'd do anything to please her. Even suffering through a string of allergic fits, just to bring her the ultimate satisfaction. A sweet, romantic story.

- Kythe

All In the Name of Science

Working as an animator at the local Science and Technology Centre has its advantages, especially when it involves making an educational video featuring sexy work colleague Scott and his reaction to finely ground white pepper. Imagine getting paid to have this kind of fun?

- Shadowscast

Girls' Night Out

Watch out guys! Slinky feline Kit and her three pals are on the prowl. The fabulous four have never been so fab. Then, in a crowded bar, Kit runs into her old high school buddy, sneezy Sid. Their saucy antics involve paws and claws, and make for a purr-fect evening. And guess which cat gets the cream.


Beyond Good

A repentant boyfriend can be very good indeed... but a repentant, sexy-as-hell boyfriend who's willing to indulge your every wish to make amends is even better. Interesting S&M undertones.

- Chate Noire

Chaps Who Wear Chaps

Forget the wild, wild west - there's a whole lot more action to be had in this particular bedroom. If you've always fancied the strong and silent cowboy types, you're in for a treat. This story is so hot we recommend checking your screen every so often to make sure it's not melting!

- Tarotgal

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

There are some things for which there is never a right moment, the right words or the right time - unless you create our own opportunities. If the time has come for Emily and Danny to part ways, she wants something to remember him by.

- Watchman


Amelie is a spirited villager with an impulsive nature and a kind heart; John is an awkward outsider struggling to carve out a place for himself in an environment hostile in more ways than one. Brought together by chance - or was it fate? - the two band together despite their differences in this sweet, delightful story.

- Cath UK

DJ Claus

What would you do if you awoke in the middle of the night to find a strange man dressed in a Santa suit and a fake beard climbing in your window? Panic and call the police? Well, what if this poor Santa turned out to be a good looking bloke who'd stayed too long out in the snow? A few sexy sneezes always puts a different spin on things...

- Kitty


William is a young novice in the choir, preparing for his big moment singing the lead at a sunrise ceremony. Nicholas is the choirmaster who is increasingly concerned for the health of his star pupil. A subtle and exotic tale of forbidden love.

- Traprose

Riders on the Storm

Rochad is a knight of the road, and his trusty steed is a big, beautiful motorcycle. When he finds himself riding into a mountain storm, he takes shelter at an isolated inn. There he meets the lovely Keelin, who ministers to our saddle-sore hero as he comes down with a bad case of the sneezies. Read this tale of a whirlwind romance, and get in gear for a sizzling ride through a dark and stormy night.

- Kitty

Master Play

Enter (if you dare) a sacred sanctuary where inhibitions are vanquished and dark desires are fulfilled. This erotic venture into S&M territory pushes back boundaries to reveal just how tantalising pleasure, pain and sneezes can be. Be warned: this story is hardcore – and very much worth reading!

- Twitchnose

One Last Kiss

They say true love comes around once in a lifetime. In Larry and Ashley’s case, it seems to come around again and again as the two come together, separate, and then come together again in most interesting circumstances. Time may change the nature of their relationship, but fortunately for Ashley, it doesn’t alter Larry’s sensitive nose

- Ashley

Useless Information

No matter how fickle fate is, and no matter how small the odds, sometimes rules can be bent and chances are taken. For this story's statistically-inclined heroine, a seemingly random occurrence just might turn into the chance of a lifetime.

- Cath UK

Gnarly Carly

Outside of her job at Wal-Mart, Carly is a catcher for a women's softball team. When it comes to love, though, she doesn't hide behind the plate - the direct way she approaches Chad, a handsome customer with sporadic hay fever, she's sure to hit a home run.

- Jeff B.

Flour Power

Who is the secret admirer that's been sending Rebecca love letters? When her friend Edward refuses to spill the beans on what he knows, Rebecca decides it might be time for a bit of friendly persuasion.

- Watchman

Togetherness in Wiltshire

A ‘holiday’ at the Common Cold Research Centre in Wiltshire is like a dream come true for Louise. Her husband James is infected with a virus and soon develops a streaming cold. Not to be outdone, Louise wants to catch it too, and will go to any number of intimate lengths to do so.

- Asset

The Dreamery

There's nothing like a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas time, but if you happen to find someone who's allergic to the plant as well then you know your luck's in! Damien is the man who's travelled home for Christmas and is looking for a place to stay. A stable might be more traditional, but ending up in the arms of a handsome young flower seller is so much more fun...