Beyond Good

Chate Noire

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“Sweetheart, I mean it. You don’t need to make it up to me, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I know how bad this ‘break’ made you feel, hon, and I’m so sorry I’ve put you through it. Please, let me do something for you.”

I was lying in Sagi’s bed, one of my favorite places, looking into his nearly begging brown eyes. He was looking oh-so sweet in his misery that I just couldn’t refuse. Besides, I couldn’t let such a wonderful opportunity go to waste, now could I? A hundred different things that he could gratefully do for me ran through my mind, but one sounded particularly gratifying. He could—

“Would you like me to sneeze for you?”

Hell, I hadn’t even thought about that! And on second thought, why hadn’t I? I’d been deprived of his sweet, delicious sneezes for far, far too long - nearly two weeks – and I could definitely have enjoyed some. I was just about to oblige with an innocent smile, when the following suddenly occurred to me: the boy loves sneezing for me; he would do it even without my asking him. Why the hell should I waste my special make-up treat over something I could get ‘for free’?

One might say I was a manipulative bitch, but as far as I was concerned, I was just getting what was rightfully mine. He was practically begging to ‘make it up for me’, and who was I to take that pleasure away from him? His nose would be mine later. At that moment, I wanted something altogether different.

“No… I’d much rather you gave me a good, long, loving massage.” My voice was oozing sweetness, and I knew he couldn’t resist my charm – guilt-struck or not.

He smiled, a small, adorable smile, and ordered me to strip. For business purposes.

Less than thirty seconds later, he was sitting on top of me, his hands working wonders on my naked back. His uniquely magical touch at the same time soothed me and sent chills running down my spine. And to think just a year and a half before, I’d been struggling to convince him that massages are better than Unix systems. Go figure.

“Is that good?”

I could but moan, stretching my neck and allowing a lazy smile to spread across my face. Oh, but it wasn’t just good, it was gooooood. Not a single receptor along my back remained untouched; he was everywhere, rubbing and kneading my naked flesh, heating me with both the warmth of his palms and the passion of his touch. If he had been enjoying this just half as much as I, then he would’ve been midway to heaven right at that moment.

His hands made their way back to my shoulders after visiting my entire back, where they had successfully relaxed each and every muscle, when suddenly he stopped. I was hoping for a little more that just one session, and remained in my position, suggesting so.

When no hands returned to explore my body, I decided to protest. “Is that all? I was hoping—“

I was starting to turn around when a moderately loud “Hetsssh!” nailed me back to my prostrate position. I lay there, smiling widely, feeling a cool mist land on my skin. I let shudders and warmth run through my body before turning around, still under his weight, to face him. He was adorably fighting a second sneeze, eyes closed and nose twitching uncontrollably. After ten seconds or so of useless battle, he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Now it’s stuck,” he said, annoyance and amusement mingling in his slightly congested voice. He raised a finger to rub at his nose, and a staged pathetic grimace spread across his face.

He was so cute; I just had to help him out.

I grabbed a stray piece of tissue, rolling its edge into a fine point. Sneaking a peak at his expression, I made sure he didn’t have any obvious objections to this, or I might have considered mending my shameless behavior. He looked fairly sneezy and dazed, and I knew he wouldn’t mind a bit of help from his loving girlfriend.

I actually did this sort of thing only once before – making him sneeze, I mean. Whenever we’d previously played around with my fetish, he had been the one to - well, how should I put it nicely - stick a rolled-up tissue up his nose. I’d always wondered what it would feel like to make him sneeze myself, to feel his loss of control and know I was causing it. S&M? I think so. And still, I had been too shy (or not open enough) about my unique sexual interest, and had only mentioned it once, in a quiet, squeaky voice and with cheeks redder than cherry liquor. He had obliged, of course, and I don’t know if I had been surprised or not. I guess I could hardly believe my luck at having this gorgeous boy be so willing to satisfy me in any way I chose.

Eyes blinking rapidly, Sagi kindly lowered his head to allow me to have my way with him. His chest was heaving with shallow, unsteady breaths, and – being so mightily experienced with sneezing, especially his – I could tell he would eventually manage to let the sneeze out without my help. But then, I wasn’t about to let the opportunity for this special treat go by, was I?

I gently inserted the pointed tissue in his nose, feeling just as silly and terribly aroused as I did the first time. It didn’t take more than two seconds of coaxing before the sneeze came out, full force, bringing a friend along.

“Heissh! Hesssh!”

He sniffed and his rubbed nose as I quietly reveled at the sight, sound and feel of his wonderfully wet, sexy sneezes.

“Did you like it?” he asked, searching for a tissue he could more traditionally use.

“Are you kidding? I loved it! Could I get some more?”

He grinned mischievously. “I meant the massage.”

“Uh, yeah… me too…” Spotting his grin a second too late, I laughed and swatted at him. “Bastard. Do you think you can sneeze again, just for me?”

“Well, I don’t know,” he said, his face growing serious. “Have you been a good girl this year?”

I threw my arms around him and in my most overdone, girlie voice, squeaked, “Yes I have, Santa! Do I get a pwesent?”

My lover opened a drawer and festively took out a thin box of incense sticks, handing them to me with a smile.

“All mine to do my bidding?” I asked. “Are you sure it won’t kill you or your sinuses in the process?”

“Pretty sure,” he said, “we’ll just have to try and see.”

My face grew a tad concerned. “Hon, I don’t want you to do anything to make you feel bad…”

Sagi kissed me on the forehead and slipped in a loving slap on my ass as well. “Just light them.”

I needed no further persuasion.

“So how is it?” I asked, still concerned. He once told me how much he hated those spiritual houses, which are never clean and always carry that sweet smell of incense in the air. That on top of the dust that lurks in their every corner tends to wreak havoc on both his nose and his head. I would have hated to make him feel in any way uncomfortable, even if it meant more sneezing for me.

“Hon, I’m okay. Relax and enjoy what I’m sure you’ll absolutely love.”

A faint scent of Jasmine was already detectably filling the small room, and Sagi wouldn’t even let me open a window for him. He loved me that much, poor sod. By then, he’d managed to convince me that he wasn’t going to die or be otherwise severely hurt by some sneezing, and I promised him that I would do the best I could to make this enjoyable for him as well.

“I know you will,” he said, his lovely smile already starting to taper off a bit.

By now, I was atop him, kissing and biting gently at his ears and neck, touching the tip of his nose with mine from time to time, knowing it would help the tickle in his nose to grow. His shirt had been long ago thrown on the book-covered floor and I was now working on his pants. His dick stood proudly underneath them, impressive even with layers of cloth covering it. I had plans for his whole body, but right then I wanted his cock in my mouth, hard and warm. Licking my lips, I gave them the hint, and he was more than happy to literally kick off his pants and boxers, allowing me a full view of his jutting member.

I knew I had time before the effect of the incense fully started kicking in, so I leisurely explored the tip of Sagi’s cock with my tongue, as gently and teasingly as I could. My hands were rubbing at his thighs and I sneaked a look at his expression between licks, to see the expression he was wearing. Just seeing his face in such situations, hearing him moan quietly, makes it all worth it. If I get that kind of look, I completely understand why he agrees to indulge me with his sneezing every time.

I heard him moan, his dick twitching every time my tongue touched it. And then, giving the very tip of his cock one final peck, I let it dive into my mouth, feeling it’s sensual warmth filling me as it would fill me again soon, hearing his overwhelmed gasp of pleasure. I let my tongue and lips drive him crazy, bringing him in and out fast and smooth. I clutched at his wonderful ass with both my hands, still orally massaging his member, when suddenly, he sneezed.

Very little kept me from biting him in surprise. I raised my head, brushed curly hair away from my eyes and looked at him in awe.

“Oh my God,” was all I managed to spit out, as this sneeze had been truly incredible. It had been loud and almost irrepressible, and best of all, it had sounded like merely the first in a long line of fine sneezes just like it. I’d loved it, and I wanted more.

The look on his face was priceless. Torn between the pleasure I was giving him and the urge to sneeze, his face was a twitching mask of joy and agony. I watched as he helplessly tried to get a second sneeze out, blinking and fighting the torturous tickle. Finally it seemed to die down, allowing Sagi to breathe and look at me. His eyes were a little teary, and he still looked slightly dazed, seemingly expecting another explosion soon. He was so unbelievingly sexy, lying there with his nose’s worst enemy by his side and me on top of him.

I took that moment when he lay still to adore his body. He was not a muscular man, but his body was firm and well sculptured. My hands caressed his chest, moved to his rib cage and continued, more powerfully, to his stomach. I absolutely loved his stomach, and I loved how he loved the way I was touching it. Kissing him on the bridge of his nose, I stared at him.

“How are you doing?”

He sniffed, “I almost need to sneeze.”

Smiling, I grabbed a tissue. “Do you think you could use some help to get it going?”

He nodded, and let out a tiny rabbit-like cough, which I related to his allergic fits. Lovely.

Not taking my eyes off of him for an instant, I again rolled that tissue to a point and started tickling him with it. I only touched the outside of his nostrils at first, taking in the slightly panicked look on his face and the irritated flaring of his nostrils. His breathing was starting to hitch, and I placed a hand on his chest to feel it better. I was already getting hot myself, the combination of the sneezing and his body under me totally getting to me.

“Talk to me,” I whispered, not taking my eyes off of his.

“Whah-what should I say?”

“Hon, for all I care, you can lecture me about nuclear physics. I just want you to talk to me…”

“You mean it wh-would turn you on if I spoke while trying to sneeze?” He looked at me with his eyebrow raised, but I couldn’t tell if it was an inquiring, disbelieving gesture or part of the erotic tortured dance of his features. In any case, he knew me too well and he could tell already what it was I wanted him to do.

“Immensely,” I assured him, tossing the tissue in the wastebasket, as I knew it wouldn’t be required anymore. The sweet smoke from the incense stick has finally found its way deep into Sagi’s nose, and it wouldn’t be long now before he erupted.

I made myself comfortable, sitting on top of him so that I could have easy access to his magnificent piece of equipment, and started pleasuring myself with it.

It was wonderful. The whole thing. Me on top of him, his dick in my hand, touching and rubbing at my sex, the smell of Jasmine, its effect on Sagi… it was all just so amazing. I was thrilled to be back with the man I loved, the man who would do anything for me, as silly or bizarre as it might have seemed.

“The…huh…essence of nuclear pheh—physics…is huh—Hesssh! Is the splitting of the—heh—the atom…hESsssh! Ugh…”

“Sweetheart,” I smiled, “I didn’t really mean it, about the nuclear physics.”

“Heeetsh! I huh—gotta sneeze again…wait…”

That was more like it. I love it when he warns me before it comes, even though more often than not the sneeze would stay stuck despite the warning… or maybe because of it.

“Yes…tell me how you feel…” I was rubbing my clit, using both his dick and my fingers. I wanted to close my eyes and let the sensation wash over me, but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from him. I wanted to see more sneezes, I wanted to see his expression as he looked at what he was doing to me. Arching my back in response to the strong, almost electric flow that ran through me, I felt my thighs tighten against his body and my stomach filling with fluttery butterflies.

“It’s uh—it’s stuck!” he moaned, his choked voice suggesting the torture inside his nose. “Oh, God, it really—heh-uh—tickles…I huh-hate incense…I don’t believe you manahh…managed to talk me into this!”

“Talk you into this! You wanted to—“

“Hessh! Heh-heh-Esssh!”

He tried to smile before the prospect of a third sneeze pulled the corners of his mouth down. He shut his eyes and his mouth hung open in helpless expectance. And then he just stayed that way, immobile except his heaving chest and flaring nostrils. This was my cue.

I positioned myself over his large penis, letting it touch me only very slightly, and waited. I wanted to drive him inside me at the very moment of the sneeze. I wanted him to practically sneeze himself into me. Sagi was seemingly oblivious to my plans, and remained stuck along with that stuck sneeze, but I didn’t need him to do anything right now. I studied his features with nearly obsessive care, bracing myself for the moment of blissful explosion.


It happened so quickly, and even though my eyes were glued to his face, that third, awesome sneeze was a fast blur. But the feeling of him entering me was not blurry at all, nor did it go unnoticed. A synchronized “Oh!” escaped us both, and we stared into each other’s wide-open eyes for a few silent seconds of speechless awe.

I had felt him entering me, filling me, countless times. Each time it had been just as good as the one before, maybe even better. But this one… this one was breath-taking. He’d sneezed himself into me, driven by a force that he couldn’t restrain, caused by something as harmless as a sweet scent. If you don’t see the beautiful eroticism of it, I’m afraid I just don’t know how to explain it.

From then on, there was no stopping to it.

“Oh, God, hon, heh-Hesssh! I want to fuck you…I uh—Hetssh! I want to sneeze for you…I want to make you come!”

“Oh, yes!” I was rocking back and forth, his stiff dick well inside me, rubbing against my smooth warmth. “Fuck me, Sagi, fuck me!”

We moved so fast, so powerfully, ignited by the spark of passion driving on our combined libido, that for a moment I was scared that we’d break through the walls, it was all so intense.

“I huh-Hetssh! Can’t stop sneezing…Doohh-do you like it?”

“Oh, I love it! Don’t stop, please, this is so good.” And I meant it, every word and every movement. It all came from deep inside, from both my heart and my nether regions. I wouldn’t have wanted him to stop if my life had depended on it.

“My nose is burning…it tickles…so bah-badly…Iuh…Heiiisssh! Hetssh!”

“Do you want me to open a window?” I asked, hoping my reluctance to do so wasn’t too obvious in my voice.

“Dno! Hessh! No…I love what this is doing to you. I love seeing you like this, looh-loosing—Hessh! Losing control…enjoying yourself. I love sneezing for you!”

As if to make his point, he took a shattered breath and gave in to a ruthless attack that must’ve been torturing his nose for a while.

“Heessh! Hetsh! Hetsh! Heh..He-Esssh!”

They were amazing; strong and unrestrained, and he made no effort to stifle or hide them. I was nearly delirious with lust and delight, as his sneezes became more powerful and less controlled, and he barely managed to squeeze in a word or two between each. But he tried, that sexy bastard.

“You—he-Eesssh! are amazing…Esssh! Etsssh! I love do-doing this for youuhh…Heh-Eeissh! Ugh…move faster, fuck me…ehh…Eh-Hetsssh!”

“My GOD, you are so sexy! I want you to come in me, Sagi, I want you to make me come with you!”

I could hear and feel his nose was giving him hell, but be it his own pleasure or the one his was giving me, he took took it all on proudly, managing to perform all three activities at once – sneezing his head off, moving in me and enjoying the ride himself. God, but he was gorgeous, lying there, his body seizing with sneeze after sneeze, and with the shudders of immense sexual pleasure I was certain he was enjoying.

“Hon, I’m going to sne-sneeze now…ahh—a lot…Ready for it?”

Was I? Hell! “Just give it to me!”

I was rocking faster than ever, spasms working their way through my body, my senses fully alert and waiting for the final chord.

“Uhhh…Heh-heh-Hehh…” his nose seized and he let his mouth hang in expectation, while allergic tears formed at the sides of his eyes. The tickle was torturing him, anyone could tell. He looked so miserable and adorable, but I didn’t want him to suffer all that much. Besides, I didn’t think I could wait anymore.

I carefully took the incense stick with its stand and held it under his nose. His eyes were tightly shut, so I don’t think he could see what I was doing, but his sensitive nose sure caught on to it. He inhaled sharply and I quickly placed the incense stick back on the table, a split second before he exploded with a thunderous sneeze.


“God!” I choked, looking at his dazed expression in a combination of awe and gratitude. I felt myself nearly going over the edge…I just needed him to do just that for just a few more seconds, that would be all I needed. I desperately craved it. I wanted him to make me come with his expert moves and his beautiful sneezes. I felt my orgasm dangling ever so close, like a shiny star only barely out of reach. I just needed that little bit more…

“I huh-Heh…I’m about to come…and sneeze…Uhh-Heissshuh! Heetssh! Uh-huh…Huh-HEEISSSHHH!”

“Yes, hon, yes! Just give me more of those, I’m so close!”

“Oh man…you’re in-nnn…ihh-Heiisssh! Incredible! I’m gonna push you over the edge…Heissh! He-Heh-Essssh! HEEISSSSHOooo!”

And there I was, a most incredible orgasm engulfing me, sending a rush of hot and cold waves through my body. My entire being tightened, and through this veil of ecstasy, I could still hear him sneeze, big, wet and powerful sneezes, the spasms of his dick enhancing the already breathtaking orgasm he drove me into.

And then, with one final “HEEEISSSH!” he joined me in the divine bliss we achieved together. Our bodies arched against each other, nails digging into each other’s flesh, as we let ourselves get lost in the heavenly storm of emotions and sensations.

Afterwards, I lay near him, still gasping for air. We were too overwhelmed to say anything, but his nose rebelled again, aching to rid itself entirely of the sweet scent.


After that sensational peak, even his sneezes seemed drained of energy, and sounded tired and even more helpless than before. I turned around, feeling pleasantly slow and heavy in my satisfaction, and smiled at him.

“Can I open the window now?”