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He undressed her, sniffling madly. First the top, pulled gracefully over her shoulders then over her head. He needed to pause between items in order to sneeze, which he did lusciously with his nose conveniently placed between her breasts. They sagged just a bit, naturally from weight, cradling his head. His face lingered there, tongue tracing a path between each nipple, lips lingering on each for a moment, perhaps two. He worked his tongue against the nipple, a hard, juicy bump he was compelled to suck.

Still sniffling, and with his face still hovering by her breasts, he tugged the waist of her jeans down. She fell away from him, onto her back against the blankets, and arched her back to allow him to undress her further. He pulled her jeans down and off without a hitch and slowly worked his way back up to her waist with kisses. He sucked a toe, then kissed her ankle and continued on up her leg. At her knee, she spread her legs slightly, revealing her angelically white cotton panties. So he moved his kisses inward, starting up her inner thigh. She quivered as he continued to sniffle, and even gasped when his breath caught. He sneezed on her thigh, then again towards her crotch. Deep, moist sneezes that were neither too soft nor too loud. A third sneeze caught her breasts, this time from the front, spraying them as a whole and making already hard nipples harder. So taken by these three, she barely noticed him pull down her panties with his teeth until all her garments found themselves in a heap on the floor. He sniffled, rubbing his nose boyishly with the side of his hand. Then his hands found her knees and traveled to her inner thighs, but just there. He tickled her, teasing, taunting… until the next sneezes came. The first, wet and full, caught her chest again, and the second, rougher, fell upon her crotch perfectly. With an even wetter sniffle, he gave her a soft smile and whispered. “Sorry ‘bout that.”   

Then he pulled back from her. Both in order to cup a hand over his nose and mouth and sneeze, and in order to straighten up and present himself to her. His sneeze was strong, bending him forward. But when he straightened, she was able to take in his appearance fully. He was dressed more or less, mind, as a cowboy. And a rather sexy one at that. The large, brown cowboy hat that topped it off was perhaps the most typical but certainly not the end of it all. It tied under his chin, leather ties hanging down his neck against his bare chest. Bare but muscular, framed by a sandy-colored, fringed vest that hung loosely open. His chest, firm and muscular, and his arms which bore the same strong but respectful muscles were barely noticed in comparison to his other muscles, however. He wore cowboy boots and chaps, full length leather chaps which rode up his legs to his thighs and stopped at his waist where they should have met his pants and belt. But there were neither. Instead, in the vacant area where the chaps gave way, there was nothing at all but him. And it was all him. A perfect triangular area, bare with balls presented and cock hanging happily.

And when he sneezed, everything on him shook. His boys bounced, and her eyes were drawn from the pained, sneezey expression on his face to his crotch with every wet “ihh-Chishh!” Deliciously delightful sneezes. She lay back on the blankets, beaming at the way he bent, the way he shook, the way he sneezed from the slight twinge of a tickle as it showed on his handsomely rough face, to the sniffle and rub at his nose as he straightened, opening stunning brown eyes. Sometimes he smiled afterwards, sometimes frowned. Sometimes he straightened only in time to sneeze again. “huh-chishhh! ehh-chishh!

She licked her lips and ran her hand down the length of her body as she watched him stand, sneezing, and a cowboy from head to toe. Softly she said, “Show me what you can do, then, Cowboy.” And she reached to the side, retrieving a formidable plastic vibrator. The head resembled a cowboy hat, brown and smooth. The shaft was golden and resembled rope wound around a stick, with coils as ridges for pleasuring. It ended in a black cap with a horseshoe design on the end, a cap which made the whole thing vibrate magnificently when turned.  Her legs spread wider towards him, showing him all she had as she ran a hand to spread her wetness and as breasts and hard nipples rose and fell with breaths. She ran her western friend from her clit to her hole, rubbing the head and ridges against her crotch gently at first, then harder until she was pressing firmly and her legs quivered in anticipation. But she did not penetrate, and she did not turn it on until he sneezed again.

A mouth watering, heart pumping, crotch throbbing sneeze. Smooth and tender, yet wet and alluring. He stood with his side to her and a hand cupped nearly a foot from his face. “ehhh-Chushhhh!” The sneeze bent him forward at the waist; dark bangs flopped forward then back against his forehead. One side of the vest slipped down his shoulder a bit, and his hat tipped with him, sliding down his nose only as he straightened up with a hand pressed to the bottom of his nose. But the most exciting of it all was the way his balls fell back against his legs but his cock remained up, stiff, still.

He sniffled and rubbed boyishly at his nose. She let out a soft moan. And it turned on, buzzing softly as it entered and left her slowly but slickly. Her eyes fluttered closed in the pleasure and her other hand fingered a nipple. Her mouth hung open, breathing hard in-between restrained whimpers and soft, pleasure-filled moans. But she opened her eyes when she heard his breathing change. Sometimes a wavering gasp, sometimes a slow intake. But whichever announced it, she made sure not to miss a single sneeze. Nostrils flaring slightly, body thrusting towards her but far enough away that she was removed. Removed and able to simply observe and enjoy as if watching a cowboy on television, able to capture each detail on his face. The way his eyes frowned in mid-sneeze along with his mouth, even if he smiled on recovery. The way his bare chest heaved then tightened. The way his brow wrinkled and mouth opened just halfway just before, just expectantly, just to be sure the sneeze would indeed come out. The way his lovely cock stood harder and harder as fringes from the vest brushed against it from his slight toss forward.

Each sneeze tossed him forward with grace and violence both. He had a relieved but pained expression, nearly identical to the face he made during his own orgasm. The whole of it made her legs tremble and crotch with weakness and ecstasy. “ehh-Chishh! Heh-Chushh-uh!” Each sneeze made the cowboy look just that more irresistible. And each sneeze made her yearn and ache for the next, sniffles, snuffles, stuffiness and all.

When she was nearly bucking from pleasure with her friend, she changed back to rubbing her clit, then holding the vibrating tool against it. Her legs tightened around it instinctively, clenching, holding it so tightly against her body that the waves of self-gratification were impossible to resist had she wanted to. She shook and tightened, just like he did with a sneeze. And the mere thought of his body caught in a sneeze was enough to push her over the brim. She shrieked through tightly-clenched teeth, sweat running from her forehead down onto the blankets beneath as her insides seeped between her legs.

She relaxed seconds later, nearly coming to the point a second time as he sneezed again, well or perhaps poorly timed. Her body was ready for more, but not quite that quickly. Discarding the dildo, she reached for the next toy, a light but thick rope that lay coiled by her side. She knotted the end into a loop and bent her legs beneath her so she flipped up to kneel. Kneel to get a good view. Kneel to get a good shot. She circled it above her head, taking a few rounds to find the rhythm. A rhythm so natural as the one she’d just found on her back. Rhythm broken only as she tossed the lasso toward him, and missed.

He laughed, straightening his hat, taking a step closer and sticking his dick out to the side. “Gotta do better thad that.” His voice was stuffed adorably from sneezing and she might have lunged for him if she’d missed her shot a second time. But she caught him dead on, tightening the rope around his manhood just tight enough to tug him towards her. And so he came, down on his hands and knees to meet her, sliding the rope off himself, then rubbing the rope against his shaft. This time it was his eyes that closed as he held his balls, cradled between the leather ends of the chaps, and stroked his cock. Stroking with a gentle, slow rhythm that pulled her to him, making her wet again, making her lust to touch him.

And once he had her entranced with the sight, he gave the rope a hard, sharp tug and it slipped from her hands. Grinning, he rose to sit on his knees, and she, caught by surprise or perhaps only excitement, backed away a few feet on the blankets. He swung it in a circle over his head, and missed his first shot as well but not because of lack of skill, because the man could clearly catch a moving train with a lasso if challenged. It was another sneeze which distracted him at the last moment. A soft, luscious “er-Chush!” And the lasso fell, but she had backed away too far to make a successful grab for it. And instead he took it up again, circling, smiling. “Cub ‘ere, you.” And he tossed it perfectly, falling around her. The rope pinned her arms to her sides tightly just above the elbows. She struggled to free herself but the rope dug in, and he tugged but moved to her instead of dragging her to him.

Just inches apart, he tugged her close with the rope, showing his dominance. He spread his legs, presenting himself fully to her, and he dropped the rope to take her legs and spread them apart with force. With another sneeze to wet her already juicy sex, he stroked her. She was wide, willing, whimpering. When she protested that she couldn’t handle much more, he only sneezed again, then tightened the rope with one hand so that she could not push him away with her arms. She trembled as he ran his strong hands down her sides, over the rope, controlling the very way her body sat. His hands found her ass last, and pulled it closer to him so that his straight cock rubbed against her clit in quite an arousing manner. She leaned back, falling against one hand on her back, the other still on her rear. And with a thrust by both parties, he entered her and she enveloped him.

Impaled, she began to pull back and push forward. She slid easily but held back from going too far too fast. She stayed slow for both their sakes, evading his thrusts, countering half on his rhythm and the rest out of synch. He fought to keep her steady, nearly wincing as she pushed forward before he could leave her to penetrate again or pulled back before he could go in all the way to her spot. His sneezes, one, then two more, did nothing at all to help keep the motions constant.

Taking advantage of his distracted frustration, she loosened the rope around her middle and slid her arms up and out from beneath. With them she gently stroked his balls, and held to his back to have better control. All at once, he pushed her away, panting and wincing. He nearly came, and he was shaking with the effort of calming. He sneezed again, into the back of his hand, and then tightened his grip on the rope.

The cowboy adjusted his rope so that it wrapped around her at her nipples, the tough rope rubbing them harder than his fingertips could. She gasped in pleasure and directed him to rub more. He wrapped the rope around her middle a few times then slid it up and down over her breasts. He was sniffling constantly now, that ever-sneezey look fixed in his eyes along with a look of strong, sexual determination. But she simply couldn’t help touching herself to the sniffles. She dipped her fingers in to spread her juices over her clit and widened her thighs on either side of him as he directed the coils of rope over her nipples.

She began to shake again, driving her pelvis forward, rubbing three fingers so fast over her sex that her hand seemed a blur as he squinted. Squinted and tried to catch his breath. But the sneezes took hold, forcing him forward, rope slipping from his fingers as he made to cover, just not in time. “ehh-Chishh! Ehk’Hishh! Ehh- CHUSHhhhh!” These were strong, compelling sneezes that fell from above, showering her just lightly upon her  chest, arms, crotch. Wildly, Her other hand found a nipple and rubbed the robe against it. He sniffled wetly. He needed to wipe his nose. He needed to blow his nose. But he sneezed again. “ehh-TUSHHHH!” over her, directed toward her crotch but catching her thighs more in its entirety. But that was all she needed. She screamed, biting her lip so hard that a drop of blood resulted. She tossed about, restrained by the rope he still clutched, chest fighting against it as her back arched and she stiffened. Her hands stopped immediately, unable to move as she panted.

But immobile he wasn’t. He wrapped the rope around her again, this time looser, around her head so that a bit was forced into her mouth. He then stood and rolled her over with the toe of his boot. Kneeling behind her, he fondled her smooth white ass saddle, then ran his hands up her spine. He pulled her hair back from the sides of her face, a beautiful mane of dark locks. Unmistakably, it was his turn. “I will ride you like a horse,” he snuffled, sliding up her legs, leather warming her skin with redness. He readied himself further by rubbing his cock against the length of her back, finally resting the base of his hard member on her soft ass cheeks. He sneezed again, spraying her back with a bit of force. But she shuddered with pleasure at the touch and longed to turn to be able to watch his nose twitch and expression change. But the ropes were tight, and the bit in her mouth made it impossible to ask him to allow her a glimpse. Horses obeyed, they were not meant to protest like this. She was forced to accept the blinders as he sneezed again, this time on her rear and his own cock, which was stiff and hard and now sufficiently wet.

Gripping her ass, then forcing her thighs into position, he entered her properly. But this time without her counteractions he went in all the way with a stab. She cried out, muffled by the rope, and bit into it hard as she was seized by both pain and pleasure, both overwhelming. In charge, he then pulled out and entered again, pushing in deep, overlooking the awkward angle taking her from behind and above presented him with. He slapped her ass and she squealed in delight around the rope.  His hand turned to wrap rope around his knuckles to secure it tightly. His other hand ran down her back as he flattened against her. He was sprawled on top, pushing, thrusting, forcing. And as his chest met her back, one hand grasped the rope that ran to the back of her head like reins. A handful of blankets filled the other hand as he pushed in deeper. His face was buried in her mane of hair, hands holding tight, body pulsating and thrusting deeper and harder into her. The leather chaffed, the vest fell from both shoulders, and his hat toppled onto his back.

But he did not need a treasure map to find her spot. He stabbed at it, moaning with each and every breath, moaning in ecstasy. His nose ran, and he sniffled just as much as he moaned, sneezing once “ehh-Chushh!” into the base of her head, once “heh-Chishhh!” against the back of her neck, and once “ehh…heh…eh-Cheshhh!” to the side, just catching her cheek. Each sneeze drove him further and further in with such a delicate, natural rhythm this time that he could not have done better if he’d tried. He rode her with skill, with power, with the whole of his body commanding her but only as she helped and allowed him to. Without her movements, without her welcoming submission, his mount would be useless and his ride would be uneventful. But with those sneezes, and two more that did not touch her but sounded so delightfully exquisite, she had no choice but submit and grow burning hot with him inside her.

It was his turn to cry out now, as she tightened and loosened against him, bucking like a wild mare in heat beneath him. A wild mare that longed to be tamed by his whip. She screamed again, into the rope, biting down on it instead of herself this time. And when she shook with the intensity of the orgasm, she realized he was stiffening with his own against her. She could feel him, warm and full, growing fuller and wetter, inside her. They grew rigid together, and he collapsed heavily against her back with terrible snifflings and nearly completely without breath.

Carefully, slowly, he pulled himself out, and dismounted to the left, chest heaving. “ehh-CHUPshhhhhh!”” He sneezed again, upwards and uncontrolled, and kept his eyes closed at the resulting spray on his face and chest. The cowboy hat, which had fallen off completely in the heat of passion, was now taken in her slender fingers and placed tenderly over his tired privates. She slithered out of the ropes, shaking her hair loose, wiping sweat from her brow. Then she pried his fist apart to ease in a clean handkerchief.

He swabbed his nose gingerly, then spread the folds apart for a blow. She gasped at the sound, giving him a wide, mischievous smile and sitting up with her legs spread out in front of her. The cowboy slid, settling with his head in her lap and his hand on her crotch. At each sniffle he stroked her, and there were quite a number. At each sneeze he rubbed her hard, and there were a good number of those as well. But the most irresistible was how he rolled a little, turning his head to sneeze against her crotch. Sometimes he would catch her snatch straight on, other times he sneezed upon her thighs, or her legs. And other times he drenched his own hand which was already wet from her juices. She could watch from above now, cradling his head, running her hand through her cowboy’s sweat-damp hair. Her other hand squeezed and pinched her favorite nipple. Watching his face change with overwhelming, overpowering, uncontainable expectation. Watching the sneeze charge forward against her. Watching him pull back with perfect sniffs and the occasional stuffy cough. It took a considerable amount of time, this time, to make her orgasm. She was tired from the first three, but not at all opposed to working towards a fourth. She was still horny, and he was still amazingly sexy. Almost unbelievably more sexy, now with the intimacy and attention he was giving her. He was done, pleased, but she still yearned for him. She still wanted him, needed him, needed her cowboy and needed his sneezes.

As she began to moan ever so softly with pleasure, he pulled the handkerchief over, along with his hat. He hid her crotch from view with the hat, rubbing her clit, then plunging two fingers into her for warmth and wetness. Hidden, he attacked her spot, then pulled back before she could hurt from too much attention there, and instead rubbed in seductive circles over her clit. When he sneezed, he did so into the handkerchief, the sprays muffled, absorbed, giving way to delightful “heh-Chumph!” sneezes and gentle blows and rubs. Watching every motion of his face without the distraction of her needful crotch, her moans turned from simple vocalizations of the goodness she felt to desperate cries announcing an oncoming strong orgasm. Both hands shot behind her, bracing her as she leaned back, back arching, as his fingers worked magically even over her tired privates. At a gorgeous build up, she lost herself completely. “heh… ehhhh…ihhh… eh-hehhh…” so compelling, so completely appealing with weakness and desperation to sneeze. She would have liked to have timed it with his sneeze, but the build-up had been too delicious to resist. Overcome, she fell backwards, smiling and straining with silent pleasure. She did not want to scream and miss his sneeze, which came as she was coming down. “heh-Chemph!

Exhausted and spent, she reached down and moved the hat back onto the cowboy’s head. She rubbed her hands against his chest and pulled him to her with his head on her breast. He sniffled for a little while, but fell asleep with the sound of her heartbeat and the gentle rise and fall of her chest. She stayed awake to wait for him, listening to soft snores from his stuffy nose as he dreamed his way off into the sunset.