Girls' Night Out


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Girls’ night out was always a blast. Sassy, Kit, Irena and Jacks – the fabulous four – made their way through the crowded bar. Kit needed to throw back a few drinks before tackling the dance floor, and Sassy wanted a plate of chicken wings. Irena and Jacks were impatient, wanting only to dazzle and dance.

“Oh Kit,” Jacks said, a whine in her voice. “You might be almost married, but you still have to dance with us tonight.”

Kit smiled, sipping her Margarita.

Irena chimed in, “C’mon girl, I want to see you out there shakin’ that ass.”

Sassy shot them both looks. “I need to eat, you guys. You go. We’ll be right here. Kit, I know you are not gonna leave me alone at this bar…are you?”

Kit stretched. All in black, sleek and lithe, she deserved her feline nickname. Her pale belly was exposed, and the little hoop in her navel glittered in the bar’s smoky light. “Ladies, we’ve all night. So RE-LAX.”

“We’re just excited to have you with us.” Jacks laughed. “Gabriel keeps you so close. I know you love him, and I’m not complaining. It’s just that I’ve been missing you.”

“No, you’re not complaining – much.” Kit twirled one of Jacks’ locks, and it was almost as if it was a signal for the bar’s male customers. Men were drawn to the girls by an invisible, irresistible force, and soon Jacks and Irena were whisked away to the dance floor. Sassy pouted, still waiting for her wings, and Kit downed her drink and ordered another.

Kit surveyed the room. She really had no desire to be here, except to please her pals. She looked down and fingered her belly ring.


She recognized the voice immediately – but holy shit, there was no way he was here! She looked up, and there he was, standing right in front of her, large as life and impossibly adorable – her darling fetish buddy, Sid.

“Hey, you!” She jumped off the bar stool and threw her arms around his neck, giving his cheek a quick kiss. “What the hell are you doing here, ass?”

“Oh, I see. That’s how it is? I drive all the way the hell up here, and what do I get? Ass?” But he was clearly delighted to find her. Kit smiled, and Sid picked her up and put her back on the bar stool.

“Oh, sorry Sassy. This is Sid, an old friend of mine from high school. Sid, this is Sass.” Kit felt awkward about the intimacy she and Sid had displayed. It must be so obvious. She was also troubled by the need to conceal the true nature of their relationship from Sassy.

But what else could she do? She certainly couldn’t tell the truth: Um, this is Sid. He and I share a penchant for sneezing.

Absolutely not! Sassy was going to be a pain in the ass to deal with in any case; though right now she was quietly munching her wings. But Kit wasn’t fooled. She knew that soon Sassy would bombard her with damn tricky questions.

“So did you close the deal?” Kit asked Sid, who was smiling wickedly.

“Yep. $100,000, baby!”

“Oh Sid, that is fantastic! You needed that deal, didn’t you, sweetie?”

“I hate the whole sales thing, you know? But I do like the money.” Sid smiled again, and Kit knew what was going to happen. He was here to torment her.

“I do know. Sales are a rough way to make a living. The money is good, but so not the centre of my world.”

Sid liked the way she talked, the sound of her voice, and the way she blessed him when he sneezed for her; he liked how she longed so badly for what he could give her, and the way that this longing tormented her. And he liked that no one else knew it. He decided to keep up the casual conversation just long enough to catch her off guard. He planned to embarrass her in front of Sassy.

“Oh, me either,” he said. “But I want to have a good base, and then I'll go do what I want. Though I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.”

Kit smiled at him. “Just for fun, when I grow up, I wanna host a deviant radio show – since everyone says I should be hosting a talk show.”

Sid returned her smile. “You’ll have to tell me when it airs.”

“You could come to my studio, and no one would see you, except for me and my little pepper toes.”

Sid’s abdomen fluttered. She had caught him off guard. And she’d said it in front of Sassy, who did not seem to notice. Kit continued, “These toes right here.” And she stuck out her foot in front of Sid. “I just had a pedicure.”

Sid swatted at her foot. “Mmm... Stop it, I can't have those thoughts in my head.” He made a sneezy expression and pretended to stifle, cupping his hands over his nose and mouth. “Oh, excuse me. You know, I thought I was coming down with a cold earlier. I swear, I was sneezing all morning.”

Now it was Kit’s turn to squirm, though her distress was imperceptible to anyone but Sid.

Sassy raised her eyebrows and said, “Well stay the hell away from me if you are getting sick. And if you know Kit, she is such a phobe – don’t get near her either, or she’ll leave."

“Oh really?” said Sid. This was interesting – he did not know Kit to be germ phobic. Not by any means. He laughed heartily, guessing that she must not like Sassy’s sneezes. The girl was just too much.

Kit was smiling, looking down and blushing furiously. “Sass, why don’t you go dance? I’ll catch up.”

Sassy smiled at Kit. Then she pointed her finger at Sid like that damn killjoy fish in the Cat in the Hat books. “Don’t you breathe on the kitten.”

“Yes ma’am.” Sid saluted and smiled in that purely schoolboy manner of his.

Kit punched him lightly. “Unfair payback. I was so composed.”

Sid smiled wickedly. “And now?"

Kit looked at him innocently enough as she reached down and slipped off one sandal. She said, “Little toes with pepper up your nose, and rubbing you – there.” She pressed her little painted toes against the seam of his jeans.

“Mmmm,” moaned Sid.

“Kitty paws,” she purred, dropping the other sandal on the floor with a clunk. “Painted.”

Sid lifted her feet in his hands, his cock getting hard, and asked, “Do you shake the pepper, or do I, mean little kitty?”

Kit laughed and said, “I was getting seriously turned on, the thought of you catching a cold au naturel and all – and how you call me at my desk at work and start a HUGE sneezing fit, you very bad boy.”

Sid’s attention was still on her feet as he leaned forward, pressed against her and whispered, “One sneeze after another, taking over my whole body. I would sneeze near you...on you ...I, I aiiasssschooo!” Kit pulled him closer as Sid sneezed on her neck.

“Mmmm. Bless you, Sidney,” she purred.

The two were now in the farthest corner of the bar – a couple’s corner – and no one was paying them attention. Anyway, she was so turned on she wouldn’t have noticed even if people had suddenly decided that she and Sid were the most interesting spectator sport in the world.

“Haaaaschoooo!” He sneezed on her toes. “Oh, I, I swear I did not even sniff, any ah-ahhaaaaschoooo! Excuse me. Uh uh…Iiiiiissschooo!”

“Not fair, sweetie. Unfair advantage. But bless you babe.” Kit was growing warm as he held her toes, the sneeziest look on his face.

Sid continued, though the sneezes had startled even him. “Near your kitty, on your toes, your neck, your, your… Aaaaashoooo! Hutchooo!” Sid sneezed on her feet again.

“Uh-oh. Are you okay, sweetheart?” Kit asked, draping her arms around his neck and wrapping her legs around him as she pulled him close to her, pressing against him. “Because now I’m wet.”

Sid leaned back and sniffed, watching Kit’s expression intently. Her eyes had that sultry slant of passion, and he placed his hand on her belly and whispered, “I could sneeze here - right on your belly.”

Kit squirmed. “And you are bad, and my friends are probably going to see something amazing. See, they think I’m a complete germaphobe.”

“Oh really,” Sid teased. “See...I could be sitting in front of you rubbing your tired feet... Just like this. And then, when I feel the urge to sneeze... I would lean forward and… Ahhcheew!... right above your knees, then kissing your toes, and then feeling another big sneeze coming…”

“Sid, don’t. Please. I am going to come in this bar, right here, the vibration alone will…”

Sid had that expectant I-am-going-to-sneeze-again look on his face. “Hiiischooo!…Sneezing right between your legs...Aaacheww!!"

“OH oh oh stop,” Kit moaned.

“Then back to licking your cute toes,” Sid said as he kissed Kit’s toes and rubbed his hands behind her legs, his nose twitching....

Kit was writhing against him now. “That is a dangerous spot, the back of… mmmmhhhmmmm.”

Sid leaned Kit back over her bar stool and kissed her belly, his tongue playing with her charm. Then sneezes took control of his body.

“Aaaaachewww, hutchooo, iiissssshoooo!”

He was sneezing on the soft smooth skin of Kit’s belly; holding her around her waist so that she could not move; pressing against her, her legs wrapped around him, her feet against the back of his legs. He sneezed on her belly as he held her against him. Soft and wet – “iiisihooo, iiiishhh, chooo, asshooooo!” – sneezing against her as she erupted into an orgasm that left her breathless and hot.

And in the crowded bar, underneath the counter where no one could see, Sid pulled out his cock and came all over Kit’s toes…