Giving and Getting

Cath UK

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She was sitting, propped against the back of their wooden double bed, looking like a old European nude painting, all buxom curves, thick flowing waves of light brown hair and flushed cheeks. Her heavy-lidded brown eyes sparkled in the light of the candles and her lips were plush and smooth as morello cherries.

"I do it like this?"

Ted was gazing at Sherry, his green eyes round and expectant, looking vaguely ridiculous as he sat naked in front of her on the bed, a superb erection rising like an exclamation point from the dark tuft of hair nestled at its base, with a twisted tissue stuck up his nose.

"Yeah, I think... Feel anything yet?"

Sherry couldn't quite believe this was happening. She'd told her husband Ted about her fetish for sneezing a week ago and they'd both decided to experiment with it. They'd decided to try the tissue method as a way of getting started.

"Yeah... It sort of tickles, like I've got something stuck in my nose!"

They both started giggling like a couple of teenagers. Ted felt unsure and slightly clumsy, a bit like he had when he'd first discovered sex years ago when he was all of fifteen, though he was very much a man now and had been with his wife for years.

"Gee, I wonder why, eh?" Sherry couldn't help laughing, as much from excitement as from the funny picture Ted presented, sitting there with the white piece of tissue inside his angular nose. His slender black eyebrows were twitching comically and his wavy black hair was tousled. "Now, move it around a bit... There's a spot at the back of your nose. You'll know it when you hit it."

"What, like... Ha-ATCHOO!... Oh man, I think that was it."  Ted looked slightly dazed as he recovered from the sudden, violent sneeze that had shaken him. His chiselled jaw dropped open in amazed excitement, making him look about eight years old for a moment.

"I think so! That was nice, great in fact. Honey, do it again?"

Ted obliged. He half shut his eyes in concentration as he wriggled the tissue about.

"Hah... Huh... Hah-ah..." Suspense was mounting as Ted's eyes began to water and his breath heaved. "Oh God, this tickles so much..."

"Don't stop!" Sherry sat on the bed, naked as well, fascinated as she watched her husband force himself to sneeze. Her fingers were on her scalding sex, probing the lush moistness of it as she watched avidly.

"Hah... HACHOO! Oh... Ha-ATCHOO!... Whew!" Ted laughed again, nervously, and glanced at Sherry buxom form. She was positively radiating lust, rubbing herself slowly and sensually as she watched him. "Is this really getting you hot?" he asked, not quite believing the effect this little scene was having on her even now. Had she not looked so utterly excited, he might have thought this whole incident was some sort of scheme to get a laugh out of him.

"Yeah. I can't explain it - you just look so sexy when you sneeze. I am really getting off on this... Please do it again, darling?"

Pleased, if mystified, Ted complied. He twisted another corner of the tissue he was holding into a sharp point, the previous one being now slightly too humid. As he did this, Sherry felt herself getting even horniier because of the sheer anticipation of seeing Ted sneeze again. Her fingers were working magic all over her labia and clitoris and she felt herself becoming even more hot and excited.

Ted snuck the twisted tip back into his finely shaped nostrils, his sparkling green eyes looking out at her with renewed interest. He loved the way Sherry was always so uninhibited in the bedroom.

"Ok, here goes... Tickles... a l-... luh-huh... lot... Oh-hah-ACHOO!... Hah... ah-hah... .ATCHOO!... Huh-ACHOO!"

Faster and faster, Sherry rubbed and caressed as she took in her husbands powerful sneezes that reverberated throughout the bedroom like delightful fireworks. She had been so excited by the sheer anticipation of their session that she knew it wouldn't take her much more to climax.

"Ted, please, just a few more. You wouldn't believe how hot this is getting me! I love the way you look when you sneeze and then when you loose control and just do it... Please? Again?" Sherry's hand paused momentarily as she looked out at him with her huge, liquid, eager eyes.

"Anything for you sweetheart. Hold on." The tissues' third corner was reduced to yet another fine point.

Watching Sherry pleasuring herself and getting so excited caused him remain fully erect even without her expert touch. A dewdrop of lubricant appeared as he took in her sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks, and he felt his member give a light jerk as he anticipated what was to come. He knew her well enough to be able to tell that she was very close to reaching orgasm. The ripe colour of her cheeks and the increasing twitching of her lush thighs were enough to convince him of that!

"Ok, it's really tickling... I don't think my-muh... my nose can take much more of th- huh... Huh-huh-huh... HUHCHOO!... Hah... ATCHOO!... *sniff*... Ah-hah... Huh... Hah-HAH-CHOO! ATCHOO! Hah-ATCHOO!" Ted sniffed again, very wetly, and grinned broadly.

"Sherry, you ok?"

Sherry's eyes were closed in concentration and delectation. The hand resting on the wet half-moon between her legs was now still except for the faintest movement of her right index finger, which was wielding a feather touch on her clitoris to help and prolong her orgasm.

"Oh, fine, yessssssss...." The word, as she drawled it out, sounded like a sigh of pleasure.

Ted looked at her and, incredibly enough, felt more heat rise up inside his own loins. Sherry'd enjoyed some satisfaction at his hands - or perhaps, more appropriately, his nose - and it was his turn to desire her. He tossed the now sodden tissue aside and it fluttered to the floor, immediately forgotten.

"Have you had enough pleasure, or are you ready for more?"

Sherry opened her eyes and swept him with her molten chocolate gaze, going from his upstanding member to his earnest, eager, well-loved face. A slow smile stretched her smooth cherry Madonna lips.

"You know I'm always ready for you."

Ted needed no further invitation.