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Steve opened his watery blue eyes with difficulty and, remembering it was spring, gave a soft groan. As usual this time of year, his eyes felt itchy and seemed to have been welded shut with a thin crust of secretion, brought on by what the doctors liked to tell him was a "Severe case of Hay Fever".

Steve, as he rubbed his knuckles across his long coppery lashes, thought for the millionth time that it might as well be referred to as a "Temporary, yet recurring Living Hell".

Whereas many people needed only to carry an extra hanky or were afflicted with a few additional daily sneezes, Steve had massive allergies to pollen that made his life miserable for approximately two months out of every year. Every April and May, predictably and to his chagrin, pollen would cause Steve to erupt in massive fits of sneezing several times a day. He'd try and help things by blowing his increasingly reddening and stuffed up nose, praying all the while for it to stop, but it never did much long-term good. Sometimes, his nose would be so badly out of control that he'd need to stop whatever he happened to be engrossed in (which at these points in time tended to be not much besides sneezing), rush out and take an antihistamine tablet. They didn't entirely stop the allergic reactions, but they did help in significantly alleviating them.

Steve was to spring what the Grinch was to Christmas - he really and truly hated it and, had it been in his power to do so, he gladly would have wiped it out of existence. But asides for that core of vividly burning hatred, Steve was a very decent bloke. He knew his hay fever was the only dark shadow cast on an otherwise pretty good life, but when it struck every April and May, he couldnıt help but wallow in his own misery. Had he not had a satisfying job, a beautiful penthouse flat and James (whom he considered to be the best lover in the world - and he wasn't too far off the mark, at that) Steve would have happily agreed to being cryogenically frozen throughout spring every year.

But there was James, and he alone made everything worthwhile. Steve would truly have been at his wit's end if he'd had to live without James for two whole months. James was not only gorgeous (in a dark, Latin way), but also caring, considerate, funny, intelligent and fantastic in bed. They got on fabulously during daylight hours, but the nights were really like the icing on the fabulously rich and delicious cake of their lives. James knew exactly what to do to get him going, what got him hot and what got him bothered, and the darkly beautiful man used this knowledge to the best of his considerable ability. Even though Steve had expected things between the sheets to cool somewhat after their first year of dating (which evolved into a state of cohabitation astoundingly quickly), they were still going strong. They were currently working on their fourth year of practically-wedded bliss and they still had incredibly hot, passionate sex almost every day. Steve sometimes thought it was as though the two of them were trapped in an extended honeymoon from which neither ever wanted to escape.

Sometimes, the couple had a mild case of the doldrums during the grey, dreary winter months, but things always seemed to pick up in the spring... coincidentally just about the time Steve's nose began it's yearly round of torture. James' libido then swelled and came to coax both of them onto new plateaus of sexual discovery and delight. Steve had never quite put his finger on why this happened but he thought it was fantastic nonetheless. He figured James was probably just caught up in the joy of seeing the splendour of  nature's yearly reawakening and felt compelled to go along with it, injecting renewal into their relationship too.

He only wished this didn't coincide with the time when his nose went completely crazy on him.

Steve just didn't understand why was his lover so attentive when he was having hay fever attacks. Other people simply looked away and entirely ignored him, gaped in amazement at the spectacle he made of himself, sighed in annoyance as they shot him glares that would scorch stone, or even cooed in sympathy when his nose was giving him trouble - which, in spring, was fairly often.

James, on the other hand, had a reaction that could only be described as peculiar. He didn't ignore Steve's hay fever. He didn't offer any simpering, patronising attempts at sympathy. And he certainly didn't act annoyed or repulsed! In fact, if anything, James was all over him when he started sneezing... Though sometimes, he did tend to look at him in amazement which, in all fairness, was probably merited in Steveıs view as his fits tended to be intense, prolonged, dramatic and sometimes messy affairs.

When the two of them were together and this happened, James would cuddle up close, hold Steve in his arms, kiss his neck, or even try to kiss him. Heıd invariably press into him while his lover's body was rocking back and forth with powerful pollen-induced sneezes, his eyes tearing and his breathing ragged.

Even more peculiar, James more often than not got an erection whenever this happened - not just a game hardening of flesh, an involuntary half-hearted response to some vaguely interesting stimulus, but a magnificent hard-on that would probably have been sufficient to cut diamonds with.

Steve had known he had a sneezing fit coming on as soon as he'd opened his eyes that morning. James was still sleeping next to him, a sprawled mass of long, lanky olive-skinned limbs topped with a shiny tousled mess of black hair that looked so soft and silky, it was all Steve could do not to reach over and run his hand through it. Jamesı head was buried in the pillow so that, had Steve not seen him sleeping like that very often, he might have been worried that his lover was in danger of suffocating, experiencing delayed crib death. Steve's watery eyes surveyed the perfect planes of his lover's smoothly muscled back and then crinkled at the corners as he gave a pleased, affectionate smile that was absolutely beautiful.

The smile didn't stay there for long.

Before he knew it, a growing itch in the back of Steve's nose made it fade away in slow motion. He'd woken up stuffy and bleary eyed, feeling as though his entire head was clogged, a better reminder that this was the middle of April than any calendar could ever offer him. Attempting to breathe through his rebellious and highly uncooperative nose was utterly futile - no air could get up at all, though Steve knew from experience that slowly but surely, mucus would soon begin to trickle out.

God, he hated this!

Steve breathed shallowly through his mouth, his chest heaving of its own volition as he felt the itch in the back of his nose growing, expanding and evolving oh-so-slowly into a distinct urge to sneeze. It was worming about in his swollen membranes, weaving its way through, gaining momentum and power before it compelled his nose to seize repeatedly, in order to eject the accumulation of nocturnal pollen.

Steve tried to fight it, not wishing to wake James up, but he knew from experience that he wouldn't be able to make it. He considered getting up and rushing to the bathroom to indulge in a massive session of nose-clearing sneezes, but he knew that James slept like a cat and would be awakened by his movements. And were he to do this, the wooden floorıs faint creaks and cracks would be nothing next to the copious quantities of earth-shaking sneezes that would emanate from their bathroom a few seconds after the door had been hastily drawn shut; it adjoined the room, which had walls through which the faintest sigh could be heard, let alone one of Steve's characteristically massive allergy attacks. He sighed. That strategy would never work; since James was about to be awakened whether he stayed or left, he might as well keep on enjoying the warmth of their bedding. For some weird reason, having his feet on their bathroomıs chilly tiles always made him sneeze more.

Steve mused over the way he sneezed as he pinched his nose shut and furrowed his brows, ineffectually willing the tickle to disappear and leave him be. Steveıs sneezes weren't exactly loud, they were just... intense. Powerful. Overpowering. And when he was in the height of allergy season, like now, they tended to come in intense volleys. Just thinking about that seemed to make the tickle expand even more, and Steve promptly abandoned that train of thought. Of course, it didn't work. When he was like this, poised on the brink of an explosion with his nose itching maddeningly, even thinking about sneezing made him want to do it.

Steve's right hand was firmly clamped onto his nose, pinching it shut harshly, as his sky-blue eyes squeezed tightly shut. His eyebrows rose dramatically as his exquisitely chiselled lower jaw quivered expectantly, his lips struggling not to part.

Steve's incredibly stuffy nose was working, trying unsuccessfully to draw in air to feed the encroaching sneeze as his head tilted back into his pillow in preparation. Had his hands been linked behind his head instead, he would have looked as if he were getting ready to perform callisthenics.

It all happened in the space of two seconds, and before he knew it, a forceful yet almost silent "hhhmmmffff!" had snapped him forward into a sitting position.

"Morning, beautiful," a warm, honeyed, slightly raspy voice sounded next to him.

James' olive black eyes sparkled in the light of the morning's golden sun. He slowly turned so that he was on his back and stretched his long limbs, catlike, before using both his hands to rub his eyes in a gesture reminiscent of a sleepy child. The image was completed by a few fading, faintly grooved traces on the planes of his cheeks and forehead, where rumpled pillow creases had dug their way into his smooth, tanned skin as he slept. When James felt he had succeeded in brushing away a bit of sleep from his eyes, he extended a languid hand to brush Steve's forearm.

His lover didn't notice. His eyes were still shut and he hadn't let go of his nose, as he  felt another strong sneeze fast approaching.

"Hhhhmmmfffff- uhhhh!"

"Honey, don't stifle them. It's bad for you."

There was more than a hint of a smile in James' tone, and this both irritated Steve and made him uncomfortable. He was suffering; he didn't need anyone finding his hay fever the least bit funny. He would have told James so, fully conscious of the fact that he just might be edging into Drama Queen Territory, had he not felt the tickle in his nose refusing to let him be. Not only that, the blasted itch actually seemed to be growing...


James' left hand ran up Steve's sinuous forearm as the former stretched stretched again, the same catlike motion as before, quickly becoming completely awakened. Then, smiling slyly, he used his right hand to encircle his swiftly rising erection. There was no better way to wake up than this! God, Steve was sexy in the spring... Not that Steve wasn't always a sexy beast, but springtime was something special and entirely different, a refreshing and very welcome supplement to their usual love life. James knew his lover's allergies tended to make him feel miserable, and this was the only thing that kept him from wishing Steve would sneeze like that all year 'round. Or almost kept him from wishing it, in any case.

As he felt his lover winding up for yet another sneeze, James tugged on Steve's right arm, forcing him to let go of his nose just as the explosion came, a harsh "heyeshoo!" that broke the crystalline silence that permeated their cozy bedroom.

With feline grace, James speedily drew himself up to sit next to Steve, who was still sneezing and had yet to open his eyes.

"Huh... Heh-choo!... Heh-tchoo!"

Would the sneezing never stop? Steve felt his faintly itchy eyes watering, trying to clear away the night's accumulation of irritating little grains, while his nose tried to do the same. No matter how many time he'd told his allergic body that pollen wouldn't harm him and it should stop its annoying and perfectly useless overreacting, it refused to believe him and insisted on keeping this charade up every spring.

"Eckshoo!... Huh... Heyeshoo!"

Steve had retrieved his right hand and was now holding it close to his left, bringing the two together in order to form a flesh and bone cup to protect the world, James included, from his seizing nose. Had he been doing this in front of anyone else, Steve would probably have been mortified, but with James he was comforted- even as he kept on sneezing, eyes tightly shut, he felt his lover's arm draping across his shoulders, as his other hand pressed something soft and papery into his palms.

Steve recognized tissues and felt a rush of combined relief and gratitude. He was one of those people who, once they started sneezing in allergy season, couldnıt seem to stop until theyıd blown their nose.

Fumbling, he unfolded them as best he could and held them under his seizing nose, delivering another twin set of intense "Heyeshoo"'s.

James took in his lover, his eyes brimming with a mixture of adoration and lust.

"Try blowing, Steve; it might clear out some pollen."

Steve nodded as he let out another, "Esshhuh!"

Clamping the tissues around his nose, Steve took advantage of a pause between sneezes to give his nose a sharp, resounding blow. Surprisingly enough, something inside it gave way. His morning's congestion had loosened enough to allow some air to move through, dragging with it a mixture of mucus and accumulated pollen. He blew his nose time and again, interrupted only by a few startled "mph-choo"'s between blows, as James carefully observed him.

A small, private smile played on James' lush lips; though he preferred his lover's actual sneezes to the sound of him blowing his nose, the wet, crackling noises weren't entirely unpleasant to his ears either.

At last, Steve's blue eyes opened for the second time that morning.

"Better?" James inquired, still sitting with his arm around Steve's shoulders. Unlike his lover, he looked extremely bright and alert.

"Yeah," Steve shrugged as he whispered a touch shyly. "Sorry about that, honey, I didn't mean to wake you. It's just this damned hay fever, y'know."

Jamesı hands flew to his hips where they helped their owner in adopting a pose heıd copied years before from Miss Tremblay, the strictest, scariest first grade teacher the world had ever known.

"Stephen Francis Reddington, don't you dare apologize for sneezing. It's not your fault, and besides..." all traces of his former sternness vanished entirely as James smiled mischievously, a lazy sexy grin, and injected a languorous pause into his sentence, "I don't mind. You know you're always sexy to me!"

And this was strictly the truth. There was a reason why the gaze of many women and several men followed Steve's graceful form whenever he strolled down the street. The man was tall, well-built, and, most people agreed, an absolute doll. He usually had an aura of elegance about the way he carried himself that gave new meaning to the phrase "gay men don't walk - they glide", even though this wasn't exactly apparent right at that moment.

As for his appearance, nature had been very generous indeed when she'd blessed Steve with his own particular brand of good looks. The man possessed slanted, intelligent sky-blue eyes, an abundance of light wavy chestnut hair that was soft as silk, and gorgeous chiselled features. His nose was masculine, straight and perhaps slightly too large for his face, though James thought it was just perfect, and it fit flawlessly between Steve's well-groomed, finely arched bronze brows and his high, fox-like cheekbones. His lips, which were currently pressed tightly together and trembling ever so slightly from what seemed like the effort to ward off another tickle, were usually full and ripe, smooth and sweet as cherries.

And then, there was his body, James reflected with a smile. His face alone was breathtaking, but the rest of him was also equally stunning. James could easily become lost in a steamy daydream whenever he let his thoughts wander towards the perfect planes of his lover's back, the smooth dunes of his abdomen, the sinuous curves of his buttocks, the hard, thick exclamation point between his legs...

Oh indeed, James could look at Steve all day and never get tired of it. Sometimes, he was amazed when he stopped to think that this beautiful man, this intelligent, caring and also blessedly hay fever stricken beautiful man, shared his bed and his home. And at times, times like these to be precise, he could hardly believe his luck.

James' smooth olive tan hand fluttered over to settle on his lover's sheet-covered crotch. Not much life down there! But then again, in all fairness, the man's attention had been focused elsewhere... Though come to think of it, James mused, Steve's morning sneezing fit had pretty much been the only thing on his mind too, and that had led to plenty of life signs from his own genitalia. One of these days, he really had to tell his lover about this secret liking of his... But maybe not today, he decided, feeling a blush rise to his cheeks at the very idea of sharing what he considered to be one of his most private and guilty secrets with anyone. Right now, he just wanted to thoroughly enjoy Steve and his delicious allergic sneezing.

"Huh... Huh-eshoo!... Even like-...Eshhoo!... Like th-... Heh-choo!... Heyesshoo!... Heyesshoo!... Unhhhh... Will someone please stop me?" Steve groaned as he rubbed at his nose, giving a last blow in the tissues.

James smiled, thinking that he sure wouldn't want to be the one to do it. With a twinge of guilt, he acknowledged that he was enjoying this massive fit of sneezes far, far too much.

Steve leant over to put the sodden wad of paper into the small decorative wastebasket kept near the bed for just such occasions. He then turned to his lover and gave James a weak and absolutely beautiful red-nosed, teary eyed smile. His lush lips parted as he finally managed to asked the question that he had been struggling to pose before, using an uncharacteristically small voice laced with insecurity,

"You think I'm sexy even like this?"

Objectively, no matter how handsome he usually was, at that moment he looked a total and utter mess. And yet, James thought as his eyes acquired a definite twinkled, his lover had never been sexier. If Steve could have seen himself the way James did for even a minute... To wit, it would have rocked his world.

"Especially like this."

To emphasise his point, James' hand darted beneath the sheets and found Steve's warm, soft flesh. Slowly, with care and affection, he began to stroke.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Steve asked, his voice doused heavily enough with emotion to make the stomach of some individuals, who have never known the mushy heights of love and infatuation, churn dangerously.

"Well, not yet this morning, no. Relax, you big lummox. You know I'm crazy about you too," James gave him another flash of perfectly aligned white enamel, "and I intend to prove it."

Steve raised an inquisitive, perfectly arched coppery eyebrow. "How?"


James stalled, trying to come up with a vaguely poetic way of saying "by fucking your brains out". It wasn't happening. He shook his head, making the jet black strands there swirl and dance, and took Steve's hand in his, placing it on the rock hard erection he'd been nursing ever since Steve had started sneezing.

"What brought that on?" Steve asked, feigning surprise.

He knew James often awoke with sex on his mind, but for some reason, that drive always intensified dramatically in the spring. His lover's excitement was more the norm than the exception at this time of year, and he knew full well what James intended to do with it.

"You did, sweetheart," James replied coyly.

Steve nodded, his eyes slowly growing heavy lidded as he felt another ominous tickle grow in the back of his nose. He gulped harshly, trying to stave it off, but it was coming on too fast and too strong for it to do much good. James immediately saw what was happening, and practically bounded atop Steve, pushing him down onto the bed with his powerful arms, just as the sneeze overtook his lover. The latter exploded with a rather loud and wet "heyessshoo!", that landed a light mist right onto James' fairly chiselled olive chest.

That absolutely superb sneeze cinched it. If he'd been feeling horny before, that had been a candle flame compared to the forest fire of need that was now burning it's way through James. Feeling his lover's warm spray cooling on his smooth chest was incredibly titillating, and he very much longed for Steve to sneeze on him again. Repeatedly.

Steve was flat on his back with James positioning himself  on top of him. The latter took in his lover's reddened nose and still watery eyes, the colour of summer skies, and suddenly felt such a rush of affection that he leaned down to kiss him. Unshaven chins peppered with morning stubble ground together as James massaged Steve's tongue passionately with his own. The kiss grew and grew in intensity and ardour, until James realized that he just might eventually come, even without additional stimulus, if they kept on doing this long enough. He was sorely tempted to give it a try.

And then, slowly, the nature of their kissing began to change. Steve's tongue grew sluggish and his lips stiffened, while his inhalations became shallow and erratic. James' own lips stiffened in turn, but for a different reason; he had to steel himself in order to keep a full-fledged smile from blossoming on his own lush lips, as he felt Steve fighting not to disengage because he needed to sneeze again.

The moment stretched deliciously as James practically felt the pressure in Steve's nose mounting. His erection, hot, pink steel, rubbed sensually against Steve's blossoming one, as he felt the man's chin quivering and saw his nostrils frantically flaring. The moment was so unbelievably intense, so incredibly erotic, that James wondered whether it was humanly possible to be more turned on.

And then, to his very temporary regret, Steve's eyes opened in mild panic and he tore his mouth away from James'.

"Sorry, I need to-... I'm going to-... Huh... huh-huh!... Heyesshoo!...James, I-iessshoo!...Hesshhoo!... Heh-eh-tchoo!"

Steve sniffed wetly, the dazed, sneezy expression not withdrawing from his handsome features. The tickle, which had begun with insidious slowness while they kissed, had grown to gigantically torturous proportions. He'd fought valiantly to keep it down and not to interrupt their passionate oral exploration session, but his allergies had won in the end and were now completely overpowering him once again. Though Steve did feel quite embarrassed, he had no choice but to submit and sneeze not only in front of his lover, but, in fact, on him as well! He tried to warn James, but the sneezing was persistent enough that it kept him from effectively stringing a sentence together.

"Love, please, I- Heh-shoo!... Heh-etchoo!... I- Esshoo!... Oh, I'm so-... Heh-choo!..."

Seeing his lover's contorting face as he was being rocked again and again with powerfully intense sneezes, feeling the power of those explosions rock through him in turn, was incredibly arousing for James. Instead of moving out of the way as Steve was obviously trying to ask him to, He stayed exactly where he was, savouring his lover's allergies to the fullest and basking in that enjoyment. Each new sneeze sent a renewed wave of heated pleasure from his neck and shoulders, where most of Steve's delicious sneezes were landing, all the way down to his toes, and passing through  his groin.

Frantically, Steve's left hand managed to leave the perfect planes of James' well muscled back to flutter over the top of the small night table that stood next to his side of the table. Among other things, there lay there a box of tissues, placed there with this situation in mind among others.

He grabbed a handful and brought them to his nose, manoeuvring so that he wouldn't hit James in the face with them.

"Heyeshoo!... So sorry-... Heh-shoo!... Huh-uh... Heh-etchoo!... Heyesshoo!... Huh... Heh-shoo!... Heyesshoo!"

As he sneezed into the tissues, which in Steve's mind was infinitely preferable to the mortification brought on by sneezing onto his lover's well-muscled neck, shoulders and back, he tried to blow his nose to clear away more of the morning's congestion and pollen. That usually did the trick in momentarily stopping the sneezing... giving him some reprieve in order to gear up for the next fit, Steve thought with more bitterness than was strictly necessary. Why had God chosen him, of all people, to deal with this horrible case of hay fever?

When he finally managed to stop sneezing, Steve apologized to James and tossed another sodden wad of tissues into the waste bin's ready and open maw.

"Look, I'm really sorry babe, maybe I'd better just get up and take my antihistamine right now. Hopefully, it'll work quickly, and then we can..."

James gently placed one tapered finger over Steve's gorgeous lips to stop his apologizing. Having his lover get up to take a tablet right now was the last thing he wanted, though he felt too awkward to share this little fact with him, much less to explain the reason behind it.

"You can do that later," he whispered instead, smiling enigmatically.

He drew himself up and off Steve, reaching over, in turn, to his lover's night table. On its smooth surface lay not only a box of tissues, but also a small bottle of lubricant.

He grabbed it, his eyes sparkling with mischief and love, and looked at Steve. "Let's do something else before."

"I don't get it," Steve argued, rubbing at his reddened nose like a snuffly little boy. "I'm a total mess, I just sneezed all over you - for which I'm really sorry, again, by the way - and you still want to jump my bones?"

"Consider yourself lucky, sweetheart," James replied archly from where he kneeled between Steve's spread thighs.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he felt another guilty twinge. He was the lucky one! However, since he couldnıt quite figure out how to tell Steve this in a non incriminating manner, he decided to let it slide. Heıd make up for it later.

He uncapped the small white bottle of Liquid Silk and poured a round island of it onto his waiting palm. Then, he shut it again and tossed it carelessly onto the bed, using his hand to coat his stiff penis with the mixture. It took James all of three seconds to give it a satisfactory glaze, and he used his fingers to spread what was left around Steve's anus, occasionally teasingly inserting a finger or two inside his lover.

Steve smiled at James. He really was lucky to have this gorgeous olive-skinned man as his lover - and though he didn't understand it, he really didn't mind the man's upsurge in libido at this time of year. He only wished it didn't coincide with his feeling utterly repulsive; what would James be like if he didn't wake up sneezing his head off every morning?

Just thinking about sneezing seemed to trigger something in Steve's nose, and before he could stop it, a powerful "Heh-esshoo!" burst out of him, making his erection bob up and down heavily. James laughingly caught it in his left palm, where just enough lube remained to give his lover a coating similar to his own. Using his right hand, he coaxed Steve's legs onto his shoulders as he manoeuvred so that his erection hovered at the entrance of his lover's mocha opening.

Then, smiling as he felt Steve's legs secured on his shoulders, James used a firm hand to gently guide his Liquid Silk coated erection into his loverıs arse. He proceeded gently at first, moving back and forth with caution, monitoring Steve's reactions by looking closely at his expression. Even though they'd done this too many times to even attempt to count, James was always paranoid about hurting his partner. This probably stemmed from his own early experiences, where neither he nor his partners had known what they were doing and thus used neither caution nor lubricant when they had sex, consequently ending up more pained than pleased. Of course, these had tended to be rather speeded affairs where little or no feelings had been involved, and these made James ever more appreciative of what he had with Steve. He loved being able to take his time in having sex, in making it as close to perfect as he could every time.

"I'm fine," Steve assured him, smiling at his lover's habitual caution.

"You sure?"

Steve nodded. Though he appreciated James' tenderness, there was really no need for it. Not only had his lover used more than enough lubricant and indulged him with a bit of caressing foreplay that had him totally relaxed, but the muscle in his arse was fairly well-stretched from countless similar encounters with James and others before him. He wanted to feel his lover's hardness within him, thrusting away, spreading heat, passion and pleasure throughout his body. However, even as he was anticipating this, Steve realized there was something he wanted to do even more.

Get rid of the bloody persistent itch in his nose.

"Huh...Huh-uh!... Huh-ESHHooo!"

James, his entire shaft now well buried inside his lover's dark warmth, was delighted as he felt a muscular tightening around the base of his cock when Steve sneezed. That, combined with the sight and sound of it, was absolutely sublime.

"Bless YOU, sweetheart."

"And thank YOU, sweetheart," Steve replied, with more than a trace of sarcasm.

He couldn't help but feel that James was poking fun at him, even though deep inside he knew his lover would never purposely hurt his feelings. He knew he was being touchy for no good reason, and that his timing couldn't be much worse, but he'd always been sensitive about his sneezing. It was completely involuntary... and often embarrassing in awkward situations such as this. At times, he felt that James should be inoculated into sainthood for having endured it so many years! It drove Steve himself nearly insane, and he felt it would probably have done the same to most other people who chose to live with him throughout spring.

"Oh c'mon, you know I don't mind in the least," James laughed, beginning to rock inside him ever so slowly. What an understatement.

"And it's a damn good thing you don't, hon, 'cause I don't think I could stop sneezing even if I wanted to." Steve looked right into James' grin. Did he imagine that sudden shine in his eyes? "Which I do no-uh... now...huh-... Hesshoo!"

Steve wrinkled his nose and then closed his eyes, relaxing. This time, thank God! it was just a single sneeze, not another volley. He forced himself to mellow out, to quit being self-conscious, to concentrate on enjoying the feel of James' hardness slowly entering and withdrawing, rubbing and teasing his prostate along the way. As always, it felt great, and the fact that James also used a hand to stroke Steve's own erection at the same time didn't hurt either. He smiled, eyes closed, and sighed contentedly. It was practically a purr, and this told James that as per usual, he was on the right track.

James' movement began to pick up some speed as he got more and more into the action. He loved the feel of Steve around him, his tightness and his silken warmth encircling his hard flesh. The friction was becoming increasingly heated and pleasurable for both of them. The satisfied look on his lover's face as he thrust in him and stroked him at the same time was also rewarding; James could feel the other's thighs beginning to clench and unclench near his shoulders. He knew exactly what got Steve going, and revelled in bringing him as much pleasure as he received. And yet, though he was receiving quite a lot through his thrusting in and out of his lover, James couldn't help wishing Steveıs hay fever would act up again to feed his secret passion. And feeling a bit small for this  secret, guilty, irresistibly appealing thought.

Steve's eyes were blissfully shut, enjoying James' efforts. The man really was fantastic, and Steve could hardly have asked for a better way to wake up. In fact, had it not been for the fact that he could feel something stirring yet again in the back of his nose, he would have been perfectly content. However, the recurring tickle was not willing to be ignored or denied. Steve could feel it, roaming about like a malignant pulsing warmth. It felt as if the inside of his nose were liquefying suddenly yet again in a reaction against the myriad little grains he hated with a passion even though he couldn't see them. It was torture!

He sniffed heavily, but it didn't do much good. This harsh, liquid sounding intake immediately got James' attention, and the man's attention at once totally focused on Steve's handsome, increasingly troubled face. James watched as the other's perfectly groomed brows rose even as they furrowed together oh-so-slowly in an expression of intense concentration. He took in his lover's broad chest, which had begun rising and falling erratically as Steve's breathing began to hitch. When he felt the legs on his shoulders stiffen expectantly, James could hardly contain his excitement. Even though he knew full well that Steve was struggling with what looked to be another huge, fast approaching sneeze - possibly even another genuine fit, but then again, he did tend to be an optimist - James decided to put more energy than ever into pleasuring his lover.

Steve found himself torn between concentrating on sensations in three areas at once. First, there was his penis, around which James' capable hand was strongly wrapped and stroking in a fast and efficient up-and-down motion. James' thumb was applying a deliciously savant pressure on his fraenulum, and this alone threatened to drive Steve completely out of his head with pleasure. Then, there was James' own rock hard penis, which he was using at the same time to fuck the living daylights out of Steve. Feeling the man's heavy hardness brush repeatedly across his g-spot, even as he felt every inch of his penetration and withdrawal all over his insides, was pleasurable beyond words. Through James' efforts, Steve was finding himself on the verge of an explosive orgasm, and his entire body was shaking with the intensity of his pleasure and his anticipation of its apex.

Incredibly enough, the only cause for delay to the earth shaking climax awaiting Steve was the third point which was deluging his already overloaded system with sensations: his nose. The membranes within it were practically convulsing because of his growing need to sneeze. What had started out as a small, annoying itch had become an enormous annoying itch, one that threatened to drive Steve insane if he didn't do something, anything, to alleviate it. And yet, he was loathe to start sneezing in front of James yet again... Especially in the position they were in. He'd done something similar many times before, of course, his hay fever not being very discriminate in terms of when it chose to steer him into a frenzy of sneezing, but Steve found each time as embarrassing as the first.

Steve's eyes were slits as he valiantly fought against the ever expanding urge to just let go and sneeze. He looked up at James, kneeling in front of him with his cheeks flushed red from pleasure, wishing his lover's eyes were closed. No such luck; however much Steve would have wished the other could look elsewhere while he surrendered to the rigid demands of his allergies, James' large, expressive coal dark eyes were securely fastened onto his tired and irritated blue ones as he continued making love to him with both his hand and his dick. He debated whether he should ask James to stop, but finally decided not to as he realized that in the overwhelming state of tension he was in, he would be utterly unable to speak.

Oh, the pleasure! Oh, the agony! Steve felt his breathing become alarmingly ragged, both because of the pressing need to sneeze and because of the overwhelming pleasure James was giving him. His thighs were stiff as boards, trembling lightly near the other's shoulders, and he knew his cheeks were as red as his lovers', even if Steve knew it was from both pleasure and embarrassment. He was so on edge he felt he might crack any second, and yet as James kept on his stroking and thrusting, driving him to ever higher sensory heights, all he wanted to do was let go. Which explosion would come first?

In the end, pleasure took precedence over pain. James' skill was such that he was brought to orgasm even through the intense agony Steve was experiencing because of the torturous little grains of pollen that didn't seem to want to let him be. As he felt his climax welling up from the very deepest recesses of his being like a red hot bolt of lightening, Steve arched his back, forgetting everything except the overflow of pleasure in his cock and arse. He felt heat rumbling inside him, coming up, up and then out of him in incredibly intense white hot spurts, splattering all over James' smooth olive chest and stomach where it stuck and droplets glistened like moonstones in the morning's golden light.

His ecstasy was fairly short lived; even as Steve's rigid sex was still shaking with dwindling orgasmic spasms, slowly arching back before twitching forward again, his oblivious enjoyment ebbed and his attention returned to the incredible burning itch in his nose. Steve's rose petal mouth, which had opened as he threw his head back to enjoy his climax, promptly clamped shut again. His lips quivered, and it wasn't too long before they parted again despite their ownerıs best wishes, curling helplessly upwards in a look the seasoned James knew only too well.

If sexual enjoyment had peaked for Steve, it wasn't the yet case for his lover. James was enjoying their passionate intercourse quite a lot, but Steve's fast approaching sneezes were going to be the proverbial icing on the cake. He felt his pleasure increasing solely through the anticipation of the fit to come, and his entire being seemed to shift in preparation. His thrusting sped up even more as his eyes latched onto Steve's expression.

It took all of five seconds for his lover to lose the control he had until then fought so hard to maintain. James was fully alert and prepared when his lover got a panicked look and gave a few short gasps  before erupting with a massive sneeze,

"Huh... Huh-huh-huh!... Huh-ESSHOOO!..."

James' groan was lost in the explosion as he felt his lover's muscles contracting around his erection in time with the sneeze. It was fantastic. James kept his eyes well opened as he continued to make frantically passionate love to him, more than ready for the next fast approaching sneeze.

"Heh-YESH-ooo!... Huh... HEH-tchoo!...Damn it, I- IESSHOO!"

Steve hated this; he'd been sneezing ever since he got up, but these were even bigger, all the more forceful for having been kept at bay for so long. He fervently hoped they didn't detract from James' own enjoyment of their lovemaking, but that didn't seem to be the case. Even if he didn't open his eyes to check, he felt James pushing in and out of him with feverish energy, and could practically feel his breath, hot, heavy and sweet, on his body.

And still, his nose refused to let him be.

"HESHOO!... Heh-HET-choo!... Oh, Huh... HESHooo!... Heh-ESHHooo!..."

James had fucked Steve in similar situations many times before - fits like these were by some miracle plentiful at this time of year - but each time seemed more fantastic than the last. The vulnerability his lover exuded; the gripping facial expressions before, during and after the sneeze; the rich, rounded sound and the faint mist that sometimes exploded from his lover's nose or mouth, all of these were fabulously exciting in and of themselves... and frightfully potent when combined.

And then, when James was inside Steve or Steve was inside him, he could actually feel the sneezes rock his lover's body, feel the vibrations and reverberations, the spastic contractions it brought on, the release of energy that resulted from these incredible nasal explosions. James would be the first to admit it was one of the most wonderful things he'd ever experienced, and he considered himself infinitely lucky in that every spring, he got to experience it over and over and over again. Forget Christmas - this was the time of year where revelations occurred and pleasant surprises were begotten every single day!

"HeyESHOO!... HESSHoo!... Heh... HET-choo!... Oh God... HESSHoo! Please let this- heYESSHOO! -stop... ESHOOO!"

And then, just as Steve let out an incredibly forceful, spasmic, body crunching "HEH-ETTCHHHOOO!", James came.

Steve's orgasm had been powerful, but James' was a titanic tidal wave of all-encompassing ecstatic bliss that struck like a lightening bolt and threatened to make him collapse on the spot from sheer sensory overload. His entire body went rigid as he pumped out warm, liquid heat, Steve's continuing sneezing sounding preternaturally loud, like a heavenly chant to his ears as sensation throughout his being became as increased and magnified as if heıd suddenly inhaled an entire bottle of poppers all at once. He was trembling and felt a hot, flushed sweat break out all over his torso, arms and legs even as he continued to thrust lightly in and out of Steve in the hopes of prolonging the incredibly intense rush sweeping through him.

And then, as suddenly as it had descended upon him, it was over.

James realized that Steve was trying to talk. What was he saying?

"James-ESSHHooo!... I-heh-HESHOO!... I need- ESHOOO!... Heh-YESHOO!... TISSUE!!! Heh-ESHOO!..."

Steve had both hands covering his contorting mouth and seizing nose, but there was no mistaking that last word, practically yelled out, a desperate plea for James' to hand him a wad of the soft sheets that would allow him to blow his nose, once again bringing a temporary end to a fit of sneezes that appeared to be totally overpowering.

Still feeling both giddy and weak from his earth-shattering orgasm, James complied with his lover's request. He reached over, grabbed a handful of tissues and thrust them lovingly into Steve's cupped palms, at the same time gently withdrawing from inside him.

"Tha-hatchoo!... Thank y-ieshhoo!..."

James motioned for Steve to blow instead of trying to thank him, and the latter promptly complied. Forceful blowing interspersed with random, startled sounding sneezes did the trick; it cleared the sudden irritating accumulation of pollen and at last allowed his lover to stop sneezing.

While he did it, James lovingly used still more tissues to wipe both himself and Steve clean from the splattered results of their morning fun. When he was done, he cuddled up to Steve, who was sitting reclined against his pillow and breathing hard as he recuperated from his allergy attack.

"Thanks for that, honey. It was wonderful for me," he whispered, brushing Steve's soft, tousled chestnut hair with his lips.

"For what," Steve replied a trifle testily, "sneezing all over you? I'm really sorry babe. These bloody allergies just seem to get worse every year!"

"Oh come on," James said calmly, "don't get your knickers in a twist. You know I don't mind.

"You keep saying that, but I mind! Asides from everything else, they're bloody embarrassing. You must cringe at the very thought of being seen with me in public during spring, and I hate to think what was just going on in your head when my nose decided to go completely insane on me just then. Talk about horrible timing! And this happens nearly every morning for two whole months every single year - it's bloody driving me mad!"

James sat pensively, running his right hand through Steve's rich chestnut hair as he lovingly wrapped his left arm around the other's shoulders in a comforting gesture. He really hated seeing the man he adored like this, his cheeks flushed with miserable discomfort and shame at what he perceived to be an embarrassing affliction. Did he really think James thought less of him because his allergies? Oh, if he only knew!

And then, something clicked. It had taken him more than four years, but James realized it was now or never.

James swallowed dryly, feeling a heat rise to his own cheeks that was very similar to that which tinged his lover's. His heart began to pound as he wrapped his arms a bit more tightly around the solid shoulders belonging to the man he loved. James took a deep breath, his eyes narrowing as he steeled himself, and opened his beautifully shaped mouth.


"What, honey?"

"There's something you really ought to know about me."