Lisa's Birthday Surprise


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It was Lisa's 28th birthday and for the most part, she was in a good mood. Her co-workers had given her a huge party at the bank. Everything was going well for her the entire day but, to be honest, the gift she was looking forward to the most was still to come that night.

She just recently told her Latino boyfriend, Juan, that his sneezes drove her crazy with lust for him. He had promised that he would indulge her in this department on her birthday. It was after a candlelight dinner, which her boyfriend would prepare for her at her apartment, that the festivities would begin for Lisa.


Lisa grabbed one of Juan's large hands in her left hand and the peppershaker in her right hand, grinning ear-to-ear the whole time. Lisa stripped Juan of all his clothes. He stood at the foot of the bed, his impressive member dangling in the breeze and his rippled, tanned body awaiting Lisa's every command.

Lisa ordered Juan to strip her of her clothing. He slowly and sensually did as she commanded. She then softly shoved him on the bed and bound his hands to the backboard with two white cloths. She then straddled him, saying,

"Are you ready sweetie?" as she rubbed her longs nails through the thick hair on his chest.

He gulped and said, in his unmistakable broken English," I jess so, juhs dun do tuh much at first."

She smiled and gently kissed his right cheek, saying, "I swear I won't"

Lisa then picked up the shaker and sprinkled a little pile of pepper in her palm, leaning in close to Juan's large masculine nose and softly blowing some pepper up his nostrils. Juan's eyes started to tear and his hairy eyebrows rose up quickly as the pepper seemed to immediately find the right spot.

Lisa, started to slowly pleasure herself as she watched her sexy boyfriend squirm and wiggle, trying to fight the tremendous tickle pulsating up and down his ski-slope nose.

Juan squeezed his eyes shut and started to take short breaths as the build-up began.

"HUR... HURR... HURR..."

His body was jerking in spasms in time to each "Hur".

Lisa could feel herself on the way to having a huge orgasm from a combination of watching Juan's sexy pre-sneeze face and her "fingering" herself.

Fully aroused, she mounted the sexy Latin stud, screaming, "Oh... Fuck YES!... Fuck me... Take me...Oooooh..."

Meanwhile, Juan's nostrils scrunched up a number of times before finally giving in to a thunderous sneezing fit.

"Hurr-chuhh... chuhh... hurchuuh... HURchuh..."

Sounds rumbled loudly as the unsuppressed sneezes echoed of the bedroom walls.

Juan's body jerked up and down violently with each massive sneeze that shot out of his tickly nose. Lisa, while taking him, attempted to slow down the sneezes by putting her right pointer-finger under his red-tipped nostrils, but this only seemed to stall the sneezes and make the build-up longer and more pleasurable for her.

After what seemed like the forty-fifth sneezes she untied his fabric shackles and rubbed his itchy nose for him, saying,

"That was the best sex we ever had! I loved it - I could have come from that all night long."

Juan, still trying to fight off a, sneeze replied,

"Hahh... ahh... ppyuhhh... huhhh... birth... day... hurrr..."

Seconds before his release Lisa slipped her finger under his twitching nostrils and said, smiling,

"Thank you sweetie; this was the best present I ever got."

Finger still preventing his sneeze, Lisa gave him a long, passionate kiss.