Making Up


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Pushing through the doors of the hospital, she listened as her heels made angry clicks against the hard floor. No, more than angry. Frustrated. Who the hell does he think he is, anyway?

She slammed open the doors to the ER, not noticing as she nearly knocked over an orderly. Walking up to the desk, she demanded curtly, "Is Ethan Davis still on shift?" 

The intern blinked at the strong woman from behind thick glasses. An immaculate tailored suit and smooth blonde french twist added to the powerhouse demeanor emanating from the other side of the counter. 

The intern was suddenly nervous. "Um, yes, I do believe he is..."

"Good." The word was short, like the chop of an axe. "When does he finish?"

"Oh, in about..." the young student glanced at the clock. "...ten minutes?"

"Thank you." And she made a military about face, thinking to wait in the rubber hospital chairs for her prey. 

Lauren wasn't normally so brusque, but a few too many things had gone wrong in the last few days for her to be functioning in the usual way. After their fight two days ago - when he'd hung up on her - she'd determined that either he apologized or this was IT!

She'd barely finished the crisp turn when she saw him come through the doors opposite the desk. His tall, subtly muscular frame, light brown hair, and bright blue eyes still took her breath away, but she shook that out of her mind. Not seeing her, he dropped into one of the empty chairs and put his face in his hands. 

She marched up to him, and said in a low, icy voice, "Why didn't you return any of my calls? I must have left 5 or 6 messages..." 

She trailed off when he turned glazed eyes up to gaze at her. He looked awful. 

"Oh god," she breathed, dropping down in the chair next to him. "You look exhausted." 

He didn't answer for a minute, leaning wearily against the back of the chair, his hands limp in his lap. Then, slowly, he lifted his hands to his face, and sneezed. "EESHH!" He wiped his nose with the back of his wrist, and then spoke sluggishly, "I've been on... 36 hours." 

Well, that would explain why he hadn't called. Her expression softened, but she was still angry with him. Taking a breath, "Can you leave now?"

He turned to look blankly at her, and then blinked a few times. "...what?..." 

"Are you off now? Can you leave?"

He sank down into his hands, elbows resting on his knees, and nodded.

She looked him over, taking in his rumpled blue scrubs, the thin stubble on his chin, how his hands were shaking slightly... 

"Come on," she said, putting a hand on his arm. "I'll take you home." 

The ride to his apartment was quiet, except for the occasional "ESSSH! EEESH!" wet sneezes and sniffling that punctuated the silence. She followed him up the stairs, watching as his trembling hands barely managed to get the key in the lock, but she didn't offer to help him. She sensed that now wasn't the time. 

She followed him in, watching as he shrugged his coat off and let it fall, stumbling to drop heavily onto the couch. She went into the kitchen and got a glass of ice water for him. He glanced at her as he took it, his face not betraying any emotions. His voice was monotone. "You don't have to stay."

She sat gently next to him, not touching. Speaking softly, she answered without looking at him, "I want to."

He sighed, setting the half-empty glass on the coffee table and rubbing his face with one of his hands. "I'm sorry I didn't call you, 'Ren." 

"S'okay, E." He coughed weakly, and she glanced at him again. "Are you feeling okay?"

Somehow the use of their nicknames bridged the gap between them, and allowed her to reach out and take his hand. He leaned back against the couch cushions, closing his eyes wearily. His expression grew dark. Bringing a hand up to rub at his nose, he shrugged, shaking his head. 

Nudging closer to him, she squeezed his hand, and tried again, gently, "E?"

He pulled his hand out of her grasp, sitting up quickly. His hands shot in front of his face. "EESSH! EEESSH!! huh... EEEHHIISSSHOO!" He groaned softly, leaning back and giving a weak sniffle. 

She loved the sound of his sneezes, wet and full... powerful. She brought her free hand up and laid it against his cheek. 

"You're warm," she noted. 

He shrugged again, and gave a couple more coughs that she didn't like the sound of. 

"Come on," she said, hauling him up from the couch and pushing him toward the bedroom. She steered him to the bed and sat him down before rummaging through his dresser for a pair of sweat pants and a soft t-shirt. She deposited them in his lap. When he made no move to put them on, she gently tugged off his clothes and helped him to change. Her hands were warm and capable, and he found a measure of reassurance in her strong touch. 

"I'm sorry, 'Ren." It came as a soft whisper. She almost wasn't sure she heard it.

"What?" she replied softly, kneeling in front of him to look into his eyes. What she saw there made her chest tight. 

"The fight," he whispered. "I'm so sorry..." his voice caught on the word, and she pulled him to her. 

She gave him a reassuring squeeze, allowing him to take comfort in her embrace. She knew that long shifts in the ER tended to take so much out of him, and it wasn't something that a simple hug could smooth away. 

Taking his face in her hands, she kissed him sweetly on his warm lips. His arms slipped around her waist, and he kissed her again, a hunger for her growing deep inside. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, and she returned its caress. The kisses grew deeper, more insistent, as his hands traveled up and down her slender body. God, he loved the feel of her under his hands. She unbuttoned her suit jacket, letting it slide to the floor, and then her skirt followed it. His hands slid up under her full slip, sliding along her bare stomach. She lifted her arms as it came over her head, and helped him unfasten her bra, all the while nibbling at his neck, his earlobe, his mouth... 

His shirt made its way unceremoniously to the floor, followed by his pants, then his boxers. Wryly, she wondered what had been the point of putting them on him if she was just going to pull them off? Her panties slid to the floor, and they slid between the sheets. Suddenly, his mouth slowed, his body stiffening. She moved down to his neck, knowing what was about to happen. Sure enough, after a few desperate pants, "EEHIISHHOO!" 

"Bless you," she murmured. "You're all sneezy today." 

"Yeah," he sniffled thickly, his voice hoarse. "I think I caught something at work."

"Poor baby," she purred. 

He reached his hand over to the box of tissues by the bed, and pulled two of them out. Using both hands, he cleared one nostril, then the next, with wet, soft "ssshhhhsss" noises. Her mouth trailed down his chest, her hands slowly massaging his thighs just the way he liked it. 

She took him into her mouth, using her tongue to massage his rock-hard erection as her hands continued to knead his thighs. She let her eyes sweep up to watch his reaction through lowered lashes. He had settled back, relaxing, inhaling deeply as he clutched the sheets. She turned her attention to his swelling member in her mouth, pulling harder and faster with her strong lips. 

Eyes darting back to watch his reactions even as she fell into a comfortable pace, one he enjoyed from the sound of his soft moans, she worked him into a higher gear the way only she could. Suddenly, however, she saw his arm go up to his face and then she felt his body tense as he rubbed his nose with the back of his hand. Her body tensed in anticipation, her breathing becoming heavier. 

He breathed deeply, shuddered, and she raised her head just a little to see him seize forward from the force of two huge sneezes, "HEH-EEESHH!! GGSHHOOO!" that sprayed out like a geyser over his chest. His eyes closed tight, and he covered his face with his hand. 

Just before bringing him to the edge, she took her mouth away, smiling as he gave her a tortured expression. She slid her body along his bobbing, swollen erection, until she attacked his mouth, pulling him to her with strong, demanding hands. His hands took her hips, positioning her until he was able to slide deep inside her, eliciting a satisfying moan from them both. She rode on top of him deep, hard, fast. Theirs was a fiery passion, one that had not cooled even after nearly two years of seeing each other. Each new joining was an adventure, one in which they had discovered they were never able to get enough of each others' bodies. Bodies that fit each other so perfectly... 

As they rocked together, she watched his face, his eyes closed tight. She knew this expression - it was one of deep concentration as he relished the pleasure coursing through his body. Then, his expression changed slightly. His nose twitched, and he gave a small snuffle. Her heart jumped. 

She'd never told him her secret. In two years of dating she hadn't found the right opportunity to let him know how sexy she thought his sneezes were. Yeah, she knew this sounded fairly common among those with her fetish. On many of the fetish pages she frequented on the net she had read how people felt compelled to share their fetish with their mate, but that wasn't true for her. Somehow, though it had crossed her mind every once in a while, she hadn't felt the need to tell him. It remained her own personal pleasure. 

But now, as he scrunched his face around, struggling to sniffle through the congestion building in his itchy nose, she could feel on the tip of her tongue the words that would betray to him how unbelievably irresistible he looked. 

God, his nose! And this had to be the worst timing. He'd felt so horrible about the stupid fight, and terrified that he had blown it with the only woman he'd ever loved. Then, that excruciating shift at the hospital, which had nearly killed him. The relief that had washed over him upon seeing her had been edged with fear that she had come to break it off with him. He looked through watery eyes up at her. Her hair had come loose, tumbling down her shoulders in a golden waterfall. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. If only his nose would leave him in peace!

"Huh... uh..." He was trying to will it away. "Hah... eeh, eehHHEEESSHOO!" He couldn't hold it back, but managed to turn his head at the last moment so he wouldn't drench the gorgeous creature rocking sensuously above him. 

She dipped down, plunging her tongue once again into his eager mouth. Her hair enveloped his nose, and once again he felt the itchy stirrings that were urging him to sneeze. As much as he didn't want to at that moment, he knew he could not help himself. 

"Ahh... hahh... haahHHSHOOO! EEEHTTCHOO!" 

He snuffled helplessly, his nose now full and running over. His hips were locked in a frantic rhythm with hers, his body willing him to go a little further, knowing that sweet ecstasy loomed just over the horizon. 

But his nose was not finished. Something twinged deep inside, and he found himself growing desperate to pull his hand away from his lover's soft, heated skin and rub frantically at his increasingly itchy nose. He sniffed, hoping that would quell the sensation. It didn't work.

She had felt those two intense sneezes rip through his body, and had let her head drop back as the feeling of his body rocking under hers and the light spray that landed on her skin set her entire body on fire. 

"Sorry, love..." he panted. "Can't... cad't seeb to... to helb id..." And he snuffled again, thickly.

Ohhh... he had no idea. 

He had to sniffle, his nose was overflowing. But each time he did, the air stirred the irritated membranes and he felt the inevitable coming closer and closer. He needed... he had to... to sneeze again.... 

"Heah.. heah heah... snnnkk..." he began, once again trying to sniffle it away, fighting with every ounce of his strength. Just a little more, he willed. Just a little longer... Their joining had nearly reached its climax, and he found his hands pulling down her sides, squeezing as they went, as if he could somehow milk her essence into his own body. His strong fingers squeezed her buttocks, and she moaned. 

She heard his desperate panting, and smiled to herself as she let the thought take her that part of it was for her, and part for the growing cold in his nose that was making him so amazingly helpless. Her body thrilled as his strong hands roamed her fiery skin, feeling as he continued to snuffle, fighting with his nose. 

"Ahh... snnnggkk... oohh..." 

"Are... are you... okay, baby?" She gasped through their gyrations. 

"Hahh... jusd... by dose... idches..." He snffled again, and she heard the tantalizing thickness of his congestion. 

Their pace increased suddenly to lightning speed, as their desire for each other took over and drove their bodies to the extreme. 

Suddenly, he couldn't hold it back any longer. 

"Eeehh... GGSSHHOOU!!!" He sneezed a tremendous sneeze, one that shook both of their bodies in one amazing, shivering mass. "AAAGGGSHOOO! EEESHHHOO!... SSHOOO!... UUHHSSHOO!" He couldn't seem to stop!

Perfectly timed with his first amazing sneeze, the biggest, sweetest orgasm ripped through her body, causing her to throw her head back and scream with pleasure. His consecutive sneezes caused smaller orgasms to pulse through her like sweet fire, eliciting low moans. She pulled him to her, shuddering as his sneezes were muffled in her full breasts. 

Close behind her, his own climax was almost as intense. The sweet relief he felt upon being able to let go and sneeze the unbearable tickle from his nose combined with the amazing, sensual goddess that had pushed him sexually over the edge was indescribable. 


Their rhythm began to slow, pulling them both down from their earth-shattering peak. Sneezes continued to be wrenched from him, as the physical act of love helped to clear out his blocked sinuses, and his nose took advantage of the opportunity to try and expel as much of the cold as it could. 


These sneezes were longer, drawn out with painful slowness, and she could tell from their torturous sound that he was completely spent. He lay back against the pillow, too tired to even think about moving. 


Spraying up like a beautiful fountain, she watched as his flushed face contorted with each explosion, his nose running.

"Ohh... AASHHOO! Shnnggkk." 

He tried to pull air in through his nose, surprised at the loud gurgling that told him such an act was almost impossible. 

She leaned over to the nightstand, pulling a few tissues from the box. Folding them over his wet nose, she whispered, "Blow, baby." 

At first, there was no response, but then he inhaled sharply and let loose with another harsh "AAGGHSSHOO!" followed by one of the biggest, wettest blows she had ever heard. The warm dampness coated her fingers, and she smiled warmly. Pinching gently with her fingertips, she pulled the tissues away and folded them, again enveloping his nose. He blew again, this time not as wetly. 

She pulled a couple more tissues from the box, holding them over his nose. This time, he brought one hand up and took them from her, blowing a little more forcefully. She ran her hands over his chest and down his sides, squeezing tenderly with her wet sex the thick member still inside her. He moaned softly, pulling the tissues from his face to gaze lovingly at her. Leaning down, she kissed him deeply. 

"How are you feeling?" she whispered tenderly.

"Mmmm," his voice was deep, sensual, as he wrapped his arms around her. "Better." He kissed her neck, nibbling gently at her ear. "Much better." 

She knew that what he needed now was sleep, and moved to slide off of him, to lay down at his side. But his arms tightened around her, and he whispered sleepily in her ear, 

"No... stay... like this..." 

He rolled her gently, until they were both on their sides, with him still inside of her. She smiled, wrapping one leg around him so that it was more comfortable for him, and kissed him again, sweetly. He snuggled into her arms, sighing deeply as he drifted off. She smoothed his hair back from his face, smiling still as her eyes traced his handsome face, made more boyish in sleep. 

"I love you," she whispered. 

She would have sworn he was already asleep, but his arms gave her a light squeeze, and he murmured, "Love you... too..." And then he truly did fall fast asleep. 

Settling back, she closed her eyes and promised herself that she wouldn't let anything so petty come between them again, no matter how much she enjoyed making up. She sighed, and soon was asleep herself, nestled securely in his arms.